Log Cabin Carport Ever 7.7 x 4.3m

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David Brown
Mar 27, 2021
We purchased 3 years ago & have now enclosed carport , added electric roller door & have been very pleased with product
We would like to add a picture but cannot see how
Mr. David Brown
Aug 10, 2018
Our carport arrived via 40ft lorry , a forklift brought 6m pallet to our home & delivered safely .
We unpacked and inspected that evening and next day built first 3 layers and by day mostly evenings we built in 5 evenings approx 10 hours for 3 people . The project and timber was perfect, common sense will help . The utube on felt tile installation was great and pictures can be supplied of start to finish
Alan G Stevenson
Jan 29, 2018
The friendly Dutch lorry driver expertly backed his huge articulated truck up the cul-de-sac to my house where he delivered the car port beautifully packed in a case 6 metres long.
The carport was tightly packed in the case so my friend (a professional carpenter) and I began by unpacking the case and laying out the components. Construction took about a week and my friend commented on the high quality of the timber and the quality of the machining. The entire building fitted together tightly but without a problem and we found only one small defect which we were easily able to correct. I called Tuin once during construction to talk to their experts who I found very friendly and helpful. There seemed to be a small error in the plans for the building but with some thought we overcame the problem.The completed building has drawn several favourable comments from neighbours. I chose the optional metal roof tiles finished in a charcoal colour instead of the shingles. The Tiles look good and although a little more difficult to put up than I thought, I’ve found them worth the effort. In some places though where the tiles overlapped I found the special fixing bolts a little short (25mm) so I had to replace some bolts with longer fixings. I finished the building with two coats of ‘Carefree Protectant’ Timber Treatment in Light oak which is water based so I found it easy to apply, quick to dry and looks good. All in all I’m extremely happy with my purchase and the service from Tuin and the whole process has been quite enjoyable if hard work. Now all I have to do is fix up some lights!
Mr. Gary Martin
Jun 7, 2017
The ordering and delivery process was easy and efficient and the Tuin support team were very helpful when we called in with a couple of queries. Our builder assembled the log cabin / carport in 3 days and we are very pleased with how it looks. There is good storage space in the "shed" portion of the structure and our car is now happily protected from inclement weather by the carport canopy.
Mr. David Dunn
Aug 21, 2016
Absolutely fantastic. great quality, at a great price. Taking my time building it, putting decking under the canopy. And it is looking great.
Mr. Neil Peggs
Feb 11, 2016
What a pleasure it was to receive our log cabin car port in such a timely and pleasant manner, the driver gave us three days notice and rang the night before to confirm his arrival time of between 7am and 7.30am he arrived at 7.05 am, I had already told him the access to our property was a problem and we had arranged to meet two miles away where it was easier to unload, he took extra care to make sure my trailer was loaded evenly and safe to drive. The package is completely and securely wrapped with no tears or dinks which is good because I don't intend to erect the cabin carport until the Easter break and it will keep nice and dry in its packaging. Thanks again and I will send you some photos when finished.
Ashley Garratt
Jan 1, 2005
We purchased a Ever carport with shed on the end.
We are pleased with how it looks.
2 of us put the main structure up in a day went very well, this just left the boards and shingles to put on the roof . I waited for a few good days to do them. Roof all on now. Still have a few bits to finish off.
I would recomend Tuin products to people.