Bayern Double Door Storage Shed

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Keith Kinsella
May 31, 2022
Though there was quite a delay between order and delivery, the shed components arrived on a pallet on the day promised. The outline provided was reasonably clear but it did take me a while to figure out the specific placement of the several similar looking but different parts [roof/floor/side/back, etc. But once I'd got the picture, the process of erecting the shell was reasonably simple, even single handed. The challenge was moving the more or less fully erected shell of the building into the tight space between the edge of the house and garden gate, before finishing off installing the doors. Because the shed is not on a level concrete base, the doors didn't swing true, so I've had to take something off the bottoms of the doors, and fiddle a little with spacers under the edges of the floor. But with internal shelving installed and loaded, everything has now settled down and the doors are working satisfactorily. I'm impressed with the overall quality of the product and design and it's a pleasure to see a good looking timber product replacing the previous rather ugly plastic shed that was there before. Well worth the money!
Mr. Stu Bendall
Nov 17, 2021
The quality of the product is absolutely brilliant, I guess you are paying a premium for this as other manufactures do offer similar units considerably cheaper. Having received it I'm more than happy to have paid this premium.

Good instructions and very easy to put up, I managed it on my own but with two people it would have been quicker and easy.

The only downside was the delay in delivery and the constant 'it's coming next week', I would have preferred to be told it will be a month away but it will be with you. Having said that the customer service was excellent and I'd have no issue using Tuin again. Thanks You
Mrs Osborne
May 18, 2021
Very pleased with my purchase. Good quality
Marlene Hervey
Oct 1, 2019
Really good quality product I was quite anxious to buy this wardrobe because some of the mixed reviews that had been written about it but now that our double door shed is installed , I can confirm that it is of good sturdy quality and that the instructions to put it together are very clear and straight forward. A bit pricier than alternative products on the market but it is a really nice looking shed and the quality is great. So well worth paying the extra
Dr. Andrew Watson
Oct 14, 2018
well constructed and a useful height. Assembly with two persons was straightforward.
Mr. Kevin C
Jul 24, 2018
Nice product, that assembled quite easily. Although you need to be careful that everything is square as you go along. Also, there were no instructions in the delivery, so I needed to figure a few things out myself
Apr 9, 2016
Very good quality shed. Easy to put up (took about 3 hours including painting). Excellent communication.
Miss. Bridget Yendell
Aug 10, 2015
I like it very much. Delivery turned out to be much less of a problem than I thought thanks to the help of a strong neighbour. The delivery man was as helpful as he could be. A friend put it up for me, and the only problem was not realising until it was erected about the corner reinforcements, by which time it was too late to put them on because the shed is against a wall. Nice looking and seems sturdy. Good value. One of the hinges is corroded.
Mr. David Bedford
Mar 4, 2015
The shed arrived without the fixing kit, but staff were very helpful and was resolved.