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Mr. Scott Smith
Jun 9, 2022
After ordering a cabin last year from another supplier and being let down we were apprehensive about ordering another, especially with specific delivery dates, but Tuin delivered on time. And the cabin? Brilliant so easy to build, written instructions are, as stated in other reviews, pants but you just need the drawings as everything is marked for you. All you need a bit of experience with is the roof, and the videos on youtube are a great help with that. Overall as easy as lego to build with a good level of assistance online, buy one don't be scared and enjoy the experience, love ours.
Mr. Paul Marenghi
May 15, 2022
Having recently bought a Daisy log cabin, I must say I was very happy with it and its delivery. I have a narrow a drive entrance but the forklift managed, no problem. I have no building experience but a friend who did, with my help managed adequately. The instructions took some working out but we managed using the various videos available and good common sense. I am extremely happy with the product that my wife has turned into a Summer house/Craft Cabin. It was a Birthday present that has enhanced our garden and now keeps her very happy and occupied. It only has to have electricity supplied to make it complete. If I had to find any criticism it would be with the door hanging. They did not sit flush together and had to be fiddled with before getting it right. other than that it all went together pretty well. I would recommend Tuin Products as I did some research prior to buying and found them to have an extensive range of products with very competitive prices.
Derek Moody
May 10, 2022
Right from the start I liked all the information on the web site ,so we took the plunge and ordered the daisy ,was delivered when they said it would be .myself and the wife put it together in a day bar the roof and all I can add is it is absolutely fantastic, very well made oozes quality very very happy

Mr. Anthony McNamara
Mar 22, 2022
Excellent service from order to delivery driver kept me updated to delay due to traffic.Easy to install and on line demonstrations and instructions .
Mr. Ashok Babbar
Mar 10, 2022
Really Impressed with the TUIN Daisy Log Cabin,As they mention easy to put up, !three days ...
1st day my daughter and I put the basic structure together
2nd day door and window frame, first layer of roofing
3rd day shingle roofing
Great project and all the villagers are very impressed!
Couple of downers...
a) the composite first base should already be cut to size, as novice this took me 1hr
b) picture shows structure up without frames, but had real problem retro fitting frames, extra 2 hrs
c) shingles clearly states overlap but was very worried there was not going to enough,, and no pictures to help am gonna have to redo, and buy bitumen to seal and gllue down in addition to tacks!
Overall really impressed, will work with my brother and get his purchased and setup, with my new found knowledge/skill!
Rgds Barton Villager
Mr. neil Rawlinson
Mar 4, 2022
Had great fun building the Daisy log cabin entirely on my own. Insulated the roof and floors and it went up great in two days. very good product, beautifly made and with 4 coats of Sadolin Superdec should last a long time
Feb 24, 2022
Our Daily log cabin was delivered on time as promised. Access down our arrow and sloping road wasn’t a challenge for the highly skilled and very helpful driver, earned his cuppa! Not yet erected due to the weather/holidays, but it’s so we’ll sealed up we’re not concerned on that front, sure it’ll all be good. Looking forward to installation day! Thank you.
Mr. Robert Lorking
Jan 13, 2022
The Daisy cabin looked perfect for our needs and so we went ahead. Considering covid impact whet delivery was not delayed too much - Turn pulled out the stops to get the cabin over here with minimal fuss.
Apart from the roof joists where I needed an extra pair of hands, I assembled the whole cabin single handed - it went up like wooden lego set - as easy as that!
TopTip: take your time ensuring that the ground that you are building your cabin on is level - I was fortunate that I had composite decking already in place. Then next take your time making sure that your base elements are laid out square & 90 degrees in the corners. Once you have the first layer of wooden horizontals down & interlocked, check angles again to make sure. This way the rest of the planks will build up very quickly & true.
From start to finish this is a 1 man task if you are competent & comfortable with basic hand tools (apart from the roof day when I had my son's assistance to hang the long roof joists) All in all the project took me 7 days which I thought was good going... I was lucky with the weather as I had a week rain free :)
We have sent many happy hours in the cabin since September 2019, and we look forward to many more.
A small electric 'log effect' stove allows us to enjoy the cooler evenings and blends in well with the rustic look & decor inside the cabin.
All in all, the cabin was a considered purchase but a very good one that will last for years to come! Definately adds to the house value as an added extra so the purchase price is neither here nor there really -
The Daisy or indeed, any of the Log Cabins in the Tuin range is highly recommended. Don't waste your hard earned cash on a thin tongue & groove or shiplap shed type summer house - get a Proper cabin!
Mr. Kelvin Windsor
Jan 6, 2022
After months of reviewing log cabins I decided to purchase the Daisy log cabin because it is made with northern hemisphere timber and their service is second to none. Really glad I did as they are very helpful with their after sales service and the product is excellent. You won't be disappointed.
Dec 29, 2021
From enquiring about the Tuin Daisy log cabin through to delivery was an extremely painless experience. We stay in a cul de sac and were worried about delivery however the very courteous driver used his forklift truck to deliver the well packaged log cabin to our driveway without a hitch. The cabin is very well made and is fairly easy to put together (I would recommend 2 people). The hardest part was putting the shingles on but that was really more time consuming than anything else. Overall the product and service from Tuin and the transport company was first class. I will post a short video on the Tuin website of the competed cabin showing my son training while we use the other half for enjoying the view.
Mr. Robert Overd
Dec 23, 2021
I recommend watching the video clip about the installation about getting the base right, the rest is very straight forward. Great product, great customer service and delivery was spot on.
Mrs. Sue James
Oct 5, 2021
Delighted with our daisy log cabin. We had ordered a cabin with a different company who continually let us down and did not communicate, so in the end ( after 6 months of phone calls) we cancelled and started a new order with Tuin. Ordering was easy, they arranged delivery and it arrived within the time specified on the website. All well packaged it went together with ease, all pieces precision cut. Instructions good, could have been better, had some small pieces left over we have no idea what they are for! It is a solid cabin, heavy duty windows and door. Couldn’t be more pleased. My husband has already filled it!
Mrs. Anett Fazekas
Sep 28, 2021
I ordered a Daisy log cabin to move my nail business to my back garden. Good quality and easy to assemble. The only thing is what was strange fot me, the floor is not in the price and basicly is not coming with the cabin. You need to add to your order so it’s extra money.
Tuin reply: Thank you for taking the time to leave this feedback and we're pleased the install went well

The floor is something that can cause a little confusion at first, unlike sheds these buildings are not built ontop of a floor. Instead the floor goes in last and is completely detached from the walls themselves, This we explain in more detail here ; https://www.tuin.co.uk/blog/log-cabin-floor/

Please enjoy the Building :)
Sep 18, 2021
I ordered a Daisy log cabin after doing a lot of research into the various options..= When waiting for delivery I spent time reading through the blog on the Tuin website and found it full of very helpful information. I laid a concrete slab ready for the cabin (not that hard a job, just make sure you hire a cement mixer and have a willing helper). Delivery was bang on time and completed within 30 minutes. We made sure that each piece of timber was given a good coat of wood preservative before starting construction. We took time to make sure that everything was true, but soon the walls flew up. The roof went on the next day and the shingles were finished by day 3. I finished the cabin with a couple of coats of sandtex paint and then put in the floorboards over insulation boards. As a final touch I added steel guttering. Overall the process was really simple and painless. The cabin looks perfect in the garden. We are so pleased that we chose Tuin, a great blend of quality and value for money.
Company Alpha group
May 28, 2021
Fantastic company to deal with excellent quality at a good price built it myself with some help from neighbor
as stated by tuin . Make sure your base is Square and level and everything slots together perfect just had a look over a couple of there videos on the best way of building it and it was done in a weekend as planned. Very happy with the company and the product supplied arrived on time in perfect condition cant fault it in any way put the heavy duty floor in as its now the bike and garden store and they rest is the home gym just perfect.
amanda byles
Mar 27, 2021
Excellent from Start to finish. Great website, easy ordering and it arrived on time. Instructions are a bit rubbish but it’s fairly straightforward when you get going. Up and finished in a day. Couldn’t be happier with it. It comfortably fits my desk, treadmill and a sofa, so although small it fits my needs perfectly. I would definitely recommend Tuin.
chris regnart
Mar 7, 2021
Cabin arrived at the time arranged and driver was extremely helpful in getting it placed around back of house. It was well packed and there was no transport damage. Build instructions easy to foll and quality of cut components superb. Built cabin to roof height first day and put roof on the next. Instructions detail how important it is to get base completely level and square. This is critical to an easy build. With this done all the planks slid together with no effort. Build quality is absolutely superb and we are delighted with finished product.
Maureen McLean
Feb 21, 2021
I was looking for a log cabin for a garden office and Tuin was recommended to me. I bought the Daisy Log Cabin, and got a joiner to put it together and have it insulated, got electrics installed and all in all it is absolutely fantastic, best buy - would highly recommend Tuin.
Mr. Patrick Spatchett
Feb 12, 2021
Extremely pleased with my cabin. Excellent service. Delivered exactly on time.
The cabin went together perfectly and was of a really high standard.
I would Highly recommend Tuin
Brigid Shaw
Nov 7, 2020
Had been researching log cabins for a while but was really disappointed by the quality and then someone recommended Tuin and I'm so glad they did! It's great quality, straightforward to build but ideally needs a competent DIY'er. Our biggest worry was making sure the base was level as we build it on our garden which is on a slope so opted for a cement base but have been told the plastic driveway grids you snap together would be sufficient.
I would advise getting good quality paint, as recommended by Tuin, as cheaper paint will just peel off in a few years. It keeps the heat really well if the sun shines on it and is still fine even in colder weather. We had electrics fitted and wifi and our teenager loves it! Fitted composite decking all around which gives it the surround we feel it needs. I can wholeheartedly recommend Tuin.
The company is run very efficiently too, no delays in delivery, communication was clear and delivery time almost by the hour, really can't fault them.
Mrs. Lucy Conibear
Oct 6, 2020
Thank you Tuin, we are delighted with our Daisy cabin. From the point of order the team have been really helpful in answering all our questions, and there were a few! The social distance delivery driver was lovely and kept us informed of delivery day and time.
The cabin itself was fairly easy to build, having never done something like this before we are very happy with the results. Good quality wood, and great value for money. Thank you.
Miss. michelle rottier
Jun 11, 2020
After a pleasurable and easy ordering process, delivery day came. Again, easy and painless. Driver dropped the pallet on the drive and that was that! Bless him, he did have to park in town and drive his fork lift to the house,, which caused a few raised eyebrows! Now to installation. Yet again, very easy and painless. Took me 3 days in total. Day 1 walls, day 2 roof and day 3 flooring. The instructions that came were basic but there is so much info on the blogs on here that there was never a moment I got stuck. A brief review but all I can say is im very happy with the cabin and would recommend Tuin to anybody
Mrs. Sheila Hamilton
Jun 8, 2020
Loving our Daisy cabin. It was delivered on time which is fantastic considering what's going on just now. It was really easy and quick to build. The hardest part was making sure the ground was level and prepared properly. Its going to be my workspace so I went for the thickest wood on the floor due to having heavy equipment, and I'm are really happy with it. I would definitely recommend Tuin and the Daisy Cabin.
Mr. Jared Newell
May 12, 2020
I found the whole process from Tuin easy and very straight forward. The delivery driver was very helpful and managed to put the pallet exactly where I needed it.

The cabin itself really is very good,and I had the cabin assembled and the tongue and groove roof on in a day. It's a very straightforward two man assembly, (two man only really because some of the longer pieces you need an extra pair of hands) and well within the competence level of most people.

I installed my cabin on a timber base using Ground Screw Anchors that enabled me to keep the cabin off the ground (good for damp) and also meant I didn't have to lay a load of concrete (good for the environment) and I won't have a big lump of concrete to knock out in 15-20 years time (good for me!). They were also reasonably priced, costing around £300, which I believe is comparable to a concrete base.
I would recommend the ground screw anchors, they were very easy to install.

I am using my cabin as a home office and have insulated with 100mm celotex in the floor and roof, I have decided not to insulate the walls as I like the look of the timber inside and it would also mean I lose quite a bit of floor area.
My thinking is that I will see how cold it is over the winter and if additional insulation is needed I will put it on the outside and re-clad in weatherboarding.

I'll try and add some photos if possible.
Jonathan Hyatt
Apr 21, 2020
Great service.The customer sv team were always very responsive and helpful.Easy to order from a very comprehensive website.
Delivery was spot on
..driver very helpful.
Built it myself...very 3ady but took me 2/3 days.
Chose immersion treatment which was very good.
One slight piece damaged which Ivrepaired myself.
Overall 10 out 10.
Plus the pricing is spot on.
Feb 28, 2020
I am very pleased with the cabin, it's a good solid construction. We had a professional fitter build this for us and he was also impressed at the quality of it as well.
I was, unfortunately, let down by customer service, even though I have sent a few emails, I'm still waiting for a piece of trim after two weeks.
Dave Curtis
Jan 27, 2020
Having been looking for a log cabin for a home office in my garden for some time, I opted for the Daisy by Tuin. The product has been very well reviewed, and with the information provided on the Tuin site I was comfortable with my choice. The offer price, along with free roof shingles, was the final decider. As has been stated by others, the instructions with the cabin were not that detailed, but were enough and with enough information via the Tuin website, the construction was a fairly straightforward process. I have been using the cabin for a couple of weeks and I am absolutely delighted with it. For anyone who is thinking to purchase I would make the following observations: 1) take your time to get the foundation beam right. Do it once, check it a couple of times. It makes everything else some much simpler. 2) Construction really is quite straightforward, with the cabin going up (excluding roof boards) in 1 day. 3) Spend a little bit more time and money to insulate under the floor and the roof. 4) The shingles are relatively straightforward to put in place, but would recommend putting some felt underneath. 5) if you have enough funds, consider an additional window. I added one and it made a lot of difference to the natural light. 6) Consider some sealant. with the floating floor and a few other things, there may be some small draughts which are noticeable with the current changing weather. 7) Use the Tuin online support. It's great. 8) sit back and admire your work. The cabin is beautifully constructed and a great investment. Thanks Tuin.
Mr. Brendan Gill
Jan 20, 2020
An excellent shed which looks brilliant in our garden. It’s fairly straightforward to put up. Overall very happy with our purchase
Mr. Grahame Barrows
Jan 4, 2020
Took delivery & the excitement started !. Driver very laid-back bringing it down some narrow lanes !
Construction was a joy to do however I do suggest watching as many videos as you can whilst you await delivery as the instructions are not as clear as watching someone do the constructing but in fairness it's fairly obvious. Good quality product/timber thru out ! - went for the thicker floor, worth while doing that ! - Great product, good finish and looks GREAT ! - Off to source a beer fridge in the Sales !!!
Dr. Puneet Kakar
Oct 28, 2019
I am really pleased with how this has turned out. I was very sceptical when I saw the instructions Sketches but have managed to construct this with a friend in two days. The wood is excellent and fits beautifully and once you get going it really all falls into place. Have now treated with two coats of sadolin and a further two coats of sadolin wood stain and it looks amazing. Electrics in and the cabin is ready to go. Will buy again from Tuin. I wish the instructions were absolutely foolproof but then I would not have enjoyed making it. Have learnt along the way and the entire experience has been amazing. I might add my DIY skills are next to negligible. So for any other buyers - it might seem daunting but it all fits in nicely as you go along.
Richard Cashell
Sep 2, 2019
Would highly recommended this product. Had one issue whilst assembling it and the company called me back within 10 minutes and it was resolved. The delivery driver was excellent.
Aubrey Davies
Aug 5, 2019
We already have log cabin in our garden from very close competitor . However we needed another one and let’s just say the daisy log cabin is much better. Not just on quality, but delivery planning and cost. Thank you Tuin
Ken Baker
Jul 30, 2019
Having done plenty of research prior to purchasing a log cabin, I was expecting a lot from Tuin and the Daisy cabin.
I was not disappointed. Everything from the purchase to delivery, the quality of the packaging, the ease of construction and finish was excellent.
I had never done a project like this before but, thanks to You Tube and some time on the internet, I completed everything myself; I laid the base, constructed the cabin, laid an insulated ply board floor, vinyl flooring, skirting and installed electrics. There really was nothing difficult and I had the psychological safety net of support and advice from Tuin, even out of hours, should I have needed it.
My wife and I now have an extra room to the house, usable all round and the envy of all who have sat in it since it was completed. I was initially cautious about spending so much on a 'glorified shed' to start off with; but the end product is anything but a shed and absolutely worth every penny.
Mr. Ian Slaughter
Jul 21, 2019
This was bought to be my man shed, my space...chance would be a fine thing. The wife and daughters are always sat in it with me, they like it so much! A solid construction that will give me years of use once I have fitted a digilock to it! The whole experience of buying was simple with delivery being spot on. I cannot find any fault with the service or product.
Chris Asquith
Jul 17, 2019
This is the second cabin we have had from Tuin. Was delivered on the date chosen by very helpful driver and well packed. I picked the Daisy as I needed more space for a workshop and it fitted in the space had in the garden nicely and the double doors are useful for getting big items in it (like my lathe).
I coerced a friend to help me erect it and we had it built and and roofing felted in the first long day. Second day had the floor and roofing tiles fitted.
Its very easy to adjust the doors to get a good fit with excellent fittings and locks.
Overall it's excellent value for money and on my recommendation my friend has purchased a cabin and a garage from Tuin.
Mr. Derrick Wright
Jul 15, 2019
I ordered a Daisy log cabin and a 45mm shed annexe,
Delivery was smooth and the driver dropped the 2 large pallets as near to my property as possible.

Building the cabin and shed annexe was straightforward no problems at all what issues i did have i contacted Tuin via email and they sorted it out.
The only main problem i had was the flooring,
i decided to use Tuins flooring and opted for the 18mm version,so i had had seven packs each containing 10 boards and started laying the floor in the cabin first, about three quarters of the way through i was struggling to find good boards (lots with holes in ) so contacted Tuin and they pointed me to a draft from the website which states 18mm flooring is shed quality only.
I wanted decent flooring in the cabin (not too bothered about the shed.)
They said i could send the flooring back for a full refund or they would send me 11 boards that had been checked prior to despatch foc,seeing as i had most of the floor down in the cabin i opted for the checked boards.
they arrived within a couple of days (15 were sent) and i fit these in the cabin.
So if anyone requires the best flooring from Tuin select the thicker boards.
It was 5 star service from a great company so i would recommend Tuin to anyone looking to buy a log cabin.
Christopher Berry
Jun 2, 2019
Excellent product delivered on time by a friendly and efficient driver. Cabin was unpacked and erected over a couple days single handed. It has since taken longer to stain it with 3 coats externally and 2 coats internally! Good quality product at a reasonable price. Definitely recommended. I built mine off a timber frame supported by Tuin supplied adjustable feet fixed to dense concrete blocks to level the frame quickly and easily. I do have hard boulder clay soil so there was no need for any other sort of foundation. I would recommend this method as there is no ground contact and the timber frame/cabin is continually vented.
Mrs. Maz Howard
May 30, 2019
I am very pleased with my log cabin, easy to construct, I did have a hitch with no window fixings and door lock and handles missing , but after emailing and sending photos all was but right very quickly ,I do adore my cabin to be in a quite place , thanks very much Tuin, everyones wonderful . Delivered by a lovely Dutch man very polite.
Sue Pearson
May 28, 2019
Cannot fault this product in any way. Everything fitted together perfectly and was of a very good quality. Would highly recommend.
Mrs. Rebecca Wright
May 6, 2019
Fantastic service, from placing the order to delivery. The delivery company were excellent, ensuring we received a confirmation call then a call from the driver on the day. Installing the cabin was relatively straightforward, instructions easy to follow and all parts labelled. Daisy was completed, apart from internal flooring within one day. The quality of the cabin is fantastic, and I cannot wait to move into what will be my outdoor studio.
Mrs. Debra Jones
Apr 30, 2019
My decision to purchase the Daisy followed weeks of searching similar products on line as well as visits to local DIY shops and garden centres. My final decision was made after a chat with a builder friend who had recently erected one of the larger Tuin Cabins; he had been very impressed with the product, the instructions, and the ease at which it went up. This was the final nudge I needed to make my purchase.

Purchasing "online" was very straight forward and I picked my delivery slot.

The evening before the scheduled deliver day the driver rang to say that he was already in the area and could deliver it within the next hour. I was happy to receive it ahead of time, as it meant we could progress quickly the following day. The driver parked at the end of the road and then transported it to our driveway using an extremely large fork lift truck. We both took photo's of the product on the drive by way of assurance.

As recommended by Tuin our first task (the following day) was to sort the pieces to check that everything had been delivered.

We had taken the decision to ask our builder friend to erect the Daisy cabin for us. This proved to be a good move as the ground on which it was being built was more uneven that we had thought, and he very quickly assessed this situation and built a timber frame (we had previously had a shed on the same site, and took it down in the days leading up to the delivery of the Daisy).

Erecting the Daisy was easy with just a couple of calls to the help line to confirm some finer points. The day it was built I popped out for a couple of hours and when I got back I was amazed that it was already up to the roof.

Next came the log storage cabin - this went up even more quickly and beautifully compliments the Daisy.

This all happened three weeks ago, and we are loving the new addition to our garden. We have yet to fully furnish it, get power to it, or treat it - this will all happen over the next few weeks.

I would strongly recommend the Daisy and the side storage shed.

Apr 27, 2019
Good experience from start to finish. Item delivered on time and delivery driver was very good - sited the package exactly where I wanted. Anyone with a bit of general DIY skill will be able to erect this cabin with no problem. All items were in the kit as per the instructions. Would happily recommend a Tuin cabin. Have previously had a cabin installed by a local company but I reckon I did this at half of their cost with the same or better quality.
Apr 25, 2019
After a lot of research to find the best cabin for my craft hobbies I picked Tuin and I haven't regretted it for a second. The help available on their website and at the end of email is fabulous. Delivery was effortless, with a cheerful driver whizzing up the lane with his forklift. The cabin has impressed my hard-to-impress fitters with its appearance and solidity. Building took two days, partly because they were being very careful with the shingles.
Fitters say that the instructions were somewhat vague at times, but as other reviewers have said, if the foundations are set up properly the rest follows very easily.
Thank you Tuin! Excellent cabin, excellent service.
Mr. alexander campbell
Apr 3, 2019
After hours of research on the web we decided upon Tuin to supply our log cabin. Daisy arrived bang on time and we cannot praise the delivery driver enough, his expertise in manoeuvring his forklift was really impressive. We laid a concrete base. Having made sure it was perfectly level, the cabin was erected over 2 days. We went for the free shingles offer and I can echo the comments made by others, they really do finish it off. So far our cabin has had 2 coats of clear Carefree Protect externally and one coat of varnish internally, I will add further coats externally but already it is apparent this is a quality product albeit expensive.
Mr. NF Smith
Mar 11, 2019
We are very pleased with our recent purchase of our Daisy Log Cabin from Tuin. The quality of the cabin materials was excellent and the assembly instructions and experience really easy for somebody like myself with modest DIY skills. The cabin turned up a day ahead of schedule, the delivery driver phoned ahead in good time, was polite and very obliging in placing the palletised components in my driveway exactly as requested with the fork lift despite the busy traffic and tight site conditions.
This is our second purchase from Tuin with great service and competitive prices on both occasions.

Mr NF Smith - Eyke, Suffolk
Mr M Kentish
Mar 9, 2019
Well this is quite possibly the best purchase I've ever made. Great service, all delivered on time and very efficient. I decided to build it with my Dad and really enjoyed the experience. Great quality, fitted together with no real problems. I insulated the floor and roof as per the website recommendations and really pleased with the results. Looks great with red shingles and dark paint. Just fitting electrics and floor finishing before putting the office furniture in. Still thinking about a small log burner as well. Still lots to do. Thank you Tuin. Regards Mark
Rachel Ponicke
Feb 8, 2019
Really pleased with our little log cabin. Sturdy and well made. Delivery man was lovely and so helpful. Love the utube video on installation.
John Richards
Feb 5, 2019
I spent months searching the WWW for a log cabin.. and stumbled across this site.. the helpful nature and great reviews and price helped me decide to buy, I think after sales and customer service is very important.
We chose the daisy as it fitted our modest garden... Delivery was superb, and the delivery driver very considerate. Building was a simple task for the wife and I...and we built it in 1 day, leaving the tiling to a few days later, initially covering the roof with a tarp due to heavy rain forecast. Overall the cabin was simple to build, and is of excellent quality.. especially the doors and windows which are double glazed. Highly recommend this company. No Stress, great quality 40mm logs and simple to build (even if the instructions were a little scant.) We also bought a 28mm side shed. also very easy to build. 10/10 to Tuin..
steven currie
Feb 2, 2019
fantastic daisy cabin every piece cut to perfection all tapped into place very easily
Tuesday delivered to front door … unpacked and put into garage
Wednesday big storm... spent day on tuin website reading all instructions and videos
Thursday all built by 5 pm
Friday shingles and floor fitted
Saturday carpet and furniture went in and built a ottoman from extra wood
would highly recommend TUIN to anyone thinking of buying a cabin
Mr. steven currie
Jan 19, 2019
ABSOLUTLY DELIGHTED with our tuin daisy cabin. would highly recommend TUIN the build was very easy .and the precision cut of every piece was fantastic all tapped into place with great ease
arrived on a Tuesday excelent delivery service to front door package opened and all contents walked in to garage and laid out
Wednesday big storm rattled through spent day on tuin website getting all information. instructions and watching all videos .how to build
Thursday myself and good friend built whole cabin by 5pm
Friday shingles on and floor beams then 27mm floorboards {all coated in preservative first} fitted
Saturday electrics and carpet fitted and furniture in
Sunday feet up and enjoy
Mr. David Coles
Jan 18, 2019
I am delighted with the purchase of our log cabin. The ordering process was simple and delivery was on time and hassle free. It took two handymen a full day to erect the cabin with fairly easy to read instructions. The cabin was then given three coats of wood stain. Putting on the shingles took more time than was expected, but I must admit they do look great. I would recommend Tuin to anybody and as I have already said I am very pleased with the purchase.
Mr. Peter Dibden
Jan 14, 2019
We were very happy with our Tuin Daisy, from the delivery & customer service to the great product.
We would highly recommend Tuin to anyone who's looking for a quailty log cabin at a reasonable price.
Mr. Alistair Barker
Jan 5, 2019
The whole experience of ordering, receiving delivery and assembling the Daisy log cabin has been excellent. There are so many choices of cabin styles and sizes from Tuin and I was particularly impressed with the thicknesses of the logs available for the prices. Much thicker logs for the price than other companies. Delivery was smooth, on time, and carefully placed on my driveway. The assembly was good fun. I prepared a firm and level base using 600mm x 600mm concrete paving slabs on a perimeter of levelled concrete blocks. I used a 2.4m long 'screed level' as a spirit level to ensure the whole base was level in all directions. The laying of the composite profiled foundation beam was tricky because it did not fit into my mitre saw. I had to mark it up and use a jig saw for the corners. I laid a dpc membrane over the whole base and used high quality sealant to place the foundation beams onto the dpc to ensure good seals. The beams at 3m need to be joined with a short section of beam to make up the full length. Liberal use of sealant again at these joins.
The assembling of the logs was the most satisfying, easiest and enjoyable part of the process and only took a day, single handed (except for help with placing window/door frames and the 3 roof purlins). I installed 50mm insulation boards on top of the roof. I covered this with a high quality polyester reinforced roofing felt using not many clout nails because the shingles were then nailed on top using longer 65mm clout nails (70mm nils on the apex where the layers are thickest). I was able to use the barge boards and facias provided by Tuin. Once the cabin had been assembled and I was confident that the structure was square and correct, I used 'concrete screws' (8mm) which do not require a plug in order to fix the profiled beam into the slab. I made 6mm holes in the beam and slab (hammer drill) and these 8mm screws were superb in securing the beam to slab. A concrete screw through the beam into the slab at each side of the all joins to ensure no movement of the beams which could compromise the beam joins/sealant and therefore let in water to the edges of the cabin above the dpc membrane. I applied 2 undercoats and two topcoats of a high quality paint to the outside. I had already applied the Carefree Protectant to the lower logs before fitting and to the end grains of all the logs at the corners on the outside. In retrospect I wish I had applied the Carefree product to the inside corners at an early stage too because with the rather exceptional rain in November some damp staining occurred on the inside corners of the cabin. No further damp came through once I applied Carefree. I used the tongue and groove flooring supplied by Tuin. Plenty was supplied so I did not need to use pieces that had knot holes. I fitted 50mm insulation between the joists supplied. Because the joists are 40-45mm thick and the insulation is 50mm I had to fit strips of 10mm wood on top of the joists so that the floor boards were resting on the joists not the insulation board. All in all this has been a very satisfying project. I would thoroughly recommend Tuin.
Mr. Brian Gooding
Nov 24, 2018
Really happy with cabin. Easy company to deal with. Instructions were easy and clear. Had a friend to help me and in was up and weathertight by teatime. Changed windows and door to other side and this was simple.
Jo Pohl
Nov 23, 2018
Delighted with our Daisy cabin. From ordering to delivery through to assistance online the service by Tuin has been second to none. The cabin was fully completed within 2 weeks - this included roofing, painting and flooring. I have had so many compliments and can't believe how cosy and warm the cabin is.
Nov 12, 2018
Overall impression- an amazing piece of kit! Not without it’s various problems and headaches which I won’t recount as the final result is very good.
Aged 80,with only DIY skills and assisted by my 70year old wife who recently broke two fingers in her left hand we assembled the basic structure in four hours,treating the timber as we did so. I had previously assembled the door frame and installedthe hardwood beams so the erection was fairly straightforward following the instructions.Although I thought we might need help thefollowing day we managed to fit the gables and purlins between us.
Because I have sited the cabin close to the boundary I decided it would be easier to erect from the inside and therefore fitted the floor joists and loose laid the chipboard flooring. This worked well as it gave a solid base to work from. When the shell was complete I then fitted the insulation and floor.
Fitting the roof boards and tiling took longer than the actual erection but the final result is well worth it.I have also fitted guttering draining into a water butt.
If you do not choose the treatments on offer from Tuin then the alternatives on offer from the recommended manufacturers is a minefield. I elected for a German brand “Osmo”but budget for £200+outlay.
Have yet to complete the inside as a “man cave” but overall impression very positive.
Can’t fault the actual product just cannot understand why there are gaps in the basic instructions which would be so easy to rectify rather than having to trawl through the videos, blogs etc. .
So there you have it! Don’t be intimidated by the huge beautifully packaged “parcel” that arrives on your doorstep. It is a much easier to assemble than you imagine

Mr. Simon Hinchley
Oct 21, 2018
The delivery was good, the communication was average, as I had to call for a delivery time. No problems. However, the instructions for construction are not the best and you must unpack it and arrange into numbered sections or else you will struggle to assemble it. Apart from one warped piece of wood, the quality is excellent. I did not order the floor and had to pay a joiner friend to construct a base. However, it still took a bout 3 days to construct in total. If you are not a good DIY person them save yourself a massive headache and pay for a professional to construct it. If you are good at interpreting diagrams and don't mind puzzles then you will be ok. In all, very pleased with the cabin but I certainly wouldn't want to pay anymore then I did.
Mr. chris gough
Oct 21, 2018
Really pleased with this cabin. It took a day and a half to put up, but then it was a first for us. Went together easily and there was quite a bit of spare timber at the end, so there was never any risk of running out. Could have done with the nails being labelled, as I started to use the floor nails for the roof.
The paint time is rather longer than the build time, but it looks stunning. The neighbours have said how much they like it and one or two other visitors have gone off to price one up for themselves.
The delivery was absolutely great. The forklift and driver got it right into the corner of the drive, past the cars with no trouble whatsoever and was very helpful with advice.

I have silicone sealed around the base to prevent water running under the composite base, so it will be here long after I am gone.
I would recommend this type of cabin in preference to a ship lap construction type any day of the week.
Mr. Scott Honeyman
Oct 8, 2018
I purchased this log cabin to replace my daughters childhood playhouse and to be mainly used as a man cave.
This purchase from start to finish has been superb! No other word for it. From delivery to the build everything went as expected and I contacted the help email to ask about a question on insulation and received and answer almost imedediatly, brilliant service.
Being in Scotland I’ve insulated the roof and floor with 50mm celotex and used OSB board on the roof before fitting the shingles to make sure it lasts the Scottish weather.
I choose to use my own flooring ( 18mm exterior ply) as I’m fitting a carpet to make it as warm as possible. Although cost wise the
Floor supplied by Tuin is great value if you decide to use this as an extra option and really not the more expensive.
Overall I’m super happy with this purchase it went together easy and the extra bits I decided to do with insulation and electrical consumer unit fitted, make
It a man cave to be proud of that fits in with the look of my house and garden.
I’m concidering buying the added storage unit tuin sell as an extra for our cats to build build them there very own cat cave!

Awesome Tuin can’t be happier.
Mr. James Stewart
Sep 13, 2018
Excellent product, excellent company, excellent customer service. Fastest company I have ever used for responding to emails. I will send some images when it's built but this is going to make a little girl very happy.
Mrs. Jo Coker
Sep 13, 2018
I am delighted with this out building which I am using as a small office. My builders erected it and commented on the quality and easy or erection. The wood is excellent quality and the building sturdy. The delivery was exceptionally efficient and I was fully informed. Really pleased I chose Tuin.

Thank you Tuin!
David Edwards
Sep 11, 2018
Overall you have to say that the service provided by Tuin has been tremendous. From the delivery driver, who had to park up elsewhere and fork-lift the cabin onto our driveway, to telephone help, it always felt it was never too much trouble and was enormously helpful and comforting. I installed this my self with a helper. The main body of the cabin was very easy, as the main pieces were either obvious or numbered, so following the schematic was a doddle and it went up in no time. The rest took longer as th 'instructions' are bare and a little lost in translation and there were moments when I thought 'what is that peice for' especially as there were 'extras' delivered. However, process of elimination and Tuin advisors on the phone (2 calls made) completed the job. The quality of material was overall good. Some peices had areas not perfect, but a lot of that is due to the 'natural' materials, and nothing that cannot be simply overcome when preparing for treatment/painting. We have now recommended Tuin to others.
Mr. James Rose
Aug 28, 2018
Excellent product and great service!
The instructions that came with it were somewhat limited and not that easy to follow, however, the plentiful on-line instructions and videos more than made up for it. I more or less built it on my own with only a couple of parts needed an extra pair of hands. Plenty of spare wood too, so much so I built a bar with the leftovers! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a cabin like this!!
Nigel Long
Aug 23, 2018
A lovely cabin at an excellent price. The information and service from Tuin were fantastic. It has taken me some time to put up the cabin but that was due to me wanting to add an extra window (made a frame myself to match the one supplied) and cutting the logs prior to assembly (easier on the mitre saw than a plunge cut with a circular saw or messing about with a jigsaw). I then insulated the roof which necessitated making new fascias, etc. Anyway, that is all done and I am pleased with the result. Will submit photos when I have finished painting, etc. I have a few minor gripes which I will list although they are not major issues and would certainly not deter me from buying another Tuin log cabin. 1. One of the logs would not bed down at one end and closer investigation revealed the joint had not been cut to quite the required depth. A couple of saw cuts and a bit of chiselling sorted that out. 2. None of the door and window furniture matches. Not a serious thing and does not matter from a practical point of view but for aesthetics it would be better if they matched. 3. It would be better if the roof edge reinforcement batten was larger and also angled on one side to match the pitch of the roof. There would then be a vertical face suitable for fixing a gutter to. Again this was not a problem for me as I insulated the roof and built it up higher. 4. The timber part in the bottom of the doors is only thin tongue and groove boards fixed on the outside with an L shaped profile covering the top. I filled the panel with insulation and fitted t&g boards inside to cover this. I made a profile to natch the outside and the inside of the door looks better for it in my opinion. 5. The notches for the purlins to fit into could perhaps have been cut a bit more precisely. I found that in some cases the purlin sank lower than the top of the log wall and elsewhere the purlin was slightly proud of the top. Again, notching slightly deeper or using small packing pieces remedied this and ensured no gaps around the roof edge. I do not doubt that minor issues like these would occur with even the most expensive cabins and anyone with basic woodworking skills and a bit of common sense could deal with them. As a bonus, the extra timber provided, the pieces I did not use due to modification, and what I cut out for a window has left me with enough to build a mini log cabin for my cat! At the moment I have only got notes and sketches on paper but in due course there will be more on this.
Mr. Chris Paginton
Aug 8, 2018
I can’t fault anything with this product and all the information on the website. Having done my homework and read all the reviews and tips it was a piece of cake. Based on the insulation information I went ahead and insulated my cabin with 50mm celotex roof and floor. What a wise move with the summer we are having. I built my cabin on an existing patio area which took some time to ensure the foundation beams were 100% level. Once the build proper started I reached roof level in a couple of hours. Half a day to do the roof ( including insulation) and half a day for the floor. 90% of this was single handed just needed a second pair of hands for the roof trusses. Finally sealed exterior with 2 cats, interior 1 coat as recommended with clear coat. All in all an enjoyable project. I would recommend to anyone and in fact based on my experience a friend has purchased a larger tuin log cabin.
Patrick oconnor
Aug 6, 2018
fantastic, fantastic,fantastic.
From the moment i ordered the Daisy log cabin the whole process was excellent. My delivery was made by Mark who rang me to say he was 30 minutes away. Mark was very helpful and placed the quite large package exactly where i wanted it. Shingles were packed on top which i removed to place out of the sun as the build wasn't to take place for a few days. On opening the main package it was quite eye opening to be faced with a small forest of wood.Reading the instructions and watching loads of videos we set to work sorting the pieces. I must admit that was one of the hardest parts. Now come to the build, Wow, so straightforward, everything slots together with minimum persuasion from a rubber mallet, within a couple of hours the cabin was up to roof level, windows and doors slotted in ready to start the roof,time taken here is well spent as at first did not realise the roof boards were different widths. roof completed , on to the shingles, must have picked the hottest day of the year, but after watching more videos everything came together, what a good look, makes the cabin look a quality product, which it most certainly is.Apart from a few trims to put the cabin was built over the weekend with just two people.
Well what can i say, the cabin was a pleasure to build and what a fantastic piece of engineering. I now have an extra room in my garden which i can use all year round , all thanks to the people at tuin. This company has got it right. From the simple ordering process, delivery of a quality product, loads of online information, cannot find a fault. Every time i look at the cabin it makes me smile. Tuin what a company, what a product. To sum up my review in three words. Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic.
Mr. Bernard Grady
Jul 19, 2018
This is our second cabin from Tuin. We were so impressed with the quality and value of our first purchase we added this one as a changing room beside a hot tub and it's perfect.
Mr. Craig Howley
Jul 5, 2018
Took 3 days to build and was an absolute pleasure to put up.Myself and a friend who aren’t great at DIY attempted it and we were so glad we did. Would recommend this summer house to anyone, already have had friends and relatives asking where I got it as it’s so sturdy and well built, they all want one. Tuin were great it arrived when they said it would the shingle roof which was included free really makes it stand out.
Mr. barrie wells
Jun 17, 2018
What a easy set up from start to finish and a perfect summerhouse. Definitely buy this rather than one of the cheaper units that are available you won’t regret it.
Andrew Beattie
Jun 12, 2018
After much consideration I decided to buy the Daisy to replace an aging corner summer house that was in the garden when we downsized to a bungalow. In a previous home we had a log cabin from another provider and had that installed professionally. As a DIY devotee and further research on the Tuin website I decided to face the challenge and build this myself. Unfortunately as soon as the pack arrived we had the heavens open and thunder storms delayed my start. However when setting out everything came together quickly. The instructions could have been more thorough but common sense and taking time soon made suRe everything fitted. A very strong structure that sits well in my garden. The most challenging effort has been the varnishing that takes three coats but should give 10 years of protection. Very pleased with service, delivery and the log cabin.
Rebecca Bradshaw
Jun 11, 2018
We are thrilled with our daisy log cabin. It is very well made,a great size for what we need. The information on the website combined with the instructions enclosed with the cabin were great. It took about a day and a half to build, a few weeks for me to decide what furniture to put in it and what colour to paint it (this bit is still work in progress)
Tuin were very helpful when we ordered and the delivery guy was brilliant. I would recommend the company for their customer service and products. We were recommended to buy from them and I would certainly recommend them to others.
Mrs. Caryl Smith
May 14, 2018
"Daisy" was delivered outside our front gate one rainy evening at 6pm. For security my husband and I opened the very very large package and transported it for the next 2 hours into a secure shed to await better weather.
A Sunny Wednesday and we started putting the boards together Amazingly it went up very quickly with the easy to read instructions On the Sunday morning my 73 yr old husband was up on the roof laying the shingles which I was handing up to him.
Everything was easy to do and we are now enjoying our "Daisy"
Des Bennett
May 9, 2018
Great service!. Package arrived on schedule, Driver was great, Maneuvered into a tight space and was gone in half an hour. Everything went together well although took a little longer as I was single handed. There was one issue and that was with the profiled base and the door threshold but a quick and helpful phone call resolved the problem. All in all I am very pleased with my purchase and I have recommended Tuin to several people.
May 6, 2018
We bought a Daisy cabin to use as a garden furniture store to go with a new patio in the garden. I was just looking for a shed at first but a beautiful 40mm thick cabin actually worked out cheaper than a jumbo shed once all their extras had been added. It’s 10x nicer too!
Delivery was as simple as everyone says. The driver kept us informed throughout and actually came a day early as it suited us and him and he had obviously got around quicker than he thought. The package was moved by forklift 500m up a narrow lane and carefully pushed into the garage, where it has remained for the past 6 weeks waiting for the rain to stop.
We had built a timber base as the ground was on a slight slope and getting this perfectly sized, square and level made the rest of it easy. With 2 of us, the cabin went up in about 3 hrs, the roof on in about another 3. The following day we added the shingles in about 6hrs all told. The more you watch the videos (including the IKO ones) and think about what you are doing, the better it will look. The quality of the roof finish really makes a difference to the overall appearance.
Now we just need to think about a colour. I think it’s better to see it in situ before deciding. At the moment, it’s going to be dark green, but who knows!
A five star experience from start to finish.
Sean Cooke
May 2, 2018
A very good cabin. Simple to build and very sturdy. Overall I would say the best company for extra help with tips on YouTube and great prices.
Mrs. Elizabeth Blyth
Apr 25, 2018
The daisy cabin was delivered on time,with a fork lift taking right into our drive.it was very easy to assemble,using the instructions was really easy.the quality and finish is exellent.i would highly recommend tuin products,for the quality and value for money.
Graham Hathaway
Apr 16, 2018
Absolutely fantastic cabin - 0% faults, 100% cool.
Mr. David Vincent
Apr 14, 2018
I have been researching where to buy a log cabin for many months. Tuin were top of all reviews that I read but i was hesitant because i couldn't physically look and feel one of their products. The extensive hints. tips and other reviews convinced me to order from them. I was so pleased that I did. The ordering process was simple. Delivery day was confirmed and happened to be the day of heavy snow across the south. The delivery driver kept me fully informed and called me an hour before. The cabin arrived perfectly packaged, the individual pieces really are well packaged. I put this up myself and it took less than a day. The longest part is the planning of the first layer and getting them square, after that everything just slots in. It is so easy. I found the roof the hardest part, getting the roof boards even was tricky and I should have taken more time. In my eagerness I wasnt as neat as I should have been and ended taking the boards off and re-doing it. The quality of the product is excellent and I found the installation easy too . Highly recommended
Mrs. Linda Dickson
Apr 8, 2018
Delivered on time. Absolutely delighted with the daisy log cabin. The quality of the product is outstanding. Every piece fitted together perfectly, so putting it together was a dream. I would definitely recommend Tuin to anyone looking to buy a log cabin. Amazing value for money too
Mr. Stephen Bishopp
Apr 4, 2018
Good product easy to assemble by one person, but takes time.
Having a good level base was a great help.
Mr. James Duffey
Feb 28, 2018
After much reading of various blogs and supplier websites I selected the Daisy Log Cabin from Tuin. The whole experience has been fantastic the online support and tips where invaluable. I've built the base and assembled the cabin myself, to much personal satisfaction. The delivery guy was fantastic hurtling up the road on his fork lift to deliver the MASSIVE parcel to my door. It went together surprisingly easy and looks the business in the garden. Everything slotted into place nicely.

I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Mr. Richard Laws
Feb 12, 2018
After initially being told there would be a slight delay on delivery, our items actually arrived on time, so thank you! The instructions are a little confusing but we took the advice of laying everything out in to piles and all becomes clear as you get started. Watch as many videos and blog posts as you can. Once we had cut the foundation beams and layed a couple of layers, the walls, window and door frame flew up. It took us a day to put it up and pop the roof on (the roof is the part which takes the longest). The next day we put the shingles on and if you read the blog tips like we did, the final product looks great. We bought a shed annexe aswell so for both it probably tooks us 3 full days to put them up (we are not experts!) We also bought Embadecor stain and Embalan paint which are a little pricey but worth it (dont scrimp on treatment as the blog says... we agree!) We opted to put our own floor in which does work out cheaper but it depends what you are putting down. Great cabin, friendly service and will make a great office.
Mr. Joseph Key
Jan 29, 2018
TUIN were recommended by an old friend who also purchased the Daisy Log Cabin.
Incredibly easy to erect provided you have a sound base.
I'm handicapped with only one working arm and I had help with construction but I did the roof, tiles and floor myself. I wish I'd paid extra for TUIN to coat the pieces. A very good unit, simple to erect and looks great.
Mr. Liam Hall
Jan 11, 2018
I was recommended to tuin by a friend that had a cabin from them, he was mightily impressed and so am I.
The product does its own talking, perfect fit from the first log. The service received was fantastic, the delivery driver was spot on and the price was in my opinion unbeatable.
I will be purchasing further cabins for elsewhere on my property.
Mrs. Linda Cannon
Dec 20, 2017
I did a lot of research before picking Tuin as our supplier. The website is fantastic and it was easy to order, the customer service is great and the delivery easy. The charming driver from The Netherlands delivered 10 minutes earlier than stated time and placed it along our drive with the little forklift. Our builders erected the cabin over yesterday and today. It took longer than they thought and they weren't particularly impressed with the instructions. The shingles were also fiddly but it looks great now its up and will pleased. I would recommend Tuin to anyone else.
Mr. barry pritchard
Dec 7, 2017
delivered on time.well packed and polte delivery driver.good quality and easy enough to erect. the only grumble was the finish of the doors and window.felt more like rough sandpaper. but i would reccomend this to others.
John B
Nov 13, 2017
3x3.5m this is a perfect structure as hoped for me home office. Built with a joiner (I restrained him from screwing everything together as advised on the blog) it was pretty hassle free in two days. I did the roof tiles ('free' black straight ones) and they were fantastic to fit. Base is insulated while roof isn't yet - fully plan to for winter however so far it's toasty warm with great light from pre-made window and door units. Very very pleased.
Mrs. Sarah Crick
Oct 16, 2017
Delivery time for the log cabin was longer than anticipated but when it did arrive we were surprised how well it was packed & delivered. The driver was great & delivered the package exactly where we wanted it nothing was too much bother.
The cabin itself went together quickly and easily with no hiccups but you need to allow quite a bit of time for the shingles.
The only other comment I would make regards the instructions, they are not specific to each cabin and we found ourselves having to refer to internet videos and blogs quite a bit, a more complete paper handbook with hints & tips would have been useful.
Would I recommend Tuin?
Mr. Trevor Pearson
Sep 16, 2017
Just recently completed the construction of my wife,s Daisy Log Cabin, a birthday present to her from me, from start to completion it was a dream, the staff at Tuin were faultless in their service and extremely helpful indeed, then on the day of delivery ( August Bank Holiday) I received a call from Otto their driver, saying he is 45 minuets away, and he was, he unloaded the pallet using his fork lift truck and was on his way again.
Its was the biggest flat pack I have ever assembled, but it was the simplest, yes at times it was a two man job, mainly the roof assembly, but with two, very simply.
My next door neighbour who helped me, was so impressed with the Cabin he has ordered one which will arrive next month.
Tuin are a fantastic company to deal with as are their products, thank you to all concerned who processed my order, I would highly recommend this company.
Trevor Pearson.
Mr. Dave Burns
Sep 13, 2017
Seriously one of the best experiences of my life! Booked a week off work to do this and whilst I ached in a different place every night, I loved every minute! We decided to locate our cabin on a part of the garden that was uneven, so had to build a frame to suit, raised 18" at one end supported by 5 4" posts. That was the most stressful part of the project, ensuring levels were bang on and that it was square (then panicking before the cabins arrival in case it didn't fit/go together nicely...it did...phew!) The cabin arrived at lunchtime on Monday and was up with roof pearlings doors and window fitted by 4pm. I had a mate helping me with this part therefore an absolute dream to build. All logs fitted perfectly with a few taps of the rubber mallet and no twists. A couple have cracks but that's timber...no problem. 2 weeks on and I'm still doing bits to it and around it. It looks fantastic, I cut the roof boards shorter so it had a better profile being adjacent to the garage and it fits perfectly. Insulated the floor and roof with Celotex, had 2 double sockets and a wall light fitted, coming through from the back so no wiring visible inside. The free shingles look great, although a bit of a bugger to fit when you haven't done it before. Put a run of miniline guttering on the door side which also looks cool. Tuin are, in my opinion, the best company for these buildings, honest and informative with a beautiful product. Do what I did though and read every single post on Richards blogs, watch the videos too, it helps tremendously! Fantastic experience and end result, thanks Tuin! I would put a few images on but can't see how. Now I want to build another one..... ;)
Robert Patrick
Sep 9, 2017
What a great company to deal with, and I have to say what a great log cabin.

The quality of the construction & the timbers used were first class, and was all assembled very easily with just two of us. If I was looking for ways that things could be improved, it would be use 6" T&G for the floor boards, NOT 4" as it took me almost 5 hrs just to put the floor down, which was the same time as it took to of us to construct the whole of the rest of the cabin, and also this cabin is about the only one in the set of instructions that covers just about all the cabins available, that is NOT listed in the dimensions chart?

But as I say, a first class cabin, and two of our friends are now going to purchase from Tuin.
Mr. john todd
Sep 6, 2017
do you really need a log cabin or a greenhouse? after a talk through log cabin it was to be, where do you look. like most people now the web is first choice with some sites better than others and tuins standing out I clicked on it, so easy to find what we wanted and prices to match. ordering was easy with not long to wait. better get watching all tuins support info and then onto building the base making sure its perfectly level, job done.delivery day excitement and the most helpful of drivers putting the pallet just where we wanted it coffee and cake before waving goodby. started to unpack remembering just how to put and stack everything.only lunch time lets start and as tuin said it was so easy that by night only the roof was to go on.next day roof boards.shingles quick review of info and on with the job.finished! what to use to colour the outside I decided to use sickkens 3 coat system on top of 2 coats clear wood preserve .all this painting certainly took longer than the build. am I pleased with cabin? you bet I am.so if your in the market you will not be disappointed give tuin your order!!! maybe next year a greenhouse or a hot tub?.thankyou to all at tuin.
Mr. Caulkin
Aug 25, 2017
First class service. There was a slight delay in the delivery of our log cabin, but we were kept well informed and all of our questions were answered very promptly. I was a bit nervous about delivery as we live on a narrow but quite busy road and don't have a driveway, however the delivery was completely hassle free. It arrived perfectly packaged in one unit and the dismountable forklift meant there was almost zero disruption on the road (I've previously had stuff craned off, which has been a nightmare). The log cabin flew up without any bother and was finished with roof shingles and floor in just over 2 days. In hindsight, it's worth spending a little time fitting the door surround accurately rather than fiddling with and adjusting the doors, but it all went together really well. Good quality product and great value compared to competitors.
Mrs. Nicola Hugman
Aug 9, 2017
Day 1 and Daisy was delivered to us on time and without issue, so far so good. Our good friend and chief cabin builder Mark had built the base the week previously, so we were all ready to go ahead. We chose the composite foundation and this was easily cut and put into place. The logs fitted beautifully together and, with a few taps formed a nice tight join. Within a couple of hours we had the four walls, window and doors assembled. At the last stage of the cabin walls we found we were two short logs completely missing that would have been a disaster had Tuin not supplied a spare log that Mark was able to cut replacements from. The roof beams came next and were easily fitted and then the roof itself all nailed into place. As we were building, our good ladies were painting the exterior with the chosen colour so Daisy was looking pretty good as she was being built. With the roof boards all in place, time had ran out and we wanted a full day for the shingles, so we tacked batons over a polythene sheet on the roof and called it a day. There was very heavy rain that night and I did worry about water getting in, but in the morning we found that not one drop of rain had leaked in thanks to the quality fit of the cabin parts. The shingles all in place and the weather proofing colours applied, our cabin is water tight, warm and looking very pretty. The build was very easy and quick, but we did have our friend who is extremely skilled and inventive building it for us. If you are going to build your cabin yourself, you do need some diy skills or like me, a friend who can help you. There will probably be things that will go wrong but nothing that can't be solved. We are very pleased with Daisy and cannot recommend Tuin cabins enough.
Aug 6, 2017
After unpacking the Cabin and putting in storage the amount of wood seemed a bit daunting at first but after getting my head round the first Cabin layers with help from the help line it was an easy construction. Just make sure you don't store the first/bottom sections under the rest! you will make it hard to find? If you find difficulty constructing Ikea then this maybe not for you!? 1 x person 4 x Day Build
Mr. Domenico Basiletti
Jul 30, 2017
I am so pleased with the Daisy log cabin, which is a lovely size and feels really snug. The whole experience of purchase, delivery and installation went smoothly without a single problem. Delivery was on time and installation by a approved installer was also carried out on Schedule.
Mr. Daniel Monaghan
Jul 28, 2017
I will start this review to say two weeks in I am very happy and also that I am a very ungifted in the Diy department so I was daunted at the prospect of putting up the cabin. Delivery was well communicated and arrived on the time slot. The cabin is very good quality and fits together relatively simply. The website has lots of very useful information and videos. The instructions for the cabin itself are fine however there were no instructions on how to install the double doors. In addition the instructions for the floor installation (heavy duty wood) did not cover this cabin size.

We were delayed by some levelling issues but it took 2 of us 6 hrs to put the cabin up. I then spent a day on my own installing the floor (which included insulation). Still need to tackle insulating and felting the roof but it is currently covered!

I would recommend this product
Mr. Nicola Bowen
Jul 27, 2017
Delivered when said and the driver was really helpful. Delivery to my place was not the easiest as on a lane but driver found a way around it. Product was exactly as described and if you are a bit practical very easy to construct. All components were there and no damage. Overall a good cabin at a good price.
Chris McCarthy
Jul 18, 2017
I ordered a Daisy and it was easy to put up with one minor snag which was easy to solve with the efficient Tuin technical team. Wonderful cabin strong, well constructed with good instructions which were easy to follow. We are so pleased with the end result and have sent photographs to show.
Stellan Lamb
Jul 16, 2017
Fantastic product made from excellent materials. I'm already planning on customising and extending ours to include a bedroom.