Anja 28mm Log Cabin 2.95 x 2.0m

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Jun 16, 2023
Excellent quality timber and joinery of all the pieces. I am very happy with the finished product. Relatively straightforward to assemble; the technical drawing that comes with the kit is the most accurate and instructive; as some of the other instructions are not that explanatory. Anyone with some basic DIY skills should find it easy enough to assemble, though like all things in life, if you had to do it a 2nd time, you would find it more straightforward. Tuin are very good at getting back with guidance if you need it. The roof shingles are also easy to apply and look good. Bear in mind if you live in an outer London postcode e.g. Middlesex, you won't get free delivery (not sure why this is as no more traffic in the suburbs than there is in some other cities). Another item of tools you will need are some alum keys of at least 2 different sizes to adjust the hinges on the door. The most important thing to get right is to ensure that the foundation beams are horizontal and the corners are square; otherwise you will encounter problems with laying the logs and fitting the door.
Miss. Elizabeth Ott
Aug 15, 2022
We were so pleased to receive our log cabin which came all compact and brilliantly packed on the day and time promised. The cabin went together so easily and is of very good quality. The free roof tiles were a great idea. Once it was completed it looked amazing!!
Mr. Philip Bailey
Aug 7, 2022
Delivery was fine and on time.
I think the installation instructions for the specific produce need rewriting and made much more detailed. The translation from Dutch is inadequate. Its all right saying you have to review this and that video but it would be much easier if the instructions were all in one place. Throughout the website there was a constant repetition that there is no need to worry about bowed planks because the weight of the ones on top will straighten them. This may work for planks at the bottom but it certainly doesn't work for those near the top.
May 13, 2022
Ms. Jacqueline Gillard
Apr 14, 2022
We picked Tuin following a recommendation and the Anja was the perfect size with double doors to accommodate garden furniture, bicycle plus bits and pieces. Ordering was easy, adding a floor shortly afterwards was simple, with no fuss. We picked our delivery date and it was delivered on time. I treated every piece in the garage with one coat so completely covered and then we put it together. It was fairly easy and we checked the video clips on Tuin’s website for anything we were unsure about and they were great. We bought some felt for the roof for added protection and the shingles look brilliant - easier to fit than we thought. We are very pleased with our purchase and now it has a second coat of treatment it looks exactly how we wanted it to! Wouldn’t hesitate to buy from Tuin again and have already recommended them to friends.
Michael Spoors
Feb 20, 2022
First class log cabin. Delivered when it was supposed to be, all intact and easy to unpack. Cabin went together extremely easily. A very nice product, solidly made and pleasant to look at. Very functional.
Mr. Tim Hughes
Feb 11, 2022
When the wood arrived there seemed to be a massive number of pieces. Once sorted however, and following instructions, my son and I we’re able to assemble the cabin relatively easily. The wood was high quality and all the pieces fitted together tightly. We were delighted with the finished product and it has become an excellent centre piece of our garden.
Mr. Heiner Thiessen
Feb 5, 2022
Top marks for the entire process from order via delivery to assembly. Excellent flow of communication and high tech delivery from the ferry onto my drive at 8:00 in the morning. Clear instructions for assembly. Advice on wood treatment and painting confused me slightly but I have done it all before the weather turned wet in earnest. Gutted when I saw the same log cabin heavily discounted after I had paid. But that is life and does not change my positive experience. Rating button does not work 5/5
Ms. Jan Newman
Dec 5, 2021
Bought this cabin as site unseen but on the recommendation of a friend
What a brilliant cabin all the wooden planks were in great condition, I could not find fault with any of the components including the free shingles.
Delivery by the Dutch haulage company was on time all in all a very satisfying experience
Mr. Daryle preston
Nov 26, 2021
I have used Tuin a couple of times and am very pleased with the product the quality is very good and Tuin are very helpful.
James Rose
Jan 23, 2021
A good ordering process and a very efficient delivery. The product was well packaged so no pieces could go astray and it looks to be of an excellent quality.
Jo Stephens
Nov 27, 2020
Delivery was well organised and efficient. It took my builder husband an hour and a half to carry the kit to its location at the top of our garden, but by the end of the day he had the roof and doors on, despite not really understanding the printed instructions. Online videos helped a lot. Shingles took another day and a half. We live in a very exposed location so he went over the top on the glue and we also bought the storm kit. Can’t wait to come out of this lockdown so we can entertain friends in it.
Ms. Linda and Natalie Hill
Nov 2, 2020
Lovely cabin would recommend
Delivery could have been better they forgot to send the internal floor which caused delays with fitting
Now painted and electric in just got to landscape a
No furnish it now for next summer can not wait
Only thing I would say is do not book installation until your sure you have everything
Anja is just a nice size really sweet
Shelley Norton
Sep 29, 2019
The cabin went up like a giant lego house with almost every piece fitting perfectly together. It is excellent quality with thick sturdy walls and we expect it to be the focal point of the garden for many years to come. Many thanks Tuin, we have recommended you to everyone we know!