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We have over Two Hundred standard log cabins to choose from in a variety of log thicknesses from 19mm up to 70mm for a multitude of purposes and uses. All of these range in styles and shapes, from modern styles, to corner cabins for all garden sizes and shapes. Our multiroom range is also increasing - See our thicker log cabins or use our product filter to find these multiroom Log Cabins.

Our Standard Features :

  • FREE* Delivery up to 14 Working Days on in stock cabins
  • Great Prices - and only our own products
  • No Pine / Spruce Mix
  • Conical tongue and groove wall logs.
  • Wind and Watertight corner connections on 90° corners
  • Slow grown Spruce
  • Dutch and German Quality
  • Snow loading: (110 - 140 kg/m.sq)
  • Tongue and Grooved Spruce Roof boards
  • Pressure treated Foundations
  • IKO felt / FREE shingles / Standard Shingles
  • Moisture Content of 14%
  • Full Accessory Range
  • Expert and Knowledgeable Advice.

We do NOT take any payment until the week before your chosen week of delivery.


Daisy Log Cabin 3.5 x 2.5m
92 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.72661

The 40mm double glazed Daisy Log Cabin. This building measures 3.5m x 2.5m and is below 2.5m in height.

Ideal for UK gardens and great for use as a small garden office or as a summerhouse

Price: £2,268.40 Save £437.14
Rianne Log Cabin 5x2.5m
26 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.7027PL

The Rianne Log Cabin Measuring overall 5x2.5m in 28mm interlocking logs and integral gazebo, the canopy can be built either to the left or right as required.

Price: £2,294.02 Save £456.88
Aksel Log Cabin 4.0x3.0m
6 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.70371

A transverse log cabin in 28mm interlocking logs, the Aksel features a double door and double window combination in the long side.

Measuring 4.0 x 3.0m, this log cabin is ideal as a craft or hobby room.

Price: £2,229.55 Save £369.78
Asmund Corner Log Cabin 3x3m 28mm logs - 2.5m Height
125 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.07231

The 28mm Asmund Corner Log Cabin measuring 3.0 x 3.0m, an extremely popular model designed to slot perfectly into any corner of the garden. Featuring double doors and two opening windows.  This is very similar to the popular Ingrid corner log cabin but with a height of 2.50m.

This cabin is also available in 40mm logs with double glazing - please see the Emma corner log Cabin

Dyre Log Cabin 4m x 3m
17 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.72201

The 40mm double glazed Dyre log cabin measuring 4m wide x 3m deep.

Double doors in the front with a opening window to the side with a canopy of 40cm.

Price: £2,296.30 Save £415.10
Rosenheim Log Cabin 3.8x3.8m
4 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.7218PL

The 34mm Rosenheim Log Cabin measuring 3.8m wide x 3.8m deep. Double doors and one large opening window both have an arch feature to them. This log cabin has a canopy of 1.30m.

Price: £2,236.33 Save £353.23
Ingrid Corner Log Cabin 3x3m
54 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.07701

The 28mm Ingrid Corner Log Cabin measuring 3x3m, an extremely popular model designed to slot perfectly into any corner of the garden.

Featuring double doors and two opening windows.

Rhon Log Cabin 4.5mx3m in 34mm Logs
2 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.7259

Sleek and contemporary in its modern design - The Rhon Log Cabin measures at 4.5m x 3m and is made from 34mm thick wall logs. The cabin consists of two sections, one with a double door and single glazed window to the side, the other smaller section can be entered by the single solid door.

This cabin can be seen as the modern styled version as our popular Lukas Log Cabin.

Price: £2,409.15 Save £485.90
Riho Log Cabin 3.2x3.2m
5 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.07781

The Riho Log Cabin measures 3.20 x 3.20m and features a front canopy of 1.20m. Manufactured using 40mm interlocking logs.

This log cabin benefits from plenty of natural light with single front window and double front window.

Price: £2,328.15 Save £401.53
Charlotta Log Cabin 7.0x3.0m
7 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.01981

The 28mm Charlotta log cabin with a side gazebo, canopy area which measures 4.0m. Overall the building is 7.00 x 3.00m.

Immersed in a green rot proof treatment as standard.

Price: £2,379.06 Save £425.74
Mega Modern Log Cabin 5.75 x 3m
4 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.07571

A contemporary 28mm flat roof log cabin, the Mega Modern measures 5.75 x 3.0m. Providing both a storage shed and a side porch of 3.75m.

The ideal home for a hot tub!

Price: £2,398.90 Save £440.28
Viktor Log Cabin 7.0 x 4.0m
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.01871

The Viktor is a pent roof cabin, the enclosed cabin is 3.0m x 3.0m with a side canopy of 4.0m. a 1.0m portion juts forward of the main cabin. Overall the Viktor Log Cabin measures 7.0m x 4.0m.

A very unusual and stunning addition for your garden with the offset side canopy making an unusual line.

Price: £2,995.80 Save £1,032.06
Peggie Log Cabin 3.0 x 4.0m
8 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.7284

The 40mm double glazed Peggie Log Cabin. This building measures 3m x 4m and is below 2.5m in height. Ideal for UK gardens.

Substantial 40mm logs, this log cabin could be used as a small garden office with the application of insulation in both the roof and floor.

Price: £2,451.46 Save £459.89
Ove Log Cabin With Side Porch 2.5x3.4m+3.0m
1 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.08811

The eye catching Ove Log Cabin measuring 2.5x3.0m+3.4 m featuring a long side porch and handy storage shed / summerhouse. Overall this building is 5.90 x 3.0m.

Manufactured using 28mm tongue and groove logs for stability and durability.

Price: £2,418.67 Save £422.99
Maja Modern Log Cabin 6.4 x 2.4m
3 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.04101

A contemporary flat roof model in 28mm logs, the Maja Log Cabin features a double door and side canopy of 3.20m. The cabin itself is 3.2 x 2.4m.

Overall the building is 6.60 x 2.40m

Price: £2,425.36 Save £402.26
Lukas Log Cabin 4.5x3m with Adjoining Shed in 34mm logs
71 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.7236PL

34mm Log cabin.  The Lukas with dimensions of 4.5 x 3.0m, a front porch overhang and a very useful adjoining shed storage area of 1.50m wide.

Price: £2,508.60 Save £470.69
Marit Log Cabin Gazebo 4.0 x 4.0m
9 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.07941

An eye catching feature for any garden, the 45mm Marit Log Cabin Gazebo is both smart and practical, measuring 4.0 x 4.0m.

This design provides the perfect shelter for drinks and dining alfresco.

Price: £2,465.37 Save £423.92
Erickson Modern Log Cabin 5.25 x 3.25m
1 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.07491

The Erickson modern log cabin is in 28mm thick wall logs and mearures 5.25m x 3.25m, enjoy the outside while not having to worry about our weather, there is ample room for garden furniture and of course some very nice storage.

Price: £2,401.59 Save £348.92
Inglund Log Cabin 3.8x3.2m
5 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.07681

The Inglund Log Cabin featuring a front canopy and extensively glazed front wall. Perfect as a garden summerhouse, the Inglund measures 3.8 x 3.2m and is constructed using 45mm logs. To the front is a canopy of 1.50m.

Price: £2,564.25 Save £504.98
Konstantin Gazebo Log Cabin 5 x 3.4m
1 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.07561

The Konstantin flat roof open fronted gazebo log cabin. This building is made from 40mm thick logs, measuring 5.0m x 3.40m

Completely open for use as a garden gazebo or shelter. Great for shade or maybe a garden dining area.

Price: £2,493.00 Save £432.31
Arne Log Cabin 4.5x3.5m
6 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.07371

The Arne Log Cabin measuring 4.5 x 3.5m is perfect as a home office.

The extensively glazed front wall and side windows create a bright working space. Manufactured using 28mm Spruce logs.

Price: £2,544.26 Save £462.72
Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m
79 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.7267

The 40mm double glazed Chloe Log Cabin. This building measures 4m x 3m and is below 2.5m in height.

Designed with UK gardens in mind and great for use as a small garden office or as a summerhouse, or as recent trends show - A garden pub!

Price: £2,621.03 Save £539.25
Leipzig Log Cabin 5x4m
43 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.7215PL

The Leipzig 34mm Log cabin. Double door and a double opening window with dimensions of 5.0m x 4.0m with a front porch overhang of 40cm.

Price: £2,624.52 Save £534.11
Soren Log Cabin 3.8x3.8m
12 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.07671

The 45mm Soren Log Cabin with a large front canopy of 1.50m. The building measures 3.80 x 3.80m. Featuring an extensively glazed front wall with double doors and tall fixed windows.

An ideal option for a year round summerhouse.

Price: £2,555.37 Save £443.62
Skyler Log Cabin 5x3.2m
6 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.07221

The 28mm Skyler Log Cabin measuring 5.0 x 3.2m featuring double doors and a large front canopy of 1.0m. With two windows to the front, this log cabin provides a bright and spacious interior.

Price: £2,542.33 Save £425.83
Ulrik Log Cabin 3.8x3.8m Double Glazed
24 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.08801

The Ulrik 45mm double glazed Log Cabin benefits from a 70cm porch area and measures 3.80 x 3.80m. Double doors and a single window to the side of it, both the door and windows can be swapped in their position as required.

This is the UK version of the Ulrik featuring double glazing.

Price: £2,615.13 Save £487.93
Etten Modern Log Cabin with Porch 4.98 x 2.98m
2 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.7199PL

The Etten Modern log cabin measures 4.98m x 2.98m and is made from 28mm wall logs. To the front is a canopy which measures 2.0m.

Price: £2,595.09 Save £435.26
Gunda Log Cabin 4m x 4m
9 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.72211

40mm double glazed Gunda log cabin measuring 4m wide x 4m deep. Double doors in the front with an opening window to the side with a canopy of 400mm.

Price: £2,625.65 Save £460.13
Rose Log Cabin 5x5m
25 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.7232PL

The 34mm Rose Log Cabin measuring 5m wide x 5m deep. Double doors and one large opening window. A large front Canopy of 0.7m.

Price: £2,729.87 Save £511.33
Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m
65 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.72781

The 40mm double glazed Justine Log Cabin. This building measures 5m x 2.5m and is below 2.5m in height.

Ideal for UK gardens and great for use as a small garden office.

Price: £2,880.55 Save £639.47