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We have a quality small selection of garden benches, from two seaters up to our seven seaters. All our garden benches are made from pressure treated timber, giving your years upon years of enjoyment.

Our garden benches partner very well with Tuin's Picnic Tables and Benches.

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Wooden Garden Benches

A timeless addition to your garden, you would be hard pressed not to find a garden bench in any UK garden. Wooden garden benches effortlessly complement the natural environment of a garden, adding warmth and charm, creating an inviting atmosphere where you can unwind and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. On top of this, our pressure treated timber benches

Where To Place A Garden Bench

An ideal location for your wooden garden bench would be beneath the canopy of a mature tree, providing both shade and a picturesque view of the garden. Alternatively, placing your bench adjacent to a patio, water feature or tidy vegetable plot allows ease of access and the ability to fully appreciate your complete gardn space.

You can also place your bench at the front of your Log Cabin for additional seating.

Please note: The majority of the products offered for sale are flat-packed for ease of handling and delivery. Take this into consideration when ordering large/heavy products.

Garden Bench

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

The Sparrenbos garden bench. Made from pressure treated timber for a very long life. Smooth planed timber with rounded features include the arm rests for comfort.  This garden bench is 170cm in length

Price: £239.09 Save £36.11
Small Garden Bench Dennenbos
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Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

A small garden bench, we call it the Dennenbos. It's a cute one, made from pressure treated timber to make sure you enjoy it for years.  Smooth planed with rounded arms for comfort. Measuring 120cm x 100cm

Price: £212.35 Save £49.93