Bodine Flat Roof Log Cabin 3.0 x 3.0m

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Steve Mullins
May 15, 2022
Cabin was delivered on-time by courteous driver and offloaded with stacker truck on wider nearby road I arranged fitting with a local chap, the contact number obtained from Tuin info site.The install was carried out by two men in around 6 hours. I had previously unpacked & sorted the timber into separate stacks. The easy roof membrane was delivered with the cabin but I decided to use that on another shed that was in need of reroofing so I arranged with the installers for them to fit the EPDM sheet which they got locally.
The instructions were mislaid and caused a little concern on how to fit the guttering but was resolved and I used standard half round with an offset downpipe. I was going to paint the cabin but couldn't decide the colour so used Sikkens pine treatment with 2 coats as I've used it before on another cabin with good results. I am pleased with the cabin, it is a useful size and good value. I would have preferred a thicker wall, my other cabin was 44 mm and this 28mm so there is quite a difference in robustness. Also the roof timber is only 16 mm could do with maybe 20mm. That said it is still strong enough for what it is to be used for, a general purpose garden building come shed. Thanks Tuin for the handy installation tips, all that is left for me to do now is finish installing the floor as the cabin was ordered with out one. I will used timber bearers and flooring grade chipboard. Best regards
Mar 18, 2022
This is the second Tuin log cabin I've built. It was about half the price of the first, and you do get what you pay for.

Pros: Great customer service. Delivery guy dropped it exactly where we needed it to go. Quality cabin made with well engineered materials. Limited finger jointing and not in main wall logs. Flooring packs excellent as ever. Generous with supplied timber so there's always at least a couple of spares.

Cons: Supplied instructions remain a weakness of Tuin's as you typically get a technical drawings of what the finished cabin looks like, generic prose instructions for most any cabin and the website which has lots of videos and blogs. If you're looking for lego like instructions or a recipe to follow, these are not the cabins to buy. If you don't mind puzzling it out, head scratching, fettling and using some common sense, you'll be fine.
john mcblain
Feb 6, 2022
I extremely satisfied with my cabin and with after sales team who helped me with a couple of problems I had. The problems were of my own doing. It pays to read all instructions supplied.
The quality of wood supplied is top quality.
The professionalism of the after sales team
is top notch as is the company itself
I highly recommend Tuin for further projects.
John McBlain
John Cowan
Apr 18, 2020
Very happy with cabin. Second one I've bought from Tuin as moved house and had to leave the last one behind unfortunately. Good communication from tuin and delivery driver. Was placed where I wanted on drive. Well packed, shrink-wrapped which was good as ended up sitting for a while until I got a chance to build it. Easy enough to build, did it in a day by myself, although had to get mrs to help with holding fascia boards. Flat roof material was very easy. Works great as a summerhouse, just a bit of extra space. Looks great, quality is very good. Would always highly recommend Tuin and have done in the past
Rob Starling
Nov 5, 2019
Did lots of research prior to buying my Tuin Bodine cabin and was the only modern looking cabin with the right specification at the right price. The build went mainly well and was surprised how quickly it went up. The components all fitted well together and appeared to be good quality. It was easy to order and I was kept updated until my cabin was delivered on time.
My only recommendation would be to have more detailed/illustrated build instructions that are bespoke to the specific cabin. Particularly around window and door details where I found I had to make some assumptions of how things went together.
However, it all went together well and I'm very pleased with finished result!
Mr. Justin Harling
Dec 3, 2016
The delivery service really is as friendly and helpful as suggested with the driver being exceptionally accommodating and cheerful with it.

The cabin itself was straightforward to assemble although with a reasonable of number of cuts and it was useful to have the common issues instructions which were required on a couple of occasions, but resolved the minor question quickly.

The easy roofing membrane comes highly recommended for both ease of use and quality of finish.

The end product looks stunning, especially having being painted in Embalan Grey.
Daniel Bowes
Sep 9, 2016
Very nice cabin. Well engineered, high quality timber, with very few imperfections, and it fitted together very well. Delivery and comms were both great. Highly recommended.
Colin Hughes
Sep 8, 2015
I am delighted with our purchase, went together like lego!
You couldn’t buy that much timber from Jewsons for the price let alone having it machined to such accuracy.
I have already recommended you to two neighbours and one friend