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Mr I Bulman
Oct 5, 2023
Absolutely as advertised fairly straightforward to erect. Looks good to us.
Nicolas oladiti
Aug 30, 2023
I have never bought a new shed in my property, so I was very sceptical in getting a brand new shed. Scrolling through different websites on getting a good and affordable shed was very hard. I stumble to the Tuin Website, having a Summer Deals and having half prices on different shapes and sizes on Sheds and Summer Houses. I then decided to purchase DYRE LOG CABIN 4M X 3M 40mm. The purchasing process was straightforward, and the delivery duration was straightforward as well. On the delivery day, I had a phone call 3 to 4 hours before dropping the items to which was spot on. Upon the driver arriving at my property, the delivery was spot on as well and placed at the right designated place on the driveway. From opening up the manual to start putting the pieces together, we did not encounter any problems with building the cabin. The finishing product is even better than the advert of the original cabin on Tuin Website. Advice, please make sure you take time to sort out your foundation and making sure everything is level before starting to build up. Guttering was added to the cabin after noticing the amount of water being collected by the roof. I am very pleased with the whole process and knowing that the cabin will serve all my needs. It looks very sturdy and durable. I hope it lasts.

Ms. Rebecca Rose
Aug 27, 2023
The cabin is great, and the help available during construction was also great.
What wasn't great, and made it 3 stars, was the delay in delivery. 3 weeks after ordering, and a week before it was due, I was told it was out of stock and it was not known how long it would take to manufacture more. It ended up being a month late, but each week I was told that hopefully it would be soon. I bought it to store my belongings while I let my flat; this has now been delayed a month, and consequently a month's lost rent, and my other plans held up by a month!
Mr. Andy Davies
Aug 2, 2023
I looked long and hard at all sorts of buildings for my workshop and decided to take the risk of ordering online with Tuin. Really glad I did. Delivery to the north of Scotland was superb…and cheap too! The log cabin itself is simply superb. Read the blogs for tips on construction beforehand which really helped. Two of us had it build in about 8 hours….would have been quicker but we were a bit OTT measuring and squaring things up. I had real reservations about not securing the door frame to the walls with screws but it doesn’t move an inch. As the blog repeatedly says if you can build a Lego house, you can build this. Still waiting to get it painted as it literally hasn’t stopped raining since I built it. Am I happy with the log cabin? Absolutely! If you’re considering buying a log cabin, go with Tuin. You will not be disappointed.
Price- great value for money; quality- excellent; service- superb.
Tony Fitzpatrick
Mar 7, 2023
Prior to purchasing my log cabin I did a lot of searching online etc and swayed by the positive reviews for Tuin decided to purchase from them. I bought the Dyre Log Cabin to use as a garden studio. I am 100% delighted that I did as the whole,process from start to finish was excellent. The cabin is brilliant and I actually really enjoyed putting it together. Amazing sense of achievement only because it is so well made and goes together pretty easily. You do need a bit of diy knowledge and some decent tools but apart from that everything was and is superb. After sales support is first class. I had a few queries all which were responded to positively and promptly. Definitely 5 stars........
Dave Harvey
Aug 18, 2022
Great product. Easy to build.
Richard Eccles
May 16, 2022
Great quality cabin. My Dyre cabin arrived nicely wrapped which was good as the groundwork was not complete. A week later i unwrapped it and started the build in 2 days all the wood work was complete and the felt shingles were fitted on day 3. all aspects of the build were easily completed and i would not hesitate in using TUIN again.
Mrs. Kirsty Purvis
Apr 4, 2022
excellent service from start to finish, kept up to date on order, delivery and issues with payment (credit card security)
Helpful sections on what to order or not to order depending on what finish we were looking to achieve
Beautifully finished timber of a very high standard
would and have recommended this company to countless friends and family
Mr. Tadek Radtkowski
Dec 12, 2021
My Dyre log cabin was delivered in early June 2021, the delivery company were excellent and were able to manoeuvre the pack down a narrow drive and dropped it close to the concrete base that had been prepared for the cabin.

On opening the pack the only damage found was a cracked window. I logged on to the Tuin website and reported this there. It was immediately picked up and arrangements were made to replace this via a local glazier.

The Tuin website has good articles and videos on how to erect cabins, lay floors and fit shingles. It is certainly worth the time going through these a few times in advance of the build.

My plan was to build the cabin over a weekend and finish the roof and flooring after that. In fact it was much quicker than expected taking only 6 hours for the main build.

The reason for this was a builder friend came along to help and prepared the job methodically.
• He unpacked and checked all the parts against the list.
• Laid them where they would be used (front, back and sides).
• He then spent a lot of time ensuring the base was level and square.
Once we got started it was just a case of moving round and round the cabin clicking each of the planks in place and hammering them down to ensure they were level.

This certainly speeded up the build and the quality and fit of all the parts were first class. My builder friend was so impressed with the quality and ease of installation that he went and ordered a larger cabin for himself.

Would definitely recommend Tuin for quality of build, website information and help available throughout the build. Well done.
peter eyton-jones
Nov 10, 2021
while the purchasing delivery and contact with the sales team and delivery team was great problems did occur during the build with parts being cut wrong and parts delivered wrong and gable ends and roof beams not marrying correctly.
Tuin reply: Thank you for coming back and we're again sorry for the problems discovered, in this case you were able to overcome all of these problems on site which is often possible in order to avoid delays, waiting for new parts to be sent.

We do have a stock of service logs in our UK depot which we can normally send out for delivery the next day

Overall we hope you're pleased with the end result
Andrew Fairweather
Oct 20, 2021
Superb from start to finish.
We did tons of research with several companies before placing our order for the Dyre 4x3M, and I'm glad we didn't go for any of Tuin's competitors.
Ordering was easy, delivery was straightforward, and assembly was pretty simple (I'm a good all round DIYer, but never built anything like a shed before).
My takeaways from the whole process are, be methodical, lay out what your next process is going to be so you can visualise how it should look, and follow the instructions. I tried to improvise part way through the build because of a lack of time and working in freezing sleet, and became a bit unstuck, and had to undo a couple of my processes (moving the window height, and the fastening method for the door surrounds). Once I'd sorted my own errors it went together like it was designed to.
We opted to insulate the floor and roof with 50mm Celotex type boards, as this is a home office all year round, and the building keeps a very comfortable and far more even temperature through summer and winter extremes with no condensation or expansion. The double glazing helps a lot, and the logs fit very well together. The whole structure is completely water tight, far beyond my expectations of a wooden building.
I'd totally recommend Tuin to anyone, the cabin really has added another room to our house, and the price was excellent in comparison to other suppliers. Superb value and quality. The blogs are so useful too.
Alan Stewart
Oct 17, 2021
We've had cabin from Tuin before and were really happy with it. It was a 58mm log but this time we chose a 40mm log and there is a big difference. The 58mm is much more obust but that's not to say we're unhappy with the latest one, it's just not quite so solid. However, it all went together very well and it's now in regular use. Recommended.
R Pearce
Oct 13, 2021
Had been searching the internet , like others , looking for a cabin. Then I found Tuin. Website was very simple to navigate. Finally found the Dyre Cabin. Before going for it , we looked at the online videos that they recommended as well as previous customers on YouTube so we knew what to expect. Once we were happy with what we had seen we placed the order. From then on the service was brilliant. As stated they contacted us with delivery date. Nearer the time the driver rang ahead to confirm he was 1 hour away. He then turned up , dropped the cabin carefully where I wanted it , on the drive , took some photos and was gone.....no fuss , no drama , just exactly what had been promised. As per the video , we unloaded the pallet carefully , dividing all the parts up and stored them flat. Due to work commitments we could not build for a couple of weeks. So in this time we again watched all the videos to ensure we had a good understanding of the process involved. Yes , the instructions are not 100% clear , however if you take your time and do your homework it is possible. We completed the whole thing in 3 days , this was taking our time and just enjoying the whole process. Having warm weather was a bonus and we did not push ourselves. We would definitely recommend Tuin to anyone who may be wanting to purchase a cabin. Simple to order , simple delivery , good old fashioned customer service. Thank you Tuin.
Michael Fotheringham
Sep 23, 2021
Fantastic customer service.
Prompt delivery as scheduled.
Very easy to build and good solid structure.
Robin Gill
Aug 25, 2021
Dyre log cabin .
I bought the cabin after reading lots of reviews and I can say for the price it is brilliant. I had purchased a smaller cabin from another firm and there is no comparison! The base, walls and roof beams took me 3 hours to erect but the roof boards took the best part of a day due to branches/trees in my way. The doors and window were easy to fit. I painted/ spayed all the outer walls with Cuprinol silver copse ducksback paint before I fitted the window and doors as they are painted cream and it looks fantastic. I did fit a rubber roof membrane instead of shingles as I am going to create a cinema room. I will post some pictures soon. Although I have a lot of joinery experience the build is not complicated and Turin do have tutorial videos on YouTube the are very helpful. I can only repeat what others inc Tuin have stated .... sorting the logs in size before you start and and reading the instructions re sizes is a must, once you get the base in the walls slot together really nice. The build is only as good as the ground it is sat on, it needs to be flat and strong enough to take the weight as the pallet delivery note states that the cabin weighed well over 700kg almost 800kg if remember rightly. I appreciate a company who does what it says on the tin and Tuin have been that in my experience .
Neil Haribhai
Apr 20, 2021
After taking time to research and read through the best option for us we went for the Dyre due to the additional space, price and thickness of the logs. I am glad we did prior to the cabin arriving I asked a lot of questions I had also ordered the composite base and additional flooring. The overall service was smooth, people-focused, friendly and fairly easy. I received a response to my emails at least within 24 hours of sending, I was kept up-to-date with my order even when there was a delay with delivery (this actually worked in my favour) and when the cabin was due to arrive was provided with clear instructions to what to expect in regards to the couriers. On arrival, the cabin was placed on my drive as requested this was all done at a distance due to covid restrictions. I didn't start the build until a few days after delivery and took a picture of the delivery label as Tuin suggest, checked the package for tears covering with brown tape. As for the build I trusted the process and read through the blogs on the site which offered the best advice, especially the recommendation to sort out the logs by size etc. Once I got started the build was fairly simple and where I hit a roadblock or struggled it was usually related to not reading the instructions in full or I started to overthink the build for example it took me an afternoon setting out the base properly as I was overthinking if it needed levelling out etc... I had already checked the base prior and because I overthought wasted a lot of time for no reason. Once I started the build it was fairly simple I had a couple of warped logs which were easily fixed through watching the guidance on tuins site. The overall build took me on my own 5 days to complete I didn't do full days until I started doing the roof and it started to pour down with rain on one of the days although I could have continued the build I wimped out. The build was fairly simple where I would offer advice or reflection as good as the composite beams are I would probably have ordered the wooden profiles as I feel they would have been easier to cut by hand, I decided to insulate the roof and floor which I think was worth it but allow extra time, the roof boards & felting are the most time-consuming part of the build, the instructional video tuin have is good but does to included everything such as building up the rafters these come in sections, fixing the frame around the door and window and finally when felting try to do this when weather is cool if possible as the sun came out and started to soften the shingles the job of cutting and laying became more challenging as the shingles became softer and more delicate to handle. I am very happy with my cabin, I would recommend and buy from tuin again if you are a non-trade person and have limited DIY skills like me no worries these cabins are that simple to build. I am happy with the service, purchase and finished build.
Mr. Geoffrey Tansley
Oct 23, 2020
No damages on delivery. Precision cut wood that fitted together perfectly. Extra roofing and surplus pieces not needed. Very please with the built finish.
Phillip Shipley
Oct 8, 2020
Overall I was very happy with the Lodge.
I built it myself using the instructions which are a bit vague but as you built the structure you start to understand them more.
I had one issue which was with the apex angle didn't match the Lodge dimensions which resulted in a mismatch with the Lodge sides and resulted in sawing the apex to match the frame dimensions .
I did contact the help line , they said it was due to wood swelling .
How the apex part did this by 35mm I don't know due to all parts being stored in same place?.
I just think it was made wrong in first place as all the joints in it where very roughly cut not nice clean cuts like the rest of Lodge.
Besides that everything else when and fitted well.
Chris Pattison
Jul 19, 2020
A great well made cabin which is relatively easy to erect.
Have a look how we did it here

Tuin reply: Great video! Thank you for sharing it.
Mr. Steve Haines
May 18, 2020
First class experience from order through to delivery, the cabin is a well crafted garden building, and having used recommended installers the service was first class. Having watched the construction I am confident that it was straightforward enough to do so had I had the expectation of doing so. All took place under the recent social distancing limitations and through both delivery and cabin build all necessary protection took place.
Mr. Martin Mellor
Oct 21, 2019
Dyre log Cabin

First of all I would like to say what a lovely cabin it is . We have had Cabin envy from our neighbours with many nice comments.

So what follows is a run down of how it went.

First of all we ordered a different log cabin to the one we ended up with as the first one was out of stock with no date of production.
We then picked the Dyre cabin and I must say I am pleased with it. The extra thickness in the wood was worth the extra I had to pay.
The only issue we had with delivery was trying to get a day when it could be delivered.
Having picked a week when we ordered you are then told the week before delivery what day it would be on this proved troublesome.
I know these come from Europe but it would be much better to be able to book a day.
However the day came for the delivery as promised the driver phoned a head of arrival.
We live on a narrow cul de sac and there is no way an articulated Lorry could get up our street .
There was no need to worry as the driver parked on a main road near by and fork trucked the package down our street lifting it over any cars in the way .
We unpacked all the bits and laid them out in size and type order as per the advice on the website. Don’t worry too much about identifying the bits. As you build the bits become easier to identify.
It took me a week to build the main cabin and have the roof on and door and window in.
I would urge anybody building one to read the instructions on the internet they do answer a lot of questions. Yes a had a few warped logs but with clamps and gentle persuasion (white rubber mallet) they do fit . As the instructions say make sure the base is level!
The second week I put the floor in and painted and varnished everything. We specified the heavy duty floor and I think it looks up to the job. It took 4 tins of the carefree protect product they recommend to do the whole cabin 3 coats outside and 2 coats inside.
This may appear to be a long time when others say it was up in 3 days etc. but I wanted to make sure that I had painted all the wood work and the underside of the floorboards as once down they would not get done again. As ever the devil’s in the detail .
When I was reading all the stuff on their website they said don’t worry you get some spare wood bits and bobs, screws, nails, roofing tiles and it’s true I have enough for another small project I want to do.
On the whole I had no issues with the build just take your time and you will be fine.
Now it is up we will see how it copes with the British weather ( and if my painting as covered all the wood!)

In summary
I would recommend the cabin, the wood protector, and specify the roof shingles with the shingle glue as the roof shingles look a lot nicer than roofing felt.
Jul 16, 2019
I rate Tuin very highly in terms of communication and delivery. The Dyre log cabin is very good value for money, it’s solid and with 3 coats it should last 25 yrs. The free shingles are good quality, although the colour may vary slightly. I’ve taken off one star because I had a problem with the doors and the windows as neither had an expansion gap. After speaking with Tuin, the aperture size was right so I assume the window and door sizes have changed – I note that someone else had the same problem so hopefully this issue will be resolved for others. Because of this, I had to spend extra time dismantling sections and then taking an inch off each of the relevant logs before reassembling. In terms of build time, the easiest part of this is putting the log cabin together, two people in a few hrs from unpacking to completion (assuming you don't encounter the same problems with doors and window). Then putting on the roof and shingles takes longer. The base is the most important element, as Tuin stress, and this took me longer to prepare (Timber frame on screw in piles) and putting in the floor took longer. I should add that I insulated the roof and floor. I'm a novice DIYer and took my time over a number of weekends, took me a bit longer than I thought, but the end product is excellent. If you are building yourself, as an amateur DIYer, then the instructions are rather limited but the videos on the Tuin site contain all the information you need.
Mr. David Sturrock
Jun 9, 2019
Cabin was delivered on the date promised and put down where I asked the driver to place it. Cabin was easy to build after the first course of logs (these have to be screwed to the profiled foundation) after this was done it took 1 hour to complete the cabin just doing it myself. Do not be afraid to attempt this as it was simple when you follow the plans provided. Overall very good service by the Tuin team I would highly recommend them to friends Dave
Mr. stephen gutsell
Aug 26, 2018
I decided for the Dyre 4m x 3m log cabin after researching other producers and being convinced on quality, reliability and overall value. Having completed the build, I am not disappointed. I am an average DIYer, but found the build not difficult, after watching the Tuin 20 minute video and reading through the instruction plans a few times, both before and during build. I decided on a concrete base laid by a local builder, and this ensured all logs and roof fitted without problem. Only problem I had was the window aperture not large enough to fit the window as cutout in the upper log was not sufficient; easily remedied with a jigsaw though. I finished cabin off with 3 coats of Embradecor light oak, and clear over door and window, and am pleased with the look, set off with the roof shingles. I plan to use the clear inside also. I recommend the cabin wholeheartedly, will enjoy the cabin, especially having built it myself.
Gareth Day
Aug 15, 2018
Fantastic purchase. We ordered the Dyre 4x3 log cabin for our two daughters to use in the garden. Easy order online with an extensive choice of designs and sizes. Money not taken until delivery date given, bonus. Delivery was organised and the driver very helpful. The pallet was very well wrapped for protection. Quality of wood was excellent with only a few none perfect logs. Self build construction was easy. Free shingles included, again a massive bonus, finished the cabin off to a very high standard.
Would most definitely recommend.
My girls are extremely happy.
Thanks Tuin.
Dr. Paul Quilter
Aug 6, 2018
I am delighted with my purchase. Ordering was uncomplicated and delivery was, as promised, with a phone call about thirty minutes before arrival. The cabin was quite straight forward to erect. I am particularly pleased with the quality and design of the building. The timber is of excellent quality, beautifully finished and good to look at. I can thoroughly recommend Tuin as a provider of quality buildings. Thank you
Mr. Nigel Green
Jul 2, 2018
Great summerhouse easy to build looks really good would highly recommend
Tony Fitzpatrick
Jun 22, 2018
After much deliberation and research I decided to buy a log cabin from Tuin, mainly because of all the positive reviews. I wanted a cabin that I could use all year round so opted for the Dyer. The whole process from purchasing to delivery and building up went really well and I am very impressed with the quality of the cabin (solid and will last for many years) After sales support is excellent as I did have some questions that were promptly and efficiently dealt with. I finished off the cain with 3 coats of the recommended treatment (Embadecor -dark green) and the finish is superb. Expensive but well worth it. I can’t recommend Tuin highly enough. Perhaps the instructions that accompany the cabin could be better but there is more than enough back up and info on the Tuin website.
Mr. Ally Flett
Mar 19, 2018
Great service and product from Tuin. Ordering was simple, the price was very competitive and the delivery fantastic. I ordered the Dyre 4m x 3m for my wife to use as a beauty studio and we are both delighted with the end result. The assembled product is of good quality and is a great size for our purpose. It took a friend and myself one day to build and a further half day by myself to finish the roof shingles. The only issue we encountered on install was that the starter logs on each side were not included in the delivery. They were just normal tongue and groove complete logs. This caused a slight delay as we need to make an adjustment to the top log before the roof boards were installed. I would have rated five stars but I feel there really should have been some sort of door seal included. There is a gap for this in the door frame and this is essential to keep out the draft, especially up in Scotland. This needed to be added separately and although a fairly low cost to fix it is a frustration. These two points however cannot detract from the log cabin and we look forward to using it in the coming years. Many thanks Tuin.
Glen Thompson
Sep 5, 2017
We are delighted with the Log Cabin, it is stunning and an attractive addition to the garden. My husband really enjoyed putting it together with his father.
Mr. Michael Craig
Aug 31, 2017
I researched several companies for similar products and settled on Tuin because of a) past reviews and b) a transparent and professional website, and I am more than delighted with my choice.
Concerned that as an OAP the construction might be beyond my somewhat limited DIY capabilities, I managed to find all the information on the Tuin website needed to construct a timber frame base on sloping ground using pile foundations.
With the assistance of another OAP, and dodging the showers. we built the walls and roof within a couple of days but I ran into trouble with the shingles - I misunderstood the instructions and laid them vertically too close together, thus running out. The Tuin help staff responded magnificently; sending me an extra box at no cost!
I am delighted with the cabin and have no hesitation in 100% recommending it to anyone thinking of buying one.
Mrs. Janet Jackson
Aug 2, 2017
The product was excellent. My biggest complaint was with the actual instructions accompanying the house. I asked my son, who is a very competent DIYer and he had problems understanding the instructions and one case where no instructions were given he had to resort to searching Utube for a similar product.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, We are concerned to hear your comment regarding instructons as very comprehensive instruction that accompany your plans can be found here: https://www.tuin.co.uk/blog/tuin-tuindeco-log-cabins-instruction-manual/ along with numerous videos to clarify the points. These are also sent to you via email when the order is placed and also referenced on the pamphlet within the package if additional help is required.

We are very pleased to hear you find the product excellent. Thank you for your feedback.
Paul Squire
May 14, 2017
I bought a Dyre log cabin 4m x 3m. Everything was in the pack exactly as stated. We built in a day, it was very easy to assemble, just make sure your base is 100% flat or it becomes difficult.
Thomas Carmichael
Mar 20, 2017
Great product. Really easy to construct. All pieces were accurately cut and required no adjustment. I built this cabin in 1 day by myself. The roof shingles took another half day. i am extremely pleased with this cabin.
Mr. Daniel Tyson
Dec 16, 2016
To start with the delivery was on time the driver was really helpful nothing seemed to be to much trouble for him as with the difficult access. I had purchased a Rhein (special) log cabin we just love it, really really solid(40mm) it looks fantastic in our garden. If there is one thing I would have changed it would be to have paid to have it treated first, I decided to treat it all before assembly it took to long and was awkward with so many parts.I will finish off by saying the price I paid for the product I got I believe I was the winner. I have yet to fit the shingle roof ( this weekend) but I have no concerns about there quality either.I would and have endorsed his log cabin as I said we just love it.
Vincent Price
Nov 6, 2016
The service was fantastic. Precision timing on delivery. All parts arrived unblemished. Quality of product is second to none. All joints fitted perfectly. I assembled the whole cabin on my own (would have been easier with two people) and could have done the whole job in one day only for the poor weather. All instructions were spot on.
Only one minor gripe, the lack of response on the telephone when I was wanting to speak to someone before purchase. This was rectified immediately that I sent an email to the head office in Holland.After that I can;t fault Tuin at all.
Would I buy another cabin in future ? Absolutely.
The most important thing, without doubt, is the base preparation. It really must be 100% level. without exception.
Fantastic. Thanks. Vinny Price
Mr. William Tebay
Sep 23, 2016
Very pleased with my log cabin,the service received was excellent, delivered on time by a very amiable driver.
The assembly was simplicity itself,wise to follow the plan and instructions.Very impressed with the quality as were my friends who have since ordered their own cabin even larger than mine!!
Mr. Phil Burles
Sep 15, 2016
Arrived spot on time and with a very helpful driver. Including unpacking and sorting out it took approx 1 1/2 days to put up including the shingle roof. Very pleased with the product and service. Every piece fitted a treat and easy to follow (if slightly limited) instructions. Overall finish and quality is excellent. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an affordable quality log cabin.
Mr. Stuart Skinner
Aug 10, 2015
I have been very impressed with the service from order right through to delivery. I had a couple of technical questions regarding the size of my concrete base and a DPC, and the team were very helpful. The log cabin was purchased partly to be used for storage, partly summer house and it seams very spacious in side. I was at first a little disappointed in the hight but this was more to do with my expectation rather than the product. I would say it is a very solid structure and relatively simple to install. I'm really pleased with my purchase.
Mr. Nicholas Fielding
Aug 6, 2015
Great product and very easy assembly. Only worked on this in the evenings after work and was up within the week to watertight. Couldn't recommend highly enough. When I had a question the team were really quick and helpful too.