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Shepherd Hut - 600cm

Shepherd Hut - 600cm
Shepherd hut 600 with the door in the side 600cm Shepherds Hut Spec Sheet Shepherd hut 600 with the door to the front Metal Work Layout Shepherd huts Shepherd hut deluxe Shepherd hut inside Inside the Deluxe Shepherd hut Deluxe Shepherd hut inside Shepherd Hut Chassis installation Shepherd Hut Deluxe Delivery packages Shepherd hut steel wheels and chassis Inside our shepherd hut deluxe Optional Extras For Shepherd Hut 600 - 3D Plans

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Price: £5306.99
Offer Price: £4475.26
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Cat No 40.01821
Delivery Time: 7 - 14 Working Days
European Number: 8715823095219
Dimensions 2.40 x 6.04m
Total Height 3.19m
Eaves Height 1.85m
Cladding 19mm T&G Spruce
Wheels 650mm Diameter
Roof Cladding 18 - 19mm
Floor 18 - 19mm
Supporting Pins 184cm x 373cm
Roof Overhang +-15cm
Windows Two Fixed and Two Tilt and Turn
Door Single Door - Euro lock
Treatment Timber is Untreated
Roof Covering Standard Roofing Felt
Veranda Doors N/A
Kit Supplied flat Packed
Fittings Torx Screws - 2 Bits supplied
Use Only for Static Use
£4,475.26 Including VAT
and FREE Delivery*
Price: £5,306.99, Save £831.73
Save 16%

The largest Shpeherd Hut / Gypsy wagon in the range, this measures in total 2.40 x 6.04m with a single door which can be placed to one length or in either end as required. Ensuring that you use the center, taller, wall panel for a end facing door.  A useful garden building full of character. It features metal wheels, axles and H frame. Loads of room inside for a number of applications.

Most of our customers will add to this structure, lining it, insulating and producing a Garden office, Summer house or accomodation either rented for holiday parks or for private use. The standard model is on show at our Norfolk office.

Use 35mm  - 45mm Celotex (or similar) insulation in the walls and rockwool in the roof to create an office or accomodation. Line very cheaply with pine face plywood in the roof or 8mm pine cladding for the walls. Please also see the reviews as other customers who sell these as a business fully made also have some useful advice.

Our Shepherd Hut 600 measures a compact 2.40m x 6.04m overall.  It is manufactured from 19mm tongue and grooved timber on a timber frame and metal chassis.  Access is gained into the side double doors via substantial steps.

Supplied untreated, for finishing by yourself in a traditional opaque or solid colour.

The Shepherd Hut 600 features as standard:
  • 19mm Tongue and Groove Cladding.
  • Floor and Roof cladding has a rear groove to ensure it does not curl over time.
  • Inner laminated and curved trusses
  • Double Glazed
  • Two Opening windows - tilt and turn.
  • Two fixed window.
  • Half glazed door.
  • Supplied with standard roofing felt.
  • Substantial painted Metal wheels, axles and supports
  • Substantial Adjustable support legs for level positioning.
  • Steel axles and frames are heavily bolted to the timber subframe
  • Timber Subframe of a very heavy duty construction.
  • Access steps.
  • Single door.
  • High quality window and door fittings.
  • Torx screws as standard including torx bits.
  • All Fittings, screws, components and instruction manual.
  • ALL is cut to size and is extremely precise with little or no tolerance.
  • This product is actually hugely over engineered with metal brackets, 90 degree brackets and plates, all of which is uneccessary in the UK market but does display the massive quality you will receive on order as this is designed for Germany and Holland.
  • Only for static use and props must be used all the time.
  • Door and windows can be placed in any position as required at the point of installation.
Dimensions of the Shepherd Hut - 600:
  • Overall Dimensions: 2.40 x 6.04m
  • Ridge Height: 3.19m - (Height with wheels on)
  • Eaves Height: 1.85m
  • 19mm cladding - Untreated Spruce
  • 19mm Roof and floor
  • Roof overhang to the side:  +-5cm
  • Roof overhang front: +-15cm
  • Roof overhang rear: +-15cm
  • Center of supporting pins - 184cm x 373cm
  • Diameter of wheels: +-650mm
  • Height from Chassis to centre of the spindle of the wheels: +-325mm
  • Frame Depth: 45mm

Optional Extras: 

  • 40.0184D Panel with door for Shepherd Hut 600 - 120cm x 198cm
  • 40.0184W Panel with window for Shepherd Hut 6000 - 120cm x 300cm
  • 40.0182W Internal partition wall with door for Shepherd Hut 600 - 138cm x 198cm
  • 40.0185B Deluxe stairs for Shepherd Hut with side entrance - 287cm x 134cm x 180cm
  • 40.0185A Deluxe stairs for Shepherd Hut with front entrance - 240cm x 231cm x 180cm
  • 40.0185S Extra stairs for Shepherd Hut - Width: 120cm

Felt Shingles:

Some customers like to use our felt shingles on this building. These will certainly enhance the roof. BUT, you will require 9 packs and you must make sure you have the felt layer underneath. We also recommend the use of Felt shingle Glue when applying shingles with this low roof pitch.


Supplied untreated to enable you to finish to the standard you require with insulation, panelling, lining, painting etc.


Please see this blog post for more details on the standard model: Shepherd Hut, Gypsy wagon post which is very similar to this Deluxe model.
Please also see this post for finishing inspiration of your Shepherd Hut on the standard model
This product is sold for further finishing and to be customised as required. Many customers (and trade) will go on to create amazing bespoke products with the base unit and sell on at a substantial profit - See the Ebay picture of a recent listing £15000 for the Standard model. A recent review for the standard model also said they sold theirs for £12000!
Standard Model Video:
Approximate Delivery Time: 7 - 14 Working Days FREE Delivery*
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2 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Ian Parrott
Jul 4, 2018
I purchased a Shepherd Hut 600 with an additional internal partition wall in May 18.
The ordering and communication process is excellent and all enquiries and e-mails are answered very quickly.
Delivery had to be arranged on a local main road as the farm is situated on a single track lane, approx 3.5 miles from suitable access - bear this in mind if living in an isolated location. The driver was excellent and managed to get both pallets onto a flatbed van in a double lane layby. This also meant that I had to offload all the individual items once back at my home address.
If you have no mechanical handling equipment, you either need to be reasonably strong or have an extra person to help you, some of the panels (door/window etc) are very heavy.
I painted all of the chassis and panels prior to fitting, 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of a F&B copy exterior satin. You will need approx 7.5 litres of each for the outside and chassis. This takes a number of days and applying knotting solution to all exposed surfaces is painstaking and quite expensive (approx £10 for a small tin and so far I've used 3!)
Also for consideration is that you cannot move this once you start construction, so choose your weather window carefully and have everything ready and organised before you start to get everything from wherever it is in shelter.
The chassis and floor beams are easy to put together, the panels are very difficult if you are constructing on your own. I built two temp supports to hold the panels in place whilst I positioned and screwed them in place. Again, an extra person would help no end.
Roof was easier than I expected and I was surprised how accurate both the panels and T&G elements are, it all fit together very well. Fitting the felt roof is difficult, tread carefully and plan how you are going to do it. I am going to add baton and corrugated sheets (from Tithe Barn) on the top of the felt along with rock wool insulation so that I can keep the curved beam features in the ceiling inside. All in all, it is a really rewarding experience, helped by the fact that the kit really is quite good in quality (for the money) and Tuin and their delivery partners are very good at what they do. If I could add the following recommendations for Tuin, maybe they could investigate the possibilities to introduce them:
a. Torx screws and the driver heads are notoriously fragile, just use cross head. Stanley do Torx replacements, I've had to buy 2 extra sets so far.
b. The windows and doors are OK but feel a little flimsy. It might be better to have higher standard alternatives as optional extras.
c. Another optional extra might be to introduce a chassis and steerable front axle with wheels that would stand being towed into position once it is constructed...... building in situ adds a fair amount of additional time and effort. It would also lessen the requirement to build a base/foundation to mount the axle stands on.
d. Have corrugated sheet roofing as an option rather than having to source from elsewhere.
Tips for builders:
a. You can't have too many heavy duty and mixed clamps. They have been a total necessity to keep panels and elements in place whilst you fumble about for the dropped screw or tool.
b. Paint everything before building, it will save loads of time later.
c. This is not a solo build unless you are strong and healthy.
In summary, I would recommend this kit to anyone. It is a great way to build an extra bedroom, or for a holiday rental. The 6.0m length is plenty for an en-suite, kitchenette and bed with wall space for cupboards, shelves etc. Finally, thank you Tuin for making this such an enjoyable experience.
Dec 8, 2017
This is the second tuin building we have purchased the driver who delivered the building had to park a good 1/4 of a mile from our site due to the lorry size. he was very professional and did not complain about driving it to the build spot on the moffit. It took two of us three days to erect and fit the steel clad roof to include floor and roof insulation. Once again we were left with very little waste and with our second fit the shepherd hut looks great and sits very comfortably on the edge of our orchard.
The grandchildren cant wait to stay in it.
Jim Matthews

Tuin Garden Products and Log Cabins