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Edelweiss Log Cabin 5.1x6.0m

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A thick 70mm log construction and double glazed as standard, the Edelweiss Log Cabin measures 5.1 x 6.0m. Featuring three internal rooms and second storey loft room.

This building is extremely popular with those that require a substantial garden office or studio. We have customers that also use this for patients, the orthopaedic industry loves this log cabin for their office in addition to those looking for rental holiday space cheaply.

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Sale prices and FREE roof shingles offer

A thick 70mm log construction and double glazed as standard, the Edelweiss Log Cabin measures 5.1 x 6.0m. Featuring three internal rooms and second storey loft room. This building is extremely popular with those that require a substantial garden office or studio. We have customers that also use this for patients, the orthopaedic industry loves this log cabin for their office in addition to those looking for rental holiday space cheaply.

Limited FREE roof Shingles offer

The Edelweiss Log Cabin features a combination of thick 70mm interlocking wall logs and double glazing - together these provide a natural warmth and create a cosy, homely feeling.

Perfect as overnight, occasional guest accommodation, the interior of the Edelweiss is split into three distinct rooms using full height internal partitions. It is not obvious from the outside, but when you venture inside the Edelweiss reveals a second storey loft room accessible by a hatch.

Featuring two single doors and extensive glazing for bright interior, the inset porch and veranda adds the perfect finishing touch. This building is manufactured using quality Spruce logs, these offer a tight wood grain and ultimately a durable garden building. All timber is specially selected for the interlocking construction and for the highest quality finish, Tuin log cabins do not feature mixing of timber varieties.

New PVC Windows and Doors available for selection with your Log Cabin. For a hardwearing and low maintenance window type, see our PVC Windows and Doors for Log Cabins for more information.

Don't forget about insulating your Log Cabin.

The Edelweiss Log Cabin features as standard:

  • 70mm interlocking wall logs
  • Triple conical tongue and groove for stability
  • 2 doors half glazed, with 6 squares
  • 2 doors full wooden (solid).
  • Double window (1 tilt-turn and 1 turn)
  • Four tilt and turn windows
  • Six opening windows in total
  • Fixed window
  • Second storey access via a ladder
  • Veranda
  • Quality door and window fittings
  • Double glazing
  • Roofing felt or FREE shingles
  • Tanalised foundation beams
  • Fixing kit and instruction manual
  • Wind and watertight connections
  • Minimum 16mm Tongue and Groove Roof Boards


  • Overall Dimensions: 5.10m x 6.0m
  • Building Footprint: 4.90m x 5.80m
  • Internal Dimensions: Refer to plan
  • Ridge Height: 3.71m
  • Eaves Height: 2.56m
  • Door Height (including frame): 1.95m
  • Overhang: 0.20m
Please note: The height of the Log Cabin will be increased by 95mm if the foundation beams provided are used.

Edelweiss Log Cabin Optional Extras:

Note that quantities are approximate

  • 18mm T&G Floor Packs
  • 28mm Deluxe Fitted Floor / Decking
  • Coloured Felt Roof Shingles
  • Storm kit
  • Shingle Glue (4)
  • Air Vent (8)
  • Guttering 100mm

Optional Extras - Treatments

Please note, this cabin is supplied untreated, we recommend that the building is treated with high quality paints and treatments. They should be applied strictly to the manufacturer's recommendation. We also offer our own treatments:

  • Carefree treatment (18 2.5l tins)
  • Embadecor Stain (8 2.5l tins)
  • Embalan Paint (8 2.5l tins)
  • Impregnation Fluid (4 2.5l tins)

Quality check:

  • No Mixed timbers known as Spruce and Pine mix
  • Spruce timber is used throughout this log cabin
  • 5% Finger Joints
  • Wind and Watertight Log Connection
  • 10 year anti rot promise
  • 14% moisture content
  • Dutch Standards

FREE roof Shingles: As a standard building you can select either roofing felt or FREE shingles. We cannot guarantee which colour or shape will be sent. We will always let you know the colour and style following your order.  It is rarely possible to change those offered as it is dependant on our stocks.

Free shingles for this Edelweiss 70mm Log Cabin are the same quality as our standard range and made by the same manufacturer. However, they are last years stock and old range colours, also some packaging may not be 'as new'.

Standard Roof Shingles: These are from our standard catalogue range and are available in various colours and styles.

We highly recommend shingles with your log cabin: The final finish is far more superior and turns a shed into a stunning log cabin. Ordinary felt will last two - three years. Shingles will last for at least 15 years and it is unlikely you will ever need to replace them.

Approximate Delivery Time: 8 - 10 Weeks

We also have a Showcase Page for this Log Cabin.

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Roofing - Free Shingles Offer - Whilst Stocks Last Free shingles for this Log Cabin are the same quality as our standard range and made by the same manufacturer. However, they are last year's stock and old range colours, also some packaging may not be 'as new'.
Roofing - Optional Shingles
Floor Required Spruce T&G floor options are available with your log cabin in two different thicknesses, The floor kits come supplied with treated floor joists, skirtings for the edges and all the fixings required for installation.
Foundation / Barrier Beams Foundation beams are used to separate the logs of the cabin from the base/hardstanding that it will sit on.
Doors and Windows Options As standard this log cabin is supplied with matching spruce doors and windows with the option to upgrade to UPVC as required
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Deliveries are carried out by external hauliers or carriers, Log Cabins are delivered with a fully articulated lorry with a moffett forklift.

Please see the map below to determine what zone you will need to select.

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For more details on delivery please see the following: TUIN DELIVERIES

Log Thickness
70mm Logs
Overall Dimensions
5.10 x 6.00m
Internal Dimensions
Please Refer to Plan
Minimum Base Size
4.90 x 5.80m
Log Cabin Height
Roof Type
Transverse Apex
Single Half Glazed Door
Canopy or Porch
1.00m Front Canopy
Canopy and Veranda
Window Type
Tilt and turn window
Glass Type
Double Glazed
Multi Rooms
4 Rooms
Size Group Width
6 Meters (19'6")
Size Group Depth
6 Meters (19'6")
A customers pictorial video of his Edelweiss log cabin.
Edelweiss Log Cabin
Average customer rating:
10 Reviews  

5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Sep 27, 2021
Very pleased with our cabin. The materials used in it's construction are excellent and the way it went together was fairly straightforward and simple. We are extremely satisfied and happy we decided to take the plunge and buy one.
Mr. Terence Shepherd
Aug 2, 2018
I wanted/needed a decent size SummerHouse and settled on the Edelweiss. Ordering was easy via the website. I only live a short distance from the Norwich depot so my included\free delivery subsidises those further away but that's the nature of Geography.
I received a phone call the day before asking if I could accept delivery that day (one day early) which I did (why not help them out). The delivery driver could not have been more helpful, and placed the three pallets where I needed them at the top of my garden (90 meters from the road). I assembled the Cabin on my own in two days onto a concrete base/floor. The pallets are a bit daunting because as per the instructions they do need opening up and spreading out before you start. This is because they are incredibly efficiently packed and small innocuous pieces can be hidden away deep inside the pallet. Depending on your 'practical skills' the instructions could be construed as patchy, but given time and attention most of the details are outlined. Whilst I am extremely pleased with the outcome, and the build process was for the most part very well thought out, there were a couple of points in a sea of positives that were negative. One, contrary to the website info they DO use finger jointed lengths of timber, which I don't mind generally. However in the huge roof beams they have finger jointed and bolted them in full view of the main room, when a tiny detail of forward planning could have placed them out of sight in the 'loft/mezzanine area. Two, the ends on the mezzanine floor area are not supported at the wall ends. And while you can't significantly load them up there I still think this is an oversight. I made up some matching beams with the additional timber provided. So overall I would say 99.5 out of 100. I chose to block up the small window in the loft area, so having made those floor supports I didn't have quite enough 'Logs' left from the spares provided and ordered about 1.5m from the Norwich depot. We'll leave it there with a positive story as not only did ordering the spare log not progress smoothly, the log I eventually paid for was wrong and rather than keep dealing with 'the office' I just made up a replacement on the SawBench. Everybody who visits is highly impressed with the Edelweiss Log Cabin in my garden and my wife and I love it.
Mr. Steve Musgrove
Jul 10, 2016
Order and delivery were timely with an excellent delivery driver. Cabin design has been thought through and makes for a very adaptable building.
Quality of timber and machining were excellent, having built a similar sized building a few years ago which was slightly more expensive, this building is very good value for money.Spend a little more and insulate under the floor and the roof, you will have a truly wonderful all year building.
Elliot Robbins
Nov 8, 2015
After the initial shock of seeing just how much wood there was, I was very pleased at how quickly and easily it all went up. About a dozen pieces in total had to be cut as they were too long and one of the windows wouldn't have fitted, but apart from that I was well impressed. The space is great and we're getting the last bits done by an electrician so that my wife can use it for her beauty therapy and the children have taken the mezzanine as their den. I was very impressed at the quality of materials provided although the windows and doors didn't fit in the same way as thought after watching the videos. Once I worked out how they went, it was so easy that my helper was my 11 year old daughter who had a part in fitting all the windows and I even found that the door fitting was easy enough for just myself to do. I would thoroughly recommend tuin products and it will be my first thought for anymore garden improvements. Delivery was second to none with updates and genuinely accurate timings. The driver was also a great help with positioning the pallets. Thank you Tuin and did I mention how easily it went up?
Mrs. Ellen Colville
Oct 24, 2015
6 weeks later, working with just two of us part time into the Highland autumn, our Edelweisse cabin is almost complete.
The basic structure goes together well. We built it 'mirror image' of the standard arrangement so the small rooms are to the right of the main door. There were no real issues with this, except understanding the consequences of other door arcs due to the pre- assembled door frames.
We were a bit disappointed that - (1) contrary to some descriptions of the product on this website- there are finger joints in many of the longer outside timbers, even within main structural ones. (2) Although the correct number of parts were there, there were 3 extra part 006 one extra 030 and 4 too few 003. We did some cutting and gluing on of spare sections to make extra 003's ..this small repair now completely hidden behind that 003 window reveal.
We put 75mm floor insulation within the heavy support frame on which the building stands. We also framed 100mm insulation under extra plywood on the felt tiled roof, and made special arrangements for internal electrical wiring. A lot of extra work, but worthwhile for year-round use in the highlands. Kingfisher wood preservatives were applied to all surfaces, and now we have a colour coat to complete. We have a fine solid building.
If we have any advice it is only to remind anyone attempting this Edelweisse build: getting the pre-machined wall beams slotted together is so quick and satisfying ( !) it is easy to lose sight of the actual time demanded for a full high standard build. For us with our extra insulation requirement, the build time has probably accounted for at least 300 man hours.

£11,175.79 Total incl. VAT

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