Curved Lattice Gazebo 2.9m Diameter

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Jul 31, 2023
It arrived on time, in good condition and with no pieces missing. It is very solid and well made. My only criticism is that the erection instructions are very basic and, amongst other things, did not mention how to put on the roof shingles. I looked at a video but it still left many questions. I was advised to buy glue but that was not mentioned in the video. I felt 'over-sold' on this. There is also a big bag of screws of different sizes but no indication of which size you use for which section.
Maxine Hepburn
Oct 3, 2022
Already left comment on excellent delivery and pleasant, helpful driver. I attach photos of gazebo. We are very pleased with it and already have had some lovely hours in it due to the super weather. My husband finished the roof with a fascia as you will see in photo. He also made waterproof blinds which can be dropped for strong sun or rain!! We can also sit out at night with our chimenea burning at the entrance. Altogether a perfect buy and my husband had no problem erecting it. Would certainly recommend your company.

John Crackell
Jun 17, 2022
On the whole good quality product which was easy to assemble although the instructions regarding which screw to use where was vague. Unfortunately one of our vertical supports was warped, Tuin’s response was wood is a natural product with variations so unfortunately there is an unsightly gap between the lattice and the vertical support. The shingles were easy to install and although time consuming they compliment the gazebo. I didn’t use the wooden roof trim strips as I did not think they went very well, instead I used spare shingles, of which I had ample, to make ‘ridge tiles’ to cover the gaps which looks much better. In order to waterproof the apex you will have to use your initiative. A wooden hexagon is provided but it is a loose fit and you will have to be inventive to prevent leakage. I used layers of shingle and quality sealant which has done the job, hopefully for many years.
The gazebo is free standing and heavy. It has not shifted at all but it has not yet been tested in heavy winds. I am hopeful it will remain in place as adding ground anchors will prove unsightly.
Overall I am satisfied with the product.
Mr. Stephen Moody
Sep 12, 2016
The Gazebo was of good quality materials, easy to erect and takes pride of place in the garden.
I would recommend the company.