Blackpool Log Cabin 4.4 x 3.4m in 58mm logs and Double Glazed

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Mrs. Yui Clarke
Apr 26, 2024
For the money, the Blackpool Cabin seems unbeatable, especially with free roof tiles - 58mm logs, spruce (superior to the ubiquitous pine), double glazed, metal door trim, higher end windows. The floor is not included which prompted me to use the slab as a floor, as suggested on the web site. Great suggestion which had not occurred to me. Delivery was smooth though the actual day requested was conformed at very short notice. The driver used a forklift to leave it in the road which took only a few minutes. There is some cracking in the wood and bow in the beams. Once I put it together I’ll see how these issues work out. It is a shame it is 9cm above the legal limit in the UK when you erect it close to the neighbours border. I’ll have to sink it in the ground and arrange a French drain. Overall, great value and a nice design.
John kneale
Nov 17, 2023
An easy ordering process with good and helpful communication, not had a chance to build it yet though.
Jaime Irving
Feb 11, 2023
I bought my cabin January 2021 and requested delivery April 2021, which was not a problem for tuin. Delivery was when promised and driver phoned to update me on his arrival. Delivery as everyone says was excellent. The construction was quite simple until we got to the doors. Instructions were very poor for this part (this may have been updated since then) Tuin staff were very helpful although due to covid sometimes a delay in response although once you got an agent they were excellent.
Have now had the cabin for 2 summers and half way through 2nd winter and very happy with the structure of my Blackpool cabin although as a previous review has stated I feel that the doors are a let down. Why such thin doors and side panels come with a 58mm cabin is beyond me. My wife is a wheelchair user and as such I bought a floor pack tuin recommended that I go with the thinner floor and just bought extra joists. This has worked a dream and also saved me money proving to me that the staff at tuin know there stuff and will give the customer the best advice for them and not the dearest option.
Nigel George
Feb 3, 2023
Good quality. Easy to build. I had specific delivery instructions and they were very accommodating. Supportive information videos. Excellent overall.
Ian Firth
Jan 25, 2023
The cabin arrived on time ,in good weather and since then a glorious summer,couldn't have picked a better youngest daughter Charlie did most of the work with no previous DIY experience and I did a bit of prompting from a mobility scooter.My eldest daughter Danni fixed the shingles.We.have insulated top and bottom as you advised.with electricity installed .The cabin is GREAT.It was originally intended to house parats but it's now a TV /leisure/sleepover cabin.
Ms. Elano Ross
Jun 28, 2022
I can’t express how delighted I am with my Tuin Blackpool Summerhouse. Ordering was easy and there was lots of guidance and information on the build Deliver was delayed a bit by COVID but once here the driver was very helpful and the summerhouse was well packaged and protected. Quality was excellent. Staff at Tuin were very helpful and responsive. Based on my experience I would definitely recommend Tuin and their products
Mr A C Hamilton
Jan 29, 2021
I've waited a bit to do this review because I wanted to use the cabin for a while first.

I took delivery of a Blackpool cabin in mid July 2020, we went away shortly after so it didn't get built for a while. In all me and my wife assembled and painted the cabin over two or three weekends. The delivery was quick and easy and the driver placed it where I asked. Unfortunately it had to go on our drive and it did take half a day to move everything to the build site.

I would strongly agree with previous reviews that suggested reading the blogs and watching the video tutorials first, they made the process much easier.

I would say the two most difficult things were putting together the front door / window section and getting the large window unit in (it's very heavy).

Treating and painting - this really did take some time, especially when you factor in drying times in between coats. We used a wood treatment (2 coats) then a coat of stain block primer followed by two coats of sadolin superdec, and then more on top to give a different colour around the windows and doors. It took ages!

I had initially ordered the 26mm floor pack, this wasn't available and I was offered the 18mm which I accepted. If I did it again I'd just go with ply. Lots of the boards were slightly warped making fitting difficult and the grooves in some boards weren't deep enough to accept the tongues fully which was also a pain. I now have underlay and carpet on top of the floor so the effort was somewhat wasted.

Anyway, apart from that moan, the quality of the building is very good, it immediately felt very sturdy and I imagine it will last for many years to come. I would recommend to anyone looking for a similar building.

I've now been using the building since the end of August as a home office and somewhere to play e-drums. I'm sitting in the cabine now writing this and It's now the end of January. I have a 2kw convector heater that keeps the space warm enough, I did install insulation boards under the floor and on the roof as advised and it seems to work well. On the colder mornings I've had to set the heater to come on a couple of hours before I start work to give it time to heat up but once it's up to temperature it stays warm, sometimes too warm!

I think that's all from me, I'm really pleased with the cabin, there were times during the build that I wished I'd paid someone to do it but now I'm glad I didn't and I'm proud of what we achieved. It looks good, it's good quality and I think it represents good value.

My final, final point is to thank the staff at Tuin, my experience as a customer was excellent and the website is a literal gold mine of useful information. I'm glad I cam across them!
Mr. paul stafford
May 15, 2020
Best buy ever my wife is 71 I am 59and we received our log cabin 3th march day to move and place in sections, so Thursday start the build , Friday grandson helped put tung and grove on roof. While we were doing this wife started giving 3 coats of wood perservater then primer then 3 coats top coat and 4 coats round bottom contrasting colour .that took about a week for her to do that. While on Saturday daughter came to have a look and help put insulation on roof . By the Wednesday it's was completed except finishing the paint work. It the best buy ever highly recommend don't use any other driver Yan was such a nice helpful person. Wife took pictures of the different stages .tough at times but enjoyable if you thinking of buying don't think buy
Mr. Colin Barrett
Jan 2, 2020
Purchased a Blackpool log cabin,which arrived on schedule.Slight damage found but soon replaced.
Good instructions generally in paper instruction and on line, except for door & windows guidance which was poor. Tuin then sent extra details. The cabin design & construction quality excellent. Not yet completed assembly but so far so good.
Mr. Philip Heath
Nov 21, 2019
This log cabin is exactly what I wanted and expected having researched various others. It is fantastically sturdy and tough and was erected pretty quickly as it is very simply made. It took maybe two or three days to complete.
I am really pleased with this and would recommend it wholeheartedly.
The communication with the Tuin team was excellent, they responded rapidly and were very helpful indeed.
Mrs. Karen Bates
Oct 22, 2019
After much research, we decided on purchasing the Blackpool log cabin from Tuin. Ordering was very easy and efficient, including extras such as plywood, woodstain and felt glue. Delivery was very well informed and arranged as stated on the delivery instructions. The young Dutch delivery driver was very experienced and quick to unload, leaving the package exactly where we wanted it.
Erecting the cabin was easy and fun and it all went together extremely well. It took my husband and I a full Saturday in July to get the cabin up, including the T&G roof. We decided to insulate the roof for all year round use which took another day. Since then we have also insulated the floor and painted the whole cabin with 3 coats of Carefree Protectant.
The only issues my husband had were with the instructions, which could have been clearer for people who are undertaking a first time log cabin assembly.
Overall, we are extremely pleased with our cabin, which has given us a lovely place to relax. Tuin made the whole buying process extremely easy and straight forward, particularly with the wealth of advice and information available on the website. As advised, we took great care to ensure that our base was exactly level and square, which was crucial to a successful and straight forward build.
After viewing log cabins from other retailers, we would definitely recommend buying from Tuin.
Mr. Shaun Hallett
Oct 15, 2019
Purchased the Blackpool log cabin after a lot of research with different companies. Decided on TUIN and so glad we did. From the initial order everything went so smoothly, the delivery, the expert advice, and the excellent quality made it a pleasure to build. Would highly recommend TUIN and would definitely purchase from them again. The craftsmanship and the ease that it was assembled was incredible. Cannot find anything negative to say at all. Whole experience a 10/10. Cabin looks beautiful in the garden and is a stunning addition offering the extra living/entertaining space we needed. Thank you TUIN.
David Abbott
Sep 18, 2019
It took me ages to decide where to get my log cabin from but I was very pleased that I chose Tuin. Several things impressed me. The quality of the wood was excellent and now that I have built the cabin I know it will last many years; and add value to my home! The staff at Tuin were also very professional and were always on hand to answer my many questions. I found the instructions that came with the large pallets of wood very difficult to understand. Understanding what each piece of wood was to be used for and separating them all must have taken most of the first day. Putting the cabin together was like a huge jig saw puzzle, but the videos and general information provided by Tuin on their web site helped me enormously. I also found answers on YouTube. But most of the answers where given via e-mail. I took lots of photos of things I didn't understand. E-mailed them to Tuin and received good advice; regardless of how basic the question was!
The whole project took me about 2 weeks. Mainly because I did all the work myself, apart from when I had to get help carrying the very heavy parts such as e.g. the window. I also added a patio which took about another week.
Be aware of extra costs though. I must have spent about £500 extra paying for such things as the log cabin foundation, the patio slabs and essentials such as wood stain for the cabin. I also have yet to buy extras such as furniture for the inside of the cabin.
Extremely pleased overall however; and would certainly recommend Tuin!
Mrs. laura ashby
Jul 29, 2019
Love this cabin! Mine has been up almost a year and looks amazing. Local contractors put it up within a couple of days. Very good quality, spacious, solid and watertight. Delivery went smoothly. Loads of advice on website on construction and maintenance- very very helpful and very worth the time to make it last for years to come.
Mr. Luke Pennington
Feb 19, 2019
Received my Blackpool cabin, the driver unloaded fine with no issues bar holding up the traffic whilst unloading.Over the next few days I unpacked and checked all was ok. I'd probably like better documentation and labelling of all the pieces as it wasn't initially clear what all pieces were for, especially for the door frame.
On erecting the cabin we had a few bowed lengths. We contacted support who quickly replied and advised to stick them half way in the walls and the weight would eventually bring them back in - which it did!
The build was very quick - apart from the roof which seemed to take an age. Decided to insulate roof and OSB board over the top before putting shingles on as wasn't convinced about putting lots of long nails through the expensive celotex.
Had no real issues in its first winter, all the tiles have even stayed in place during the strong winds. I'd say only negatives are around the door and windows - the quality doesn't quite feel the same. Window frame in particular feels like an afterthought with nails just hammered in and not looking as nice as it could be.
Mr. Graham Nicol
Feb 6, 2019
received my cabin kit - was worried about the driver getting it down our lane - should have known better..Brilliantly done and no hassle at all. on un packing I was really impressed with the quality of the timber and the machining. way better than anything else I've seen. Having sorted out the base (by far the worst part of the job), the cabin went up in no time. It was an absolute pleasure to construct and everything went together beautifully. I did have one or two minor problems but they were of my own making and not due to the kit. The end result is fantastic and we're over the moon with it. I did make the most of the plethora of advice on the website - a real mine of useful information and worth taking the time to work through before committing to your purchase. I researched for months before deciding that Tuin was our best choice and we haven't been disappointed. Sound practical advice and quality product. Cant ask for more - All we want to do now is enjoy it and having insulation both the floor and the roof, we'll be using it all year round. If I had one minor gripe it would be the quality of the floor boards of which I had to discard a few due to defects, but there was more than enough to do the job and at the end of the day - they're floor boards. I would recommend Tuin to anyone thinking of getting a log cabin.
Mr. S Fresle
Nov 28, 2018
Great service, delivery man very helpful off loading and getting the cabin as close to the work area as he could. The Tuin recommended installation team worked speedily and put together the cabin withour fuss - all over a great product
Mr. Richard Gartside
Apr 17, 2018
Everything was handled very efficiently by TUIN, from ordering through to delivery. We employed an experienced carpenter, who managed to construct this sizeable cabin and build a wooden base and insulated pine floor by himself, with only a small amount of
assistance, mainly with carrying and lifting materials. There were one or two technical problems, easily overcome.
The website was was informative and helpful throughout to all concerned, both as an aid to purchase decision making and as a technical aid.
Generally speaking, this would be a two person job, one of whom would need to be a proper tradesman or an advanced DIYer.
The carpenter commented that, in his experience, the overall quality control of the finished materials was excellent, and he was keen to build more of the same.
Six months on, we are still very pleased with the result.
Keith Taylor
Mar 30, 2018
I cannot recommend this product and company highly enough. Fantastic website with all the information and advice you need the biggest dilemma is deciding which cabin to order. After much debate on the appropriate cabin we settled on the Blackpool with 58mm logs. As for installation myself and my wife done this ourselves over a weekend following the guidance provided within the packaging and website. I was somewhat concerned at the start of the project in all honesty as whilst I am a capable DIYer I would say that I have never attempted anything like this previously, fear not, follow the instructions and you will be fine. The end result is just awesome, better than I could ever have imagined. We are now looking forward to enjoying the additional space this will provide and look back with great satisfaction in the decision we made and fun we had making it happen.
Sandra whittaker
Mar 21, 2018
We have had the Blackpool for 2 years. We insulated floor and roof for all year use. Did everything recommended by tuin. It's fabulous in use continuously.
Mr. Colin Howells
Oct 17, 2017
Fantastic !!! From the choice of cabins to the final installation Tuin have been excellent. The initial ordering process from the website was easy. Delivery was prompt, the driver accommodating and pleasant. He placed the large pallet exactly where I wanted it. The cabin was exceptional value and of exceptional quality and I have really enjoyed the experience of putting it together. The website has offered lots of useful tips on the construction and my wife is overjoyed with the finished building. I cannot speak highly enough of this company or its products.
Mr. Kevin Eighteen
Sep 18, 2017
I have just erected the Blackpool log cabin. Excellent product, sturdy 54mm logs. The window and door joinery is far better than I expected.
Easy to put together. We took the trouble to clear treat every log, roof and floor board even though we have since given two coats of stain.
I think that Tuin could do the clear treatment as an extra.
Would definitely recommend this company.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. Treating the building can be tiresome, we do offer a clear treatment as an extra here: if required.
Aug 28, 2017
From start to finish, the process has been rather simple. Ordering was arguable one of the hardest parts purely down to my indcision about which cabin to order!

Let me start from the beginning... Within minutes of placing the order, I had an email with a proforma invoice attached advising that the payment wont be taken until a week before confirmed delivery and that the delivery company would be in touch.

A few weeks later (i orderd this for be delieverd 4 weeks later) i hada call form the delivery company advising on delivery date and a provisonal time for delivery.

FastForward to the delivery day...

What can only be described as a juggernaught turned up on my street with a self propelled forklift for transport. The delivery driver was sound and quickly had the cabin off loaded onto my drive.

Before commencing the build, i had read the instructions cover to cover, back to front and read ALL of the info they will send on the confirmation email - dont skip it, it will make your life so much easier.

one thing i will say, sort the pieces first before you start to build, it took about an hour for this cabin, other may take more/less.

READ THE INFO ON THE WEBSITE ABOUT FITTING FOUNDATIONS!! this was the simplets yet most time consuming part about the initial phase of the build!

the rest is self explanatory!

the cabin itself is light and spacious, the window can be swapped on either side (the middle window pops off to make lifting it easier!). All the materials are really good quality and sturdy and the build itself was rather straight forward, with 3 of us on it, it took about 4 hours to get to the point of putting roof boards on!

There are a fer splits in the logs here and there but this is expected as it is an inherent property of wood but that being said, none of the splits were through and through.

Overall, incredible happy with the finished product!
Mr. Stephen Thomson
Jul 21, 2017
Really pleased with the product. Well worth spending time treating the wood before erecting the building. Instructions are a bit basic but the online advice helps.
Mr. Neal Boniface
Jun 29, 2017
The purchase and building of my Blackpool log cabin has been has been fairly pleasurable from beginning to end. Although there was some confusion over how I should order an extra layer of logs, this was sorted out quickly and efficiently. Delivery by a huge truck was made to us in a small village with narrow lanes with no problem and the package was placed exactly where we wanted it. The build went up fairly easily and carried out by my wife and I, both of us in our sixties. Trying to follow the build instructions that were supplied was not really very helpful, so there were a number of visits to the website for clarity and reassurance. Removal of the windows from the frame was essential to instal that unit as it was too heavy to lift, something we should have considered before struggling to move it from the front of the house to the rear garden. We chose to use Sikkens to protect the wood. It is worth it, but it does take forever if it is to be done to comply with the instructions. We chose to insulate the floor and the ceiling as advocated for a doubled glazed cabin, but this is where my only real complaint arises. The Blackpool cabin comes with 58mm logs and it is doubled glazed, but most of its frontage is occupied by the two full-height doors and two side panels. Of these, one third of the area is made of panels that do not seem to be much thicker than 15mm wood paneling. This, I am sure, will negate the thermal efficiency of the double glazing, 58mm logs and insulation under the floor and in the ceiling. I will be adding an extra layer of something to the inside of these panels which might ruin the aesthetics, but it is pity energy efficiency is not integral to the design of this cabin.
All in all, a good experience and I am pleased that we chose Tuin for their helpfulness, efficiency and honesty.

Neal Boniface
Mr. Andrew Falconer
May 14, 2017
Purchased this cabin as it was competitively priced and Tuin had good reviews on site. Cabin arrived exactly as promised and delivery driver was very helpful and pack arrived undamaged up a narrow access road with no problems. Cabin instructions could have been better but Tuin videos helped with assembly. Please take the time to identify each piece before assembly as this really helps understand how it goes together. Unfortunately my cabin did not seem to have identifying marks to show what piece was what, but assembly was easy when we worked out what each peace was. Wood quality was very good with very few knots or splits although one piece was badly split which was disappointing as it was the piece below the door and couldn't be moved to the back. Otherwise cabin went up over two whole days with a 3rd day for floor and roof shingles. Overall cabin is impressive and well worth the price paid. I would recommend Tuin again but I would probably advise that you employ a professional joiner (as I did) to assist with the flooring as it needs to be cut and placed accurately for best effect.
Gerry Williamson
Feb 25, 2017
We decided on a log cabin last year & visited six potential suppliers. We came close to ordering when in fine print we found most were self offload at roadside without exception all required monies with initial order & when we entered 'problems with xxx cabins' on google & saw the results we decided to reconsider our purchase. By chance we found Tuin on google & arranged visit & after a chat with Richard & much deliberation we decided on a 58mm log double glazed Blackpool cabin. To position cabin the garden level was reduced, sleepers placed to hold back soil & concrete strip footing & engineering brick perimeter walls laid 20mm larger than footprint to allow for small overhang of profiled foundation beams. Hardcore infill & concrete floor then placed with a shingle french drain to perimeter. Our intention was for spring delivery & erect in warmer months. With advertised price reduction period ending we ordered & with short projected delivery we received unit early January, with payment only required five days before delivery. Unit arrived on fork lift & with aid of four sets industrial rollers positioned in garage under the tolerant & skillful guidance of Paul the delivery driver. As minor tears to covering we opened ends of package to allow air flow to avoid staining. After about three weeks we noted a cold dry period so decided not to wait until spring so spent a day unpacking & stacking all timbers in reverse order in garage. A couple of broken tongues on wall logs were glued & cabled tied in position to cure, any logs with shakes or minor twists were stacked to use in lower part of build, all listed parts included in package with no missing items.Even though we had chosen tanalised foundation beams the lower wall logs were all given two coats impregnation fluid which did not discolour natural timber. On chosen day the erection team John & myself with a combined age of 143 years with three hip & one knee replacement between us commenced build. We stacked logs adjacent to site as required on trestles to avoid bending! We reached to apex height & covered with tarpaulins for the night. On second morning assisted by my grandson Mathew we positioned heavier apexes & purlins with ease. All roof board ends were mitred on chop saw to achieve a perfect ridge.& screwed in position. Perimeter of roof was lined with tanalised battens & 25mm celotex placed, all covered with breathable water proof felt.The front elevation doors & fixed glazed panels took a little longer to complete. Again all sides sheeted overnight from the elements & over the course of next few days Embadecor Rusic Oak stain applied to walls & shingles to roof were placed. As roof boards covered it is important to make template of all joints to avoid nailing into tongue & groove when fixing shingles. To date three coats to main walls & two coats to front elevation placed without a log getting wet during the build before weather finally stopped play. No complaints as for complete period we only had one day's rain & temp 17 degrees when shingles were placed in February !

We spent long time viewing Tuins information blogs & would recommend this to all before proceeding with build & purchased Irwin grip clamps shown on video to deal with twisted logs which are a must have tool easily dealt with these. In fact all the machined joints were excellent with minimal persuasion needed using the supplied knocking blocks throughout to avoid damage to tongues. The side windows are joinery class with an excellent tilt & turn arrangement.
We spent some time reviewing finishes & wanting to retain natural log effect eventually decided on Embadecor Rustic Oak stain. This is an excellent product being easy to apply (keep dry brush to feather edges of boards after few minutes) the colour & finish is superb, external shakes appear sealed by three coats currently applied, finish is more of a waxed appearance rather than gloss. End grains of wall logs have had four coats to date & complete cabin will be given a further coat during summer when cabin settled in.
The profiled foundation beams greatly assist the build & we have used a thick rubber dpc to seal to brickwork, pity they are supplied in 3m lengths requiring jointing on all sides.Corners of beams were fixed with galvanised metal brackets & cleats to butt joints.
We have purchased tanalised floor beams, 40mm cellotex insulation, sterling boards for floor & laminate flooring to complete internal build & will lay slabs / brick weave to front of cabin which will be when weather is warmer.

To summarise an excellent product admired by everybody who has viewed all commenting on finish of product.

There are no prizes for time taken so irrespective of age take your time & enjoy the experience we certainly have in all aspects of the build.

With storm Doris we did experience some rain penetration on glazing bars to front elevation, this was reported to Tuin who as with other queries dealt with in an exped
Mr. Brian Binns
Aug 27, 2016
Excellent product fantiastic forklift which got down my narrow drive with no problems assembled wih no problems but watch out for weird window handles they have a weird way of getting to the fixing screws, overall extremely pleased with the cabin and experience.
Aug 26, 2016
Went up well apart from some badly machined joints, timber twisted before it was machined !!!!? Your quality control is very poor.lucky to get 3 star
I wonder if this review will get on on your site mister 4 and 5 star blagger sort it out .before you give me any excuses....I trained as a cabinate maker ,time served bench joiner have done all aspects of carpentry and joinery. ...I know wood son.. apart from all this and finishing off your work which you were paid for !!?it did go up well and is a beautiful thing only time will tell how well it holds back the weather after alot of treatment and oil ,please have better quality control.
martin buckley
Aug 26, 2016
was just about to order a log cabin from a well known british company when the wife spotted tuin.
being a builder i could not belive the spec that was offered to me as standard(doubel glazed,real secure locks,tilt and turn windows,t/g roofing 58mm logs.
i was so glad that we went with tuin,the cabin went together effortlessly,the delivery driver was very helpful,and we are very pleased (so are grand children) with the cabin.i would not hesitate to recomend tuin to anyone wanting a log cabin,thank you tuin.
Mr. Alan Smith
May 22, 2016
Received delivery back in April, was more than a little concerned about a 40ft trucks navigation around the country lanes and low bridges to gain access to our property however he came via the country lanes and left by way of the low bridge, Trains continued to run after he went so we assumed he left the bridge intact
I proceeded to unpack and it rained. I decided to coat the whole pile with a preservative before erecting, and it rained, that took forever
I used 2.8 mtr concrete fencing gravel boards bedded in concrete for the periphery of the base which made getting a accurate and level base much easier filling the center in after the periphery was cured.
I had ordered hard wood profiled base timbers, these came in fabricated 3mtr lengths which bugged me a little as the cabin was 3.4 x 4.4mtrs so the jointing dented progress a little,building was simpleun till approaching the apexes when on the last layer I discovered a split timber I had put to one side early on intending to bury it down near the base however it is now an unfortunate feature high on the back wall. At this stage I had to call in assistance to lift on the apex and roof trusts the 73 year old muscles were somewhat over taxed but this was the only real assistance required to build the Blackpool log cabin apart from tuning the window frame the right way up when i realized the hinges were upside down (cataracts you know)
Insulated the roof with celotex and laid a tongue and groove floor (took nearly as long as the initial preservative but in the dry). Three coats of Kingfisher K-X10 inside and out, built a brick fire place installed the wood burner & telly.
I am now recuperating in an armchair in a very smart log cabin
Mr. Andrew Murphy
May 9, 2016
Superb customer service and excellent product, The cabin was delivered on time, no parts were damaged or missing, The instructions could be a bit better but overall a superb product.
Mr. Nigel Barton
May 2, 2016
Great company to deal with nothing to much trouble. Delivered on time and well manouvered!! The cabin was easy to assemble and of excellent quality.
Mr P Waterman
Apr 28, 2016
Review of Blackpool log cabin from Tuin – 28/4/16

We wanted a log cabin so that my wife had more space for her hobby of sewing and specifically making Quilts. So I started reviewing the various sources on the Internet.
After visiting many websites I was impressed by the amount of information available on the Tuin website, this all seemed very sensible and honest.
None of the standard log cabins were quite what we wanted so we looked at a bespoke one. The sales team at Tuin were very helpful, over a period of a few weeks we got a number of quotes as we chopped and changed what we wanted, but unfortunately at the end of it all we decided that the additional cost was not justified so we opted for the Blackpool.

The delivery was excellent with good communication on the day and the packing was secure with only 2 minor breaks in the outer plastic wrap.

My son in law and his wife helped us with the build. First job was to open the package and check all the parts against the packing note, we found a few differences and sent an e-mail to Tuin at 16:34 and received a reply at 16:48 explaining why there were differences and assuring us that if any parts were incorrect they would send them out straight away. We carried on with the build and at the end of the day we did have all the parts necessary to complete the log cabin.

I would advise that as you unpack the parts and check them against the packing note you also consider where the parts will go. The very nature of timber means it will have knots and other marks, also there will be splits (as explained by Richard on the Tuin website) or warpage, at the unpacking stage you can start to decide where in the build they will go i.e. out of sight or low down (the weight of the logs above will straighten any warpage).

Two short lengths of the wall timbers were also supplied for protecting the logs when banging them together with a rubber mallet (one for the centre of the log and one for the corners).
The build went very well especially considering this was Easter weekend and it rained for a few hours almost every day. The instructions provided with the log cabin were good and easy to follow, but as always instructions are never perfect for everybody, we had one question when fitting the doors and sent an e-mail 15:05 on Easter Sunday (fully expecting to not get a reply for a few days, but we could still carry on with the build) we got a reply from Richard 10 mins later!!!!!

Our son in law (who had erected four log cabins in the past) said that this was the best manufactured log cabin he had put together.

Now I am in the process of installing and insulated floor and false ceiling, plus getting a certified electrician to install a consumer unit, sockets and lighting.

When the weather stays dry for long enough I will treat the outside with Sadolin, I have already done the inside. This was an experience, it took far longer than I expected and also the treatment went on different to what I expected (only having treated fence panels etc before), I found that cutting in was far more important than even with normal decorating, though the inside treatment was clear it ‘stained’ any wood it touched and was still visible after being re-treated (luckily the wall I started on will be covered) I found I needed to rub any spillage off straight away. Also cracks and knots hold the treatment (though its fair to say that I may also have been a bit heavy handed to start with) so that after a few hours when I went back to check I found drips from them, but they had dried by then so I could not remove them easily. I would suggest keeping a good eye on what you have already treated so that you can clean up any drips before they dry out.

Overall we are very pleased that we went with Tuin and the experience has been good, we would and have recommended Tuin to friends and neighbours.
Mr. Craig Bulmer
Apr 3, 2016
A very good product, with extremely sturdy windows, which were far superior to rivals. Any problems were quickly resolved, an the communication with the company was excellent. Really good value for money, especially with offer price and free shingles
Mr. Allan Riseley
Feb 27, 2016
Very good level of contact from the Tuin sales people and accommodating with our delivery needs and constraints. The delivery arrived on the correct day and was off loaded with no trouble due to the drivers expertise even though our site is not an average destination.
The product was as I expected, all parts fitted together very well indeed, (we did self assembly), and now it's finished it looks just the job. If I needed a second cabin I would certainly buy this one again.
Andy & Helen Hofton
Feb 23, 2016
Before deciding on a Blackpool, we looked at half a dozen alternatives. We emailed Tuin with questions (some slightly crazy) and we got speedy and helpful replies. We also downloaded lots of practical material from the Tuin website, which we found very helpful. We were most impressed by the quick replies and the web material as most of the other suppliers were very pushy, but not very helpful. This was a big purchase for us, so we drove to Norwich to the Tuin offices. We had a warm reception and examined a similar cabin. Again we had some crazy questions, but Richard and his team gave us clear and straightforward answers. We decided there and then on the Blackpool and specified two extra windows. We also asked about lowering the windows by one ‘log’ and found this was straightfoward (but needs an extra log). We delayed delivery for a month until the end of January because we had to cast a concrete base.
After a lot of debate, we decided to employ Tuin-approved guys to put the cabin up – partly because we were worried about the weather and a slow rate of construction if it was DIY and partly because we were investing quite a lot of money and didn’t want to mess it up.
We contacted the two guys who were going to do the construction and received a list of things to buy in advance – screws, nails, insulation, boards for the floor etc. We spent some time shopping around for the best deals and made sure we had everything in good time. Not being expert, we contacted the construction people a couple of times for advice – they always seemed to get swift replies. It was a reminder that builders merchants have very different prices and different special offers, to chasing round did take some time.
The kit of parts arrived as arranged on a massive lorry which had a fork lift on the back. We were able to place the kit on the drive. It was wrapped in polythene, but we covered if with big plastic sheet from Wickes to keep it dry.
It was not really practical to check the kit of parts (not least because of the rain).
The weather in January was really bad and we were very worried about what would happen during construction. As luck would have it on the first day we had about 7 hours without rain. The two guys worked non-stop and by the end of the day most of the cabin was up. They cut the openings for the two extra windows and these fitted a treat. We checked the parts that were left and found we were missing a couple of bits of guttering and some adhesive, but a call to Tuin meant that these arrived next day. The cabin fitted the base (which I was concerned about) and seemed really solid. On the second day the weather was again marginal, but by the end of the day the job was done and the cabin was weatherproof (except it wasn’t painted.)
We were really pleased. We had some nails and screws and a bit of insulation over.
We would have struggled with the task and would have been concerned about cutting the openings for the windows ourselves.
We have found treating the wood to be quite a task (only because we are not used to hard work) and on reflection we should have obtained more professional advice.
It would have been fun to put the cabin together ourselves as a summer project, but we were glad we had employed professionals. It would have taken us a long time. We were really glad we had the extra windows and the slightly lower window position so we can see out while sitting on a chair. It makes the cabin light and bright – and we have a great view out of the rear window. I hope you can tell from the report that we were really, really pleased with Tuin and the quality of the people and the product !
Aug 8, 2015
Brilliant log cabin. Excellent quality wood. looks brilliant. great service from tuin.
Steve Brook
Jul 19, 2015
Very good quality cabin at a fair price. Exceptional support from Tuin UK when needed. Delivery was well planned and well executed. You will need one or two strong helpers but if base is level it goes up easily - watch out for: Get logs under/over windows and door right first time(!); Assembling doors for this cabin is a carpentry challenge but when done correctly they work well. Limited instruction in the pack means e-mails to Tuin unavoidable but instant answers on a Sunday. Take care on shingle placement - I was one pack short. A brilliant cabin, very happy with the result and with Tuin.
Mar 6, 2015
Great cabin. I am very practical and a good carpenter but it is not as easy to erect this log cabin as they make it sound.
Good luck!!!!
Ian Watts
Jan 29, 2015
An excellent product which arrived last Wednesday and is already gracing my garden. The order process was straightforward wuth plenty of good communication and Marc, the delivery driver, did a great job of delivery what was a huge pallet, via our very narrow lane.
Michael Kearney
Jan 29, 2015
I bought this cabin after helping a friend with one he bought from Tuin. These are superb quality, even if you ignore the rediculously low price for what you are getting.
Some have criticised the instructions, but they are so easy to construct if you lay out all the logs by size first.
The team at Tuin are uber helpful and friendly. If you are looking for a cabin or any timber outbuilding, I would recommend these 100% every time.
karel kuhler
Dec 13, 2014
Order and delivery good.The quality of the cabin and price excellent. Plan for the assembly of the doors and frame difficult to work out.
Mr. Paul Johnston
Dec 3, 2014
Staff so helpful when ordering, and arranging delivery was so easy. Was worried the lorry would struggle to get to my house but the driver was great and managed to move the cabin with his forklift exactly where I wanted it. Now it's in my garage where I am appling the preservative before I hopefully have a dry day to build it. All the wood / doors windows top quality.
Jo Lloyd
Sep 10, 2014
4 stars for us. This is a great cabin and fantastic quality. The only down side are the instructions for erection. The team pre delivery are great and very helpful – even delivering to France. Delivery team great too. After sales is by way of email at the weekends and the replies are almost immediate so that’s great too. The erection instructions are very very basic and rely on you having some knowledge or previous experience. We learnt a great deal from Richard as we experienced problems – it would have be even better if this information and tips came before the problems arise. So overall great product and service.
Mr. Thomas Glyn
Jun 26, 2014
I am delighted with the quality of my log cabin, it is good value for money and Tuin customer services were excellent at all times. I would like to thank Karen and Richard in particular for dealing with my order professionally and with great efficiency at all times. I will recommend Tuin to my friends if they are looking to purchase this type of product. I would like to say that the instructions could be clearer but this is a minor issue as the log cabin build is almost self explanatory.

Best Regards

tom wagstaff
Jan 7, 2014
The Blackpool cabin is exceptionally high quality, finished to a really high standard and fitted together very quickly. I would recommend this cabin to anyone and am very happy with it for the price I paid. I had a few issues with the cabin whilst building it, but contacted Tuin who quickly responded and sorted the problems out without any fuss. i would recommend using them for both their quality of building materials and there response to help out with any issues i had.
John Mitchell
Aug 5, 2013
Excellent product, excellent service and very straightforward to erect. I really appreciated the telephone advice from Richard to build the base. Once we got that right, the cabin went up very quickly. The finished product is extremely impressive!
Lisa Cove
Apr 23, 2013
Delighted with this product and service. Very good value for money. Would like to buy another one!