Clockhouse Log Cabin 5.5m x 4.0m - 45mm Logs

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David Clarke
Dec 14, 2023
Excellent building easy to construct very pleased with this building. The deliver company the driver manuvered this delivery into my garden with great care this building is already been built what a difference it has made to our living space
Mr. Anthony Adams
May 23, 2023
Very professional company to deal with, placing order was easy and delivered when they said I’ve yet to put the thing up because of a family emergency but I have printed off the manual and viewed lots of the blogs so don’t expect any issues
May 17, 2023
Fantastic cabin, easy to install.
Gary Mark Morgan
May 8, 2023
Excellent log cabin, not put the roof on as yet but it already looks stunning.
Mr. willem botha
Jul 27, 2022
Very easy installed
Exquisite look
A true asset to our gardern
Apr 11, 2022
So pleased. Excellent delivery service and a very high-quality, high-spec log cabin. We had completed the base prior to delivery and we were astonished to get the cabin to eaves height within a few hours. It really is that simple. Obviously the roof/shingles/insulation etc took a bit longer but we now have a lovely garden room which doubles as a home office by day and a relaxing comfortable sitting room in the evening. It has been much admired, and is used every day, rain or shine. We plan to order a second, smaller cabin as a ‘posh shed’ very soon. Thanks, Tuin
Mar 5, 2022
Delighted with our clockhouse cabin bought from Tuin, very easy to put together and good instructions, we managed to complete it in a day with the help of 3 others. We have now had it just over a year and are very pleased with it. I would highly recommend Tuin as a company, very good communication and reasonably priced.
Mr. Neil Wheeler
Feb 24, 2022
Wow, for somebody like me who has OCD it was an absolute treat to unpack the work of art that was delivered.
The quality is superb and the assembly very precise with only a gentle tap of persuasion here and there.
A great product delivered by a great company that are true to their word!
Absolutely 5 star. Thankyou.
Clare Harrington
Jan 9, 2022
Absolutely delighted with the log cabin. It’s provided me with a work space and the family with a large entertainment area where we can watch films, put out the large dining table and just generally have an extra space. We’ve even had someone sleep out here and they said it was very good.
Mr. Simon Danischewsky
Oct 15, 2021
Ordering the cabin was easy and communication with your office was good...whilst we had to wait a bit (not your fault) - once the delivery date was fixed then all went smoothly and the 'driver' was very helpful and indeed skilful at getting the package (its big!) just where we wanted it... our base fitted and once unpacked the main structure was erected and roof boarded in one day! a very easy build - getting the roof covering on was challenging (the weather!) but amazing how watertight it is even without the shingles - we have yet to fit the floor but have commenced painting...all in all, we are very pleased with the cabin...thank you
linda roberts
Sep 28, 2021
Couldn’t believe how easy it was to erect, we completed it including the floor in two and a half days. Great value for money, everything fitted together as it should. We use it everyday. Friends and family can’t believe how lovely it is. Would recommend Tuin all day long.
Cassie Earey
Oct 6, 2020
My partner & I was discussing getting a log cabin at the bottom of our garden. The minute I agreed he threw himself into researching & looking online until he come across a make called Tuin. Neither of us had heard of this company & it was thanks to the comments that prior customers had left which swayed us to go ahead & purchase. As expected I was a little anxious to see what we would actually get parting with a large some of money.
The transaction went through & then we waited. It wasnt long before I received my email confirmation & then about a week on i received a call saying our cabin was due the following Friday. The delivery driver was ever so polite his name was Steve. He delivered all the pieces on a fork truck I couldn't quiet beleive a whole cabin was all impacted on a large stretched of wrapped plastic.
Then the work began. Please note the windows are packed tightly inside the wrapping about mid way down, I did worry at first and thought they had forgot the windows but they hadnt. Then it was a matter of building. It was by far the BEST we managed to have a good go with some help and got half the shell on in day 1, by day 2 it was all up & complete. Day 3 was the slats in the roof. Its amazing to see how it all come together and each time you added another piece it became stronger and sturdier. Another thing I couldnt wrap my head around was the only tool needed to get the shell up was a rubber mullet. No nails. No screws. Honestly incredible. I would recomend Tuin in a heartbeat & if any of you are on the fence to purchase then go for it.! It's not flimsy or poor quality very strong!! The one thing that could be better though is intrusctions on how to erect the triangle to the roof where the clock would sit. This was just a tril an error an we had a few up on the roof at the time using a nail gun to secure it.
Other than that small niggle, I honestly cant complain! From the minute I placed the order to having it delivered I received in the loop customer care. Beyond satisfied with our purchase. Thank you ever so much Tuin. We love our cabin & so does our neighbours & friends!!!
Mrs. Sandrina Belcher
Aug 14, 2020
From ordering to final shingle the Clockhouse went up with ease. Tuin were at the end of a phone for when we needed help. Construction was remarkably quick from the foundation beam to the last shingle it took 2 days. Would thoroughly recommend.
Robin Aston
May 16, 2020
Things8 suggestions, service and product were all very good indeed.
I chose to make ammendments to the cabin during construction and found that with care the construction was straightforward.
I would not hesitate to purchase another cabin from Tuin should the need arise because their quality and design are so wfll thought out.
One suggestion - I applied a preservative wash to all logs, that enabled for my marginally longer build time and some damp weather caused no harm to the timber look or colour. I chose not to lacquer the cabin until the end of the winter and the timber was still in perfect condition.
Robkn Aston
Miss. Nicole Mckeown
Dec 9, 2019
I bought the CLOCKHOUSE LOG CABIN, fast delivery, and easy to set up, when I spoke to them on the phone they was polite and friendly. I would definitely recommend.
Mr. Neil Paxman
Nov 29, 2019
A superb summerhouse. The Clockhouse cabin is fairly straightforward to build, represents excellent value and looks fantastic. It is well engineered and the overall quality is great.
Delivery was on time and the driver was very helpful. The pallet arrived well packed and apart from a couple of twisted logs and a split groove (to be expected and both easily fixed) the wood is of very good quality throughout.
This is a substantial building though with a large, steep roof, so don’t underestimate the amount of time required to build it! My wife and I got the shell up in a couple of days, however roof boards, insulation and shingles took a further week, with another two weeks needed for paint (3 coats on everything plus drying times & removing all facias, windows & doors), this isn’t a problem but be aware that it may take a while.
We found the instructions adequate as long as you’ve watched the videos, but one thing that could be improved would be to give some direction on how to construct and fit the dormer. There are no instructions or hardware supplied for this at all so you’ll need to be inventive, especially if you opt as we did to also insulate the roof.
Overall, I found Tuin an exceptionally good company to deal with from start to finish. Their website has lots of information and if you haven’t done a project like this before it is well worth reading the blogs and watching the installation videos before you start to help overcome some of the challenges you’ll likely encounter during the build. Tuin’s customer service is outstanding, they respond to questions very quickly and even provide out of hours support if you get stuck. I would certainly use Tuin again and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.
Definitely 5 stars for both product and service.
Mr. Darren Ward
Nov 27, 2019
I am so pleased with my clockhouse cabin. The overall quality is excellent although the doors and windows do not feel up to quite the same quality.

I chose to use one of Tuin’s recommended installers (Phillip) and I can honestly say he and his team were a delight to work with.

All in all across both the product and installation I have ended up with a fantastic summerhouse/office that has made working from home an absolute pleasure.
Nov 21, 2019
Fantastic product, very prompt delivery, great customer service, easy to understand installation instructions. Very happy with the purchase overall.
Harvey Anderson
Oct 18, 2019
I was some what apprehensive parting with a large sum of money however on reflection I had nothing to worry about.

The delivery of the cabin was on schedule and I had good communication with the courier. The actual courier was fantastic and it was clearly evident they knew exactly what to do.

The components of the cabin was protectively wrapped and after unpacking it was clear that the components were made of quality wood. I did expect some wood to be warped etc but not in my case.
The packaging also protected the double glazed windows and doors.

The build was straight forward. The components were machine cut with accuracy and no modifications were required. This was surprise given the number of components.

I am over the moon with the whole process and have recommended tuin to a number of friends.

Our cabin is more than a gym/art studio, it is an asset to our property. Money well spent.
Mark Reeve
Sep 13, 2019
I am just over half way through building the log cabin and so far it has gone together very well, I am very pleased with the result, it looks amazing and I would highly recommend it.
Mr. kevin mcivor
Sep 7, 2019
Delighted with quality of wood I broken glass door tuin sorted right away no hassle
Mr. george norris
Jul 8, 2019
From ease of ordering through to delivery couldn't ask for better service.
Really pleased with the quality of the log cabin.
Wouldn't hesitate in recommending Tuin.
stuart williams
May 15, 2019
What a brilliant summerhouse, very well made better than most you can buy in the UK. Easy to deal with Tuin
Highly recommended
rodney freeman
Dec 28, 2018
from the first phone call to ordering and delivery and building the cabin took 3 weeks first class service it looks brilliant the amount of comments we have had people cant believe how cheap it was thanks very much
David Knight
Sep 16, 2018
To have a log cabin has been my wife's dream for over 20 years, for all our married life together! Now we have the Clockhouse, which was exactly as my wife envisaged, at an affordable price, of the quality we both wanted and delivered within a reasonable time-frame too. The delivery was perfectly done. Everything was clearly labelled and arranged with instructions and plenty of fixings. The materials were well wrapped and protected and plentiful without having to worry if there were any mistakes or damaged items. We needed help to construct it which we had planned for, and the builders agreed with us that both the build quality and the standard were high and extremely good value. I have projected managed the construction, but it has gone so smoothly with few interventions needed. Now it has been constructed, we are both pinching ourselves, it is truly magnificent. From the floor, the windows to the roof. We are so pleased and whenever anyone asks about it, we are telling them if you want a log cabin, get one from Tuin.
So to conclude, Tuin, you've made a dream come true and two very satisfied customers.
Mrs. Andrea Glossop
Aug 21, 2018
What an absolute pleasure it was using this company. Their customer service is second to none. The log Cabin itself was delivered promptly and very professionally. There were no issues at all from start to finish. The instructions were very clear and concise. Overall, it was very easy and quick to assemble. The only tricky bit was the roof, you need a few bodies to help! I loved the product so much, that I went on to order a shed from the company. I highly recommended using Tuin, very competitive prices and quality.
Mrs Kieran Pavey
Jun 21, 2018
The clockhouse log cabin is a really substantial summerhouse which is made from high quality wood. It is easy to put together and the instructions are clear. The frame went up in a day, it was the more fiddly parts such as the roof tiles which took quite a long time to put on. The company are very good to deal with, we had a broken which was refunded very quickly. The delivery was done very well and the driver was very receptive to delivering in the times we could be at the house which was very helpful. This summerhouse looks and feels much more expensive than it is when you compare to other prices online. Very good value and we are very pleased with the finished product. Would thoroughly recommend.
Mr. Stephen Stewart
Jun 11, 2018
We have recently just purchased a Clockhouse log cabin 5.5x4m. The whole experience has been great – From the quick order process, 2 week delivery to Scotland, extremely helpful delivery driver down to the quality of the delivered product, would highly recommend Tuin. The Clockhouse is a large cabin and was very easy to put together, all the work / time is in the roof. The glass on the French doors was smashed in transit and we are awaiting a replacement, has been the only issue. I have been most impressed with the general timber quality (very low / small knot content) and timber on visual inspection looks to be between C24 and C30 grade…our roof purlin beams are so good they almost look like visual grade Glulam!
Mr. David Lawley
Apr 16, 2018
Very pleased with it, the quality is superb putting it up did not take long it is very impressive well pleased
Mr. Gordon Marshall
Feb 15, 2018
My cabin arrived on time, the driver was very helpful and we had it unloaded very quickly.
Due to the horrible weather here in Scotland I had to leave it in its packaging for the best part of three weeks this was not a problem as it was well wrapped up.
The cabin is now fully assembled and looks great instructions were very easy to follow.
Shingles look great
Would recommend Tuin in the future
Very happy customer
Mrs. Andrea Finnis
Feb 4, 2018
We're thrilled with our log cabin; the quality is excellent and Tuin were significantly cheaper than other suppliers. Tuin's service was first class; the ordering on their web site was easy, we received immediate confirmation and someone phoned us to arrange delivery. The delivery guys were on time and extremely helpful, the team to build it were also very nice guys and very quick - most of the cabin went up in a morning! Overall very happy indeed.
Steff Taylor
Feb 1, 2018
The ordering process was simple and the team very helpful when I had to rearrange the date.

The delivery was amazing to watch. We live at the end of a very narrow lane and it was debatable whether the pallet truck would fit. Our driver was not fazed and managed to get down the lane and drop the pallet in the perfect spot for construction.

We live in a very exposed area and my plan was to get the foundation fixed before beginning the build. It would make more sense to pack the foundation separately to facilitate this rather than having to open the main cabin pack and search for the first level logs.

The main build went very smoothly and the quality is clearly evident. we are currently having problems with windows sticking but I hope we will get this resolved soon.

Overall, we are really pleased with the cabin and look forward to many happy days relaxing.
Mr. John Raftrey
Sep 12, 2017
Superp! Faultless. Log cabin looks great.
Mr. Patrick Warren
Aug 25, 2017
As expected the product is beautifully machined, it goes together ridiculously easily,and it looks absolutely fantastic. The whole ordering, purchasing, delivering process is totally professional. The actual packaging itself is a work of art. Unfortunately this only highlights the difference in customer care and satisfaction one gets from European companies as opposed to British ones.
If there is one criticism it is that the building itself can be put together so quickly it gives ones loved ones a false idea of final completion time. The roof and shingles take far longer than any other part of the build, leading to disappointment as time goes by.
Great product, I'm very pleased.
Mr. Paul Wratten
Jul 17, 2017
I bought the clock house as a games room as a time served carpenter of 37 years experience I was amazed at how accurate the machining was at no time did I use a saw or anything other than a hammer and wooden block
My experience started with a knock at the door where the lorry driver had my delivery, I live on a very busy main road he parked about 500 yes and I thought we would block the road or at least cause a tail back but he was gone within 15 minutes and got it to within 2foot of my property.
I gab it up and with the roof on bar the shingles in 10 hours the shingles were completed over the next couple of days, the quality of this product is so good I made a bar out of the pallet ( rustic look of course)
We went to a few garden centres for ideas for out side and saw a similar cabin on the market for £7899 with £1700 off I paid £3720 with free shingles it is now fully operational wired with dartboard 2 fridges 50 inch TVs two sofas bar incl optics the windows are doubled glazed and we now have a 5.5 x 3 m patio with outside light
If I had paid £15000 for the cabin I wouldn't have been disappointed
Top top guys thank u
Steve Pattrick
Jun 21, 2017
We purchased this log cabin last November for our electrical lighting business showroom. After searching the web for hours & visiting a few local suppliers in Norfolk. This model from Tuin was by far the best!! The value for money is exceptional. I wanted to let it weather a few months before leaving this review. So I could genuinely be honest.
On purchasing the cabin customer service was very good Tuin contacted me to thank me & arranged a date for delivery. I was phoned on the delivery date & it was delivered on time. The cabin came on a 5.5m pallet which we actually used for a decking base at the front of the cabin, simply buying some rustic scaffold boards placing over the top & screwing them down through the pallet has given this a lovely finish. To finish the sides off, we purchased some old railway sleepers, placing them around the decking. (so also you get a decking base free of charge). This can be used for a BBQ & seating area. The driver was very helpful, he asked where I wanted the pallet placing. Unloaded with an impressive fork lift truck which allowed him to easily take it off the lorry and drive into tight space.
Next make sure you plan your install,I read some blogs on Tuin's site, watched video's which they provide on here.Have a level base for your cabin, this was assembled on a concrete 100mm base & was very easy to install, goes together like Lego. It's enjoying to see it actually take shape. The cabin comes with a treated bottom foundation frame,which you then place your panels on. I would also recommend using a good stain treatment, which you can purchase from Tuin. It took 4 days to assemble in total with two of us. Two days for the frame,floor & a inside office which we placed a foundation frame inside on the floor, creating an extra room and a storage space above the room. Two days for the roof install & shingles to be fitted. Once installed the inside is spacious, with a high ceiling being an excellent feature to hang our range of lights from. Really looks great quality, the double doors coming with a nice solid lock & 3 keys. The windows fit really well & with a really stylish touch they can open 3 ways, all glass double glazed. It's been used in temperatures of -1 and below, just by having a heater on for ten minutes it stays hot for hours with the 44mm wood keeping the heat in. It's been through Storm Doris in February and was unscaved (the roofing shingles flapped about but didn't blow off!). The shingles came free and are of 5 star standard as well. All my neighbours, friends and customers have all commented on the quality and cannot believe the value when I tell them i only paid just over £3700 from Tuin. If you run a business from home or want a real log cabin feel for when someone stays over, games room etc these are outstanding for money. If you would like to see more photo's of how this cabin looks from the outside with a deckin & table area and the inside with our lights installed then please also contact us via our website we would be more than happy to send you some photos. We pride ourselves on quality & can see from our experience with Tuin, they also do. In a society where most things from big name suppliers are made to be thrown away after 5 years, I can see this lasting 20 years or more if treated and looked after. I really wanted to take the time to give this a review of 5 stars! If you buy one of these you'll realise you've found a true bargain here.
Mr. Susan Connolly
May 29, 2017
we ordered this clock house cabin 5.5mtr.x4mtr and received on time and in good order. It was a pleasure to put together with little effort, and the job was completed in just one day with 3 work men.the quality of the wood was good and did not experience any problems with erection of the clock house, would recommend any person who wants one in there garden or else were to buy in this ready to assemble construction as the time saving is a no brainer.
Mr. craig paterson
May 26, 2017
I bought this clock house cabin and the service and the delivery was excellent. I could not believe how easy it was to erect it. Now that it is built and looks stunning I am just looking forward to using it now great job guys.
Mr. Yousef Kawan
Apr 8, 2017
I am very about the service and it was deliverd on time as agreed. It is very spacy and easy to install took 2 days to complete but I was disppointed the floor is not not supplied and also the wood is not treated.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. The floor is supplied when ordered in either 18mm or 27mm thickness. Treatment is also available to order in immersion or spray paint treatment.
Mr. Adrian Corke
Mar 5, 2017
The Driver was excellent, as the delivery was on a day when access was difficult to the delivery spot. The quality is excellent, but it took some time to treat it all as there were a lot of components, but once we had worked out the order of assembly the cabin went up quickly. highly recommended. Since the cabin is in full view, we get lots of people asking where it came from!
David King
Feb 5, 2017
A great product. I spent about £350 on Sadolin wood preserver before installing the cabin so I would highly recommend planning ahead and getting it pre-dipped which appears great value for money. (There is a long waiting time presumably to allow the treatment to dry out).

The cabin itself is of great quality and reasonably easy to install. The only difficulty I encountered was the installation of the side apexes - there is a need to brace the side walls (particularly as you near the top) as the purlins are put in place. (I used 12' planks either side of the side walls with sash clamps to hold the side walls in place). Installing the shingles is quite time consuming.

Overall I am very happy with the quality, the delivery and the technical support given throughout the process.
Andrea Edwards
Jan 10, 2016
We purchased the Clockhouse Log Cabin for our primary school. We are very pleased with the product and the delivery driver was really helpful, polite and organised. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to purchase a log cabin.
Karen Heggs
Jan 6, 2016
Fantastic, knowledgable and very helpful staff The prices on excellent! My builder contacted them and said they spent 10 minutes going through things with him. It is on the garden being built as I write this, can't wait to see it up!
Sep 22, 2015
After looking at many sites,reading reviews etc I came across the Tuin web site. I was impressed by the excellent reviews from customers
so decided to look at their cabins. The site was already marked out for a 4x3m cabin but then I saw the clockhouse and knew that was the one so we went to work on the base again to extend it. We live in a lane with a sharp incline off the road to the property and always knew access was going to be difficult but after sending some photos to Tuin we were assured it could be done. Delivery day I met the driver at the bottom of the road there was no through route for the lorry so he walked up the lane to have a look and said he would fork lift it to the house. He was a great driver it was a steep hill and he had about 20ft in front on the forks, he even attempted to get it up the slope but the wheels were sliding on the stones so it was left on the grass verge. The troops were called in and it took us about an hour move it into the drive piece by piece.
It is well worth reading the advice and looking at the videos on the web site before you begin. We put all the numbered sections in piles on the lawn and began construction. Couldn’t believe how easily it all went together and in no time at all we were up to the windows. The hardest part was the roof it is quite a high cabin but we both managed to lift the beams into place I lost my grip on the highest beam but it only slid down the others and second attempt went fine. Not bad going for a 5ft 2in 63 year old. We applied preserver to all the top pieces before we assembled them so we would not have to go up the ladder again. The roof shingles took quite a while due to the fact that its a really big roof. Now its finished it looks great.
My husband was really impressed with the quality of the wood, all pieces perfectly straight. A five star product with five star service.
Lorraine & Paul
Mr. Alan Willis
Sep 15, 2015
Well my clock house log cabin turned up in double quick time,from purchase through to delivery was fantastic ,was erected in two days by warren,who I can't praise enough cabin looks fantastic ,is well constructed and warrens workmanship definitely does tuin's proud all in all a great experience purchasing through tuin's ...........just the protection to apply now
Dawn Woollam
Mar 30, 2015
We were amazed at the level of customer service Tuin provided & were instantly reassured that the quality of the cabin would be of the same super high standard. The cabin arrived packed to perfection, I laid out each part as per the instructions, labelled & sorted. I managed to build upto window height single-handed - it really is that easy! The cabin itself is amazing, we're so pleased with the outcome. It looks great, windows & doors are well made & it went together perfectly. Its a very high-end product with every detail made accurately with an amazingly affordable price-tag. Now boarded & insulated it is warm & cosy - ready for summer parties & sleepovers. Many many thanks Tuin.
Stephen Humphriss
Jan 16, 2015
Fabulous cabin well designed and of a very sturdy contraction, I am so pleased with the product, please however source direct with Tuin and listen to their advise regarding installation, I didn't and the woes continue, deal direct and do not go through any other agent or supplier. I used ------- ------ --------- . They used a fence erector to install mine and some 12 months on I am still trying to get the matter sorted out. On the other hand Tuin have been brilliant and exceeded any expectation.
Sandra Matthews
Aug 9, 2014
Mix up with delivery date, I contacted Tuin and query was dealt with that same evening and first thing the next morning! Amazing service and a brilliant product. We are delighted with our cabin, really easy to put together and it looks fabulous , we have recommended Tuin to all our friends, thank you!
Jul 27, 2013
Excellent in every respect
David Lenherr
Jul 26, 2013
An excellent product, easy to build even for a couple in their late 70's. We are delighted.