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Mr. Craig Martin
May 19, 2024
Written by a competent diy'er. I gave 4 stars only due to the confusion with the door frame. Took 2 hours to work out which way round the 4 pieces of the door frame connected and which side the doors fit. Basically the top and bottom pieces needed transposing. With a couple of phone calls and emails it was sorted. I worked it out myself in between while making the calls and emails. I suggest the door frame has some sort of letters code ie a fits to a, b fits to b etc. this would of saved me 2 hours. The rest of the lodge went up no problem. The roof has a couple of gaps next to the top of the walls. But it does say somewhere on the website/ video you may need to plain off some of the top of the walls depending on what time of year you erect the lodge due to shrinkage and expansion. I only read this after the roof was on so a bead will need fixing to bridge the gap. No big deal. It's worth laying the shingles out in a couple of rows to get the best size cuts on the ends. I started after watching the video and ended up with quite a small cut shingle at one end. Looks Ok but a bit fiddly to cut straight. All in all a good product. Do read as much off the website and definitely watch the video of the two guys erecting one of the cabins beforehand. Built ours in the middle of some trees on a raised decking and feels like we're in a tree house. It's brilliant. Going to insulate the floor and roof as we intend to use it all year round. I will upload some pics when it's complete. We treated ours with two coats of Dulux Trade Aquatech Preservative Basecoat Plus (each piece was coated on all six side once then the second coat when the cabin was erected. This is the correct base coat to apply Dulux trade opaque stain which gives a 10 year guarantee. We used 3 x 2.5 L tins of the base coat because the first coat covered all sides of each board. Works out expensive but hopefully it will outlast me. Not chose the colour yet to paint the inside and outside. But will post pic when finished on the fb page as I said earlier.
Sue Friend
Apr 8, 2024
Britt cabin looks lovely. Installer impressed with level of patio base, but still had a bit of a gap in couple of the corners at the top. He suggested we use clear silicone between top of cabin & roof. 2 corners would need a little wedge before siliconing as gap too big to silicone. Also the main opening door at the top isn't completely flush (putting a thumb turn on it). Have painted it grey, looks great
Tony S
Dec 23, 2023
The order process was easy and the Cabin arrived when they said it would with the driver calling me about an hour before delivery.
Make sure you have a nice level surface and your cabin should be easy to put together, I only had one board that prove a little tricky but with a bit of persuasion via a couple of clamps it joined all the others in alignment. Instructions are good and the base and sides of the cabin went together in no time(including the doors). The roof takes a little longer due to the number of planks required to cover.
The finish overall is great and with everything interlocking there is are no noticeable drafts inside.
i managed to build by myself but two people would make it really easy.
I would (and have) recommend these cabins and everyone who has seen it remarks how nice it is. I have painted it too which really adds to the look.
Nov 24, 2023
The quality of the timber is very good, assembly being straight forward, delivery on schedule. Quality product which I would happily recommend
Nov 19, 2023
Very happy with the log cabin and the service from Tuin. It looks great.
J Fox
Jun 13, 2023
Very pleased with cabin great company 2nd Tuin cabin that I have erected delivery driver could not have been more helpful
Mr. chris cartey
Apr 16, 2023
Great product and very easy to build.
Ms. Rachelle Parker
Mar 20, 2023
After really struggling for months to know what cabin to buy and what size to go for as every company measures differently so its blooming confusing, I settled on this one.
Delivery was very quick, much quicker than some UK based companies and the customer service was really good. The delivery driver was helpful especially as I live in a difficult rural area with little parking.
The cabin itself was really simple to put together. It took myself, (a female at just 5”1) and my brother just two days to put it together. It looks stylish and is really sturdy, I am really pleased with my purchase and glad that I bought from Tuin.
Wish I had bought the bigger one now.
Kevin Franklin
Feb 8, 2023
Cabin was delivered before christmas but due to our wild wether was not started until the New Year. My husband too 3 x 1/2 days to build apart from trimming. door frame was a problem and instructions are inadequate and consideration should be given to upgrading these. quality is excellent, packaging was great. minor issue with one of the Apex frames as it would not fit flush for roof panels but easily overcome with a little trimming. Overall I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tuin's and their products.
Mr. Luke Turner
Dec 29, 2022
I have recently finished the Britt log cabin. Delivery was on time and the cabin was well packaged. Once we got the bearers level the main cabin went up in no time with 3 of us on it. Unpackaged, built and half the shingles on in a day. Really pleased with the finished result. Great quality and robust.

They did substitute some planks for a larger width which didn’t tally through with the instructions. No big deal, but at the time we thought we were missing some pieces.
peter staddon
Dec 23, 2022
I was very happy with the quality and it went to together very easily. The delivery service was also excellent.
Mr. John Smith
Jun 25, 2022
This log cabin was a replacement for a summer house, which was passed its prime. The old summer house was built on a raised timber frame. so one reason I picked this log cabin was that it had the same foot print. Order was placed online which was a simple process, lots of help on the web site. This gave us time to remove the old summer house and stack down the bottom of the garden, lockdown so the dump was closed. Delivery was first class, the driver had to park at the end of my road and bring the cabin up by forklift. I have low overhead telephone cables at the front which were cleared with inches to spare to drop the load right where I wanted. The next job was to transport the load to the back via a footpath hardest part of the build. My wife and I took no time at all to build the walls with the help of a rubber mallet. Both 73 years old. Needed help from a neighbour to lift the main roof beams in placed. Only time I contacted Tuin was because I felt the timber for the side facia and support were too small, not the size shown on the video. Because of lockdown I had to use email this was a slow process, so I just went out and bought the timber I wanted to speed up the build. After I bought the timber I did get an offer to supply what I wanted, just a problem with lockdown.
First time I have fitted shingles, they are fantastic, number of tiles was very close I felt that one more was needed. Painted the cabin with Sadolin Superdec after Sadolin protector, results look good, only time will tell. Very please with the end results.
Jun 21, 2022
Received my cabin within 2 weeks. Had a few phonecards from Holland to keep me updated on delivery dates and times. Received the cabin all sealed a rain proof. Was put on the drive near window giving us space to park. The driver called prior to delivery. Managed to get the cabin up in a few hours and we'll happy with it. The whole process from buying to Receiving the log cabin was pretty good. Even ordered a bigger one so thankyou.
Mr. Rod Goodman
Jun 19, 2022
Very pleased with mu Britt Log Cabin. Simple to put together and exactly what we required.
Adelee Griggs
Jan 28, 2022
I've had this cabin for over a year now and I am absolutely thrilled with it. Easy to assemble with 2 people. Sturdy, quality product. Would highly recommend using Tuin. The delivery came as scheduled, packaged well no damaged or missing parts. Will definitely use Tuin for all future garden builds.
Mrs. Elizabeth Actis
Nov 30, 2021
Excellent quality. Easy to follow instructions for construction. Friendly customer service and punctual and considerate delivery.
Ann Phillips
Oct 28, 2021
Very pleased with our Britt cabin, although not yet fully erected. Super quality. Not for an inexperienced DIYer and needs two pretty strong people (for the Britt). Instructions are diabolical but that's been mentioned by many. Probably a smaller cabin would be easier to work out.
Tuin reply: Thanks for coming back and we're pleased you're happy with your Britt log cabin

We do understand the point about the instructions and sure, they could always be improved. Typically when a customer has done their research and watched and read our online installation manual as well as the paper versions there doesn't tend to be many hold ups

Please enjoy your new cabin!

Mr. Julian Hodgson
May 6, 2021
This is the second log cabin I have ordered from Tuin , the first being the Frodo log cabin which I built last year . Both cabins are well designed and easy to install with little or no experience. Top quality wood , supplied with ample fittings and roof shingles . I love both of these cabins and have recommended to family and friends, my brother ordered the “Emiel” cabin and is pleased with that too . Value for money and a fine addition to any garden
Mr John Whitehead
Oct 8, 2020
This is our 2nd Tuin Britt cabin. We moved house 20th March just a couple of days before Covid lockdown. During lockdown we couldn't get a new DIY kitchen delivered, but Tuin kindly supplied our new cabin IN A MATTER OF DAYS in their usual efficient way! This cabin was ordered on our behalf by our lovely daughter as we had no internet access.

The new Britt cabin has better roofing boards, and the good quality red felt shingles supplied look really nice. Having provided a suitable foundation, with help from my wife, we slotted the cabin together over a couples of days. We are both old timers, have physical impairments, but managed to finish the Britt quickly. We had to wait a few weeks before it was possible to buy protective paint due to lockdown restrictions.

The doors on this cabin are considerably better than those supplied with our 1st Britt. That said, the door installation method was much like our first experience and bordering upon abysmal!

The "floating" door frame seems to be a compromise the designer just gave up on. This aspect of the cabin is disappointing to say the least but nothing a DIY session cannot overcome. The Britt cabin represents good value and is an attractive addition to the garden.
Terry Rood
Sep 2, 2020
The quality of the product was excellent, but the instructions could have been more informative.
Had I been less knowledgable of this type of construction I would have struggled with the erection.
I am nonetheless very satisfied with the end product.
Mr. John Barton
Aug 13, 2020
The log cabin was delivered on time without any issues. My only concern was that it was not possible to check for damage or missing pieces.
However no worries as when the inventory was checked there were no pieces missing or any damage.
The instructions need to be studied carefully before commencing the build. The build whilst time consuming was very enjoyable and anyone with decent DIY skills should have no problems with the construction. I opted to pay extra for proper floorboards which made a big difference to the finish.
The quality of the timber is excellent,the only advice I would give is to do the build quickly from receipt to avoid the longer timbers from warping.
I had never used felt shingles before but once I understood how to fit them ,whilst it takes a lot longer to fit them the finish is far superior and looks so much better than felt.
This cabin is excellent value for money when compared to the silly prices offered by local garden centres
Derek Black
Aug 6, 2020
Good quality good service would recommend them all the time have bought 2 log cabin and I have recommended to family
Mrs. Andrea Harrison-Gilligan
Apr 28, 2020
We are SO happy with our log cabin and the entire journey from start to finish. The delivery was at our convenience, and although we were very stressed about it and the possibility of the cabin being able to be got to our build site, the delivery guy was AMAZING the busy road and 1/2 mile down dirt roads to our allotment just wasn’t an issue for him... he was still smiling.
We had been worried about the build too, but found it went up so easily! The quality is second to none and customer contact/service fabulous!
Tuin are the best! Highly recommend them.
Mr Iain S Dunbar
Mar 18, 2020
A 5-star experience from beginning to end. I found it easy to select and order the right cabin from the website. Customer services were extremely helpful when I needed to change to delivery date. The delivery driver was really helpful. I unloaded and checked all the components and laid them out in build order. I watched the excellent and very helpful instructional videos before starting. The cabin was so easy to assemble, went together beautifully, and was completed in one day single-handed by a 65-year-old!! On day two I fitted the roofing shingles (which look great) and the next day we had a storm with 80mph winds - all secure. I fitted the floor the following day, then spent a few days painting. Its a superb cabin, great quality, looks amazing. Totally delighted with the whole process. and really pleased I ordered from Tuin.
Annie Poulter
Feb 29, 2020
Excellent service from Tuin from advice when ordering to delivery. The Britt log cabin is gorgeous and fairly straightforward to build. The Embadecor Timber Stain was very easy to apply with a roller (and using a brush to get into the grooves!) and does seem to go a long way. We added the annexe on the side for bikes and both look really nice.
Thanks Tuin - very happy customer!
Mr. Paul Megson
Jan 29, 2020
Delivery - we are in a difficult location, inaccessible to an articulated lorry. The driver brought the package to us on his Moffat forklift nearly 800 metres and because it can move sideways he could get down a narrow lane and through a narrow gate.
Assembly - all very straightforward, as long as you check that it is level and square as you go. A bit like scaled-up Lego! A couple of the logs were slightly twisted but the interlocking process ensures that they sit straight in the assembled building.

The advice to paint/treat the timbers before assembly was good advice - that way every surface was treated without needing to paint into the cracks.

Altogether very pleased with the product.
Mr. Ray Goldston
Dec 17, 2019
Bought the Britt for workshop use and very pleased with the quality and how easy to erect. Decided to fit a window afterwards as a bit dark because of position in garden. Would definitely recommend the product for quality and ease of erecting.
Mr. Andrew Wheele
Dec 3, 2019
From the very friendly and professional delivery and exquisite crate packaging alone, I knew I had picked the right company. Instructional on-line video and printed instructions made the intuitive build even simpler. The quality shone through at every stage of the build. I am absolutely delighted with the end product. Well done Tuin!
Mrs. Elizabeth Lawton
Oct 28, 2019
The Britt Log Cabin arrived promptly and was erected by an approved person and his mate. It has now been painted with preservative and looks beautiful.
Eve Birch
Oct 12, 2019
I purchased the Britt log cabin and have installed it myself, being 63 and female it shows that it is not difficult to do if you take your time and read the instructions, although I would recommend using the internet as well as enclosed instructions. The only problem I encountered was checking the components when unpacking the list said 54 Roof boards and I only had 44 but after some measurements I decided I only needed the 44, but this did cause considerable worry and nearly a phone call for extra boards.
I also found the shingles for the roof just enough but could have done with another pack as I had to utilise every bit to get an edging. I would also recommend an under layer of ash felt to give longer durability. Overall it is a very good purchase and I am very pleased.

mike fisher
Sep 20, 2019
A labour of summer love! The customer service and delivery process from Tuin could not be faulted and I would highly recommend them. Nothing was too much trouble and communication excellent. I built this small log cabin on my own having a minimal knowledge of carpentry. I think if you had no knowledge and concerned in tackling something as big and maybe expensive then I'd suggest you consider calling in someone. I took my time, I had no rush and carefully considered each stage....the instructions are very basic but the videos, blogs and Richards many articles helped greatly. The tips are really good - separate parts, group them, read about the Door frame, adding shingles, adjusting doors etc.
Overall, I am extremely pleased with my little log cabin and would highly recommend this excellent company
James Torrie
Aug 20, 2019
Have just finished putting up my Britt Cabin and where do I begin, first the delivery was first class, delivered right to my drive, second the packaging was very secure with no damage caused, all the component's were there and was really simple to erect, I also would like to thank the girls in your company who helped me out any time I needed advice, your customer service is superb.
Now before I bought from Tuin I looked at many other sites and read loads of reviews but decided to go for the Britt and I am over the moon with this product for the price, although price is important I believe that the quality from this company is the best selling factor, the quality of the timber, flooring, roofing and roof tiles are second to none.
I have had great comments from all my friends who have come round to see the Cabin and I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking to buy a QUALITY Log Cabin
Thank you Tuin from a very happy log cabin owner
Aug 19, 2019
Tuin customer services were a pleasure to deal with. Our cabin was delivered with no problems - my partner put it all together after watching a few videos on the website. Looks lovely & we are so pleased with it. Painted in walnut Embadecor stain on the outside and clear inside with a whitewash paint. Now to relax in it & enjoy our new summerhouse. Looking at getting another product from Tuin, highly recommend.
Mr. Christopher court
May 2, 2019
Very pleased with my new cabin. Delivery was excellent, driver very helpful and ofloaded it right on the drive.
The finish / quality is excellent with everything fitting like a jigsaw.
I managed to build it my self in around 5 hours, then a further 3-4 hours fitting the shingles and a few trim bits and pieces and a final couple of hours laying the floor inside.
There was enough spare floor timber to build a nice set of shelves inside.
The doors were an absolute joy, I fitted the frame during the build then the doors later as it was easier that way on my own. Very simple to offer the hinges up to the frame and drop in the pins to secure, Simple !! doors fitted with no hastle or adjustments needed.
I would recomend Tuin to any one who asks.
Mrs. Lisa Tierney
Mar 30, 2019
Lovely log cabin, great quality. Seamless service from order to delivery. Ordered another one for the back garden.
Mr. Ian Titmarsh
Jan 7, 2019
Very satisfied but the instructions of when and how to fit the the doors need to be much clearer. Apart from this, the ordering, delivery and erection was very straight forward.
Mr. david jackson
Dec 29, 2018
Haha, that was fun.
Deciding what I wanted: there was plenty of info on the Tuin website. The extra info links and the videos were very helpful at all stages from site preparation, delivery, build, roof, floor, protection. Info on base preparation particularly useful.
Ordering and delivery very easy. The low loader fork lift dropped the kit in my garage. All the components were easily identified. A minor miss print in the inventory concerning the roof boards gave me a shock, but the paper was wrong and the package was correct.
Building: very straight forward. 4 Days in December. Make sure the base is perfect before you start. I did all four walls alone in a day, and was grateful for a friends help with gables and roof on the following day. Shingles took a day; I used bitumen glue. Looks good. I'd do it again.
Mr. Paul Bishop
Dec 1, 2018
Cabin delivered Halloween week. Received call from driver one hour before arrival, dripped onto drive no problem. Cabin was packaged really well. Moved to rear garden and commenced installation next day.
Quality of timber outstanding and doors well constructed.
Followed the instructions and must say went together really well. The cabin became structuly stronger the higher it got. Make sure it is level and square at six logs high and you will not have any problems. Roof went on really well and tied it all together.
Really glad we went for the shingles, really finished the cabin off nicely.
All in all took two days to build. To add guttering and treat was wether permitting. But when finished is a very impressive log cabin.
Thanks tuin for a quality, well priced product. Will certainly recommend and use again.
Dave Gladwin
Sep 22, 2018
Excellent service and product.
Tuin kept me informed about delivery times,and arrived on the stated day.
the driver was very friendly and contacted me to say what time he would arrive,and placed the cabin where I needed it put .
The cabin was well packed on the pallet with no damaged parts.
Everything slotted into place with ease and instructions were easy to follow,
I opted for the upgraded floor and roof ,the only slight problem was with the floor as a couple of the packs of floor boards were slightly thicker and narrower than the rest,but after moving them around into different places they all fitted ok.
Door locks are of a very good quality.
Would recommend Tuin to friends and family,first class product
Aug 21, 2018
Purchased this for the summer and just finished painting it. We think it looks rather good so wanted to share a photo with you!
Mr. Nigel Richards
Jul 5, 2018
As usual an excellent cabin looks brilliant and incredibly easy to assemble (although it made it easier as this is my second cabin). Customer service is excellent as usual. Most important thing to share is the importance of a level base, it will make assembly much easier.
The only criticism is I wanted it in thicker logs, but apart from that can't fault it. Worthy of five stars.
Michael Wolsey
Mar 13, 2018
Ordered and delivered with no hassle. Had a build query and your out of hours service replied promptly and with the answer. Took two days to erect with the help of a brother-in-law who has one in his garden. The shed looks great at the bottom of the garden, now painted and in use. ( Who needs 5000 characters to say
the end result is very good and getting there had no problems, just a little effort. )
Mr. Greg Silcock
Feb 9, 2018
All in all, the buying and building process went very well. The cabin is certainly impressive, with the quality of the wood outstanding. The design is excellent as well. On first impressions the cabin seems expensive but I’m happy I didn’t pay more than it was worth. Delivery was interesting, we live in a narrow country lane and the size of the lorry when it turned up was a concern, but the delivery driver was very efficient – although a tad nervous – it was his first every run.

The building process took longer than expected. Two and a bit days in total. Setting up the base and walls were very easy, although you need to continually monitor the door space, particularly so in this case where there was a double door. It might be better from an assembly point of view if the front area of the cabin, where the doors are to be assembled, is held in place with some temporary structure, because I didn’t get a perfect fit with the door – but even so it still looks good. Fitting the floor and the roof were the longest stages of the process and kneeling at an angle on the roof while you hammered in the shingles (roof tiles) was unnerving at first, but everything turned out well.

The structure’s been up for 6 months now and, with the impregnation fluid I bought, still looks brand new – the weather seems to have had no effect on it, so my original intention to paint the cabin’s been put in abeyance – thankfully.
Stephen Brook
Dec 31, 2017
I spent a lot of time looking at cabins on the internet. I was looking for a particular size and quality for a small area of my back garden. I ordered the Britt cabin which looked the part on the web site pictures. Unsure of what to expect as I've never done a project like this I placed my order which was on at a sale price at the time and about to finish. I had problems with the internet order so I rang tuin instead. The customer service they provided was excellent and promt. The order came in the time they had promised and was packed brilliantly. After unpacking me and my dad decided to start the build which was easy to do. It became a little more physical for the roof but one it was complet the cabin is of excellent quality.I have recommended Tuin to family and friends. Great quality and excellent pricing.
Mr. Mark Currie
Dec 11, 2017
Extremely happy with my cabin so far. I still have a few items to finish off, but overall I am extremely impressed with the product. The quality seems to be very high and I don't foresee any issues in the future.
Customer service was excellent and prompt. I have to say as an overall package I could not have asked for more.
I took a bit of a chance on Tuin as I had never heard of them before. Happy that I did so. Believe that my purchase will lead on to further orders from friends and family.
mark Tovey
Nov 29, 2017
after much research decided to buy from tuin due to reviews of excellent service and products.
I am afraid that I am very disappointed in both aspects.

I have built a number of log cabins in the past, I am not a novice. This was the worst ever to construct.
I had numerous warped logs, and I dont just mean bowed, these were banana shaped along the groove side. Almost impossible to fit.Even the tanalised bearers that the " shed" (and thats its best description) fits on were warped.
I had trouble getting the gables to fit so that I could get the roof fitted. Tried to ring, no one available , tried again, all on site, told to email and wait for a reply. In the end had to bodge it all.
when I did eventally get an email answer , it was no help at all. It left me frustrated - why oh why couldnt I have spoken to someone?
Door frame doesnt come assembled on this model, that was ok, but what I didnt realise was that the frame was also warped, so when I came to fit the doors later , massive gaps. But cant take the door frame out now.

When I complained , I entered into a long email debate. I asked to speak to someone on the phone, so rather than the original person (who I believe was the boss) that I was speaking to, I get a call from someone completely new that has no idea of what my issues were. To his credit he was probably the most helpful person I spoke to. The solution to to the door, well they sent me some sticky draught excluder and another bit of wood. Yet another bodge.

Maybe I just got a bad "shed" . I am sure all the other reviews arent wrong.

My advice. Check absolutely everything first.
dont just allow a day for construction, because if there are any issues you wont get them resolved right away.

Dont get involved in lengthy email debates, they will drive you mad.Make sure you speak to someone. Dont buy a "shed" that doesnt have the door frame and door already assembled.It will save you a great deal of hassle and disappointment

Do I think the "shed" was good value ? NO
Is it any better than competitors, I doubt it, but then again its probably no worse.
Would I buy again from Tuin? The Jury is still out on that one.

summary - warped logs (plenty of them) warped door frame - rubbish finish on doors as well. Door hinge security poor (screws outside) Poor communication - email complaints only. Reluctance to discuss things on phone. Delivered on time, nice driver, very nice final after sales guy.

hey Ho , lifes full of surprises
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, I'm very sorry to hear you have had some problems, I will ask head of service to call you and run through these issues.
Mr. Anthony Parkinson
Aug 20, 2017
Excellent cabin only took the father inlaw who is 70 and myself 2 days to erect,the first day we had it all up just was left to add the shingle roof and the floor.the walk through advice video is a must watch,don't let the amount of parts scare you once you watch the video it all makes sense would recommend tuins cabins
martin parker
Jul 27, 2017
The price was right
Delivery was on time
Driver was very cheery
Quality of timber was very high
Easy to asemble
Looks great
My neighbour was that impressed with mine he ordered one
Many thanks Martin
Mrs. Jean Redpath
Jul 22, 2017
Excellent prompt service. Very friendly driver. Really pleased with our log cabin. The only thing I would suggest is that extra packing be put on the apex ends, both of ours broke,it wasn't worth replacing as we repaired them. I would definitely recommend this company.
julie monton
Jul 4, 2017
We have bought cheap sheds in the past and have learnt from experience that if its thin wood it won't last.
We did loads of shopping around for a good quality shed and were just about to buy from our local garden centre, when by chance I googled log cabin instead. This is when I found TUIN. For the same price as a smaller shed we have our log cabin which is so much stronger and smarter than any shed we looked at. It also had the benefit of coming in 'logs' which made it easier to get round small bends to our back garden.
It was easy to erect with 2 of us, It did take 4 days in total, but that was including painting (3 coats on the outside. and 2 on the inside. Opted for cuprinol garden shades as i liked the colours, and would rather have what i like and have to repaint more often)
Great little cabin
Highly recommended
John Draycott
Jun 10, 2017
A fantastic experience useing this company and their product, I was informed of the delivery date which was adhered to, l was told at what time to expect the load, Stephan the driver brought A 40 ft articulated lorry to our village and with the help of his fork lift truck positioned the load exactly where I indicated, all within twenty minutes.
The instructions were extremely easy to follow and all relevant parts extremely well packaged.
The build quality very good.
I thought I may need the services of my son, but managed the complete build on my own. (Age 77)
I highly recommend the company.
S Fleming
May 31, 2017
Very quick and afficiant delivery.
The log cabin came well packed and once opened it was clearly numbered to match the instruction. My log cabin was up with shingles on by 3.30 , so quick and trouble free. Good quality.Very Happy with my purchase.
Mr. nick utteridge
Apr 25, 2017
After reading review after review on basically every shed, log cabin ever made I settled on this log cabin from Tuin. Delivery was prompt and efficient from an extremely helpful driver, the look of dread on my face as I saw the massive flat packed pallet of what was my cabin must of been a picture, however after unpacking it me and my mate started what I can only describe as a very easy build, we had completely built the cabin including the roof in less than 5 hours, shingles on the following day, it looks complicated but it isn't, it's extremely well built and with a little care and attention it will last for years. Tuin upgraded the flooring for me at no extra cost free shingles and loads of spare wood, if you have doubts on wether you can do this well you absolutely can its just a big puzzle that slots together. Tuin is very professional company, give them a go
Mr. David Greenhough
Apr 18, 2017
Britt cabin review.
Delighted with this cabin, excellent quality, easy assembly single handed took 3 days to complete. Read the instructions then read them again. I laid all the parts out on the lawn which then started to make sense to the build. About to start on the external stain.
There was a few minor blemishes on some of the logs but these were soon sorted with a bit of sandpaper. Delivery was faultless with an extremely obliging and helpful driver.
Mr. Chris Fensom
Mar 30, 2017
My overall experience was good and would recommend the product
However there are a few points to consider
Delivery although a day late moved from late afternoon to following early morning was speedy, efficient and very helpful
Packaging excellent and the suggestion that all items should be checked and laid out in order should be adhered to
I found the instructions and videos a little haphazard and I'm a professional engineer
It's though bits of info have been added at different times without any thought of order. It would be a great help if the paper instructions had a project plan introduction sheet to explain where to begin
You have to read and watch the videos over and over again to get some meaning into the build once started and after one phone call the build was easy. It is important that the base is level as suggested and some time should be allocated to this task
The quality is superb and we are very pleased with the cabin
One point worth mentioning is that the video instructions for the installation of roof shingles is not applicable to straight edged ones and I had to piece together bits of info from the shingle manufactures video and Richards notes
In following IKO's instructions I ran out of tiles
On contacting the support team they quickly ascertained from my photos how many I needed to complete and sent them foc by post
Brilliant customer support
Overall a fantastic product, it took longer to build than I thought but i do check, check and check again before doing anything
Delivery great, support staff helpful and efficient
Finished cabin a delight
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review Mr Fensom, we shall make some adjustments to the installation advice page following this. However, the fitting of shingles is generic across shaped ones and square ones, it does not make any difference to that shown in the advice and videos, IKO instructions are also on the shingle packaging.

All of our log cabins come with an installation booklet to indicate commencement and ongoing build. for more information when needed we suggest the installation advice page is read. We apologise if this paper booklet was not within your package.

We are very pleased to hear the quality and build was as expected.
Mr. Chris Turner
Jan 16, 2017
Delivery spot on - well engineered - good quality wood and machining - assembled it by myself in 3 days (including initial proofing during build) without any problems - very pleased with the result!
Tony Howland
Nov 9, 2016
I recently assembled a Britt Log Cabin for a customer. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the fitted and the standard of the timber supplied, this together with the the quality ironmongery made it a very pleasant experience.
Mr. Simon Congdon
Jul 28, 2016
A really superb cabin. It arrived on time and well packaged and was already sorted in order. The quality of wood was superb and when the cabin was assembled there were only a few spares left as there was no need for them. It was easy to assemble and when we needed help the team were quick to respond to a query. The build was fairly straightforward, the only confusion we had was that we couldn't find any half-planks to start at the bottom. It turns out that we needed to use full planks and had worked it out by the time the team got back to us. The felt tiles are superb quality as well and were very easy to assemble. We opted for the flooring as well, and there were plenty of spare boards to choose if you want to match grains. We are very pleased indeed, and having researched for months as to which cabin to go for, the Tuin cabins are far and away the best value. Enjoy!
Mr. Keith Launchbury
Jul 11, 2016
Absolutely thrilled with our log cabin. Delivery was perfect, labelling of every part made everything so much easier and the quality is superb - way beyond our high expectations. However, we are 70 and 60 years old (my apprentice) and consequently the 5 hours erection time was never going to happen and it's developed into a very pleasant hobby for us, with only balancing on the roof proving to be a bit of an obstacle. It is admired by everyone who sees it and very different from every other "summerhouse" we looked at, far superior for the cost. It might be worthwhile having a "summerhouse" labelled section on your website, it would be a great pity for people seeking one to assume the log cabin didn't fit the bill. Thank you Tuin, excellent in every way.
Sam McCulloch
Jul 1, 2016
received delivery about lunchtime driver very helpful, now came the unpacking and moving material to build site. I was assisted by my young twenty two year old daughter who had no diy knowledge. We built cabin up to roof level in about 6 hours, i think most of the time was spent checking & rechecking it was square as this was the first time I have tried a project such as this.
On second day we fitted roof and shingles.
Fitting the shingles was a time consuming job and sitting on roof was for me a little scary. Everything was supplied except screws for door hinges but I had stock of them so no big problem, I also never ordered floor as i was building on decking but in hindsight I should have ordered floor. This was far easier to build than I initially thought and my daughter enjoyed her first diy project .
Quality of materials and service from all Tuin first class would recommend them to everyone.
Mr. Davide Duranti
Jun 14, 2016
Tuin is great value for a quality product, super happy with them and their recommended installers! Thanks guys!
Anthony Rimoldi
Mar 24, 2016
Cabin arrived on pallet within 8 days of order. All components present and no damage. I erected the cabin single handed over Christmas period and in to January. I would estimate it took 8/9 full days but that was including 2/3 coats of timber treatment. Everything fitted and assembly was straightforward and enjoyable. Excellent price and service. No hesitation in recommending this product. I may be doing another one.
Mar 3, 2016
Delivered as scheduled by a polite helpful driver. We rarely have such good service! The cabin bundle was carefully packed and protected. The driver ensured placement of the pack on our driveway was convenient.

Having trimmed the Tanalised base beams to size, a few corner screws added and the base squared up.

Assembly went ahead quickly without a glitch. Despite a little initial scepticism regarding the complex corner jointing, each log round went ahead without a single issue. The odd banana log easily trued up with a temporary internal batten screwed vertically either side of affected log/s.

Roof boards supplied on this example of the Britt cabin are 14mm rather than 18mm as advertised. All of the boards were accurately cut and the job was completed in a day.

The shingles video is a must to watch, and after noting useful tips, the red square shingles were fitted. This is a really nice job, but I'd suggest some protection for your knees. Adding a small amount of shingle adhesive as described is a must to prevent edges lifting in high winds. The ridge finishing is also very easy if the video info' is followed. There's nothing complex about fitting the shingles at all, and they look so much better than the usual mineral felt applied to sheds.

The doors and the instructions for fitting the frame were sadly not to the same high standard as the rest of the cabin. Images of several problems with the doors were submitted as requested, The manufacturers have agreed there are problems, we are currently awaiting delivery of 2 new doors.

We found what we thought would be an ideal waterproof floor layer to place over the slab base internally. A cheap very flexible plastic corrugated sheet called Antinox. 8x4 sheets from Wickes, easily joined and manipulated, provide a tough layer to fit flooring joists and T&G boards.

Would I recommend Tuin to a friend? The answer has to be YES. Service has been second to none, email replies are very fast, polite and helpful.

Clearly Tuin really do VALUE THEIR CUSTOMERS.

Mike Burley
Nov 11, 2015
Our second Tuin Cabin - we already have a Peter Log cabin and would have had another if space allocated had been big enough. Nonetheless delighted again and a great deal of satisfaction gained from the whole assembly process. Richard and colleagues very helpful as door frame methodology was different to our Peter Log - but doors on our Britt are particularly nice with 6 panes to each door.
Mr. robert brine
Sep 26, 2015
Easy to erect and well made
Mr. Raymond Tring
Aug 14, 2015
I was unsure about buying an expensive item without seeing the finished product first, however am pleased by the whole experience from delivery to finishing my cabin, Richard and the Tuin team where very helpful and backup second to none.
The cabin went up straight forward with slight fettling to a few parts, now it is erected I am very pleased and it turned out better than I expected, it took me a week on and off on my own to finish. The only downside was the instructions could have been more concise but with a bit of thought it was not too difficult.
Would certainly recommend Tuin if you are looking for a quality cabin.
Raymond veal
May 15, 2015
Although very good quality the construction details are basis had to phone up on several occasions to get advice one being window installation it does not tell you you have to cut out your own hole for fitting the window also lots of long screws in kit but no details where to fit them very pleased with final build and only one board that was warped which seems to have straightened itself after several days also put together mainly one my own thanks ray v.
r nelson
Dec 1, 2014
good communication throughout, there were a few glitches, felt instead of shingles, no floor delivered. These were sorted. The erecting was fairly straightforward except for the doors which I am still having discussions about. Anyway the cabin is up and painted and shingled and it looks great. I assembled the whole thing myself but probably easier with a helping hand at times. It took me just under a week with the odd day off. Overall I am very pleased with it and reassured that my queries get answered promptly so I would definitely recommend Tuin. thank you
Mr. Rob Shepherd
Sep 14, 2014
An excellent log cabin. The most difficult bit was ensuring the base was level, but the cabin itself was very easy to put together, and it very sturdy. The most time consuming part was giving each piece of wood 2 coats of paint prior to erection as once assembled I don't have access to 3 of the sides. The service from Tuin was excellent also.
Keith tickle
Aug 21, 2014
The cabin was very good quality, actually better quality than I had expected, everybody is very enthusiastic about it and have expressed interest in tuin for future reference, the only downside was that the PDF plans for the cabin were different from the plans supplied, which caused a little confusion, but not enough to worry about, the delivery was superb,the driver phoned before arrival and came on time,I would certainly recommend your cabins and would have no doubt about buying another from tuin
Kevin Clancey
Nov 12, 2013
Great cabin, easy to build and great value for money compared to the competition. After sales service/advice was nothing less than excellent. We have another cabin from a company in Bedfordshire where the customer service in our experience is virtually non existent. What is available is instructions by email only!!! Which is why we bought our second one here and we are very glad we did. Richard and the team provide customer service to rival John Lewis.. even down to the delivery driver. Thank you.
Olgun Chetin
Aug 11, 2013
I bought this log cabin back in June and have finally finished building it....I found the cabin made of very good quality wood and the fixtures and fittings also very good quality. The logs are of a good thickness and it was very easy to build. The only thing I would say is make sure your foundation is level. I also purchased the floor and black roofing shingles. The floor was good strong construction and the shingles ready finished off the log cabin. The only problem I found was there was JUST about enough packs to do the roof. DON'T do ant mistakes. Overall I am very happy with this product and hope to send a photo of the finished cabin when I get a chance.
The tech support was also very helpful.

Many thanks.