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Bjorn Log Cabin 3x2.6m

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Nicholas Ramsay
Jan 14, 2024
This was the first log cabin we purchased from Tuin this year. Very pleased with the quality and service received. The engineering is excellent and it went together very easily. Looks fantastic and in my view represented good value for money. I did consider making my own but when the costs were within £50 decided not to. I am very pleased I went this route. I would recommend this product to my friends. There was one item damaged on the delivery but Tuin had already spotted this and had included the replacement part in the delivery so we didn't incur any delays. Well done and thanks.
Mr. David Jones
Nov 6, 2023
Great log cabin and very good customer service and delivery. Would use again.
Mr. Ian Susans
Jul 12, 2023
Fantastic! delivery on time and driver delivered it to the door. Easy to put together following the online video was easier than the instructions. from delivery arriving I put the fist layers together and was up to the roof height in around 3 hours, including moving all the parts from the delivery point to the rear of the house. First class product, first class service.
Campbell Logan
Feb 28, 2023
Very pleased with the cabin. Tuin were very professional from initial order through to delivery. Assembly requires medium DIY skills but went together very well and looks great. It's a quality product at a great price. Would definitely buy from Tuin again. Highly recommended!
Mr. Gareth Jones
Sep 19, 2022
The advice and help with selecting this cabin was very good, i was considered that it was being delivered on a large lorry, but there was no problem and the driver arrived on his for lift placing the kit on the drive. The instructions where very easy to follow and the kit went together easily, top top we painted the outside as it went up, saves time later. Fabulous product and very efficient service, thank
Mr. Paul Mellor
Aug 4, 2022
Great design, robust and very easy to assemble.
Delivery was a problem due to the size of the pallet.
The articulated lorry had to stop at our local service station and then we had to find a way of getting it home.
Jul 15, 2022
Overall the product is good , found few small damages on the wooden pieces,Could be much easier if the drawing and instructions are little more clear .if you could sell treated wood it would be greatly appreciated.
Tuin reply: Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments and we're pleased overall it went ok,

We do have pre-treatment options for our customers to consider, although from our experience most do prefer to do it themself. We hope you get some good use for many years to come
Mr. Chris Elvy
Jul 5, 2022
Very impressed with the build quality of the Bjorn cabin, which aids the easy assembly. Using the supplied wood base frame, it took two of us to assemble in around 4 hours, it took longer to put the roof shingles on. Overall, I would recommend Tuin if all their cabins are as good.
Mr. Mike Rutherford
Nov 2, 2021
Great service and brilliant building....
Very straight forward process in relation to placing my order, there was some delay with a couple of the options that I had chosen but I had really good communication from Tuin about this and choices about how I wanted to resolve things.

Delivery was brilliant, the delivery driver was spot on getting his fork lift down our narrow street which was a big relief!

All the parts were clearly labelled and the process of building was actually really good fun. I put my building on a timber frame and after making sure that was nice and square the building itself went up a treat. I did have a helper but in all honesty could have done the entire thing on my own if I'd had to.

Would definitely recommend and I am very please with the end result!
Mr. Chris Plester
Jun 27, 2020
Fantastic, excellent quality product and great service. Construction was very simple and the pre-made door and window was a great feature. The roofing felt is high quality with plenty of spare. Managed to build and put the roof on in around 5 hours with some help to pass me the parts. The numbered components again a great idea. Very happy indeed exceeded my high expectations- have had many queries from neighbours about where to buy one.
Mr. Nigel Thomas
Dec 13, 2019
I have not erected the log cabin yet but I would like to say a few words. The help I got from customer services was excellent, every question I had was answered quickly, politely and accurately. The driver who delivered the log cabin was very helpful and polite. So far I am very pleased with the whole experience.
Suzanne Bellamy
Dec 12, 2019
We found the build to be straightforward even though the instructions are lacking a few pictures with many detail items missing and short descriptions, we worked around this by looking at photos of other builds. The quality of both the wood used and the fit and finish are first rate and are to be highly commended. We purchased a second smaller extension due to the quality of the cabin. The delivery driver was fantastic a real joy to deal with, a thumbs up for everyone involved from us
Mr. Michael Kimbriel
Aug 19, 2019
If you're looking for a truly high quality professionally engineered spruce interlocked system for a log cabin, don't look any further. Easy instructions in paper form and on-line. It was the website and detailed video guides that sold me, and I'm a thrilled customer. If I had the space I would buy another larger one in a heartbeat.
Mr. David Hunt
Feb 11, 2019
Tuin was recommended to me by a relative who was impressed with his log cabin.

I found the website informative and helpful when choosing the Bjorn.

The order process was straightforward and communication adequate with confirmation of the order and notification of delivery date.

The delivery went smoothly with the log cabin dropped off by fork-lift efficiently with the contents well protected and undamaged.

Unpacking revealed good quality materials which took some sorting out, aided by an informative component specification list. Nothing was missing.

Construction diagrams were useful although it would have been helpful to show the fitting of the fascia boards. That said, there is a superb video on the Tuin website showing a complete log cabin build, with tips on problems, which I successfully followed. I managed the build single handed without problem although a larger cabin would require a helping hand.

I am pleased with the service, quality of the product and website assistance and have already recommended Tuin to a neighbour.
Mr. Roger Attrill
Aug 13, 2018
Our entire experience with the Bjorn Log Cabin from Tuin has been excellent from start to finish - and beyond. The website has so much useful information on it, we were able to be prepared for anything on the project.

Delivery of the log cabin was quick, painless and expertly done. The driver was ahead of schedule so called to ask if he could deliver early evening rather than the next morning which was fine. The load was placed on our driveway as there was no suitable rear access, and I spent the evening unpacking and moving all parts round the back where I was able to sort and stack all the pieces on another raised deck.

Sorting all the parts was definitely a good idea, firstly to check the contents (fine), secondly to familiarise myself with all the parts prior to assembly, and thirdly to identify logs with cracks. Cracks and knots are not a problem, but given the choice I would put such logs on the less visible sides of the cabin. I had big dust sheets to cover and protect the parts from the weather during the project. April's usually a wet month, but with a few overnight showers, I was luck to have a clear run at construction.

The roof takes a LOT of nail hammering, and conscious of neighbours with young children I didn't work late into the night! We opted for the free shingles - black and square. These are surprisingly heavy packs so beware when lifting. I was methodical with the shingle installation - watching the videos on the website and copying exactly. I had got two tubes of shingle glue, but in the end used it only for helping to secure the ridge tiles. Shingles also take an awful lot of nailing! I was trying to ensure I wasted as little as possible in the way of offcuts, but needn't have worried about having enough tiles - there was about 3/4 of a pack left by the time I was done, so they'll be good for the rabbit hutch! Don't forget to leave enough overlap at the bottom edges for the rain to run off neatly.

Under the floor I put a big double layer of 1200 gauge damp proof course which I folded up the wall slightly. I left a 5-10mm gap all the way round the boards. By the time the skirting board was on there was a good protection from moisture and insects. There was enough spare skirting and floor boards to exclude knots and cracks from the top surface. I pre-calculated the best places to cut the wood for optimizing waste for this purpose, but if you're lucky with the wood you may not need to worry. I cut every 3 boards so as to make 4 lengths spanning the shorter dimension of the cabin.

I thought I was nearly done, but painting is a mammoth job. I didn't get paint from Tuin - opting for Sadolin Superdec Opaque Satin from my local Crown Trade Centre which is high in solids and ends up about 30 to 35 microns per coat. I used an extremely liberal coat of Sadolin wood preserver, inside and out, floor, walls and roof - and that took about 5 litres. For the colour scheme I painted doors, windows and exposed roof outside, and the walls and roof of the inside in Old English White. For the floor inside I used two coats of a slate gray wood stain which contrasts nicely and doesn't show the dust and dirt too badly. The exterior walls I did in Limestone Blue. I did two coats which took about 6 litres of white and 5 litres of blue. This is a seriously soul destroying task painting the whole of the inside and out in a total of three coats (including wood preserver).

That tip about painting the window - much to my dismay while lifting up the window to paint the frame at one point that it just fell off the hinges and on to the ground scratching the exterior logs on the way. Not realizing how the window hinges work would be my only gripe with the whole project. Luckily no glass was broken and I was able to sand out the scratches and the paint made them vanish. Close call - disaster averted! Of course once I discovered this, it was much easier to paint the window!

Around the outside of the cabin I laid paving slabs with a grey 2x3 inch exterior treated wood painted slate gray on the outside edge creating a 'moat' around the cabin which I filled with 20mm flamingo decorative pebbles which get darker when wet. The

The end result looks amazing, visitors are jealous, and we are very proud owners. I have a strong bond with the cabin having done everything myself, so I'm especially proud. We went to such effort because the cabin is visible in our garden from every window at the rear of the house so we look at it a lot. It needed to be nice to look at. The style of the cabin and the beach hut colour scheme is just lovely to see every time we look into the garden or sit out there. It's really the major feature of our garden and we're extraordinarily happy with it. And as an added bonus there's a big space inside to keep things in.
Mrs. Lorraune Egan
Jul 9, 2018
I was very pleased with Tuin's support from placing order to & including after care service.
Delivery was on time - no problem getting the large delivery to our door.
The cabin fitted together very well all up within 3 days (1 man) the finishing touches took a little longer, but we are extremely pleased with the final finish & the way everything fitted so well..
We didn't order guttering, but decided it did need it, however no fascia boards were supplied, but there was plenty of wood left over to use.
We have treated it as instructed & hope to get many years use.
(everyone has commented on how good it looks & how well designed it all is - they can't believe everything was supplied & fitted so easily)
J Auburn
Jun 26, 2018
Good service all round, delivery driver excellent, could not be more helpful, also very happy with log cabin
Mr. Robin Dunkley
Feb 27, 2018
i ordered my Bjorn log cabin after reading all the reviews on the product, ordering was easy to do and when it came to delivery i couldn't have been better, the driver contacted me and booked delivery for 7.00am, it was still dark, but bang on time the cabin arrived with the driver positioning it on my drive exactly where i wanted it to go.
assemble was great fun and really easy to do, (We had spent a lot of time ensuring that the base we built was perfectly level and square), we did buy the composite profiled foundation
beams as well. we put the cabin up in just under 2 days and it looks fantastic, with insulation under the floor it does feel warm inside, I have to paint the outside with the preservative but the cabin is now in use as a workshop and I am very pleased with the end result
Mr. Barrie Stubbs
Nov 23, 2017
Being sceptical at purchasing a summer house online without being able to inspect was something I was concerned about. Taking a calculated gamble I purchased the Bjorn summer house, firstly because of size requirement and secondly price.
However my concerns have been ill founded. The customer service has been outstanding even a query email reply on a Sunday night.Prior to delivery I was rang by a guy from Holland informing me of delivery schedule. on deĺivery day the Dutch driver rang informing me of expected time.
The Bjorn summer house was well constructed, and easy to assemble (after following instructions a helpful videos).
Overall 10 out of 10
Shanta chavda
Jul 24, 2017
We ordered bjorn log cabin.we got someone to put it up it took him two days .it was straight forward with instructions.We were very pleased with the product.
Mr. Harold Lawrence
Jun 20, 2017
This is the second Tuin Cabin I have bought.
They are good value for money, delivery is well planned and they keep you informed.
Staff are polite and helpful.
If you need an option, (extra window) call as web site not clear.
Do they do bespoke cabins? Not sure
Overall first class.
Robert Simpson-Jones
Jun 16, 2017
The order wentry smoothly we were updated regulary. The delivery was great couldn't fault it, the driver was so helpful and took care of the delivery. The product was good and built it within a couple of days, the instructions could be a lot better, we had to go to YouTube to get guidance. Overall very happy with the service and willing to buy again if needed
George findlay
Dec 20, 2016
The cabin was delivered with no problems,
I laid out the parts and my son and I erected it in eight hours.
It was so easy to put together,basically a Lego kit.
It is of a good quality and I believe a great deal for the price.
I would recommend this product to anyone, well done Tuin
Mr. Robert Goodwin
Dec 9, 2016
Now that my Bjorn has been up for several months I am prepared to make a comment about the experience I had building it. Generally it was very easy, I just followed the instructions and did it all on my own. The only slightly confusing bit was a piece of wood that turned out to be the window cill for inside the cabin, it wasn't obvious to me. I am well pleased with the ease and quality of the cabin and just wish I had more room for a much larger one but this one will last me for the next twenty years or more. Well pleased with my purchase.
Mark Howells
Nov 7, 2016
Delivery was on time and the delivery guy was very helpful.
I am delighted with the quality of the product, so much more sturdy than the average shed.
The instructions delivered with the cabin were adequate and the information online excellent. I made a mistake in not having the wood pre-treated. But that just cost me time and money!
The build was straightforward; it took my son and I about 8 hours to get the main structure up. It was very satisfying work and we both had a great weekend.
If I ever need a garden building again I'll be back to Tuin.
Mr. Gordon Teasdale
Oct 17, 2016
Very good value for money and no problems to erect whent to gether no trouble.
Mr. Andrew Rendell
Oct 9, 2016
I am delighted with my log cabin. The joints were all perfectly cut and only a couple of the "logs" had a very slight bend to them which straightened nicely when assembled, so it was an easy job for two of us to erect it over a weekend (we are reasonably experienced DIY-ers).

I put the door and window the other way around to the way it looks in the pictures/plans, so my door is on the right as you look from outside, that was very simple to do with this design.

The video was really helpful, we watched it through once before starting and then watched the roofing section again when we came to that.

We have a couple of floorboards and shingles left over, so there were enough supplied in case we'd messed up and wasted some.

I can't think of anything that could have been done better, we had no need to seek help, so can't comment about that.
Nick Carter
Aug 19, 2016
Most impressed with the quality of this cabin and the professional way that the ordering and delivering was carried out.Did run out of roof tiles but luckily had some left from a previous cabin but apart from that everything was fine.If I were to design this cabin I would raise each side by one log and drop apex height slightly therefor making it possible to open door fully.Would recommend this company for anyone else who is thinking of buying a log cabin
Mr. barry aitken
Jul 18, 2016
Purchased this cabin and totally delighted with it something worth the wait
Mr. Richard Emerson
Jun 4, 2016
Order - placed the order online and was kept up to date regularly on progress.
Delivery - received a call from the haulier who advised delivery date a week in advance so getting time off work was easy. On the delivery day I received a call from the driver when he was 30mins away. As I live on a quiet narrow cul-de-sac the articulated lorry parked at the end and the de-mountable forklift delivered the product to my drive. The driver was very friendly and helpful.
Unpacking - can be daunting as there are lots of parts but read the instructions and all is fine.
Building - built the body and fitted the roof panels and shingles on my own in 2 days. Floor took 2 evenings. I treated the wood with Sikkens as I built the cabin.

Overall very happy customer!
Mr. William Jones
Jan 25, 2016
I haven't started building the cabin yet, and plan to send in further feedback on the build, but I have had it delivered and opened the pack up. The first thing that really stands out about Tuin is the customer service. I have had several communications with the company, and each time they have replied quickly, courtiously and most importantly of all, have answered my questions fully and with plenty of extra helpful information.

I live in a place where I could in no way expect delivery to my property, there is no hard surface within 100m of my house, only a path with posts resricting access to vehicles, so I was expecting the delivery to be dropped by the road some 400m away. However, the forklift managed to negociate the driveway, and I cannot, to this day understand how, as there are cars parked all the way along and it is difficult enough getting a small car through, yet when I got the knock at the door, the forklift was right next to the grass. That driver saved me a full day of moving the wood, and thanks to him, the job only took an hour.

Finally, on opening the package, the quality of the wood and the machining, quite simply shines through. Everything they write on the site, in telling you the difference between their products and the cheaper versions is not only true, but quite frankly, they are underselling themselves.

I would not reccomend any other company over this, 5 stars without any hesitation.
Mr. Dave Trew
Oct 22, 2015
The product is of excellent quality and looks great. Two people put it together over a couple of days but it was relatively easy to build. All parts and instructions were included so no problems were experienced. I particularly like the shingles on the roof giving it a really authentic cabin feel. We have not yet treated the wood and it has only been up for a few days. However, I think we will treat it sooner rather than later in order to protect the timber.
Mr. Hugh Swan
Jun 4, 2015
Quality cabin for the money, delivered on time with great communication, had it up in 1 day and fitted the roof the next, I would highly recommend this company to anyone, there are others to buy from but these people really know there stuff and its a quality product.
Mr. Michael Wood
Jan 28, 2015
My Bjorn Log Cabin was delivered on the day I requested,the driver was very helpful and put the pallet exactly where I requested.The timbers were very well protected and could have been left outside. I sorted out the timbers into piles of the different sizes marked on the plan.It took less than a day to erect with the help of my son who is a carpenter.It went together very easily and fitted exactly how I needed it to between two other out buildings using the guttering of one building to share with the cabin so the height had to be exactly what it said on the plan! It took me a whole day to fit the shingles on my own but look fantastic.The pallet that the cabin turned up on was very big so I cut it up and used it all in my wood burner which was a bonus!
Mr. Robert Jones
Sep 23, 2014
After some confusion about the delivery it arrived on the day in the evening. I thought it was good value for money, and looks good now it is up. I have marked it down only a couple of log timbers were split which I had to repair and following the instructions I ran out of shingles by four and had to buy my own ridge cover having said that I had to many floor boards. The instructions could have been a little better but at 73 I still managed to get it up in three days on my own. thanks
Mr. Tim Read
Dec 5, 2013
Great cabin, good quality, easy to install. Very satisfied with my purchase especially at sale price. Good support when I asked about my base, easy to deal with.
Nov 4, 2013
Excellent product 1st class service from all at tuin. Log cabin looks amazing , very pleased would recommend.
Jul 29, 2013
Very good quality log cabin - excellent value for money. Product accompanied by knowledgeable and personalised customer service. I would recommend without hesitation.