Outdoor Utility Room and Shelter

I recently had the opportunity to visit a customer who had purchased 3 of our log cabins for different purposes. One of their purchases was the Truus Log Cabin used as a Garden Games Room & Pub, another the Sadie Log Cabin used as a cosy garden snug and this one, the Freddy Log Cabin, an outdoor utility room with gazebo for outdoor seating.

Freddy Log Cabin used as an Outdoor Utility Room

Upon my arrival I was able to witness one of the benefits the Freddy has to offer, and that is its sheltered gazebo area. This was because as soon as I arrived to photograph the cabin, the heavens opened up and soon drenched the garden. Not of course everything under the covered area what stayed bone dry, even when the wind picked up.

The internal area of the cabin is very practicably used as an outdoor utility room. With space for a washing machine, tumble drier, storage, everything including the kitchen sink! This extra space has been vital for Laura and her family to open up some extra space in their home for more important things, as well as keeping the noise levels much lower without all the machines running indoors.

Advantages to having an Outdoor Utility Room Log Cabin in your garden

There are many advantages to having a utility room in a garden log cabin. These include:

Less Noise: Laundry equipment such as washing machines and tumble driers can be noisy things! Keeping these items away from the main house allows you and your family to have some peace and quiet any time of the day or night.

Space Saving: Laundry machines are very space consuming, freeing this space up by moving it into your laundry room log cabin allows you to have more available room for cupboards and storage.

Time away from the house: Having a space outside away from your main house allows you to focus on tasks without distractions.

Drying clothes: Being able to hang up your clothes in a dry outdoor space is an added benefit. By opening up the double doors of the Freddy, plenty of air can circulate the cabin assisting with the drying of your laundry.

Increased property value: A well-built and well-maintained laundry room log cabin can add value to your property. If you decide to sell your home in the future, having a laundry room log cabin can be a unique selling point that sets your property apart from others in the area.

Aesthetics: A beautiful looking log cabin such as the Freddy is certainly something that’ll draw your neighbours and visitors eye. The Freddy adds charm, beauty, and character to your outdoor space as well as its superb functionality.

Freddy Log Cabin Laundry Room & Outdoor Seating Feature Video

Garden Transformation

Look how Laura has transformed her garden from an unused piece of lawn to a stunning fully utilized utility room log cabin and outdoor seating area.

From unused garden to fully functional laundry room and outdoor seating area.


A log cabin requires a nice solid and level base to place it on. A patio area is ideal for this as it is strong, stable and looks great.

Building a patio in your garden can be a great way to create an outdoor living space where you can relax and entertain and of course stand your log log cabin. Here are some steps to follow to build a patio in your garden:

  1. Choose the location: Decide on the location of your patio. Choose a flat, level area that is easily accessible from your house and has good drainage.
  2. Plan the size and shape: Determine the size and shape of your patio. This will depend on the available space, your budget, and how you plan to use the patio. Consider the garden furniture and fixtures you want to add to the patio, as this will determine the size and shape.
  3. Mark the area: Mark the area of your patio using stakes and string. Use a level to ensure that the area is flat and level.
  4. Excavate the area: Remove the grass and topsoil from the marked area. Excavate the area to a depth of about 6 inches, or the depth of your patio base.
  5. Think about utilities: Are you planning on supplying water, gas, or electricity to your log cabin? Now is a good time to run cabling/piping under the paving.
  6. Prepare the base: Add a layer of crushed stone or gravel to the excavated area and level it using a rake. This will serve as the base for your patio.
  7. Add a layer of sand: Add a layer of sand on top of the crushed stone or gravel. Level it using a 2×4 board or a screed board.
  8. Lay the pavers: Lay the pavers on top of the sand in the desired pattern. Use a rubber mallet to tap the pavers into place.
  9. Add edging: Add edging along the perimeter of the patio to keep the pavers in place. You can use bricks, stones, or plastic edging.
  10. Add finishing touches: Add finishing touches to your patio, such as outdoor furniture, plants, and lighting.
  11. Maintain your patio: Regularly sweep and clean your patio to keep it looking great. Apply sealant to the pavers to prevent staining and water damage.

By following these steps, you can create a beautiful and functional patio in your garden that you can enjoy for years to come.


The 3m x 2.2m gazebo/canopy of the Freddy Log Cabin is perfect for outdoor seating. WIth the benefit of the protection from the elements this can allow you to spend more time outside without worrying about the weather conditions. Laura and her family reap the benefits of the extra sheltered outdoor space often. A great place eating al fresco come rain or shine.

The Space is perfect for a lovely rattan corner sofa which fits perfectly in the corner of the cabins gazebo area. Why not add a matching glass topped rattan table to finish off the look.

Here at TUIN we offer a range of outdoor seating options. Including:

Freddy Log Cabin Outdoor Utility Room and Shelter
Freddy Log Cabin Shelter

Picnic Table Bench

This strong and sturdy Picnic bench is made with pressure treated timber to make sure it lasts for years. There are three sizes available to choose from with lengths of 180cm, 200cm and 220cm to make sure you have room for all your guests.  Handy fold up seats so they don’t get wet when not in use.



These adirondack style seats are perfect to relax with, enjoy sitting with your friend, relaxing and enjoying a glass. Adirondack Paris Love Seat have a laid back style with a central table and a separate shelf below. 175cm in length and made from pressure treated timber for years of use.



The Adjustable Rattan Garden Chair provides a simple solution to your garden seating issues. Have everyone around with ease with our individual chairs, two colours available to complete your wicker garden sets.

Other uses of the Gazebo Shelter

Of course the Freddy Log Cabins Shelter doesn’t have to be confined to a seating area. Here are some other good uses for a the log cabin with a shelter:

  1. Sheltered workspace for outdoor projects
  2. Play area for kids
  3. Yoga or meditation space
  4. Storage space for outdoor equipment
  5. Covered parking space for vehicles
  6. Outdoor game room or entertainment area
  7. Sheltered garden or greenhouse space
  8. Cozy outdoor reading nook
  9. Pet shelter or kennel area
  10. A sheltered area for a hot tub.
  11. Somewhere to keep the sun and of course rain off you while you BBQ.

The uses for a log cabin with a shelter are limited only by your imagination and needs

Freddy Log Cabin and Gazebo with hot tub
Freddy Log Cabin with Hot Tub

Freddy Log Cabin Treatment Options

Not only is the Freddy Log Cabin available in untreated wood, ready for your own treatment option. It is also available with 2 pre-treated options. Either Green Treated or Grey Treated.

These pre treatment options means building is immersed in a rot proof treatment meaning it will last the distance with very little maintenance.

Or if you prefer treating your cabin yourself, we offer a range of treatment products in a number of stains to suit your style.

Freddy Log Cabin with Shelter
Green Treated Freddy Log Cabin

Similar Log Cabins to the Freddy

Here at TUIN we have a very wide range of cabins to suit everyone’s needs and style.

We have a number of cabins similar to the Freddy Log Cabin, here are a few I have had the pleasure in visiting.

The Christoffer Log Cabin with Gazebo

Similar to the Freddy with both indoor and outdoor space, the Christoffer differs by having a pyramid style roof and 2 tilt & turn windows. Being used as a summerhouse and outdoor dining/seating area.

The Charlotta Log Cabin with Gazebo

Very Similar to the Freddy, the Charlotta also has a pent sloping roof, double doors and internal space, but comes with a much larger gazebo area, allowing for even more seating. This one has been transformed into a bar and outdoor dining area.

The Funen Log Cabin with double Gazebo

Not satisfied with one gazebo, why not have two!?

A place to both seat your hot tub AND have an area for outdoor dining/seating is certainly an attractive idea. As well as a light and airy space indoors to relax in.


This Freddy Log Cabin is a perfect example of how customers can utilise their new space to suit their on-going needs. An outdoor utility room certainly isn’t an alluring idea, but it certainly is a practicable and sensible one. Freeing up space in your house is always an attractive proposition as well as the peace and quiet of having your laundry machines outside. We’re so happy to have provided laura and her family three superb cabins which they will enjoy for many years to come.

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