Derby Log Cabin 4.4 x 4.4m

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jackie taylor
Feb 21, 2024
Derby cabin was a good experience to put up, mostly trouble free, some confusion about roof and insulation and how that works as instruction said one thing and info on webiste blog another. but very pleased with outcome
J Grimmer
Nov 15, 2023
Excellent product at a great price
Mr. Simon Adams
Apr 14, 2023
I have been very impressed by Tuin. The order I placed was proccessed easily and the delivery was also problem free. The cabin took myself and a tradesman friend one and a half days to put together with the roof boards on. We still have to install the doors, roof and flooring, including insulation for both and then fit the shingles. The quality of the cabin is clear to see and although I have applied one coat of wood treatment there are still at least three more to go. By the end of November I will have a top quality log cabin ready for office and man cave use. Having read Tuin's extensive information and blogs about all things log cabins it is clear that Tuin know their stuff and want their customers to be happy. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Tuin.
Mr. Paul Raden
Jan 20, 2022
I purchased a Darby summerhouse during lockdown which was probably the worst possible time to order it. As a consequence of this delivery was delayed and I think it’s fair to say that the office and administration was totally overwhelmed.

The most appropriate advice I can give is make sure that you have a solid flat base this will prevent lots of problems when it comes to erecting the summer house Read the instructions over and over again , and watch the videos on the website repeatedly .
I am over 70 years of age and managed to build the summer house myself except for the roofing beams where it is essential to have some help. It would’ve been considerably easier with two people.
The quality of the wood is extremely good and the summer has fitted together very well the only exception to this was the front wall which contains two large doors and I found it impossible to fit them using the supplied hinges and in the end purchase some different ones.
In short don’t rush it , take your time , sort out which pieces of wood go where as you do not want to make a mistake start disassembling the structure
I’ve never got a log cabin I’m extremely pleased with .
Mr. david. keeton
Aug 9, 2019
Log Cabin, results way better than I could have imagined, absolutely delighted. No issues with the build, extremely simple instructions, everything was there that I needed and the quality was excellent. The build took precisely. 2 days, one to erect, the other to apply the free shingles. The fitting out has taken a couple of weeks, but thats to be expected. Painted the cabin a mix of Mockingbird blue and left the Door & Window casements and Doors in natural wood stain; the effect stunning. Product and service highly recommended, have already received generous comments from admiring neighbours, family and friends.
Roy Mitchell
Apr 7, 2019
Bought this summerhouse for our garden and are very pleased with the finished product.
The builder who put it together found all the parts easy to recognise and fitted first time which made his job so much easier & quicker to complete the cabin.
Nigel Morley
Sep 26, 2018
From the start. The team that took the order were great and gave me plenty of advice, they won't sell you anything you don't need. The delivery driver was amazing, we live down a tight lane, we stopped the traffic at either end and managed to get his artic down and into the property, we thought he would just have ours on ,but he had another 10 to deliver so you can imagine the size. By the time the kettle had boiled and we had drunk our coffee the cabin was unloaded exactly where we wanted it and it was delivered exactly on time, no waiting around.
My wife and myself built it together with considerable ease. I was quite worried before hand about read this read that, so I read all instructions numerous times, no need once is suffice, as long as you do it step by step you 'll be fine, but it does need 2. We only had 1 problem with 1 of the logs, it had to be chisled out a bit to fit down onto previous log, but apart from that it went without a hitch. All up in just over 2 days. It's the rest of the work that takes time i.e. electrics, treating etc. We now have an amazing games room in the garden. In my opinion you 'll go a long way to beat Tuin for service and quality and look forward to spending many a happy hour in our summer house.
Mrs. Linda Rudolph
Jan 31, 2017
i took delivery of a Derby Cabin in November 2016. i had planed on having it constructed in January.
So for almost 2 months the Cabin has been sitting on my driveway. When Philip Osorio arrived as arranged on 25th Jan i half expected it to be at least a little damp. It came out pristine & they constructed it in one & half days. One glass window was broken, a replacement arrived just after lunch the following day, excellent service. i am thrilled to have my Derby Cabin at the bottom of the garden and know it will give me and the faeries many years of pleasure. i can highly recommend a Derby and Tuin.
John darmody
Oct 11, 2016
Everything went very smoothly. The staff at Tuin were extremely helpful when ordering my Derby Log Cabin. delivery was on time and the paperwork transaction was fine. Once laid out the parts of the cabin were easy to identify and erect and it took less time than I expected to build the cabin. Now built and painted the cabin looks great and has made an ideal studio space for my work.
Mrs. Edith Roberts
Oct 8, 2016
I bought this log cabin and was very pleased wit it it is every thing I was looking for the delivery was on time and driver was very help full would recommend it to any one as it is well built and was easy to erect only thing was roof shingles was a row short so we had to buy a strip of felt to go on the very top may be we didn't place them right but I have no complaints .
Mr. Chris Smith
Sep 4, 2016
Great cabin. Arrived on time and dropped exactly where I needed it. Well build and relatively easy to put together. A tip - don't second guess anything just go for it throughout the project and you'll find that it all fits together. All the neighbours think its great, thank God.
Mr. Simon Lopeman
Aug 11, 2016
Delighted with our cabin which will be used as a combined office / home cinema. The actual cabin is great quality - robust and looks impressive in the bottom corner of our garden.

We used Warren, one of Tuin's recommended installers - he was great; was able to install within a week of delivery. Punctual, courteous and an experienced man - the cabin went up in two days and in today's downpour there was not a hint of a leak!

I would have no hesitation in recommending a Tuin cabin - delivery was painless and liaison with the office was met with courtesy and efficiency.
Mr. Henryk Kwiatkowski
Jul 22, 2016
I'm very pleased with my Derby Log Cabin. I was originally thinking of going for a different product from a rival supplier, but concerns about the quality held me back. The wide breadth of information on Tuin's website, much of it amusingly quirky, persuaded me that they know a thing or two about log cabins. So I took the plunge, and now that the product has arrived I have no regrets. The instructions are a bit naff, especially with regard to the installation of the doors, but with a bit of patience you can work it out. I haven't put the log cabin to use yet, but I have painted it in forest green except for the doors and windows, which just have a couple of coats of clear varnish on them. The contrast is very attractive and the product looks lovely down at the end of the garden. The quality of the log cabin appears to be very good. All in all, good value for money.
May 5, 2016
Ordered a the Derby which was delivered on the Wednesday evening by a very helpful driver.
After absorbing the plans and diagrams - keep looking - two of us started the build Thursday morning and had the cabin watertight by Friday evening.
Absolutely delighted with the product, the ordering process, first class customer service and fantastic value for money.
Genuinely can't fault it.
Mr. Graham Morris
Feb 22, 2016
I am very impressed with the service. I was called to agree a delivery date. The driver called the day before with an approximate arrival time and arrived on time. The pallet was unloaded and placed conveniently.
The building of the Cabin was straight forward. All parts fitted without difficulty. The boards that did have twists soon straightened when fitted. The only criticism I would have is that the instructions for assembling the front windows and doors are vague. Assembling the frame and doors is straight forward, but fixing in the side widows could be better explained.
To sum up, I am pleased with the quality and service and would be happy to recommend this product if asked to.
Julie West
Jan 20, 2016
Can't recommend Tuin enough. Excellent product and customer service. So happy with my new cabin to be used a my nail and beauty home salon.
Mr. Cameron Mabon
May 31, 2015
We bought a 58mm Derby Log Cabin (4m x 4m internally) a few weeks ago.

The quality of the cabin is excellent - the logs are cut very accurately and it's very easy to put together (like Lego for grown-ups!). The whole thing is very solid. The instructions are minimal but it's not difficult to work out what goes where if you take the time to sort ALL of the pieces in the pack first. The only problem I encountered was that the parts of the door frame weren't on the plans and I ended up building the door frame and then having to re-assemble it when I realised I'd missed a bit! The shingles for the roof seem really sturdy and the finished cabin looks exactly like it does on the website. Excellent service too - thoroughly recommended.
Mr. Simon Vines
Jan 19, 2015
The range of choice from Tuin is amazing, and I eventually purchased the Derby cabin, which arrived promptly on the back of a low loader. The delivery man was excellent and placed the delivery exactly where I wanted.

With a flat brick/concrete base, the build was very easy, taking two of us a day and a half to put up, plus another half day for the IKO felt shingles.
The doors on this cabin provided a challenge to get placed correctly, In the end with the hinges screwed out as far as I felt I could go, plus some draught excluder, it provides an air tight solution. The pillars are a bit twisted which caused the problem, but it is wood so was not unexpected.
My only mistake I felt I made was choosing to put two coats of wood preservative on the outside, plus 2 coats of Sadolin woodstain. It took ages...

Just starting the path to the cabin and the decking out front. Almost finished!!

The cabin is a great size, lots of room and I am really pleased with my purchase.
Paul Brindley
Sep 8, 2014
Not as easy to erect as led to believe. Instructions are very poor indeed, and don't give you any idea of how to get round some of the issues you run into. Got the building up with advice from Richard and one of the joiners Tuin use, and it seems to be a better build quality than my neighbours who bought else where. So far am pleased with building despite the issue of a lack of decent instructions.
May 21, 2014
I just wanted to say thank you!

The cabin arrived today in France as promised at 8am, fantastic!

The driver Peter was amazing. He had already been working since 6am to get to us by 8. He was then very helpful, flexible and patient. It was a tight squeeze apparently but he was amazing. My husband (who is not easily pleased) was so complimentary of his approach and professionalism. A real credit to you and your group.