Garden Verandas From Tuin

Garden Verandas from Tuin

We normally just supply and deliver the Garden Veranda kit ready for self-assembly following our step by step English instructions and videos. But in this instance our own fitting team performed the installation on their behalf.

This presented us with a unique opportunity for one our young apprentices. A chance both viewing and helping with one of these things going together. It also allowed us to hear a younger person’s point of view. This also helped us understand some of the key concerns that our potential customers may have before ordering

Let me address some of them below based on what young Lee felt:

These Garden Verandas are sold as DIY kits ready for self-assembly. We have set sizes available for a quick delivery. Also, we provide bespoke options, something more custom to suit your needs.

We have our most popular options which is a veranda designed and supplied with glass veranda 8mm laminated roofing. Or lets not forget the polycarbonate version which is on average more affordable

When seeing something like this online there could be some concerns that stop you from going ahead. You may worry about getting it wrong or ordering the wrong thing or perhaps the concern lies with the actual installation. Also, you may not know anybody that could do it for you… all fair concerns.

About our Verandas

With our garden verandas it’s pretty simple, we try and show this on our webpages as best we can. All you need to think about really are the points of contact between the veranda and your wall and garden.

The kits comes with a wall plate which will fix on the outside of your wall. This plate will be as wide as the veranda in question… So a 3m veranda will come with a 3m wall plate. The plate needs a reasonably straight and flat surface to fix to., but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Test this by grabbing a length of wood that’s pretty true and propping this up against the wall. If you notice some variations on the wall then they can normally be packed out with something.

Some outside walls will have obstacles running down them like drainage pipes for guttering etc. or sometimes even wiring. Our kits do not have adapters, so consider re-routing any obstacles, allowing a clean fit of the wall plate prior.

Veranda Check

Fitting the Wall Plate

Lastly regarding the wall plate you may ask how high does should we fit it?

An 8 degree pitch will equate to a rise of around 14cm for every meter of projection which will help us in planning the wall plates position. So here’s how we do it.

So we have our starting height which is 2.1m to the underside of the gutter and we know we need to go up 14cm for every meter the veranda projects upwards following an 8 degree pitch/rise.

In our example so far we have opted for a 3m wide veranda, so lets assign it a depth of 4m which is a very popular option. All we need to do is times 14cm by four to figure out the wall plates location.

14 x 4 = 56cm

We then take our walk through height at the front (2.1m) and add the calculated increase (56cm) which gives us 2.66m.

From this we now know that the bottom of your wall plate must stand at a height of 2.66m. Of course this varies depending on the ordering size but the calculation and method remains the same.

Working out the wall plate height

So what to take from all of this and how to be confident you’re ordering correctly.

  • The wall plate we supply will match the width of your veranda. Will it fit unobstructed by anything on my wall?
  • The height that the wall plate is set at will depend on your walk through height at the low side. It can be calculated based on a rise of 14cm for every meter of projection
  • If in doubt, just contact us, no problem.

Veranda Posts and Water Flow

Let’s take a look at the front end.

The number of posts that come will depend on the width and depth of the veranda you select, This is all pre-calculated so the webpages will advise you. These posts support the front ( low ) side of your veranda and one of them will also incorporate the drainage pipe from the integral gutter.

Back to our 3m wide veranda example, This would come supplied with Two posts, one at each corner at the front and looks a little like this.

An example showing the frontage of a veranda

We supply leaf catches with in the kit, This prevents all the gunk that may accumulate on the roof from entering the drainage pipe, instead it will stay with in the gutter so just like your house you may need to clear it out once in a blue moon.

Veranda Fixings

So how do those legs fix to the ground you may ask. Well, we offer a few different options to suit your base and this is where you need to choose what’s best for you. The list of options and descriptions are all on the product pages. If you need more clarification then we are very happy to help over the phone or by email.


That really is it for this concern (What if i order the wrong thing).. there isn’t a lot to it so we hope this has given you more confidence but as we say, If there are still doubts then just contact us as we are always here to help.

Worried about Veranda Installation?

Putting garden veranda together on the day may seem like a daunting task but in reality it may not be as bad as you first think, customers will buy from us all the time with the confidence to install it themselves so we hope you will to.

The instructions we supply are in English and show you what to do in a step by step manner. On top of that we also have a clear video and bags of online advice and support from our experienced team over the phone and by email.

We do of course offer installation services as well for those who are not so keen but our hope is with the clear cut information we supply you will feel confident enough to save yourself some labour charges and tackle this yourselves.

Perhaps you know someone who is more on the handy side. Offer them beer or a nice glass of wine and they may be willing to help. Promise them a BBQ with no expenses spared. Make a day out of it!

My point is that you don’t need to be a professional to install these things, they’re user friendly and we are always here to help if you get stuck.


Here are the main takeaways:

  • Fitting isn’t as bad as you may think, we promise
  • We send Full English step by step instructions
  • We have a detailed video, available on the product pages prior to ordering
  • People like free booze, Use this to your advantage
  • We are here to help if you get stuck!

Interested in your own Custom veranda? You can configure your own veranda here!

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Veranda Support Section

This form has been created to mainly help explain the options available when it comes to the installation of your Aluminium garden veranda from TUIN. There are different paths that can be taken depending on your own preference but we hope this will help guide you in the right direction.

Here it's also possible to create a call back request to guide you through the ordering process. Or to even arrange a pre-order site visit from a skilled veranda specialist.

Choose the best option below and we can start this journey with you.

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