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Ever wondered what sort of company you are dealing with? Based in the United Kingdom, we work alongside our dutch partners. Tuindeco have been supplying a wide range of garden products for almost 30 years. During that period we have grown into an international wholesaler with a worldwide network of dealers.

Founded in 2008 , Tuin has built up to become a formidable member of a growing garden industry. Our range includes more than 3,500 products such as, log cabins, gazebos, garden timber, garden fences and more. Our customer service team are always happy to provide insight to any garden project.

Main Office

Our offices and show site can be found within Brooke, Norfolk. Just a short drive away from Norwich, come take a look at the quality of our timber within our show site or speak directly to a member of staff.

Tuin Showsite and Main Office

Showsite Kennet Log CabinInside the Kennet Log CabinInside the Emma Log CabinInside the Showsite Daniel Log CabinPanneled Building ExampleTuin Forklift DriversTuin Delivery Unloading

Our small show site, it may be small but it contains a lot of information perhaps not found elsewhere with other companies. Please see more information and all the help files here: Tuin Information or on the Tuin Blogs.

Customer Favourites

Funen Log Cabin Gazebo InspirationZuphen Log Cabin InspirationEmma Log Cabin InspirationSummerhouse Interior Inspiration