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The second largest Shepherd Hut / Gypsy wagon in the range, this measures in total 2.40 x 6.00m with a single door which can be placed to one side or in either end as required. A useful garden building full of character. It features metal wheels, axles and H frame. Loads of room inside for a number of applications.

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The second largest Shepherd Hut / Gypsy wagon in the range, this measures in total 2.40 x 6.00m with a single door which can be placed to one length or in either end as required. Ensuring that you use the center, taller, wall panel for a end facing door. A useful garden building full of character. It features metal wheels, axles and H frame. Loads of room inside for a number of applications.

Use 35mm - 45mm Celotex (or similar) insulation in the walls and rockwool in the roof to create an office or accomodation. Line very cheaply with pine face plywood in the roof or 8mm pine cladding for the walls. Please also see the reviews as other customers who sell these as a business fully made also have some useful advice.

Our Shepherd Hut 600 measures a compact 2.40m x 6.04m overall.  It is manufactured from 19mm tongue and grooved timber on a timber frame and metal chassis. Access is gained into the side double doors via substantial steps.

Supplied untreated, for finishing by yourself in a traditional opaque or solid colour.

The Shepherd Hut 600 features as standard:
  • 19mm Tongue and Groove Cladding.
  • Floor and Roof cladding has a rear groove to ensure it does not curl over time.
  • Inner laminated and curved trusses
  • Double Glazed
  • Two Opening windows - tilt and turn.
  • Two fixed window.
  • Half glazed door.
  • Supplied with standard roofing felt.
  • Substantial painted Metal wheels, axles and supports
  • Substantial Adjustable support legs for level positioning.
  • Steel axles and frames are heavily bolted to the timber subframe
  • Timber Subframe of a very heavy duty construction.
  • Access steps.
  • Single door.
  • High quality window and door fittings.
  • Torx screws as standard including torx bits.
  • All Fittings, screws, components and instruction manual.
  • ALL is cut to size and is extremely precise with little or no tolerance.
  • This product is actually hugely over engineered with metal brackets, 90 degree brackets and plates, all of which is unnecessary in the UK market but does display the massive quality you will receive on order as this is designed for Germany and Holland.
  • Only for static use and props must be used all the time.
  • Door and windows can be placed in any position as required at the point of installation.
Dimensions of the Shepherd Hut - 600:
  • Overall Dimensions: 2.40 x 6.3m
  • Ridge Height: 3.19m - (Height with wheels on)
  • 19mm cladding - Untreated Spruce
  • 19mm Roof and floor
  • Roof overhang to the side: +-5cm
  • Roof overhang front: +-16cm
  • Roof overhang rear: +-16cm
  • Center of supporting pins - 184cm x 3.124cm
  • Diameter of wheels: +-650mm
  • Height from Chassis to centre of the spindle of the wheels: +-325mm
  • Frame Depth: 45mm

Optional Extras:

  • P013094 - Internal partition wall with door for Shepherd Hut- 138cm x 198cm
  • P013101 - Deluxe stairs for Shepherd Hut for Side entrance - 287 x 1.336 x 1.8m


Supplied untreated to enable you to finish to the standard you require with insulation, panelling, lining, painting etc. While the Angelo does feature a chassis with wheels these are for aesthetic purposes, they are not designed to be towed or moved via the wheels.


Please see this blog post for more details on the standard model: Shepherd Hut, Gypsy wagon post which is very similar to this Deluxe model.
Please also see this post for Shepherds Hut XL Inspiration. This is for a larger model, but a remarkable post for interior inspiration.

Approximate Delivery Time: 14 - 21 Working Days

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Roofing Felt Roofing supplied as standard, you can choose to remove this option if you plan to source your own roofing material.
Wheel Kit Choose to have wheels included as standard for your Shepherd Hut, or you can remove them.
Room Divider with Door Add an additional internal wall with a door in your Shepherd Hut
Porch Decking Kit Option of having Front and Side facing Decking Porch (Stairs are not included)
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2.40 x 6.00m
Total Height
Eaves Height
19mm T&G Spruce
650mm Diameter
Roof Cladding
18 - 19mm
18 - 19mm
Min Base Size
239cm x 3674cm
Roof Overhang
Roof Covering
Standard Roofing Felt
Supplied flat Packed
Only for Static Use
An installers walkthrough of Tuin’s Shepherd Hut 600 - Note that the interior has been modified with insulation and lining
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9 Reviews  

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Dannie Sheard
Nov 28, 2022
Good product but instructions could be better and if the planks we numbered and windows were boarded to protected and a treated option would be welcome
Mr. Ben Attwood
Mar 1, 2022
This is a fantastic hut. From the moment of arranging the delivery, the communication on the day (in particular the care taken with our very narrow lane), through to the quality of the workmanship, it’s been a pleasure to put together. Instructions are clear and any extra help needed was attended to promptly. Really impressed!
Helen Cree
Feb 6, 2022
I bought the Angelo in December 2020 and started construction in March 2021. I also bought a veranda and an internal wall. Order and delivery very efficient. I did a lot of the work myself but needed help with the wall panels and the roof. I treated all the wood with preservative before construction, then primed and 2 coats of paint. I have insulated the floor walls and roof and plasterboard the inside. I have also purchased a corrugated roof and guttering. It looks good.
I would make a number of points about the build:
The instructions are poor in my view. For instance I built the main hut first and then went on to construct the internal wall only to find that the wall should have been done before the roof went on! No indication of this on the main hut instructions.
I think there should have been more detail on the need for squaring and levelling. A video would help.
The doors and windows are not as well made as the rest and I have had a constant problem with leaks on the non-opening windows.
The main hut also leaks and I am at a loss as to what is causing this. I have siliconed and sealed as much as a I can but there is still damp on the floor where the walls join with the floor.
As I built during lockdown I found it difficult to get support from Tuin on the build. Hopefully this has improved. I will be asking Tuin to help me work out what's causing the leaks
Cheryl Ladds
Oct 26, 2021
Absolutely delighted with our purchase, Angelo is easy to assemble, and excellent value for money. Would highly recommend
Mrs. Sarah Carpenter
Jun 8, 2020
We combined the 600cm hut with a metal (purpose-built) chassis as we want to be able to move the hut (at our own risk a this hut is not designed to be moved). I used a linseed paint (Brouns&co) and painted all of the elements in a garage before assembly. Assembly took me 3 days, largely single handed. I needed some help with the first corner joint, but everything else can be done by one person). Fitting floorboards was a bit tricky (and ended up a cm or two over length as the joints didn’t close as perfectly as I’d have liked - possibly as I assembled them 3 weeks after receipt, so some had warped). Only other problem was assembling the double doors: I had to arrange some strops to pull the tops together, screw, glue and clamp overnight.
Instructions are, on the whole basic; just about enough to get by on, but could be much clearer - and certainly need to be read the day before, rather than just ‘on-the-job’.

£5,878.63 Total incl. VAT

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