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Steve Milton :  Gijs Log Cabin 5.95x4m:
Oct 16, 2019
What a fantastic product and what an incredible experience building this cabin.

I bought the Gijs from Tuin after checking all the other suppliers. Definitely best value for money. I went as big as my garden would allow and I don’t regret it one bit.

Not an easy project. My garden slopes, I have no rear garden access and I have pretty average DIY skills. Still, I took the plunge and I am so glad I did.

I had some help with the base. It’s critical to get it square and level. Mine was a block ring with joist beans. The garden drops 1m across the plot so a lot of blocks. Factor in the extra cost if you have a wonky garden like mine.

Delivery was straightforward with the 6m package sat outside my house on the pavement. It pissed down for a week and I got very anxious about the timber getting wet. I needn’t have worried, it did no damage - a few minor warps and some blue staining, but you would not know now it is up.

All of the timber had to come through the house, the longer logs had to come through the front window. Not ideal, but I got it done.

The build was fast, I mean really fast. I started with the composite beam, which I put on a dpc on the block ring. From there the cabin went up in one day. Yep, one day. My brother in law helped and we got the roof timbers on and covered with a tarp and still had time for a few beers afterwards. It was so straightforward. Really, if I can do it anyone can.

I then spent the next week, spraying with 10 gallons of preservative and waterproofing. It did not take long with the sprayer, but waiting between coats was a drag. By the weekend I was ready to tackle the shingles. Daunting but surprisingly straightforward. It took a day to complete. One tip, leave a decent overhang at the sides.

So, roof on, now on to the floor. The worst bit for me. Getting the joists right was a pain. I wish I had spent a little more time on this because there is some spring in my floorboards. I might have to take up the vinyl and put down additional OSB sheeting. I’ll see how it goes. I bought the floorboards but to be honest I would not bother. The supplied joists are narrow and nailing butting floor planks was a faff. As the boards dried the gaps opened a bit, so I would suggest making sure your timber is 100% dry before hammering in the million nails required. Personally, I would go for a real thick OSB if I had my time again. I put vinyl down once finished so the boards do not show anyway. Save your money on this.

Doors and windows were easy. I put in my doors to open inwards, just works better for me.

So, you think I must be nearly there. Wrong. I had to deck the verandah. What a fabulous feature this is on the Gijs - 6m x 2m. The deck was a big job because of the slope and cost more than I had budgeted. It took two weeks. Then there was paint. OMG what a nightmare. I used Cuprinol garden shades. Really good paint but there was acres to cover. I did two coats on all interior walls and the front. It took me two weeks. The ceiling was a real chore. It looks great, but you need a lot of patience.

So everything done. Oh yes I insulated under the floor but not the roof. Do the roof! On hot sunny days the shed does get very hot. It was 35 degrees and just about bearable with the windows open and a fan on, but wish I had insulated the outside of the roof boards. Personally, I think Tuin should include in the kit.

I had the electrics connected by a qualified pro. I ran the cables around the outside of the shed - so no ugly wires inside. I did my own broadband install. A steep learning curve to configure the router and make up a 25m CAT5 cable.

So, the furnishings were then purchased - all salvaged second hand stuff from FB Market Place and junk shops. I built my bar from leftover timber. And.... finally the Frinton Arms opened on 17th August. 3 months from start to finish.

Some of the build was a real chore at the time but looking back, I feel really proud of my build. I learned such a lot of new skills, surprising myself along the way. Next time I will be perfect, haha.

I spent around £10k in all. The Gijs was less than one third of the budget (I did a lot of decking and landscaping). But for what I have now, that is a complete bargain. The Gijs cabin is fantastic - a great space.

Come and visit! Have a pint in the Frinton Arms. Thanks Tuin, I have recommended you to my jealous visitors. Your product is simply supetb.

Wish I could post my pictures and videos - I think you might like it.
Oct 16, 2019
There are quite a few companies to choose from for log cabins but based on reviews and the abundance of info on the website I decided to go with Tuin - and am I glad I did.

All the positive reviews are spot on: Delivery was excellent with the forklift having to be used to bring it to my property. I spent several hours unpacking and sorting out the various parts that I think was time well spent when it came to the build. The quality of the timber is excellent and so well made that it was a breeze building it and that’s from an average DIY’er. I had to contact the help desk a couple of times more for reassurance I was doing things correctly rather than any major problem and my questions were answered within minutes – it’s just a brilliant service.

I don’t think I’ve had so much enjoyment building something since my last airfix kit many moons ago.

For various reasons I haven’t fully completed it yet (just doors to hang on and painting) so no pictures yet. I would guess doing it yourself singlehanded at a fairly leisurely pace you could have it done in 2 or 3 days. The smaller room is perfect for storing all my garden chairs, loungers etc. with the main area of a good size to do whatever you want with it (I haven’t been told what yet!).

The biggest headache I’ve had is what colour to paint it. We are going to be using Sadolin and I think there are only about 300 colours to choose from, after a spending a small fortune on tester pots ‘we’ have finally decided on a colour. As its so difficult to make a choice based on a square inch of colour on a chart could I make a suggestion that you start a gallery of completed builds giving details of what product/colour has been used.

All in all a great experience dealing with Tuin, would thoroughly recommend to anyone without hesitation.

Update: now finally finished and I have one teeny negative comment (but not enough to detract from 5 stars) The quality of the cross timber used for Georgian effect on window and doors is a fraction of the quality of all other wood so have decided to leave it off.
Oct 15, 2019
Purchased the Blackpool log cabin after a lot of research with different companies. Decided on TUIN and so glad we did. From the initial order everything went so smoothly, the delivery, the expert advice, and the excellent quality made it a pleasure to build. Would highly recommend TUIN and would definitely purchase from them again. The craftsmanship and the ease that it was assembled was incredible. Cannot find anything negative to say at all. Whole experience a 10/10. Cabin looks beautiful in the garden and is a stunning addition offering the extra living/entertaining space we needed. Thank you TUIN.
Ray Cannon :  Syros Larch Gazebo 4.3x4.3m:
Oct 15, 2019
Bought this on the strength of previous reviews, as a treat for the wife as she enjoys sitting in the garden and for me as i enjoy challenges. I will agree with other reviewers that the instructions are rather scant, but this is perhaps a good thing as it makes you step back and work things out. Only had three slight problems with bowed or twisted timber but nothing that couldn't be fixed with a bit of leverage or twisted rope, I don't think i did anything to encourage the wood to misbehave but i did leave the bits of wood that were used as packing leaning against a wall in torrential rain and baking heat and they remained perfectly straight and true :-(
It is possible to build this gazebo single handed, including putting up the roof trusses, took a lot of thought and inventiveness though. Either way, diy or getting somebody in the finished item is excellent and i would have no reservations in recommending it or Tuin.
Doug Heath :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Oct 15, 2019
Absolutely beautiful cabin, delivered a day early as the delivery man was ahead of schedule called us and asked if he could deliver the day before it was due at 7:30pm, this was perfect for us, we live on a small country lane and he parked at the top of the lane and drove the flat pack down the road to us on the forklift. Used a Tuin recommended installer (Warren Young) great price and built in 6 hours including floor and fully insulated! Cabin is fabulous spacious and solid, doors and windows work beautifully. Really happy with everything
Penny Battes :  Curved Trellis Arch 90cm:
Oct 14, 2019
Very pleased with the curved Tuin garden arch. It is good and sturdy and has been constructed using the metal footing posts. It looks really good and is narrow which is just what I wanted. Reasonably priced and very good service. One happy customer.
Mr. Keith Taylor :  Log Cabin Air Vent:
Oct 14, 2019
Dispatched as soon as ordered. Small but solid. Nothing fancy about it but fits perfectly on one log and although it’s just an air vent actually looks pretty good.
Mr. Peter Cullen :  Jannie Log Cabin 3x5.76m with Gazebo:
Oct 14, 2019
Well then, if your thinking of buying a cabin I can’t praise these guys highly enough. What a fantastic kit from which to make your cabin. The delivery was just as they said , a phone call an hour before on delivery day and an articulated lorry turns up with at least a dozen cabin kits on board. The driver was very pleasant he parked about 300 M away due to access issues with his wagon and brought the kit to point of use by forklift truck. Amazing! I don’t know who packs the kits but it is a piece of art , everything packed and protected. Day 1, I transferred the kit from its packing crate to the floor of my garage , I checked the inventory and quality of every piece , something you are required to do. I stacked flat all like parts ready for build. So here is a tip(Not mine theirs) “Level and square”. If you do this you won’t have any issues. Secondly read the instructions carefully. The only issue I had during the build was my own fault, one of the drawing notes caused me an issue , there is a 50 mm offset on Wall Wand 2 on the longest logs. I didn’t see this and built the cabin to head height before realising the front top log would not align. This frustrated me a little as I don’t like doing things twice , must emphasise it was my error. So if you discount the half day I wasted building it wrong and the bit of joinery work I had to do to correct the hard wood plinths, it took a day and two people to build the cabin , put the roof on and make it water tight with a heavy duty poly cover. I went for green square shingles for the roof, they are amazing, just follow the instructions , you can’t go wrong, it took me two full days to tile the roof, probably due to me sitting up there watching the world go by and chatting with the neighbours. The cabin isn’t finished yet and probably won’t be till May next year. My only regret is I wished I’d bought it earlier in the year, it’s far too wet to treat the wood. (Sikkens at the ready though) I should have also purchased a floor but never mind I’ve ordered some wood from the local merchants and I will install a floating floor. I’m just in the process of installing lights inside and out. A point to note, just read their web page and take heed of what they say. I’ve worked in the aircraft industry for over 30 years and I’m used to working to a couple of microns, just to give you a feel of how small that is there are 1000 microns to a mm. Why do I mention this. Because the cabin is made of wood and these guys have got their accuracy of machined joints to a very good standard. (Remember level and square, its extremely important). On a final note this cabin is outstanding and meets / betters all my expectations,everyone who has seen it is astounded by its quality and finish. Well done Tuin!
Oct 14, 2019
I've never paid this much for external paint...I've always used the 'high street' names, so was a bit unsure of how good this would be. I needn't have worried as this stuff is absolutely top dog! Brilliant stuff, goes on very easily, good coverage and brushes are just water cleaned. Put several coats on...the more the better imo. I had 5l and used it on a Britt Log Cabin (2.8 x 2.5m) outside only. Will be ordering more for the inside and for annual touch up.
Mr. Alan Gregor :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Oct 14, 2019
Purchased the Emma log cabin, very impressed with the quality and the look of the finished build. Instructions were good and the online help videos covered the parts of the build I was uncertain about. Would definitely recommend this log cabin
Mr. Andrew Lawrence :  Samos Larch Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
Oct 14, 2019
My wife and I purchased a Samos Larch Gazebo 2.9 x 4.9 for the patio at the side of our house. We are both OAP’s and I have some DIY history, the product came when promised, and we promptly decanted it to the back patio where we planned to erect it. To be honest it was a challenge, I found the videos from Richard very useful and would have had real trouble without them, we purchased round shingles at extra cost but think it was worth it. The shingles videos where ok except none showed how the ridge tiles went, I have completed the Gazebo and we are generally very pleased, it’s just the ridge shingles that still Niggle me but that might be because I am a bit of a perfectionist. The whole project took about three weeks but that wa because I only managed to put in about 4 hours a day and I was on my own with occasional help from my wife also some days I didn’t work because of weather or other commitments, I have take pictures of every stage just to show my sons I am still capable. I found the kit lacking long enough tacks for the shingles and had to buy longer ones to go through sometimes three layers on the ridges. Tuin supplied extra roofing planks in case there where any defective ones, this was a lifesaver and I used a couple. All in all a first class Gazebo but don’t expect written instructions.
Mrs. VIVIEN KENDALL :  Shepherd Hut - 360cm:
Oct 14, 2019
We are extremely pleased with our hut. It is delightful and we feel the quality is what we expected for the price. The delivery time was punctual and the parts not difficult to assemble. It looks marvellous at the top of our garden and far exceeds any garden building style-wise. Thank you Tuin.
Eve Birch :  Britt Log Cabin 3x2.5m:
Oct 12, 2019
I purchased the Britt log cabin and have installed it myself, being 63 and female it shows that it is not difficult to do if you take your time and read the instructions, although I would recommend using the internet as well as enclosed instructions. The only problem I encountered was checking the components when unpacking the list said 54 Roof boards and I only had 44 but after some measurements I decided I only needed the 44, but this did cause considerable worry and nearly a phone call for extra boards.
I also found the shingles for the roof just enough but could have done with another pack as I had to utilise every bit to get an edging. I would also recommend an under layer of ash felt to give longer durability. Overall it is a very good purchase and I am very pleased.

Oct 12, 2019
Good little window only wanted some extra ventilation and light Which it gives yet also good for security as only a very small person could climb in, if you require a lot of light this one would be to small.
Andrew Robertson :  Lotte Corner Log Cabin 4.0x4.0m:
Oct 11, 2019
What a fantastic Cabin , anybody with a certain skill set can build this cabin , I have insulated the roof and floor as an extra as advised on the Tuin website and it is fab I highly recommend this company and product , ordering was easy , delivery was as promised and dead on time , very polite delivery driver , customer services excellent and product better than expected
Mr. Albert Wesley :  Hardwood Love Seat:
Oct 11, 2019
Excellent product, finished to a very high standard. I had been concerned about the possible quality due to the low price. Far superior to other seats I had been looking at. Very easy to construct. The whole process from purchase to delivery was of a high standard, I was kept informed about the progress of my order.
Highly recommend.
Mrs. Caroline Ramstead :  Ulrik Log Cabin 3.8x3.8m Double Glazed:
Oct 11, 2019
What a cracking log cabin. simple construction although diagrams were not complete. it only mentions the frame of the cabin but nothing about the roof. that said a simple phone call and it was sorted. i took my time with building it and am very pleased with the outcome. Even the kids helped with the build and painting. i would recommend Tuin products and customer service and wouldn't hesitate to use again. i will write a more detailed review with pictures very soon.
thanks again.
Mr. Martin Ewans :  Piet Log Cabin 5.95x3m:
Oct 10, 2019
This is the second log cabin I've purchased from Tuin, the first one I erected three years ago and due to the ease of construction and the quality, I've just taken delivery of a second cabin. Ordering, communication and delivery were, like the first time, completely smooth and without any problems whatsoever. In my opinion these cabins are incredible value for money especially as they are of such a high quality of manufacture. Highly recommended.
Alan Marshall :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Oct 10, 2019
Bought to replace roof covering on an old summer house to match the excellent Grande gazebo we purchased last year, the shingles were a competitive price, in 3 sq metre packs and with delivery included clinched the sale
Oct 9, 2019
Excellent service delivered at the time specified.
Product is as described and extremely happy with the finished result. Will most certainly use again and will recommend to our friends and family
Robert Brown :  Tourist Open Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Oct 9, 2019
Great delivery with good communication. The kit is as described. You need some carpenter skills along with the ability to get things square. I found the most trying part of the build was the roof I built mine from the top down but I still had to climb onto the roof to finish the job. Overall the finish is very good and I am proud of the gazebo. The ground it is built on slopes so completed the job with decking. The reason for the four stars is that some of the roofing boards were warped and difficult to fit. When fitting the shingles take care in keeping them level. Overall an excellent kit, excellent customer care, pity about the roof boards.
David Britcher :  Felt Shingle Glue 310ml:
Oct 9, 2019
Worth the extra cost to ensure the roof is solid. Excellent product.
Dr. Peter Saunders :  Post Holder Spiked:
Oct 9, 2019
Well made robust post holder spikes. They certainly do the job.
Oct 9, 2019
Great service from the start. We got the base completed early so asked if we could bring the delivery forward by a week or more if possible, yes no problem. Driver was very helpful. even when he couldn’t get to the back due to parked cars. I built the cabin by myself in 2 days not counting the shingles. Very pleased with the finished cabin and would definitely recommend Tuin.
Gordon Thomson :  Mitch Log Cabin Gazebo 3.5 x 3.5m:
Oct 9, 2019
We are very impressed by the quality and appearance of our new Mitch Log Cabin Gazebo. My nephew and I completed the build of this over 2 days following the easy to follow explicit instructions and on-line guidance provided. We have yet to decide what colour we want the gazebo to be to determine what treatment we require to purchase. Again, we will follow the on-line guidance provided by Tuin. There is no question that this is a high quality product and priced very competitively, and we would recommend Tuin to other customers.
Mike Weatherstone :  Nysse Log Open Barn 6 x 6m:
Oct 8, 2019
A nice design which looks very attractive once erected.
This was built by two very accomplished and experienced guys who did a superb job. They overcame some difficulties such as a couple of warped and twisted beams, a small deficit of shingles and nails, but in the end an excellent job was made.
This is NOT a job for an amateur unless very skilled and is best left to people who know what they doing.
Delivery was super efficient (although we are very local to Turn in Norfolk) and Jamie at Tuin was very helpful.

All in all a good purchase
David Finbow :  Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m:
Oct 8, 2019
Whole process start to finish was superb. Customer service and follow up aftercare and build advice was brilliant, particularly the out of hours.
Product itself was as expected. Superb quality, easy to build and finished product looks amazing.
Oct 8, 2019
This is an excellent product at a great price. Despite limited DIY experience I managed to build this cabin almost single handed, thanks to the highly detailed information on the Tuin website. I am extremely happy with the final result.
Mr. Kevin Strong :  Classico Gazebo 4.3x4.3m:
Oct 7, 2019
Highly recommend Tuin, customer service is excellent and very helpful.
I read the tutorial on the Tuin web site before starting the build and found it very helpful.
The gazebo is now completed and very happy with it.
Oct 7, 2019
What a product this is!! Was recommended by a friend to tuin.
Everything about the summerhouse was perfect, great delivery service, easy instructions and very easy to build, the summer house is extremely strong and well built and can't wait for more sunny days to get some use out of it.
Would highly recommend tuin and this summerhouse!
Mr. Ian Small :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Oct 7, 2019
We needed a building of some sort to house our hot tub in so that it was more usable throughout the year and so started a lot of research including visits to garden building suppliers to actually see what might be suitable. When we came across the Tuin website I could not believe the amount of information that it contained on literally every single aspect of building and maintaining a log cabin. We settled on the Emma Corner Log Cabin as this suited the available space we had and also needed for the hot tub to fit into etc. Price is always a top consideration and we even considered building our own bespoke building however when I actually researched the cost of materials I was almost up to the cost of the Emma Log Cabin from Tuin so it was an absolute 'no brainer' to go with Tuin. I decided to build my own base structure from wood and again the amount of information and advice on the website was incredible so the time from ordering to delivery was really well spent. Delivery day came and everything I add read on the website played out. The driver was great and in no time a nicely packaged 'Emma' kit was on my driveway. Construction was really easy to follow and I was able to complete this up to the top most 'logs' on my own. I did need help from a strong son of mine to get the pyramid roof sections up into place and fixed. The roof shingles went on really nicely and the Emma Log Cabin now has pride of place in our back garden ready for the hot tub to go into. We also did a lot of research into treatments for the building and again Tuin's website has all the info you could possibly need and some... It has taken us longer to fully treat and paint the cabin than it did to build it though some bad weather did get in the way at times. Overall I am really impressed with the quality of the Emma Corner Log Cabin. The parts are precision machined however, they are made of wood, which moves, and you will need a rubber mallet at times. Also, Richard on the website goes to a lot of pains to emphasise how critical it is that the base is absolutely level and square... trust me this is really important. We are really pleased with our purchase and have given it 5 stars, why 5? because I cannot find anything that would justify less. I would definitely recommend Tuin for your Log Cabin needs.
Mr. Stephen Riley :  Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m:
Oct 7, 2019
I've just unpacked my Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m kit and please although one log was damaged in transit. I ordered this cabin as this was one of the few longer shallow depth cabins on the market. Although a lower mid-range price and specification all timbers were machined well and straight (I was concerned about this having read complaints about other makers!). The double glazed windows and doors are quite basic but could be improved easily. Considering that the roof shingles were included in the price I think it is good value for money when compared to others.
Mr. Jeremy Whitlock :  Dianne Log Cabin 5.78 x 4.50m:
Oct 5, 2019
delivery of the cabin was good and the driver gave sensible advice about storage before building. Quality of the product is good and all components were of the correct quantity. Instructions are generally acceptable, however some require more detail. For example we assembled the door frame top rail around the wrong way and this only became apparent after we had completed the complete cabin and were trying to fit the doors. I only realised after making trimming to the frame and then called the tech help to be advised it may be round the wrong way. Once I had the top rail the correct way round I found the doors would not stop binding when closing so I had to refix the hinges as I had already adjusted to maximum. They do close now.
Everything else about the installation was relatively easy and we had some spare roof tiles as well.
Overall I am happy with the product just a bit frustrating about the doors.
Mr. timothy munslow :  Rick Log Cabin 3.0 x 5.95m:
Oct 5, 2019
What makes a retirement project? Fantastic value for money Tuin Log cabin. 40mm,dble glaze,free shingles and composite beams. Delivered by Mark in packaging exactly as stated by Roge. Mainly a one man {old} job little help by good friend and other half.
Diary of a leisurely build = deliver on tues, unpack and walk to back garden wed, build to roof beams thurs, fit roof boards on fri , then sat & sun 50 mm insulation and shingles. Mon to fri paint around the rain! final touches 28 mm floor fitted with insulation and electrics from house upgraded.
Who says retirement isn't fun.
Tuin Met vriendelijke groet
Jo Painter :  Shepherd Hut - Deluxe:
Oct 4, 2019
Very pleased with the product. Instructions clear but diagrames not quite as clear. But we were able to work it out.
Went up well. Stained all woodwork prior to assembling which worked well. Put plenty of mastic around all joint inside and out to make water tight.
A few more days work still to complete the project, insulation and electrics, then it will be ready to set up as my therapy room.
Very pleased over all
ashley david barber :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Oct 4, 2019
This is a great quality log cabin and very easy to install.The delivery was in the time slot given and the driver gave me a ring 1 hour before he arrived and was so helpful where we wanted to cabin left. Altogether this has been a easy and stress free project from the ordering to the delivery and finally the construction.
Mrs. Angela Tamblyn :  Chappo Log Cabin 5.98x3.0m:
Oct 4, 2019
Delivery guy was amazing and put the delivery exactly where we wanted it. Very well packaged. All parts labelled clearly. Easy assembly and finished product looks amazing. Put it together in 1 and a half days and now just need some dry weather to put on the EPDM rubber roof. Very pleased and would definitely recommend Tuin.
Rosamund Cunningham :  Jackalyn Log Cabin 5 x 4m:
Oct 4, 2019
We are very happy with our Jacklyn log cabin. It was easy to construct and everything in the kit was right and accurate. The instructions manual was straight forward and the video online support very helpful.

The quality of the product and components is very high and we are delighted with the look of the finished cabin now it has been treated.
Dr. Peter Saunders :  Round Trellis Garden Arch:
Oct 3, 2019
Beautiful wooden arch, easy to assemble and suitably robust. We will be enjoying this feature in our garden for many years to come.
Mr. Tony Cornwall :  Rick Log Cabin 3.0 x 5.95m:
Oct 3, 2019
Fantastic value for money,went together very easy,built over a weekend single is spot on! so happy with this company that this is the 2nd (much larger) cabin we have purchased.Would highly recommend,we done lots of searches for log cabins and this company is the best value,structure,thickness and windows/doors + FREE shingles,would certainly recommend the poly composite base.
Mr. Stephen Howells :  Zutphen Modern Log Cabin 4.98x2.98m:
Oct 2, 2019
Excellent service, back-up and quality of product. Arrived on time and despite a broken drainage beam upon arrival this was replaced within 24 hrs via courier. Main shell was erected in a day whilst roof, doors and windows were completed by end day 2. Instructions could be a little more clear but this did not impede the overall build time by much. Overall very satisfied with product and would not hesitate to recommend.
Oct 2, 2019
Darren and Stuart. Great quality work, well priced and decent blokes. As cabin assembly is their business they know this assembly so they build my Zupthen well within the day. Darren likes one sugar in his tea, Stuart, two.
Mr. Mark Turner :  Mitch Log Cabin Gazebo 3.5 x 3.5m:
Oct 2, 2019
Very pleased with the whole process …. delivered when they said they would, everything was there.
Two people assembled ...very good instructions, would highly recommend
Mr. Ronald falconer :  Doors for Log Cabins up to 45mm:
Oct 2, 2019
Recentley purchased and erected this cabin from Tuin.
Picked Tuin on the back of online reviews and the amount of info and support on their homepage.
The cabin was delivered to my house very well packaged and protected, and the overall erect was fairly straightforward.
Spend your time accurately setting out the sole plates square and level and putting all the logs into groups,. you may find the walls go slightly off plumb as you go up but putting the roof beams on pulls all that into place.
Shingles for the roof are supplied free and look great, again spend a bit of time with the first two rows getting them straight and parralel, after that it is fairly repetitive and you will have a few spare.
The quality of the cabin is very good with all the joints cut accurately, there is a small amount of knot damage, but this is to be expected...timber is a natural product.i would say the floor boards 26mm should have less knot holes than is present.
The doors and windows all are fine and slot easily into place.
I have bought different double doors for the main part of the cabin as i felt there was to much glass in the set that are supplied.
All in a good experience with this Tuin cabin and i would cerainley recommend.
Marlene Hervey :  Bayern Double Door Storage Shed:
Oct 1, 2019
Really good quality product I was quite anxious to buy this wardrobe because some of the mixed reviews that had been written about it but now that our double door shed is installed , I can confirm that it is of good sturdy quality and that the instructions to put it together are very clear and straight forward. A bit pricier than alternative products on the market but it is a really nice looking shed and the quality is great. So well worth paying the extra
Mr George McRobbie :  Peter Log Cabin 3x3m 34mm logs:
Sep 30, 2019
Great quality, surprisingly easy to construct. Delivery driver was very helpful and was able to unload exactly where I wanted. Your web site information and tips were a great help. Not just easy but fun to construct. Thank you.
Mr. Timothy Broomhall :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Sep 30, 2019
I purchased the Emma log cabin as I needed a work shop in the garden. I did loads of research before I I decided on the Emma. It looks fantastic in the right far corner of the garden.

The customer service provided by tuin was excellent from purchase to completion. delivery driver was excellent and put the neatly packed two pallets easily onto my front drive.

I did the build myself and when unpacking the pallet I was a little worried with the different lengths of the logs and the number of pieces that made up the cabin. The pieces were quickly sorted into the different lengths and matched against the inventory which comes with the instructions. everything was there. one of the double glaced windows was slightly cracked. but not damaged enough to stop the build..

Spend a little bit of money and make sure you have a good solid base to build it on. it is so important to ensure this is nice and level. The instructions are good but you will need to watch lots of tuin videos on YouTube. These are a great help. The free roof shingle and composite base were an excellent bonus.

The cabin went up very quickly. I recommend two people to build this. I did 80% myself and only really needed a friend to help lift and slot the windows in place. It took me two days but can easily be errected in one day with two people. It is very important to check the levels to ensure each log is as level as possible I checked every 3 completed layers.

The roof single makes the cabin look fantastic and was FREE and so easy to put on, watch plenty of videos. and if you have any issues tuins customer service team always reply quickly even out of hours.. My cracked window was replaced very quickly. I only had to send pics. Thanks to tuin I now have a fantastic work space in my garden which I could honestly say is the best 50th birthday present a man could ever have.
Mr. Glyn Cogbill :  Bolton Log Cabin 4.4 x 3.4m:
Sep 29, 2019
Purchased the Bolton Cabin. Delivery time was good to enable preparation, delivery driver very pleasant and professional, excellent service. Building the cabin with parts and instructions not a problem and went up within hours. Finishing the cabin has caused some issues with the internal floor, we purchased the 27 mm flooring. The machining of the tongue was not even on one end of each plank which resulted in planning to make them fit. Overall very happy with the cabin and services provided. Will refer friends and family.
Sep 29, 2019
Recently purchased the Summertime Log Cabin and couldn't be happier. Spent months and months researching log cabins/sheds/own builds and the Tuin Summertime cabin suited my circumstances and budget. Delivery didn't go as expected but that's not the fault of Tuin! After redirected to my workplace log cabin offloaded and reloaded onto another vehicle from work. Finally got the cabin home around lunch time 1st day erected walls up to roof height. 2nd day roof completed. 3rd day shingles laid. I still have the floor to install and plan to do that over the weekend. Electrics are also being installed this weekend. Great product, does what it says on the tin. Would happily purchase another one in the future.
Trudy Green :  Riina Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Sep 29, 2019
Fabulous service from Tuin. I have been looking for a Summerhouse/Sewing Room for about a year and each time I searched Tuin came out on top. So once the base was down I ordered the Riina Log Cabin. Delivery was as stated on the website and we were phoned to advise a rough time. The guys who put it up scratched there heads at first but had it up in a day. Roof shingles the following morning and floor the following day. The quality is second to none. We have just painted the outside using CAREFREE PROTECTANT TIMBER TREATMENT and it looks fantastic. Can’t wait to move in.
Shelley Norton :  Anja 28mm Log Cabin 2.95 x 2.0m:
Sep 29, 2019
The cabin went up like a giant lego house with almost every piece fitting perfectly together. It is excellent quality with thick sturdy walls and we expect it to be the focal point of the garden for many years to come. Many thanks Tuin, we have recommended you to everyone we know!
Keith Eames :  Jos Corner Log Cabin 2.5x2.5m:
Sep 28, 2019
We are 3 years from ordering and our cabin is as much part of our lives as the shower.

Still looks fantastic, still standing, still a fun place to go to get away from the phone in the house. The shingles look new, the inside still smells of wood (not surprising but you know what I mean).

If I had a bigger garden I would buy another.
Mr. Brian Kelly :  Rattan Hanging Chair - Pisa:
Sep 28, 2019
Purchased this after building one of their cabins assuming that the chair would be as good as the cabin. the cage bit is well made and nice. The cushion could do with a little more padding at the front of the seat as I can feel the edge of the cage frame under my legs. Am an average 170 lbs.
The stand is another story. It is strong but the one we have may have been built badly. The base rocks, is not level, the upright is off centre. If i tighten up the bolts too much it leans to one side. I have tried adding washers to counteract this but still not good. One plastic end cap was broken.
Would have complained but have been side tracked with family problems. Maybe now I have time i will.
As a company I would recommend them, as a problem I had with the cabin was sorted straight away and the cabin is superb.
KARL GRINDROD :  Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m:
Sep 27, 2019
we ordered the log cabin on recommendation of a previous customer of theirs,
must say everything went smoothly, very fast delivery, delivered when they said. overall very very pleased with the log cabin. everything fitted in place.
absolutely perfect. would recommend this company for fast and efficient service. deserve 5 stars plus
Mr. kenneth mcaskill :  BO Log Cabin 3x3m:
Sep 26, 2019
Excellent cabin, terrific value for money, managed to build and get water tight in 1 day, delivery was also excellent, very competent & helpful driver.
Mr. Peter Vanson :  Daniel Corner Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m:
Sep 26, 2019
Great log cabin, my wife loves it. Good delivery and packaging. Reasonably easy to build, two of us took three days. It loses a star because there are no printed instructions. We referred to the diagrams and youtube constantly throughout the build but without access to the internet it would have been more difficult. Now it’s built I can stand and admire it for ages !!
Antony Seward :  Single/Lean To Carport 3.0 x 5.0m:
Sep 26, 2019
I erected the Car Port today having taken delivery from Nederlands earlier in the week. The structure is impressive and does not look at all cheap. It is relatively easy to erect BUT all is not perfect. On unpacking 1 x Facing Board and 1 x Support Post were damaged- both were badly split at one end. The Port was erected as a " Lean To" from the existing garage. The so called "Screws No 1" are quite pathetic and are much too short and a waste of time. This makes moving the assembled part roof impossible. Additional more suitable screws were purchased and they worked well. The Polycarbonate Roof Sheets are fragile and were not used, I chose to fit a felt roof on 9mm boards. The completed Port looks impressive, it is solid and substantial. I recommend it to other potential buyers as outstanding value for money but I do have real reservations concerning the various screws and fittings provided, they do not seem appropriate given the size of timers used.
Sep 26, 2019
Bought this for my gazebo roof after hunting the Internet for something simple. I bought the brass ball for the top, however when the product arrived which took nearly a week I was disappointed with the quality of the ball. The main part of the finial was OK but after parting with over £50 for this product I thought it was over priced. The ball was a hollow ball and I had to put my own screw in this to keep it sturdy. But it looks good but not worth the £56 pound I paid.
Gary Muirhead :  Truus Log Cabin 5.95x5m:
Sep 26, 2019
Firstly, the cabin arrived well communicated, on-time and well packaged.

I was immediately impressed by the quality of the timber and surprised by the ease and speed (roof aside) I was able to build the Truus. The cabin looks great, feels extremely solid and offers great value for money when compared to other companies equivalents.
Mr. Wayne Hansford :  Garden Building Heater:
Sep 26, 2019
Comes with a EU plug, has to be positioned quite low to get the heat benefit, and leaving on for a long while causes the plug to get very warm indeed... not worth the price tag in my view
Sep 26, 2019
Really good service. It took longer for us to assemble as we chose to paint each piece of wood with light oak preservative before assembling. Delivery was easy although a day earlier than originally requested. Some of the wood was split but there was additional pieces so that you could select the best wood when assembling. It took a bit of time to work out what bit was for what as when you opened the pack it was mixed to make the packaging more streamline but we got there eventually and we are very pleased with the quality and the result. Well worth the money.
steve Robertson :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Sep 26, 2019
Ordering was so easy the delivery driver was fantastic. The Emma was so easy to build it was up to roof level in 4 hours then another 2 to secure the roof and shingles. looks absolutely fantastic.
Would certainly recommend Tuin Log Cabins.
Mr. sean bennett :  Bertil Log Cabin Gazebo 7.9 x 3.0m:
Sep 26, 2019
Tuin Bertil log summer house / gazebo
After searching for a long time we finally settled with Tuin and the Bertil log cabin as the layout filled our needs perfect.

I must say I am not disappointed with anything so far the delivery company were amazing managing to get the actual huge pallet very close to where we needed it, all with a smile on his face. (Thought I was going to have to cart it all 1 at a time)

The cabin itself went together relatively easy. Squaring was quite difficult had to use the 3/4/5 method but all went well in the end.

If you follow the plans properly everything works great and the free roof shingles well wow they finish it off lovely.
The quality of the wood appears to be good and I never had any parts that wouldn’t go together.

Overall from start to finish a good experience and would definitely buy another if we moved.
Mrs. Jackie Wadsworth :  Mitch Log Cabin Gazebo 3.5 x 3.5m:
Sep 26, 2019
Great service from Tuin. Order arrived when promised. Easy to assemble and looks great
Mr. Paul Scott :  Karen Log Cabin 5 x 3.2m:
Sep 26, 2019
Finally got my cabin and patio finished this summer. So pleased with the result, thanks Tuin. Would be nice if there was a way we could add pictures to our reviews.
Janet Rogers :  Max Log Cabin 3.8x2.9m:
Sep 25, 2019
We are very pleased with our tuin max log cabin. It was delivered on time and it was very clear how it all went together despite the instructions being a bit sketchy.
Dr. Andrew Wills :  Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m:
Sep 24, 2019
Really happy with my log cabin, delivery and the customer support.

One or two of the timbers were damaged on the profile. I had arranged with my Dad to erect the building on a bank holiday weekend and only realised the timbers were damaged as we were erecting it. I contacted Tuin and they got two replacement out to me at 7am the next day so the assembly was only delayed by 3 or 4 working hours.

I had spent quite a while getting a good level base which was definitely time well invested as the cabin fitted perfectly and went up quickly all level and true. Trickiest part was lining up windows and doors and getting the roof boards all square.

I added 50mm celotex board under the shingles. Finding clout nails recommended length was hard, ended up using some slightly shorter than recommended but seemed to work ok.

Painting took age but happy with finish. Recommend getting good paint. I used Sadolin and spent about 140 on two 5 litre tins but the finish is great - seals and protects nicely
Sep 24, 2019
From delivery through to build the whole experience has been outstanding. The delivery driver was able to put the excellently packed cabin on to our drive where we wanted without any trouble at all with the fabulous multi directional forklift. Unpacking the “kit”, we were very impressed how well it had all been packaged to minimise any damage to the components. Following the erection guidelines, with the help of my two sons, we were fully finished bar the tiles in two days. No problems or issues just trust in the erection guide and it all comes together.
Scott Hancock :  Perlund Log Cabin 3x3m:
Sep 23, 2019
Wanted a attractive wooden building for storage that looked better than a standard shed. Great range, easy to order and pay for, good value, really helpful delivery guy, really easy to assemble if base is correct, pleased all round, would buy again in the future !!!
Mark Rose :  Classico Gazebo 4.3x4.3m:
Sep 23, 2019
Classico Gazebo 4.3x4.3m

After losing so many gazebos over the years, my wife and I decided to invest in a wooden gazebo. It was a little more expensive than we wanted to spend but hopefully it will last us.

Delivery:- Delivery was prompt, with the haulage company being first class. The delivery driver was very helpful, parking out on the main road and driving the pallet around the close on a forklift, delivering it right to the door.

Installation:- Read the instructions and watch all the videos on YouTube that you can. I made a few alterations to the roof. The main one was instead of using the screws supplied to fix the 4 main diagonal trusses to the king pin, I made some large bolts up using some 8mm threaded rods, washers, nuts and drilled a hole through the lot, then bolted the whole lot together . By doing it this way I could assemble it on the ground first, then with some others we lifted two of the ends onto the roof and slid it into position, worked a dream. The other alteration was to fix the roof slats with screws, I used 3.5 x 40’s, about 700 of the little blighters. I used the roof shingles to finish the roof of with, well my 15 year old son did this for me as my wife didn’t trust me on the roof, it was straight forward to do, again watch the video from Tuin how to do them.

After Sale:- I had a few issues with the fixing kit missing, this was rectified without any trouble.

Now the main question, would I buy from Tuin again, yes without hesitation. From start to finish I found the company to be very professional and helpful. The quality of the product is without question first class. As I’ve said, the only this I would recommend to Tuin is to use, threaded bolts and pre-drilled hole to assemble the 4 main diagonal trusses to the king pin.
Penny Battes :  Curved Trellis Arch 90cm:
Sep 23, 2019
Bought this arch after having read the reviews. Am very pleased with it. Good service and delivery and, most importantly, it is good and sturdy and good value for money. Would certainly recommend this arch.
Inna Thompson :  Mila Pent Log Cabin 2.9x2.6m:
Sep 23, 2019
Extremely happy with efficient delivery, it was on time and left exactly where I wanted. All additional paints were together with the logs for the cabin.
We built it in Feb 2019, it took my dad 3-4 days to finish apart from roofing. We stopped for almost a month due to heavy raining. We covered with a plastic sheath. The final roofing was placed in April. For roofing we used Easy Roof Membrane which was easy to instal. I would however note, it is extremely slippery. If the roof with a tilt you are in danger of just sliding from it. Plan your way out! We have started applying layers from right to left, but now I would do from bottom to top, it is logical to prevent any leakage in future.
Otherwise it is a wonderful cabin and I am extremely proud of it. All neighbours wouldn't stop praising how beautiful it is. We just love it!
Sep 23, 2019
Expensive but application was easy and the cabin looks great (in white). We used 3 coats as recommended and this looks like it would provide superior protection. Time will tell. Overall very happy with the product
Mr. Steve Ramsey :  Double Carport 6.0 x 5.0m:
Sep 22, 2019
I bought this carport for a customer and had to modify it slightly to make it fit the space she has.
Delivery took the full 14 days stated. The driver was very helpful and made every effort to accommodate the difficult access to the property.
On opening the package I found it to be soaking wet. The instructions were stuck together and unusable. Fortunately I had gotten a pdf version from Tuin earlier but they were very basic and I was told the instructions with the delivery would be better. When I dried them out enough to prise the pages apart, they were the same version, so not much help.
I bought Bolt-down feet but they do not come with bolts. M10 fit perfectly, not M8 as Tuin told me.
Two of the uprights had very bad shakes (splits) in them and one of the side beams was badly warped but I could not have them replaced as I was on a tight time schedule. Whoever packed this item should have done a quality check before it went out.
There were not enough roof fixings so I bought an extra 100 and used most of them.
There were not enough brackets which hold the cross beams to the side supports. In my view each beam should have two brackets at each end.
The corrugated roof is of square design which is okay although it is a bit flimsy.
I also needed to put a slight slope to it for water run-off which meant all the diagonal supports needed to have the angle changed. I cut these with a power saw with no problem but they are held to the uprights & side supports with 3 inch nails. Again not good enough so I used external 3 inch screws instead. A much better job.
Overall, I'd say this carport is of reasonable quality but with a few minor and simple changes, it could be very good.
Listen up Tuin, a few more brackets, some more roof fixings and better instructions, (add a tenner to the price if you must), and it could get rave reviews.
Peter Hart :  Petit Corner Log Cabin 2x2m:
Sep 22, 2019
Excellent quality product and a good standard of manufacturing. I used a timber base with quick Jack's as the area was a slope. These made levelling a doddle.
The cabin took a total of 18hrs to erect, on my own, that also includes putting everything on the lawn in various groups. I used roof shingles for the pyramid roof, which look great, although I think a small pack of longer roofing nails is required for the ridge areas. All in all, I'm very pleased with the product/ service from start to finish. A☆
Sep 21, 2019
Excellent product, take your time to read and check the information and be methodical and you shouldn't have any problems putting up the shed.
Mr. Steven Snodin :  Skov Log Cabin 3.5x3m:
Sep 20, 2019
FANTASTIC service, is my best description of dealing with Tuin. From placing order to delivery has been the most professional service I have encountered.
The product is of the best quality and has exceeded my expectations
Good job..!
mike fisher :  Britt Log Cabin 3x2.5m:
Sep 20, 2019
A labour of summer love! The customer service and delivery process from Tuin could not be faulted and I would highly recommend them. Nothing was too much trouble and communication excellent. I built this small log cabin on my own having a minimal knowledge of carpentry. I think if you had no knowledge and concerned in tackling something as big and maybe expensive then I'd suggest you consider calling in someone. I took my time, I had no rush and carefully considered each stage....the instructions are very basic but the videos, blogs and Richards many articles helped greatly. The tips are really good - separate parts, group them, read about the Door frame, adding shingles, adjusting doors etc.
Overall, I am extremely pleased with my little log cabin and would highly recommend this excellent company
GLYN AUCOTT :  Agnes with Shed Annexe 3x4.4m:
Sep 19, 2019
Had a bad experience with a different log cabin supplier when we originally decided to buy a garden log cabin. They took a deposit for the cabin and then they
cheapened the specification and expected me to pay the same price.
Had to threaten to sue them before the deposit was returned. Beware.
I then placed the order with Tuin for a similar product. What a difference. The whole experience has been exceptional. The level of communication from the company and sheer volume of information from their website leaves you in no doubt that you dealing with professionals.
The cabin arrived on time and left on our driveway in the perfect place using the special forklift the delivery company uses.
We decided to have the build done by one of Tuins approved installers, John Heard. Apart from a weather delay in commencing the build the work was completed, (including the base) in 3 days. The team worked tirelessly and did a brilliant job. The quality of the product really good.
I would recommend a Tuin product and their services to anyone.
Mr. Brian Kelly :  Erke Log Cabin 5.85x5.3m:
Sep 19, 2019
After reading a lot of useful information on this site, I thought it only fair to purchase a cabin from here.
Delivered as promised on time and put down exactly where i wanted it. Was a big box of stuff which did frighten me a bit, "what have I done "was my first thought. These guys recommend that you build it yourself and I am so glad that I did. I enjoyed almost every minute of this build to the point that I was disappointed once I had finished. Once I had got the base timbers in the correct place it took me a day to put up all the logs and roof joists.Had my neighbour help with the three apex and five roof joists as heavy and difficult to fit on my own. It took me two days to fit the roof and free shingles using the spacing method described. I did worry about running out of shingles but had half a packet left along with two extra roof planks. The floor pack that I bought with the cabin took me another two days as I decided to stagger the joints to make it a little less uniform. getting cocky by this time.
Spent another few days fitting the other bits and a day to apply one coat of protection,the one recommended. One tin for one coat for all outside, second coat took a little less. Three tins and done.

Problems I had, unpack it on a cool day as the longer logs did warp very quickly. The difference between C1/D1 and C5/D5 is that C/D5 has a flat surface for the arm rest, I found this out the hard way and had to unbuild a layer. There is a gap between the cubby and cabin on the bottom layer, have closed mine up from inside.
The terrace pier uses all the E10's, equal amount each side then has an E12 on top, before the last C/D1 is put right across from front to back.

Top tip, do not check that the doors close properly from inside unless you have a door handle in your pocket. This will do away with the need to climb back out.
Our cabin is a lovely place to be, have sat under the terrace most evenings during the summer.

If you buy one I thoroughly recommend that you build it yourself, the instructions that come with it are not brilliant but have a read of the info on here first, watch the how to videos and build it. You will need two people for the roof bits but the rest is doable on your own, provided you have a good supply of tea.

Honestly, having built this I am so pleased with it and with the job I have done.
I did woodwork at school and have build a garden shed (8x5) prior to this so no real experience in this.
Great company to deal with too, only wish others where as quick to respond and sort problems out.

Thank you.
Mr. Sean Bevis :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Sep 19, 2019
The Product delivered on time.
The shingles are of great quality, they are also all of the same dimensions and are of identical shades.....
Will definitely use again...
Mr. Steve Robertson :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Sep 19, 2019
Absolutely brilliant product was able to level the wooden base frame exactly. Product was delivered very quick. I would certainly recommend this product if you have uneven land.
Sep 18, 2019
It took me ages to decide where to get my log cabin from but I was very pleased that I chose Tuin. Several things impressed me. The quality of the wood was excellent and now that I have built the cabin I know it will last many years; and add value to my home! The staff at Tuin were also very professional and were always on hand to answer my many questions. I found the instructions that came with the large pallets of wood very difficult to understand. Understanding what each piece of wood was to be used for and separating them all must have taken most of the first day. Putting the cabin together was like a huge jig saw puzzle, but the videos and general information provided by Tuin on their web site helped me enormously. I also found answers on YouTube. But most of the answers where given via e-mail. I took lots of photos of things I didn't understand. E-mailed them to Tuin and received good advice; regardless of how basic the question was!
The whole project took me about 2 weeks. Mainly because I did all the work myself, apart from when I had to get help carrying the very heavy parts such as e.g. the window. I also added a patio which took about another week.
Be aware of extra costs though. I must have spent about £500 extra paying for such things as the log cabin foundation, the patio slabs and essentials such as wood stain for the cabin. I also have yet to buy extras such as furniture for the inside of the cabin.
Extremely pleased overall however; and would certainly recommend Tuin!
Sep 18, 2019
Great customer service and delivery. The log cabin assembly was straightforward with the cabin sides taking a day to assemble with the roof a further day. A spacious cabin that feels warm due to the thickness of the wood and the double glazing. We also purchased the floor T&G. This came with skirting so very easy to fit and make neat. Good value for money.
Mr. Paul Whitby :  Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m:
Sep 18, 2019
What a great product. Easy to put together, took two of us 1 day at a very easy pace to put it together!! It has now been up for 6 months and looks great. Easy to order, delivery easy to accept and bang on time. Cannot recommend enough!!!
Mr. Robin Coles :  Butterfly Arbour Shade:
Sep 18, 2019
I bought this Shade after having seen one recently purchased by a relative. I was immediately impressed by the quality of the solid engineering and materials. It was quick and easy to erect and although we live in a windy coastal setting the shade has proven wind and rain proof. The design is innovative and much admired by visitors.
Ms. caroline johnston :  Vegetable Garden Table:
Sep 18, 2019
Very nice product and very easy to use for fruits small vegetables and salad leaves.
Ideally the holes for fixing the shelf in place would be pre-drilled for ease of assembly.
I was advised by someone who had purchased a different product to use a wood protector to prolong the life of the table but I don't know if that was really necessary.
Steve Lamb :  Economist Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Sep 16, 2019
Brilliant gazebo, took 2 of us 3 days to erect, instructions could be better, but with Tuin videos we managed fine.
Looks like it will last for many years.
Mr. james leyland :  Jos Corner Log Cabin 2.5x2.5m:
Sep 16, 2019
Tuin was recommend to me by my friend who is a joiner. I had looked at various options including buying the timber myself.which on costing would have cost more that the Summer House itself. I made my order, the Summer House arrived very well packed and with all the instructions. My friend arrived and we started to build the Cabin. The most important tips I I can give are
1 Make sure the base is set right and level
2 Two people are required
3 Take your time and follow the instructions you won’t go wrong.
It was simple and easy to erect the quality was first class. It took two half days to finish of that of course included loads of brews stops for dinners etc. My mate who is a fussy joiner was well impressed with the quality, how easy it was to assemble and the cost. So if you want quality at a good price I would highly recommend Tuin.
Sep 16, 2019
Very pleased with this product. Delivery was early and the driver couldn’t have been more helpful.
The cabin fitted together very easily and the wood is good quality, made to last. I would recommend Tuin.
Sep 15, 2019
order and delivery went well, got it in about 10 days, found it fairly easy to put up, has the odd split on wood and wood on roof bit twisted, the black felt shingles I picked really finish it off very well, maybe be better with a few more rafters on the roof or thicker timbers that shingles are nailed to as it does bounce the first few rows, but over all im very pleased with it as it covers my hot tub well, my family and neighbours think its really nice,, im very pleased with product and if I needed anything else know tuins website to view other things,,
Matt Hilliar :  Felt Shingle Glue 310ml:
Sep 14, 2019
Felt shingle glue - great item and does exactly what its expected to do.
James Cable :  Felt Shingle Glue 310ml:
Sep 14, 2019
Easy to use and does what it's meant to, there's not much more to say about it other than it does the job.
carl porter :  Gijs Log Cabin 5.95x4m:
Sep 14, 2019
Excellent product, delivery driver couldn't have been more helpful. Looking forward to many years enjoying our cabin.
David Mason :  Jos Corner Log Cabin 2.5x2.5m:
Sep 14, 2019
Definitely five stars for this company, arrangement and organisation, especially the delivery driver Malcolm. I have not opened the package yet having been away. The driver persevered despite the drop being quite difficult with good humour and "can do" attitude. First class.
Matt Hilliar :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Sep 14, 2019
EMMA CORNER LOG CABIN - Really pleased with item. Used approved subcontractor and went up easily and without any issues. Would definitely recommend. Price great too.
Sep 14, 2019
The cabin was delivered by a very polite & efficient driver, onto my driveway.
It took me 2 weekends to assemble 95% of it on my own. I followed the instructions & used the video when I wasn't sure about something.
It is sturdy, waterproof, windproof and I'm very happy with it. Thank you.
Jo Wallis :  Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m:
Sep 14, 2019
We absoloutely LOVE our Chloe cabin.
From the initial enquiry to the ordering and delivery TUIN were an absoloute delight to deal with. Nothing was too much trouble and they answered all our questions with great knowledge and understanding.
The delivery driver was fantastic and after I was i very concerned how he would deliver it down our drive which is very steep and narrow he assured me it would be no problem as he can 'drive up to a mile with it on the forklift'. He wasn't wrong made it look easy.
We used the company to build it and it looks amazing. Have treated it with wood preserver and now half way through staining it, if the rain could hold off that would help.
If we ever need another cabin in future years we would absolutely go back to TUIN, they are not at all salesy or pushy which were traits that put us off using other companies.
Sep 14, 2019
We bought two of these for our business, the experience from start to finish was excellent. The delivery driver was so helpful, our drive is 250m long, is uphill and has some tight bends. This was not a problem, it took an hour to get both up and the rain was torrential , this wasn't a problem to the driver. The cabins themselves were well packed and incredibly easy to construct, we hardly needed instructions. We'd previously lined and levelled our base to 1mm so it was just a case of putting one on the other and checking as you go. The cabins themselves are good quality with everything as it should be. We will be ordering another two next year
Sep 13, 2019
I am just over half way through building the log cabin and so far it has gone together very well, I am very pleased with the result, it looks amazing and I would highly recommend it.