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We have hundreds of standard log cabins to choose from in a variety of log thicknesses from 19mm up to 70mm for a plethora of purposes and uses. All of these range in styles and shapes, from modern styles, to corner cabins for all garden sizes and shapes. Our multiroom range is also increasing with every year - See our thicker log cabins or use our product filter to find these multi room Log Cabins.

Our Standard Features :

  • FREE* Delivery up to 14 Working Days on in stock cabins
  • Great Prices - and only our own products
  • No Pine / Spruce Mix
  • Conical tongue and groove wall logs.
  • Wind and Watertight corner connections on 90° corners
  • Slow grown Spruce
  • Dutch and German Quality
  • Snow loading: (110 - 140 kg/m.sq)
  • Tongue and Grooved Spruce Roof boards
  • Pressure treated Foundations
  • IKO felt / FREE shingles / Standard Shingles
  • Moisture Content of 14%
  • Full Accessory Range
  • Expert and Knowledgeable Advice.

We do NOT take any payment until the week before your chosen week of delivery.


New Arrivals

Flow Log Cabin 5.95 x 4.0m
16 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The Flow Log Cabin, double glazed and with a side annexe, shed area for storage. Made from 40mm thick logs and measures overall 5.95 x 4.0m.

Enjoy the open and airy space of the main cabin with large full glass doors and windows, toughened glass and double glazed.

Price: £4,798.09 Save £532.08
Wolfgang Log Cabin 5.3x3.0m-4.5m Double Glazed
50 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The Wolfgang Log Cabin with side annexe for storage. Measuring 5.3x3m / 4.5m and built using 45mm double tongue and groove logs.

This version of the very popular Wolfgang Log Cabin and features double glazing and a roof height of 2.5m

Blackpool Log Cabin 4.4 x 3.4m in 58mm logs and Double Glazed
43 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

The 58mm Blackpool Log Cabin measuring 4.40m wide x 3.40m deep. Full frontal glazed with three opening windows.

Double Glazed and is ideally suited as a Garden office or extra accommodation.

Stian Log Cabin 4 x 4m in 58mm logs - Double Glazed
37 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The 58mm Stian Log Cabin measuring 4.00m wide x 4.00m deep. Double glazed with double opening doors which can be placed either side as required.

This log cabin is very popular as a garden office.

Petit Corner Log Cabin 2x2m
32 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The 28mm Petit Corner Log Cabin measuring 2.0 x 2.0m, a popular model designed to slot perfectly into any corner of the smaller garden.

A cabin perfect for the smaller garden. The Petit Log Cabin features the same distinctive roof as the Daniel and Asmund.

Palma Log Cabin 4x4m
44 Reviews  

Delivery: OUT OF STOCK UNTIL 2021

The Palma 34mm Log cabin. Double door with dimensions of 4.0 x 4.0m with a front porch overhang of 70cm.

Uddel Modern Log Cabin 3.8x2.6m
23 Reviews  

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

A Modern Log Cabin, the Uddel measures 3.8 x 2.6m. Made from 28mm wall logs and double doors and a single opening window.

The doors and window position can be swapped at the point of installation, ideal for storing outdoor furniture, toys, barbeques and much more.

Price: £1,999.16 Save £340.21
Annabel Log Cabin 5.0 x 4.0m
20 Reviews  

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

The Annabel log cabin in 40mm thick wall logs. This cabin maybe suitable for use as a garden office or studio with the addition of insulation in the roof and floor.

The cabin measures 5.0m x 4.0m. Double glazed with toughened glass.

Peggie Log Cabin 3.0 x 4.0m
14 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The 40mm double glazed Peggie Log Cabin. This building measures 3m x 4m and is below 2.5m in height. Ideal for UK gardens.

Substantial 40mm logs, this log cabin could be used as a small garden office with the application of insulation in both the roof and floor.

Riina Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m
30 Reviews  

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

The 58mm Riina Corner Log Cabin measuring 3.06 x 3.06m, it benefits from the insulation properties of 58mm logs and double glazing. Featuring double doors and two opening windows.

Designed for people wishing for a small office in their garden or an all year round summerhouse.

Price: £4,184.45 Save £458.88
Nilsson Corner Log Cabin 3.5x3.5m
22 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

Available in 45mm wall logs with double glazing, the Nilsson Log Cabin measures 3.5 x 3.5m. Perfect as a corner summerhouse, this design features double doors and two opening windows.

For that secluded corner of the garden, the Nilsson Log Cabin presents a tranquil, light and spacious hideaway. From the Tuin pentagonal range, this summerhouse is both pleasing to the eye and practical.

Agnes with Shed Annexe 3x4.4m
46 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 12 Weeks

A storage shed and summerhouse in one, the 45mm double glazed Agnes Log Cabin measures 3.0 x 4.4m.

Featuring double doors, two opening windows and separate access door to the shed annexe.

Jackalyn Log Cabin 5 x 4m
26 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The 40mm double glazed Jackalyn Log Cabin. This building measures 5m x 4m and is below 2.5m in height. To the front is a 0.50m canopy, perfect for giving shade to the front of the building.

Ideal for UK gardens and great for use as a small garden office.

Truus Log Cabin 5.95x5m
22 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The 45mm double glazed Truus Log Cabin measuring 5.95m wide x 5.0m deep - to the front is a canopy of 75cm.

Double doors and two large opening windows, the windows are double glazed.

Rome Log Cabin 5x3.2m
39 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The 45mm Double Glazed Rome Log Cabin measuring 5m wide x 3.20m deep. Double doors and large opening double glazed windows with a 0.9m canopy to the front.

Robert Log Cabin 2.6x2m
14 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

An apex roof log cabin, the Robert measures 2.6m x 2m. The perfect heavy duty storage solution in 28mm interlocking logs.

Featuring outward opening double doors.

Price: £1,237.63 Save £154.15
Dyre Log Cabin 4m x 3m
24 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The 40mm double glazed Dyre log cabin measuring 4m wide x 3m deep.

Double doors in the front with a opening window to the side with a canopy of 40cm.

Sigrid Log Cabin With Shed Annexe 3x4.4m
33 Reviews  

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

With an adjoining shed, the Sigrid Log Cabin is both a summerhouse and storage shed. Measuring 3.0 x 4.4m and constructed using 28mm interlocking logs, the Sigrid includes double doors and two opening windows.

Most are attracted to the Sigrid as it provides separate storage and leisure space all within one garden building.

Onyx Log Cabin 2.6x2.2m
27 Reviews  

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

The Onyx Log Cabin Measuring 2.6 x 2.2m in 28mm interlocking logs, a great alternative to the traditional timber framed shed.

Lianne Modern Log Cabin 3x2m
16 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

A stylish and contemporary garden building, the Lianne Modern Log Cabin measures 3.0 x 2.0m. With 28mm wall logs and a single door in the centre.

The Lianne is perfect for storing garden equipment or for use as a summerhouse.

Price: £1,520.52 Save £189.91
Rick Log Cabin 3.0 x 5.95m
18 Reviews  

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

The 40mm double glazed Rick Log Cabin. This building measures 3.0m x 5.95m and is below 2.5m in height.

Ideal for UK gardens and great for use as a small garden office.

Price: £3,450.99 Save £376.91
Newcastle Log Cabin 5.4 x 4.4m 58mm logs and Double glazed
21 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

A substantial log cabin of 5.4m x 4.4m, the Newcastle offers a huge amount of space. Along with 58mm wall logs with double glazing, the Newcastle provides some key features to an all-year round log cabin.

Ideal for use as an office or home gym or even as extra accommodation.

Ulrik Log Cabin 3.8x3.8m Double Glazed
28 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The Ulrik 45mm double glazed Log Cabin benefits from a 70cm porch area and measures 3.80 x 3.80m. Double doors and a single window to the side of it, both the door and windows can be swapped in their position as required.

Jutka Gazebo Log Cabin 6.78 x 6.78m - Double Glazed
17 Reviews  

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

A contemporary flat roof model in 45mm logs.The Jutka is a stunning addition to a corner location. Centrally there is the enclosed log cabin measuring 3.80m x 3.80m and flanked either side are two gazebo areas.

Great for outdoor lounging, relaxing and dining. Being made of 45mm logs with double glazing this could also become your outdoor office. Overall the cabin is 6.78 x 6.78m.

Loya Pent Roof Log Cabin 3.8 x 3m
22 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The Loya 28mm pent roof log cabin measures 3.8 x 3m. It features three quarter glazed doors with a bank of windows to one side which can be placed either side as required during installation.

The Loya log cabin is a practical cabin and an airy cabin- Ideal for use as a small workshop or for storage, of course it would also make a nice summerhouse.

Price: £1,955.06 Save £189.60
Log Garage Geir 3.6 x 5.4m
26 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

45mm double glazed Log Garage Geir measuring 3.6 x 5.4m. Featuring double doors, single pedestrian door and two opening windows.

Suitable for storing one vehicle, providing a great alternative to a brick built garage.

Price: £4,098.73 Save £489.92
Elburg Modern Log Cabin 5x2.5m
20 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The Elburg is a modern style pent log cabin measuring 5 x2.5m. Constructed using 28mm spruce logs. To the side is a covered canopy area.

This Christoffer Log Cabin takes inspiration from the popular pentagonal range. Ideal as a summerhouse or craft room, featuring a set of fully glazed double doors which creates a light and airy interior.  The canopy can be positioned either side as required and is determined at the point of installation.

Price: £1,779.39 Save £221.11
Olson Corner Log Cabin with Shed 7.05m x 3.0m
17 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The 45mm double glazed Olson corner log cabin is a truly multi-function building. It features a main summerhouse area and to one side is a handy shed storage area, to the other side is a gazebo for lounging outside while avoiding our unpredictable weather. Measures overall 7.05m x 3.0m.

Ideally suited to a corner location, the building can be built in the mirror image of that shown.

Bespoke Log Cabin
10 Reviews  


If you cannot find a log cabin that suits your exact needs we can make one for you. Log thicknesses available are 28, 40, 44, 58, 70 and 92mm thick wall logs. Bespoke buildings are only available in Apex, Pent or Flat roof configurations.

Please Note: All of our standard buildings cannot be modified or changed in anyway. They are all made, in stock and available for very quick delivery. Any amendments to a standard building including glass, sizes, is a bespoke building. Addtional doors and windows can though be added. Doors and Windows in a standard building cannot be changed.

Additional Note: To proceed with a bespoke enquiry the first step is for you to send a rough sketch of what you have in mind following the details listed further down the page to


We have had to close our bespoke quoting service at this time, the factory is becoming too overwhelmed with increased demand. We are hoping to re-open this service soon.



Price Varies

Log Cabin Lean to
12 Reviews  

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

A handy lean to porch for your log cabin, ideal for keeping your bicycle dry or even drying logs for your wood burner. The width is 1.50m.

Available in two lengths of 1.75m and 2.75m.