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Our small range of Bin Storage solutions keep everything tidy and tucked away in order to preserve the aesthetics of your garden.

Wheelie bin stores provide a unique covering of your unsightly, and often potent wheelie bins. A container cover, this attractive storage is fitted with a lock to ensure the contents are kept secure in all conditions, designed with easy access to the bins. Strong and durable stores built to last, made from either pressure treated timber or hardwood. These stores also help prevent any frozen wheelie bins during the winter.

Our bin stores come in a range of sizes, from Single to Triple bin storage, enough to accommodate any of the bins you need to tuck away out of sight. They also feature an attachment for your wheelie bins to fit seamlessly.

Our Single and Double bin stores consists of 12mm Tanalised Timber, whilst our Triple storage is made of 12mm Impregnated Dried Spruce. You can learn more about the types of wood we use and how they differ from one another by reading Types of Timber in your Log Cabin.

We always try to offer the best pricing possible on our Storage Sheds as well as other garden buildings.

Not found the right storage solution for you? Check out our full range of Sheds and Storage.

DIY Garden Shed Kits

All our Garden Sheds are designed for self-assembly, including all the fixings. With just a few tools, you can build your garden building at any DIY level. The interlocking logs fit easily into one another, and our windows all come pre-assembled. This means you don’t have to put them together, you just simply need to slot them in.

All kits are included with pictorial instructions, alongside our very detailed Log Cabin Installation Guide and Log Cabin Advice. These pages will cover all areas of your log cabin installation.

Delivery of your Bin Store

Our Bin Stores are delivered through a third-party courier. Once your delivery has been made, please check your package to ensure all items have arrived securely and without damage.

For more information regarding delivery, please visit our Deliveries Page.

Benefits of a Garden Shed

Our Wheelie Bin Storage solutions make a great addition to the garden to keep everything tidy, protected and clutter free. Whether you just want to keep your garden waste bin in one place, or a go-to location for all wheelie bins, this range helps to reorganise your garden.

For many, wheelie bins can come across as quite unsightly in the front or back of the house. They also leave quite an unpleasant smell. By using a bin store, you can hide away the eyesores and in turn keep your property looking tidier and more presentable.

Having a bin store in your back garden provides easy access to carry out garden work, especially with the inclusion of a compost heap. You can easily dispose of unwanted garden waste without traipsing it around in a wheelbarrow first. These sheds partner very well with our Tool Shed range.

Bin Store Sizes

The Single Container Storage measures 70cm x 85cm x 135cm

The Double Wheelie Bin Store measures 140 x 80 x 135cm

The Triple Bin Storage measures 196 x 80 x 117cm

Usage of Bin Storage

Our wooden bin stores provide shelter for wheelie bins up to the specified height. For our Single and Double Bin Stores, they feature sloping designs allowing rain to run off easily.

These wooden stores also feature attachments to fit your wheelie bin into place.

Affordable Prices

At Tuin, we always try our best to sell our Log Cabins and other garden buildings at the most affordable prices. You will easily find a range of our products on offer or discount during any period, as well as seasonal sales we have on occasion.

We do NOT take any payment until the week before your chosen week of delivery.

The log cabins from Tuin can be used as a garden cabin, garden rooms, summer house, garden office or any other garden building. These luxury log cabins are available for quick delivery and we also offer an installation service.

Find the right Shed to suit your needs:

Triple Bin Storage

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

A triple bin storage container, made from impregnated, dried spruce to provide a unique covering of unsightly wheely bins. This bin storage will provide plenty of room with a width of 196cm - Separated into three components to keep your bins tucked away in.

Price: £704.68 Save £131.80
Durbin Wheelie Bin Store

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The Durbin Wheelie Bin Store can fit up to three bins, keeping them tucked away and hidden in your garden. Made from red class wood to give this bin store a modern yet warm look.

Price: £1,704.45 Save £176.75