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Garden Hardware range.  Anything you could possibly need to start and finish any garden project.  

The post anchors are very popular and are designed for all our products, gazebos, arches, carports etc in either adjustable models, spike or screw down.

Much of the smaller items are priced to be ordered with a main product order.  If you require just a single item please contact us. Some items can only be purchased in bulk.

We do NOT take any payment or deposit until delivery of your Garden Hardware is arranged.


Garden Heaters And Lights
Garden Heaters And Lights
7 products
Post Anchors
Post Anchors
13 products
Garden Ironwork
Garden Ironwork
28 products
7 products
Locks and Latches
Locks and Latches
14 products
Screws, Nails and Bolts
Screws, Nails and Bolts
11 products



Weed Control Matting
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 33.0050

Weed control matting for the suppression of weed. This is very useful under Log Cabins if you are not using a traditional concrete or paving slab base. Available in Seven sizes from 50cm wide up to 525cm, all of them are 100m in length. This weed matting acts by letting through water but suppressing weed growth.

Price: £49.28 , Save £11.24
Adjustable Post Support - LARGE
(3 Reviews)  
Cat No: 7.12500

Adjustable post support suitable for holding posts that need occasional adjustment due to expansion or contraction or uneven surface. Recommended for log cabins with canopies supported by posts or for other garden buildings projects such as our Larch garden buildings

Price: £49.14 , Save £9.54
Extra Secure Stainless Steel Lock
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0264

Keep your Log Cabin secure with this Stainless Steel cylinder lock - Given the Extra Secure name by the manufactures ensuring security as it's harder to break them with the aluminium shields.

Price: £52.63 , Save £12.13
Metal Roof Finial For Garden Buildings
(84 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.1111

Metal finials for garden buildings in square, hexagonal, ocatagonal and rectangle finials in black metal. An optional brass ball is also available.

Gate Antique Style Hinge Set
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0221

Antique style garden gate hinge set complete.  

Price: £56.60 , Save £13.06
Concrete Foundation Post
(2 Reviews)  
Cat No: 1.58310

Concrete foundation for when you want to support posts such as with our log cabins, gazebos, fencing or larch garden buildings. Many other uses including foundations for a timber frame base for log cabins or other garden buildings/structures. Three types are available.

Garden Gate Antique Style Hinge Set
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0220

Antique style garden gate hinge set complete.  Two 60cm hinges

Price: £59.72 , Save £13.78
Stainless Steel Door Lock
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0259

Stainless steel door lock with built in cylinder lock.  Complete with front and rear cover plates.

Price: £65.89 , Save £15.20
Door Lock
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 39.0258

Door lock with a rosette.  This is for setting in within a door, when installed correctly only the rosettes will show.  Made from Stainless Steel

Price: £66.05 , Save £15.24
Out of Zone 1 Large Item Delivery
(27 Reviews)  
Cat No: VRUK1

Within Zone 1 of our delivery maps all the log cabins and saunas are delivered FREE. Unfortunately out of these zones we do have to charge extra.

Easy Roofing Membrane
(3 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.9988E

A highly unique product taking all of the problems away associated with felting a roof. No nails are used. No heat is needed to be applied. This product is simply stuck on. It has a 15 year life expectancy if applied correctly. Very Quick and Very Easy. Each roll is 1.0m x 5.0m and can be applied in any direction meaning a lot less waste.

100% superior to felt with a life span in-excess of 15 Years

Price: £106.37 , Save £44.13
Metal Gate Frame
(10 Reviews)  
Cat No: 11.5080

Metal gate frame which then has timber as you require added to it. We can supply any timber you require. With this system an extremely strong gate can be made. Includes adjustment hinge. The spigot is an optional item. A great way to create a security heavy duty gate. Available in Nine Sizes.

Price: £84.30 , Save £19.45
Complete Cylinder Lock Set for Larch Braced Doors
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 42.7963

This complete black and stainless steel locking set is the ideal locking system for the Larch/Douglas braced doors. Two sizes are available for the two doors available.

Metal Gate Frame Lock Housing
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 11.5500

Metal Gate Frame Lock Housing. This is the perfect start for your home made gate as it can be used with any type of Garden Timber, an extremely strong addition to your garden, available in one size this comes with a housing for a Lock and is made from Galvanised Steel.

Price: £128.73 , Save £29.71
Garden Building Heater
(6 Reviews)  
Cat No: 31.5002

Heat from above! A Ceiling mounted heater, great for your log cabin canpoies or gazebo, or in fact any garden building or space you need some quick heat into. Not for indoor use.

Price: £161.12 , Save £26.62
Garden Building Wall Heater
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 31.5001

Garden Building Wall Heater, a very easy and quick way to give yourself some heat in your gazebo or perhaps a log cabin, your always one click away from some quick heat.

Price: £187.15 , Save £43.37
Garden Building Guttering 100mm
(2 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.5540

Guttering kits for any garden buildings and is ideal for our log cabin. Sets and parts are available for one side, two sides and four sided roofs. This guttering is 100mm and is suitable for the larger buildings.

Log Cabin Skylight Vent
(11 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.2035

Have you a need for more light in your log cabin? You don't want to add extra windows but what about in the roof? Our skylight opening roof vent is designed specifically for sheds, summerhouses, and log cabin roofs. Infact any garden building roof and is perfect for letting in addtional light through the roof. The roof vent / Skylight measures 500mm x 500mm.

Price: £185.99 , Save £39.00
Windows for Log Cabins - Single Glazed
(9 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.2003

Windows available for any log cabin with a log thickness of 28mm up to 45mm with single glazed glass.

Garden Building Radiant Heater
(2 Reviews)  
Cat No: 31.5007

Garden Building Radiant Heater, this high tech water resistant heater is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, available in one size of 23x109cm.

Price: £331.03 , Save £121.71
Windows for Log Cabins - Double Glazed
(16 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.2023

Windows available for any log cabin with a log thickness of 28mm up to 70mm with double glazed glass.

Garden Patio FreeStanding Heater
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 31.5006

Garden Patio FreeStanding Heater, A feature in its own right, this heater is free standing and  perfect for Garden buildings and Patios,

Price: £435.77 , Save £120.03
Doors for Log Cabins up to 45mm
(7 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.2014R

A range of doors suitable for any manufacturer of log cabin up to a log thickness of 45mm, the glazing is single glazed. These can all be retrofitted in to your log cabin. They can also be used in any garden building and are used within our Larch buildings.  

Doors for Log Cabins up to 70mm - Double Glazed
(4 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.2032L

A range of doors suitable for any manufacturer of log cabin up to a log thickness of 70mm, the glazing is double glazed. These can all be retrofitted in to your log cabin. They can also be used in any garden building and are used within our Larch buildings.  

Price: £514.42 , Save £145.55
Gas Pyramid Patio Heater
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 31.5000

Made entirely from stainless steel this pyramid gas patio heater will warm the coldest of night. A real flame fills the glass tube and pushes heat outwards. A stunning focal point.

Price: £495.77 , Save £82.63
Glass Sliding Wall System For Gazebos
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 41.5230

Upgrade your garden Gazebo with the Glass Sliding Wall System, a stylish solution to guard you from the wind while still soaking up the sunlight.

Made from 10mm safety glass, with each panel having a width of 98cm. The Glass Sliding Wall System is available in Three Sets of varying amounts.

Price: £1,733.45 , Save £288.91