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Stephen Boyd Davis
Apr 17, 2020
Generally I am happy with the Boudewijn Shed. It feels substantial and solid. It was fairly easy to assemble. Several tools were needed, which fortunately I had.

Areas to improve are:
1. Even allowing for the fact that wood is obviously a natural, slightly unpredictable material, the pre-assembly of the panels could have been more accurate. For example, where a batten is not at exactly the right distance from the end of a side wall, this leads to the ends of the planks standing slightly proud.

2. The weakest area by far is the documentation. There is no indication which screws are to be used where, so a lot of planning and guesswork is needed to make sure that the right screws end up in the right places. The diagrams are small and blurry, so it is not that easy to see what is going on. Some aspects of the shed have changed since the diagrams were drawn, which is obviously confusing.
Ian Davidson
Jan 31, 2016
This is a first class shed and I am really pleased with it. It looks fantastic both inside and out and is solid as a rock due to the thick wood construction. Instructions were straightforward, everything fitted together perfectly and the shed was up in no time. I had not used Tuin before but will definitely use again as this is by far a much superior quality product than anything I have seen elsewhere.