Double Carport 6.0 x 5.0m

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Vincent Elsey
Sep 28, 2023
Recently purchased and installed a Double Carport.
Pros: Supplied with all the kit, finished product looks great, can be installed by a DIY'er.
Cons: Lack of instructions.
The hardest part about the assembly is getting the ground anchors set correctly and level. Once that was done it went up pretty quickly. Please note that the main supports are very long so unless you have a 4x4 with a roof box, they may need to be trimmed to size.
The PVC roofing material is quiet flimsy, but once it goes down it looks good.
All in all, I would recommend and a carpenter friend said that it's very good value for money.
Mr. Gary Stonestreet
Sep 14, 2023
I’m very impressed with the build quality of the Carport I ordered. It seems to be of very high quality. However, the roof was a bit tricky to fix in position as is a bit on the flimsy side
Sandra Poole
Feb 7, 2023
Very pleased with the car port, needed a few more screws than supplied. Turin we’re very helpful with order and I have no complaints.
Mr. Peter Clarke
Mar 1, 2022
For my situation I wanted it to be 5M wide and 6M deep, and it would have been helpful if this had been an option. As it was I extended it by 1M to meet my double garage. I also wanted a pitched roof for drainage. The corrugated roofing sheets were rather flimsy and insufficient to cover my extended length, so I used 16mm three-ply polycarbonate panels, which have yielded a much better overall result, but adding c. £1000 to the cost.
James Tait
Feb 16, 2022
purchased carport last year.added OSB sheets under plastic roofing to give it some stability.
adjusted 45deg bracing to allow for fall plus added internal 45deg braces to stabilise roof structure. STILL EXCELLENT VALUE very easy to assembly
Mr. Melvyn Easingwood
Oct 11, 2020
I brought this double carport during lock down, so i was amazed how quickly it came. This gave me an aim during lockdown, and I was well impressed with quality and price. Would definitely buy from here again.
Mr. Steve Ramsey
Sep 22, 2019
I bought this carport for a customer and had to modify it slightly to make it fit the space she has.
Delivery took the full 14 days stated. The driver was very helpful and made every effort to accommodate the difficult access to the property.
On opening the package I found it to be soaking wet. The instructions were stuck together and unusable. Fortunately I had gotten a pdf version from Tuin earlier but they were very basic and I was told the instructions with the delivery would be better. When I dried them out enough to prise the pages apart, they were the same version, so not much help.
I bought Bolt-down feet but they do not come with bolts. M10 fit perfectly, not M8 as Tuin told me.
Two of the uprights had very bad shakes (splits) in them and one of the side beams was badly warped but I could not have them replaced as I was on a tight time schedule. Whoever packed this item should have done a quality check before it went out.
There were not enough roof fixings so I bought an extra 100 and used most of them.
There were not enough brackets which hold the cross beams to the side supports. In my view each beam should have two brackets at each end.
The corrugated roof is of square design which is okay although it is a bit flimsy.
I also needed to put a slight slope to it for water run-off which meant all the diagonal supports needed to have the angle changed. I cut these with a power saw with no problem but they are held to the uprights & side supports with 3 inch nails. Again not good enough so I used external 3 inch screws instead. A much better job.
Overall, I'd say this carport is of reasonable quality but with a few minor and simple changes, it could be very good.
Listen up Tuin, a few more brackets, some more roof fixings and better instructions, (add a tenner to the price if you must), and it could get rave reviews.
Paul Gardiner
Apr 23, 2019
Excellent value for money double carport, very robust and a doddle to construct using the online printable instructions,would have given five stars but roof sheets a bit flimsy,recommended.
Mrs m James
Oct 14, 2017
Really delighted with the car port ,excellent service at every stage.very professional staff and could not be more helpful.thank you all
Mr. John Smith
May 31, 2017
Good product and easy to assemble needs two people to erect as the frame is quite substantial you need to cut the legs to get a fall for the water drainage if any complaint at all no instructions were sent as how to assemble one phone call and they were emailed within minutes am very pleased with finished product
Feb 13, 2017
All efficiently delivered on a single pallet. First of all, I’ll say that overall I am very pleased with the kit. So the following are mostly observations and not me being very picky and just moaning!
The bags holding the screws had got wet though, so the paper bags inside the plastic bag were a bit of a mess and all the screws were mixed together.
There are some reassuringly hefty bits of wood, the posts are very substantial. I worked out that the 6m 6x2 beams (the heaviest) are around 20kg each.
There were no instructions, but fortunately, I had asked for them in pdf format before ordering. However, they are really just drawings and not instructions at all. The drawings and photos on the site all show the carport as being installed with the roof flat – with no allowance for the roof pitch and the posts are also cut with 90degree tenons. I’ve no idea how those installed carports are going to work, especially if it snows. The 6m beams are not very straight either, so with it flat as well, I’d image water will pool and start to find its way through the roof. I guessed around a 5degree pitch and cut the post lengths accordingly – time will tell if it is enough! On the post cutting front, I’m also glad I went for post holders and didn’t concrete them in, as I’d have thought cutting them to the right length would have been very difficult. Also, at 2.9m (especially allowing for a pitch in the roof), they wouldn’t be long enough to concrete in.
I bought the metal post holders from Tuin as well. They are very well made and well galvanised. They are about 6 to 7 mm wider than the posts though, so some packing is required and possibly some silicone to seal them and prevent lots of water getting trapped. They aren’t too pretty, but I reckon some black enamel paint or some sort of wooden skirting/sleeve will hide that – at least they are very sturdy.
Anyway, I managed to install it mostly on my own, only really getting help for the 6m beams (but even some of those I managed on my own). 2 skilled people would make it much easier, but if there is only you, you can do it – probably not in two days though.
I’ve yet to fit the plastic sheeting, but with the 6m beams so warped, I may have to invest in two or three 5m lengths of wood to try and brace and straighten those beams out first or maybe install some noggins. You can see that has been done in a couple of the photos on the site, but they are no supplied.
For peace of mind, I have bought about 20 reinforced brackets, as there were not enough supplied for both sides of all 6m beams.
keith phillips-jones
Sep 30, 2016
a great product .went up a treat and on my own .a bit of info about the roof would have helped.
Mr. Terence Pinker
Sep 28, 2016
All building materials arrived on one pallet and delivery driver was very helpful in that he placed the pallet onsite. One perspex roofing sheet was found to be damaged but after a quick phone call it was replaced several days later.The timber appears of good quality but the roofing sheets are of poor quality. Construction was very straightforward. However the posts arrived with straight cut tenons which do not take account of the requirement for a 5/10 degree fall from front to back to allow for water run off. The photos shown on the website of completed carports also seem to show that the roof has been laid level. The parts and construction guide provided does not give any mention of the necessity for the 6 supporting posts to be cut to allow for the roof fall. As another reviewer pointed out, because the perspex roofing sheets are not good quality you need to use a lot more screw fixings than are supplied.
Mr. Chris Bird
Jun 15, 2015
Great communication. Prompt delivery and great wagon driver...nothing too much trouble. Unloaded and placed exactly were I wanted it. The packaging was great and all bits were present. So far a 5 star service. Unfortunately one of the 6m roof beams was very badly warped when I laid all the beams out yesterday so it will probably be unusable or cause puddling / unevenness in roof. Overall therefore 2 stars. I know that wood is a natural product but quality control should have rejected this particular beam as it is so bad and warped in two directions. However, an email was sent and replacements arrived the next day.
Mr. John Middleton
Jun 13, 2015
Excellent quality item easy to install but you do need help as roof joists very heavy.Delivery very fast and driver very helpful.All timber is very solid and heavy duty.I would recommend this product,good value for money.
Mr. anthony Lenehan
Oct 27, 2014
Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the carport. The uprights are reassuringly massive. Pretty straightforward to put together, although the instructions don't add much that your common sense didn't already tell you. Only negative would be that there are too few roofing fixings supplied. I had to buy another 100 (not expensive) to make the roofing secure. Overall I'm pleased. It's a quality item.
Kevin Wallbridge
Nov 25, 2013
really nice double carport, very sturdy on sides, not sure if in time it could do with a central support. but looks very nice.