Selma Log Cabin Gazebo 5.8m x 3.5m

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Mr. Geoffrey Hills
May 29, 2020
Where do I begin, when I discovered that the window opened inwards I thought it must be a mistake, but no even though when open it is over half the width of the cabin design error or bad design. the solution according to tuin is to buy another window to replace it. NO CHANCE. even the window stay would have to fit on the outside WHAT A JOKE. Usual problem with post supports 3 useable 1useless still waiting for replacement. Roof shingles we didn't get what we asked for and the ones we received turned out to be 2 different colour styles, would have been nice to have been informed. Still trying to get building to stand up straight even though it is sitting on a reinforced concrete base and yes it is level and flat. Open end wall being supported by 4inch square post trying to get the twist out of the banana logs, so all in all not a happy bunny would NOT recommend Selma log cabin. This is the second cabin we have had(summer house) and it will be the last, not just because of cabin itself but the lack of help when asked for, check your Emails
Geoffrey Hills