Fabio Gazebo 4.78 x 3.8m

Fabio Gazebo 4.78 x 3.8m
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A part-enclosed flat roofed Douglas garden gazebo in a modern style at 440 x 380 cm, Ideal for a corner location with in the garden backed onto a fence or boundary.

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A part-enclosed flat roofed Douglas garden gazebo in a modern style at 440 x 380 cm, Ideal for a corner location with in the garden backed onto a fence or boundary.

Featuring two bays with walls to the rear and also a single side which you can choose while installing.

The Douglas timber supplied is dried and planed smooth, Some construction experience is required although straightforward to install some skills are needed with an array of basic tools.

Ideal for those who enjoy entertaining outdoors, the open plan interior creates the perfect venue for summer parties and barbeques. The roof provides shade and shelter from the elements whilst the open sides allow for uninterrupted views around your garden.

The walls supplied arrive pre-treated with a black finish

Below we have outlined the basic sizes


Fabio Gazebo Sizes:

  • Outer Post to Post Width - 440cm
  • Outer Post to Post Depth - 327cm
  • Overall Width inc roof - 478cm
  • Overall Depth inc roof - 380cm
  • Bay Walkthrough Height - 230cm
  • Overall Height - 2716mm
  • Front Roof Overhang - 34cm
  • Rear Roof Overhang - 19cm
  • Side Roof Overhangs - 19cm
  • Posts 145mm2

Supplied with:

  • EPDM Rubber Roofing with Glue
  • Rubber Drainage Outlet
  • Dried, smooth planed Larch
  • Special fixing screws for use with Larch / Douglas
  • Torx drill bits
  • Various other drill bits
  • Instruction manual and plans
  • Two Rear Wall Modules
  • One Side Wall Module

Optional Extras:

  • Pull Down, See through canvas walls
  • Post Ground Anchors

Ground Anchors For Douglas Gazebos:

  • Screw down Post Holders - An above ground fixing method, requires a hard standing such as concrete, slabs or a timber frame.
  • Spiked Post Holders - A below ground fixing option, intended to be hammered into soft ground.
  • Concrete Block Anchors - Pre-Fabricated concrete blocks with adjustable metal plates
Post-Holder-screw-downs spiked-ground-anchors adjustable-concrete

Please note that there are no bolts/fixings with these post holders - They will need to be sourced separately.

Customer modifications:

This structure is apart of our Douglas modular range which means Its possible to purchase wall kits and other accessories from us, Or make some yourself using garden timber.

Roofing Options:

This building is supplied with a completely flat roof as standard and is supplied with the best roofing option available as standard ( EPDM )

EPDM is a singular rubber sheet that spans the entire surface of the roof without any overlaps, It comes with a special outlet to allow drainage as well as wooden trims to go around the perimeter to cap it all off neatly. Metal roofing trims are available as an upgrade.

Whilst arriving with a flat roof it is possible however to shorten the posts on the back to create a slight slope during installation. In which case the special outlet may not be required.

Douglas timber

Comes from well managed forest and is one of the most durable softwood species.

It has a very warm colour and texture. Douglas is in great demand for use in building due to being tough, waterproof and high durable qualities: top quality and knot free timber. In central Europe it is viewed as one of the best wood for building houses.

It is within the timber durability class of 3 - 4 and is ideal for garden buildings and structures. It is a resinous wood whose heartwood colour exhibits amber pink to reddish brown and if often chosen for its rich colour. As it ages it will eventually get a weathered look. We can provide very high quality treatments that will allow it to keep its natural colour so valued

Approximate Delivery Time: 8 - 10 Weeks

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Post Anchors A range of different post mounting options for this douglas building, Above and below ground options available. Please note fixings screws/bolts are not included with the post anchors.
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Delivery time for this product is 14 - 21 working days.

Deliveries are carried out by external hauliers or carriers, buildings are delivered with a fully articulated lorry with a moffett forklift.

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£3,945.58 Total incl. VAT

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