Charlotta Log Cabin 7.0x3.0m

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Mark & Karen
Sep 18, 2022
We have nothing but high praise for Tuin. The product and service were everything we could have hoped for.
After placing our order, we were contacted and given a delivery day, approximate time, and even the drivers name. Harry duly arrived, and expertly placed our pallet on the driveway using the detachable forklift.
We unpacked and checked all the parts, and everything was there, right down to the last roof tack. As it says on this website, if you follow the instructions and ‘don’t worry’, the job will be a doddle. My son and I had the whole thing built and weatherproofed in three days.
The cabin is absolutely delightful, and we now seem to be spending more time outdoors than in.
Well done TUIN!
Sue Kelly
Aug 12, 2022
Absolutely love the Charlotta Cabin, it’s a great space to hang out in! Originally thought we would be adding extra space for a rainy day but it’s been invaluable in the hot weather for a bit of shade.
I got someone in to put it up for me as I didn’t fancy doing the roof. We added the window as an extra. Still lots of work to do for decorating and weatherproofing but it’s only been up about 10 days and it’s been used almost everyday.
The lower height means it doesn’t over power the garden and keeps it within regulations. If you were very tall you may want to check you will fit under the joist height. Our joiner is 6’3” and was a bit wary.
Highly recommend the product. Oh and the delivery driver was a true gent! Really helpful bringing it onto the other and positioning it for us.
Tuin reply: Thank you Sue, we love to hear back from customers and when pictures are included its a lovely bonus, we're really pleased you and your dogs are enjoying the charlotta log cabin and think you made a great choice with the extra window.

For those slightly taller cabin enthusiasts interested in this model it is possible to purchase extra wall layers to increase the height :)
Tanya Williams
May 21, 2022
Great log cabin and canopy, it look 2 people 1 day to erect, we recommend you watch the video clips on Tuin's website.
Mrs. Helen Hardingham
Mar 3, 2022
Excellent product. We got a qualified carpenter to put it together. Very happy with result. Carpenter did put larger struts on instead of ones supplied to lessen movement otherwise he said the quality of wood and price was excellent. Really happy with ours and would not hesitate to recommend.
Mrs D
Dec 28, 2021
Love the Charlotta cabin and gazebo. It looks fabulous and really well made.
The delivery was prompt and as requested. The driver rang me the day before to confirm and the wood was delivered to the front of my house.
As for putting it up, me and my dad managed to do it between us. It took a while to get started and get used to the system and instructions but once we got into the swing it went up well. A couple of the planks were ever so slightly warped but once hammered in with the mallet seemed to be fine. You do need someone who is good at diy, without my dad it would have been a disaster and would have cost about £1200 to have someone build it for me.
Overall i am so pleased. Its great quality, looks fabulous. I now cant wait for the summer so i can enjoy it more.
Tristan Hanwell
Dec 10, 2021
Brilliant service and a fantastic cabin. Looks stunning in our garden. Nice to buy a cabin with excellent quality wood. Putting up is fairly straightforward and looks like it will be here for years
Mr. Mark Lockett
Aug 25, 2020
We built our cabin during lockdown, and have now spent many days and evenings enjoying it.
The whole process with Tuin was straight forward. Order was fulfilled and delivered on time, helpful online videos and blog made the construction fairly simple. It took three days for myself and my son to build.
The cabin has now been exposed to all manner of weather, and has remained solid and water tight.
Overall, very happy customers, well done Tuin!
stewart atkinson
Jun 18, 2020
Excellent product,easy to assemble well happy nothing out there matches it for value, few hick ups with delivery but overall 5 star
Karen Naylor
Jun 15, 2020
Delivered by a lovely friendly guy who used a forklift to unload it in pallets onto our drive. It took hubby about 7 hours to assemble it on his own. We’ve since used four coats of Cuprinol, mainly cream with a White trim. Would like to post a pic of the finished result, but can’t see how?
Mr. Robert Stanley
Feb 19, 2019
Simply cannot fault this company, delivery team and product.
Ordered the Charlotta log cabin and selected delivery week. I was worried about the driver getting up my street, the size of the pallet being delivered and breakages.
Once ordered and paid for I got a call from the delivery people with a date and rough time of delivery. On the day of the delivery the friendly driver called me in the morning with an approx time. He had to park down the street but the forklift delivered the pallet onto my driveway near to the back door. (the driver was very conscious of breaking slabs whilst delivering pallet so took his time and no breakages)
The pallet looks huge and once stripped there was a worry that me and my dad would figure it all out.
There was no breakages and once sorted into separate piles we consulted the instructions. Please dont be put of by the instructions, they can be quite difficult to follow but bear with it.
Once the foundation board was down (which was the hardest part), the cabin went up so easy and the instructions became clear.
If me (completely useless at DIY) and my 75 year old dad can erect this, anyone can.
So happy with the cabin and with the impeccable service from Tuindeco and their delivery team.
Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone
Mr. Chris Lunn
Jan 12, 2019
From start to finish took 3 days to assemble cabin . Instructions took a bit of sorting out but once I layed out cabin sections in order cabin went up ok
Mr. Steven Letcher
Apr 29, 2018
Absolutely brilliant service throughout.

Great customer service from Tuin. Had a small issue (our end) with order payment, which was sorted out quickly by the friendly & professional staff over the phone.

The cabin was delivered on time by a very helpful driver, who had to negotiate a narrow street.

Extremely happy with the cabin - my son's 18th Birthday was held in it the week after delivery & it stood up the test!

Now a month in - all electrics in & decor completed, & really enjoying our time under the sheltered gazebo section.

Only problem is my 19 year old daughter is inviting her friends round to party as little too much..
Mrs. Anjs Thijssen
Apr 20, 2018
In one word, GREAT. We received the package yust before Easter. The weather wasn’t good, but between the rain we managed to build it all up, incl. roof in 3 days. Love it love it love it.
Gary Goble
Aug 14, 2017
Received this cabin last week, bang on time and no hassle. instructions are not great but common sense and basic DIY skills it was easy enough. i put the cabin together within 9 hours including the felt. great product, no damage. it looks great.
Andy Stone
Jun 12, 2017
Excellent customer service experience with placing the order and arranging delivery.
The product is superb. The installation guide is simple, using pictures rather than words. Once you recognise that each component has a label/number and size guide on the front page of the installation instructions, the picture sets it all out. Very easy to install once you have identified all the different components and sorted them in the relevant piles. Would highly recommend viewing the installation video and read the installation blurb on the website before hand. I was able to build the majority of this on my own (as it is that simple), though would recommend having two of you working together.
All in all, very pleased with this product.
Miss. Allison Jahn
Aug 10, 2016
We ordered the Charlotta log cabin which was delivered by a very polite driver who placed it in our drive, to cause the minimum amount of inconvenience to us while we took time to take it through to the garden. The cabin came in lots of pieces which initially looked a little worrying, but I have to say, it was like a jigsaw to assemble. My husband erected the cabin in pretty much 3 hours including fixing the doors on. We have yet to make the canopy but it's down to having the time and fitting it in around a full working week and a young child. The quality of the cabin is very good and we are really happy with the purchase. We are both very impressed and would highly recommend it to anyone. It is going to be a great entertaining space.