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Carmel Sayers :  Edelweiss Log Cabin 5.1x6.0m:
Jan 23, 2014
I am delighted with my new log cabin. The quality is superb, and Wayne and Mark who erected it worked really hard.

The company have been straight forward and helpful. They kept us informed throughout the ordering and delivery process.
I have now ordered another cabin, and I would recommend this company to anyone.
Mr. Wayne Tew-Cragg :  Klaas Log Cabin 5x4m:
Jan 22, 2014
very good cabin, clear instruction and the delivery of the item was first class. would recomend Tuin.
Mr. Anthony Fallows :  Felt Shingle Glue 310ml:
Jan 20, 2014
Having recently purchased a new garden shed I was concerned that previous sheds had after a certain amount of times developed problems with their respective roofs. As such I upgraded to a shingle roof. Unfortunately the shingle roof didn't come with any glue and hence the purchase of the shingle glue. The glue arrived in good time and I have applied accordingly. It's easy to use, no fuss, no mess and quite frankly the best glue I have used (for shingle roofs) I would happily recommend this product to others looking to purchase glue for shingle roof tiles.
Jan 17, 2014
Excellent finishing touch to our Gazebo.
Mrs. BM Freeman :  Log Roll 20cm:
Jan 13, 2014
These log rolls will make a quick and easy lawn edging for my cottage garden, and they will also keep a bark-chip path in check. Their price and quality are good, so I'm happy to recommend them to others.
Jan 13, 2014
Great communications and service from Karen and the delivery company driver Steve. Cabin huge and quality good although instructions could be improved and also the packing so that you can build the cabin in sequence. Instead of having to unload it all. Not a problem in summer months but have to be quick in winter months for sure. Apart from that shot up and slotted in without any major issues pictures taken of all stages to help people in future if you are doing it as a project yourself rather than employing someone a few modifications to get final results that are not on plans but overall a great log cabin looks great in my woodland retreat. Great price good quality and fantastic service
Miss. Dawn Freeburn :  Skyler Log Cabin 5x3.2m:
Jan 12, 2014
Overall I was very pleased with this product. I am currently using it as a living space on the back of the house, like a conservatory. Pieces went together well, enough of everything was supplied and my dad and his friend had erected it within a couple of days without any problems. Only downside were the shingles provided as the adhesive was, it seems of poor quality. Following the recent winds most of the shingles ended up scattered throughout my garden, so my poor father the following day had to get up on the roof and secure them all again using nails in everyone! The previous cabin we had brought, the Heino I think it was called, was amazing and we had no problems at all with the roof shingles. Another problem was the glass in the door on the Skyler, it leaked when we had some bad rain and again my father came to the rescue and sealed both sides of the glass with a sealant. Wouldn't hesitate to buy this product again however as was and still am very pleased...it looks fab!
Jan 8, 2014
The log cabin is wonderful just what I, ve always wanted
Richard Bennett :  Daniel Corner Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m:
Jan 7, 2014
Thought the service from Tuin was excellent - Richard could not have been more helpful. The product is very high quality and I really am delighted with it. My advice would be to pay for a fitter - the roof on this cabin took some fitting. Overall I thought it it was a first class product and represented excellent value for money.
Jan 7, 2014
The Blackpool cabin is exceptionally high quality, finished to a really high standard and fitted together very quickly. I would recommend this cabin to anyone and am very happy with it for the price I paid. I had a few issues with the cabin whilst building it, but contacted Tuin who quickly responded and sorted the problems out without any fuss. i would recommend using them for both their quality of building materials and there response to help out with any issues i had.
John Lane :  Piet Log Cabin 5.95x3m:
Jan 7, 2014
I was very impressed with the cabin we put concrete foundations down then laid the hard wood base after that i could not believe how easy it was to build it looks fantastic and the inside is now furnished and looks great there is plenty of room and a bit more my wife loves it and the kids cant stop going in it . WE cant wait for summer it will look fantastic and i am sure we will have some great times in it .
Thank you once again, i wish everyone i buy something from was as prompt as you.

I will recommend you to people when they see our cabin
Dec 29, 2013
Order and delivery couldn't have been easier. Unloaded and trundled down the road by forklift and placed at the front of my house. Then just a matter of unpacking and moving the wood!

Due to the time of year treating the wood was a bit of a logistical problem as the cold weather meant drying time was slow and the bits couldn't be left out over night. Underestimated how long it would take due to the drying time and number of pieces of wood but the treatment (SIkkens) went on easily due to the quality of the material.

Build also couldn't have been easier. The wood is cut to millimetre perfect and it slotted together without any problems. With the exception of dropping in the door frame it was a one person build and took less than a day. To construct the door frame I knocked the frame together, squared it up and put a screw in each corner to stop it falling apart again. Once the walls were complete I hung the doors and just gave the frame a few taps where necessary to square it up again. Then screwed through the frame into the walls to fix. Surprisingly simple!

Very pleased with the quality of the cabin and the ease of build.
Rick Ogle-Welbourn :  Tourist Open Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Dec 29, 2013
I purchased this gazebo after quit a lot of research on the net. Delivery was great, the driver very helpful and off loaded it where I wanted it. The quality of the wood is excellent. I built it by myself and was impressed with how it all went together. Top service all round. My only down comment was that the kit was wet through and a couple of the boards were warped. Overall 5 stars. Thanks I will be back, looking for a carport. Thanks again Rick
Dec 11, 2013
We would like to say how very pleased we are with service, delivery and quality of our cabin. Staff were extremely helpful with any assembly problems we came across and returned our calls without hesitation. We have installed a woodburner and now spend most of our evenings outside...far cheaper than central heating! We fully recommend this cabin and it was less expensive than the cost of wood to make our own. brilliant!
Dec 10, 2013
These profiled foundation beams are good because they "lift" the log cabin off the slab. So the height of the log cabin is raised slightly.

The profile slopes away from the log cabin.
Mr. Gavin Carswell :  Garden Gate Antique Style Hinge Set:
Dec 10, 2013
Excellent quality hinges, more than capable of supporting my six foot high gate. I'm just missing four screws (which I will hopefully receive in due course) other than that there is everything you need to fit these hinges.
Dec 9, 2013
Can't fault this product at all. Ordering was easy, delivery was brilliant even though the driver had to bring it all the way up my stony one way road on a fork lift truck I used a fitter recommended by tuin and very glad I did as it was all assembled in one day including the flooring even though it got dark Very happy with everything 100% recommend tuin who also had a very quick communication response with me Thankyou x
Mr. Gary Whitfield :  Lulea Log Cabin 3x4m:
Dec 9, 2013
Excellent quality cabin ,, timber nice and thick should last for ever love the shingles really sets off the cabin...delivery was superb fast too and no hassles what so ever ...will send some pics in soon I would def buy again and recommend to anyone at this
Chris Crawford :  Grande Open Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
Dec 8, 2013
Positive stuff>>>The Gazebo looks good and everyone who sees it likes what we have done. It's stood up to the recent heavy winds and rain, a good tester. The Tuin's communication was good and the delivery was on time.

Negative stuff>>> Limited instructions supplied with the package. There's no detail about building the roof, and as the roof panels were randomly packaged with no identification makings. We decided to use the roof shingles. To be honest if you haven't laid shingles like this before I recommend you review the IKO website as the finishing and ridges can be tricky. I know that this is a relatively simple fabrication however a few hours spent improving the instructions, marking components, checking that they are all finished and supplying better fixings would be a significant help.
Mr. Tim Read :  Bjorn Log Cabin 3x2.6m:
Dec 5, 2013
Great cabin, good quality, easy to install. Very satisfied with my purchase especially at sale price. Good support when I asked about my base, easy to deal with.
Derek Weston :  Helge with Shed Annexe 3.5x5.0m:
Dec 3, 2013
After placing an order for the Helge Cabin which was an easy process we then waited for it to turn up which it did on the correct day the driver put the pallet exactly where I wanted it I started to unload the pallet to take it through to the back garden and I found some items that were not on the delivery list I phone the company and was passed to Richard there tec guy who answered all my questions and instilled confidence in to me to under take the task of the build he also said just bring the timber through and put it in to respective piles which he said would help with the build as you would not have to search for any items the following day we started to erect the cabin referring to the drawings and the written detail we soon had a problem after about 4 hours we started to run into problems I phoned and spoke to Richard who said take a picture and email him and he would take a look 20 minutes later I had a reply I had put one timber in the wrong place so I quickly rectified this and then it flew up I had a couple of issues with the latter part of the build but again Richard came to the rescue would I recommend the produce and the company YES I would very impressed and have no reason to complain about anything quality product or backup are all excellent
Derek Weston
West Sussex
Dec 3, 2013
Recently purchased the petit corner log cabin as a birthday present for my husband.
From the beginning to the end the service was excellent, when I had a query the response was quick and informative.
The Cabin was relatively easy to build and I am a complete novice!!
The cabin looks lovely and we are very pleased with the finish. I would certainly recommend having roof shingles and finial as they enhance the look.
Overall I would rate this as 5 out of 5 stars.
My only comment to improve the service is to have clearer instruction booklet, at times it was confusing, however knowing I could ring up for advise was invaluable and solved the problem. Richard was so patient and helpful.
Mr. john twose :  Wooden Pergola 3x3m:
Dec 2, 2013
Absolutely fabulous piece of kit. Looks great, perfect as shelter & resting place.
Unbelievably easy to assemble & everybody who has seen it & used it are full of praise. Great value, super product.
Dec 2, 2013
Very efficient delivery, overall very pleased with the cabin and service I received.
Roger Myall :  Hattem Modern Log Cabin 6x3m:
Dec 1, 2013
I cant recommend Tuin highly enough. They were extremely professional from start to finish and even though I opted to put the cabin up myself they were just at the end of the phone if a problem arose. Extremely good value for money.
Dec 1, 2013
The quality of the product was excellent . Putting it together was quite straight forward [ with the help of the manual and drawings ] .An enjoyable task. Overall excellent
Nov 29, 2013
I really couldn't believe my luck when I found this cabin. Really thick logs and it went together like a dream. Delivery was great and the driver was very helpful, it was a little tricky getting it in my driveway but he did well. Putting it together was easy, I've insulated the floor and roof as Richard recommended and I'm very, very pleased with it and the service I received. Thanks Guys!
Lawrence Saville :  Parijs Log Cabin 5x3.8m:
Nov 28, 2013
Just to say I’m very pleased with my Parijs. Easy to install, in fact the base prep is the biggest pain!

All the joints were very well cut, just snug enough for a friction fit. Perfect.

Shingles are lovely, got half a roof to do and that’s for tomorrow. Timber for my flooring is due tomorrow from Wickes – ply floor as its destined to be my woodwork shop. 40mm Celotex sheets also due for floor insulation. Should be nice and toasty.

So sincere thanks and looking forward to moving all my kit in and getting back into the woodwork.

Think the first job will be to cut out and make an ‘umbilical’ corridor to join it and my garage so I don’t have to venture outside to get from one to the other!
Nov 28, 2013
After having spent a while researching similar cabins i decided to opt for a Tuin one. I had e-mailed a few questions to the team and was always replied with in a prompt manner and always got the feeling that nothing was too much hassle. The delivery was very reasonable considering it was to Scottish Highlands and the haulage company was most professional. Building the cabin was extremely easy and no-one should be put off by this. The instructions are not the best but Richard and his team undoubtedly will assist where they can via phone / e-mail. All in all i am most happy with the purchase and it has been admired by a few people now. Would definitely recommend this type of cabin to others.
Nov 27, 2013
A very neat way to finish off the tricky area where the tiles come together at the apex of my gazebo roof. I'm not sure how else I could have achieved such a neat solution. The finial was despatched promptly and arrived well packaged. Very pleased with the service and the product.
Nov 26, 2013
Great quality and very robust ...did exactly what they were supposed to do !
Hazel Richards :  Peter Log Cabin 3x3m 34mm logs:
Nov 26, 2013
Fabulous Cabin! ...great quality and relatively easy to assemble using the instructions once the contents of the pack were laid out and identified. Everyone I dealt with answered questions quickly and were extremely helpful and friendly. I am so glad I found your site because my Cabin is just the best looking!
Kevin Wallbridge :  Double Carport 6.0 x 5.0m:
Nov 25, 2013
really nice double carport, very sturdy on sides, not sure if in time it could do with a central support. but looks very nice.
Mr. Ben van Weede :  Peter Log Cabin 3x3m 34mm logs:
Nov 25, 2013
I have been looking for quite some time for a construction suitable for an outdoor office and with a very small budget. I could save up enough for a large shed so I tried to buy locally but blanched at the costs. I searched online and read, with horror, the reviews of some customers' experiences with various suppliers. So it was with trepidation that I decided to bite the bullet with Tuindeco. It felt like a gamble but there was something about the website that made me decide to buy The Peter Log Cabin from them. I cannot deny the price swayed me as I was actually buying a 35mm thick 3x3 log cabin for the price of a shed! The Peter is a good functional and simple design ideal for my needs. The delivery driver was fast, blunt and helpful! I can work with that. All items were ingeniously presented on the pallet and the cabin fixed together like a dream. I have been doing most of it myself but, having lost the good weather window, the job of building has taken quite a while. I would advise that you really ensure the base is well prepared and the first logs square and level - take all the time you need to do this well! I think most people will want a really good floor so I recommend the thicker floor kit and use a moisture membrane as well. The result is, short of putting in the electrics, I now have have a very usable space and I am currently assessing what insulation I need but I reckon I can move and set up office right away with a small heater.

For my low budget I would never have thought I would have a building of this quality so I am very delighted.
paul goddard :  Peter Log Cabin 3x3m 34mm logs:
Nov 24, 2013
What a fabulous product!!
Precision made, Easy to assemble!!
Excellent value!!!
Tuin was a joy to deal with.
edmund zielinski :  Skyler Log Cabin 5x3.2m:
Nov 22, 2013
Construction quite straight forward a couple of days to complete, dislike was the roofing felt, wish I had the shingles, two coats of preservative inside and out job finished.
John Kelly :  Kris Pent Log Cabin 2.9x2m:
Nov 18, 2013
Brilliant product. This is far superior to standard shiplap sheds from the local garden centre for not much more money. Was easy to assemble, one tip get the doors aligned correctly before completing the last few planks. Don't have any reservations about buying from Tuin, delivery driver was excellent and product is 1st class, well done.
Raymond Glendenning :  Tourist Open Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Nov 18, 2013
I have just finished erecting the gazebo on my own, if you get help it will go much quicker and easier. First, download the plans from Tuin as those which come with the kit are so basic although you could erect the gazebo without plans as it is so straightforward. Prepare your site before delivery and you are ready to go. The finished gazebo looks very good and is very sturdy and I am so pleased I searched the web and selected this one. The offer of help was freely offered by the staff at Tuin but was not needed.
Mr. Victor Shaw :  Ingrid Corner Log Cabin 3x3m:
Nov 17, 2013
Very well made log cabin. The quality is excellent. So pleased with our purchase and would definitely recommend this log cabin.
Mr. Andrew Richardson :  Daniel Corner Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m:
Nov 15, 2013
Good quality cabin. Takes longer to put up than the instructions would suggest. The final product looks amazing.
Nov 13, 2013
I ordered the corner log cabin for my daughter as a art / craft studio, the cabin came on the said day was unloaded to the site was very easy to assemble 10/10 for quality and service helpline was a great help, my daughter enjoys working in it every day .
Nov 13, 2013
I brought the Newcastle log cabin 5.4 x 4.4, it came as expected. when the day came to build the cabin, after arranging the pieces out in order, the log cabin took shape quite swiftly, preparation is the key!
There were a few after sale queries I had, and I had a quick response via email or by phone.

I would recommend using Tuin again to anyone thinking of buying a log cabin.
Nov 12, 2013
This log cabin fits together superbly and the timber is beautifully machined. Very happy with it and Tuin
Kevin Clancey :  Britt Log Cabin 3x2.5m:
Nov 12, 2013
Great cabin, easy to build and great value for money compared to the competition. After sales service/advice was nothing less than excellent. We have another cabin from a company in Bedfordshire where the customer service in our experience is virtually non existent. What is available is instructions by email only!!! Which is why we bought our second one here and we are very glad we did. Richard and the team provide customer service to rival John Lewis.. even down to the delivery driver. Thank you.
Nov 11, 2013
No problems at all. Reasonably easy to fit after I asked for advice. Good delivery time. Good quality, a good experience overall and very pleased with the it.
Nov 11, 2013
We bought this cabin from you and over the last three weekends have worked removing our old garage and putting up this cabin. We are absolutely thrilled, the cabin looks fantastic. Everyone who has seen it is amazed at how solid and 'cabin' like it is (not posh shed!). I am proud to use it as a therapy room and show it to my clients. It is a beautiful space to be in. The help you have when trying to select from everything available on the web was knowledgeable and I didn't feel pressurised. You also got back to me very quickly each time I had another question. I would recommend your products for cost, quality and service. Thank you.
Terry Conway :  Apex Roof Carport 4.0 x 6.0m:
Nov 7, 2013
I am so pleased with the car port. It is very roomy, top quality and look's great. Staff were excellent. Thanks
Terry Conway :  Adjustable Post Ground Anchor:
Nov 7, 2013
Anchors used on car port and curved arch. Perfect.
Terry Conway :  Curved Garden Arch 180cm:
Nov 7, 2013
Always a pleasure to do business with Tuin. Top product, excellent quality.
Nov 7, 2013
I ordered the Asmund cabin and am pleased with the overall purchase but its not as big as I thought internally. At 2.75m x2.75 internally. The instructions for assembly are easy to follow to construct.
Nov 6, 2013
We have installed storm kit to log cabin so far so good waiting for the winter to get here, have had a few windy days and all good .
Nov 6, 2013
Very happy with our log cabin, easy to build, needed advice on build and e.mailed company who replied very quickly, fast effiecent service and very reliable would recommend and use again
Andy Rafalat :  Kris Pent Log Cabin 2.9x2m:
Nov 6, 2013
Having purchased wooden buildings before,I was a little worried about both quality and ease of construction. The package after having been efficiently delivered was easy to assemble, and the quality was very impressive.I am both pleased with the quality of the end product, a very solid cabin indeed, and the great value for the money paid. Well done Tuin!
McGowan :  Bjorn Log Cabin 3x2.6m:
Nov 4, 2013
Excellent product 1st class service from all at tuin. Log cabin looks amazing , very pleased would recommend.
Nov 4, 2013
First of all the delivery was as you said. On time no problems.
The cabin is very nice and it did not take long at all to put it together, two days it was all it took. Everything fitted perfect the quantity was just right. I am just waiting for a bit better weather and then I will put the guttering system on and then I will sent some photo's .

thanks one's again from a happy customer.
Nov 4, 2013
First of all the delivery was as you said. On time no problems.
The cabin is very nice and it did not take long at all to put it together, two days it was all it took. Everything fitted perfect the quantity was just right. I am just waiting for a bit better weather and then I will put the guttering system on and then I will sent some photo's .

thanks one's again from a happy customer.
Nov 4, 2013
the product is fantastic
Mr. Alex Taylor :  Peter Log Cabin 3x3m 34mm logs:
Oct 31, 2013
At this moment in time I am just about to unpack my delivery of the Peter Log Cabin. Tuindeco have been great to deal with from ordering to delivery. I was notified immediately after placing the order, with all the order details by email and told to expect a call about delivery. I received that call and informed about the week it would be delivered from the haulier and that I would get a call from the haulier. I received that call and arranged a suitable delivery date. The cabin then arrived on the right date and at exactly the time they said. I am now about to start unpacking the cabin and begin the build. I have found that dealing with Tuindeco has been a first class experience. I will definitely write back to you after the cabin is built.
Alex. Taylor
Lorenzo Mosca :  Max Log Cabin 3.8x2.9m:
Oct 28, 2013
I am very pleased with the log cabin and first class service received. The cabin was delivered as requested and only took 10 mins to unload from lorry. I had to store it for two weeks before fitting and was surprised to find ALL the boards had stayed straight after been exposed to rain and humidity. The assembly was straight forward even tough I had to ask few questions to RIchard which replied very promptly. I would strongly recommend the optional shingles as they look fantastic.
Oct 27, 2013
Overall we love this cabin, it's perfect for what we wanted as a mix of indoor space & an outdoor shaded area. We built it ourselves and are delighted with the quality of the kit, but there were some tricky bits !
Delivery was brilliant - just make sure you have room to unload & store a 5 mtr wide pallet ! Check & sort all the timbers by type/length as it makes assembly much easier.
The foundation timbers & walls go up quickly & easy.
Roof timbers are tricky as they go in all directions & didn't look like they would fit - until they were all put in place & pulled everything together.
The roof boards were all precut to shape - helpful as the roof has a lot of angles & corners.
The infill panel over the doors is another area where the instructions were inadequate - I ended up putting in battens to secure this to as there was no obvious way of fixing it in place without these. We fitted a waterproof membrane before the shingles to waterproof the cabin asap - a good move in the end as 3 weeks on I still haven't finished the shingles - what a pain they are !
Overall : Great fun - but not as easy as it should have been!
Oct 23, 2013
tuin provided a quick prompt service, the log cabin appears to be of good quality. the delivery driver was efficient and friendly
Mr. david barber :  Ingrid Corner Log Cabin 3x3m:
Oct 22, 2013
We chose this Log Cabin because it was very little extra to the prices quoted for a Standard "Summer House" here in the UK.

From the moment we ordered from Tuin, the standard of Communication was excellent. The delivery was on time & the Lorry Driver was the most Professional we have ever met. He positioned the Pallet exactly where it was required & was extremely skillful with the Fork Lift Truck. Peter was first Class. He & his colleague worked for 7 hours virtually non stop. They are extremely experienced & produce a Quality Build.

The Log Cabin now sits proudly in the corner of our Garden. We made the right Choice in all aspects - Well done Tuin.
Miss. Sharon Walsh :  Paula Garden Swing Set:
Oct 20, 2013
Great swing. It has supassed our expectations! The customer service where so helpful as i ordered over the phone
Miss. Sharon Walsh :  Rope Ladder:
Oct 20, 2013
My daughter is really enjoying this product
Miss. Sharon Walsh :  Pole Swing Bracket:
Oct 20, 2013
These are such handy attachments!
Mr. Gerard Gallagher :  Copper Fence Post Cap:
Oct 18, 2013
Fast delivery and great product.
Mike Thomas :  Onyx Log Cabin 2.6x2.2m:
Oct 9, 2013
I have recently purchased and Constructed this cabin. The cabin itself, is of an excellent manufacture and is very easy to assemble. I would also say that the staff at Tuin were a real pleasure to deal with and could be contacted almost at any time of day / evening from enquiry stage, right the way through to after sales. In summary I would say it is a first class product backed up with a first class service!!!
Ms. Joanne Montgomery :  Garden Building Heater:
Oct 3, 2013
Delighted! The product, the price, the delivery and customer service....cannot recommend this company enough!
Mr. antony dougal :  Ingrid Corner Log Cabin 3x3m:
Oct 1, 2013
Very nice product which, unfortunately, is spoilt by inferior finial. We had the cabin built by a carpenter who said the instructions were not particularly clear. However, we are pleased with the final product. Clearer build instructions would be a great advantage.
Mrs. Rita Durber :  Composite Decking Tile Checked:
Sep 29, 2013
Very happy with product , and service.
Barrie Smith :  Viggo Log Cabin 5x4m:
Sep 27, 2013
Absolutely brilliant, so well designed and precision cut. I built this on my own without a hitch in three days.(I am in my 70's) The instructions are easy to follow and, as they say, if you take your time and get the base absolutely perfect it is like doing a jigsaw.
I fully recommend this product.
Sep 27, 2013
The summer house was ordered on line and arrived within days a great service.I made a mistake in thinking the floor was included but it is not so had to make a seperate order,again good service.The summer house arrived in a single pack which is wrapped to protect from the rain another point in its favour.There was one damaged piece which was replaced within days.I have just finished building the summer house everything went well until I got to the roof and the canopy over hang there is not enough instructions and the roof assembly is very difficult,I would redesign the center hub to make assembly easier.I used shingles on the roof although more excpensive they look great and are much stronger than just felt.Well its finished apart from the floor and it looks superb not bad for one man assembly who will be celebrating his 70 birthday next month,so this product gets my recommondation,along with the customer service.
David Anderson :  Kris Pent Log Cabin 2.9x2m:
Sep 24, 2013
Very pleased with the Kris Pent that Tuin supplied - after losing my home office (well, spare room!) to our new baby, this cabin has been exactly what I needed to accommodate my growing business. I'd recommend this product to anyone who needs a decent sized garden office for one.
Mrs. Rachel Smith :  Shepherd Hut - Kathy Gypsy Caravan:
Sep 21, 2013
The shepherds hut I feel is fantastic value for money. The overall purchasing experience was so easy and the customer service outstanding. Can't wait till it is completed. We are going to use it as an spare bedroom but its main purpose is as my sewing room.
Sep 20, 2013
Appear to do what it says on the tin, although too early to say if they are effective in the long term.
Sep 15, 2013
It's ok, it's what I expected. Very cheap and does the job. Easy to put up but I might put a better roof on it.

Good service and the company was easy to deal with.
Andy McDonald :  Sauna Barrel 300:
Sep 15, 2013
I ordered my barrel fully assembled, it arrive on a large lorry and with some effort we got it onto position. Come the evening I was enjoying my sauna after chopping my own timber. I was in my element and very pleased. I have had to treat it to make it last and I'm pleased now I'm done.

A lovely Sauna and good people to deal with.
Mrs. wendy mcbain :  Ingrid Corner Log Cabin 3x3m:
Sep 13, 2013
Beautiful cabin. Quality item. Assembly instructions could be better. Experienced joiner found build challenging due to lack of detail in instructions. Roof needed secure fix added to keep it intact during windy weather.
L Browning :  Klaas Log Cabin 5x4m:
Sep 9, 2013
We are quite pleased with the cabin. A few split planks, but nothing too bad, and we have found the online instructions really useful. The ones we received with the cabin we found far too generic and vague! The blogs re insulation/tiling have been invaluable and helped us alot.

We are yet to put the flooring in, and paint it - it is proving to take somewhat longer to do than anticipated, but we are looking forward to using it in the near future!
Miss. Therese Priestley :  Wooden Pergola 3x3m:
Sep 3, 2013
Fantastic product well worth every penny, instructions within the package not good but instructions on website are fine, highly recommended this pergola great looking and well designed, building it was actually not as bad as we thought xxx 100 highly recommended product xxxx
Sep 2, 2013
Very impressive. Walls fitted like a dream, I didnt even need the mallet. Only problems was getting the doors straight even with perfectly square door frame. A couple of shams in the hinge and raising one side sorted this. I am glad I chose the felt shingles and roof finial. The finished result looks great. I would certainly recommend one of these to my friends.
Mrs. Katherine Szpur :  Economist Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Aug 31, 2013
Received Gazebo on time and driver was very helpful at getting item to our house. The Gazebo is looking great. There is about an extra pack of felt shingles if you don't make any mistakes. I have used ronseal wood stain to preserve the wood longer and to improve the looks. Would recommend this Gazebo.
chris woollett :  Johan Log Cabin 5.0x4.1m:
Aug 30, 2013
This is a really gorgeous cabin. Having the porch section makes for a much more cosy and less 'shed like' feel inside and out. Putting it together was very easy. The walls themselves went up in about 2.5 hrs, working mostly on my own with some help from the kids and my wife. The instructions were simple and clear. All parts were included and in great condition. The roof however will take a long time to put on due to the positioning of the tongue and groove boards and the amount of nailing. The felt shingles is definitely a well-advised upgrade giving a much better appearance and better longevity. It took 2-3 days for this whole process for me. The preparation prior to erecting the cabin is also more substantial. Creating a stable, square and perfectly level base is crucial and takes time, 1-2 days. I also will need to treat it and this will take at least a whole day. Still, a very gratifying job and a really lovely addition to the garden, providing playing and relaxing space for the family. Brilliant value and fantastic service from Tuin too.
Steven Dearie :  Elburg Modern Log Cabin 5x2.5m:
Aug 30, 2013
Good response to questions, very helpful by offering to store the cabin for when I was ready to take delivery. Easy process to order the cabin and no money was requested.
After the order I asked a few questions on suitable base sizes and received quick answers. Installation was easy and I have no complaints.
Dr. Chris Thurgar-Dawson :  Sigrid Log Cabin With Shed Annexe 3x4.4m:
Aug 28, 2013
Very happy with our Tuin Sigrid log cabin which arrived well within the stated time period and was fork lifted carefully onto our drive by Steve, who was friendly and knowledgable. Construction took about 4 days for my wife and myself and we found the process pretty straightforward. The roof is probably the hardest part for non professionals but if you lay the parts out in advance its not so bad. On the whole, then, we are pleased with the quality of our cabin and hope to have many years of pleasure from it. Well done, Tuin!
Mrs. Helena Bean :  Grande Open Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
Aug 26, 2013
Very happy, good quality product, easy ordering and delivery. All pieces were there and building it was a pleasure. Definitely recommend product and company.
Mr. John Giles :  Daniel Corner Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m:
Aug 23, 2013
First thing to say is that this is a high quality product compared to other examples that I researched/viewed.
The preparation of the wood took some time and required a lot of space to lay out the 'treated' logs. The construction was fun and presented a few issues. I would recommend laying out the respective logs in their own piles prior to construction. It is definitely a job for two people but once you get going it is relatively straightforward. The main issue that I encountered was the roof construction. The eight cross beams locate onto an octagonal block. Patience is required at this point as I found that some of the beams came up slightly short. I changed the beams around but to no avail. This just meant that I had to use some wooden padding between the beams/block to make the fit. I opted for the green beavertail roof shingles and it is well worth the extra investment. The finish is really excellent, adding to the lovely appearance of the cabin. If I were considering purchasing a log cabin, I would most definitely use this company. Their customer service is some of the best I have received in recent years. I was able to email them direct with a series of questions and received detailed responses within fifteen minutes! The delivery driver was a bit of a misery but thats life!!
Aug 23, 2013
The item arrived in a battered box and when opened had a slight dent. I was unable to fit the brass ball as the screw did not seem compatible and failed to tighten sufficiently. However, the customer service and the manner in which I was dealt with was first class. A full refund was given without any quibbling but I was disappointed with the product.
Aug 20, 2013
Very satisfied with the cabin - quality is excellent, and well designed. Delivery slightly problematic due to narrow access road, but delivery driver went out of his way to effect delivery without having to arrange specialised delivery method.

I erected the cabin myself - in general went well, but instructions could be clearer in two respects: 1) how to position profiled foundation beams (differs from regular foundation beam) 2) how to felt pent roof (differs from apex roof). I got there in the end, but it could be made clearer.
Aug 19, 2013
I rarely write reviews as expectations are rarely met. The team at Tuin however have been fantastic, a real credit on how to excel at customer service. Every stage from order to delivery and build support was faultless. The delivery driver was also great, he competently manoeuvred the 3m long pallet sideways into my garage!!
As for the product another pleasant surprise, well packaged and a great design with everything fitting with minimal effort. As occasional DIY’rs I couldn’t believe how quickly we built it. I agree with previous reviews, the instructions could be better, a step by step guide with the plans would improve the process.
Many thanks, James.
Aug 17, 2013
I'm really pleased with the quality of the cabin, and it was relatively straight forward to put together. The instructions are not massively detailed. The shingles look fabulous, but there were no full shingles over once installed, so do be sure not to make an incorrect cut along the way. The team at Tuin were really helpful and can't recommend them enough. Many thanks!
Mrs. Carolyn Porter :  Small Sandpit with Wooden Lid:
Aug 14, 2013
Bought this to house my hens dust bath and it works very well! A bit fiddly to assemble. Otherwise happy with the purchase.
Olgun Chetin :  Britt Log Cabin 3x2.5m:
Aug 11, 2013
I bought this log cabin back in June and have finally finished building it....I found the cabin made of very good quality wood and the fixtures and fittings also very good quality. The logs are of a good thickness and it was very easy to build. The only thing I would say is make sure your foundation is level. I also purchased the floor and black roofing shingles. The floor was good strong construction and the shingles ready finished off the log cabin. The only problem I found was there was JUST about enough packs to do the roof. DON'T do ant mistakes. Overall I am very happy with this product and hope to send a photo of the finished cabin when I get a chance.
The tech support was also very helpful.

Many thanks.
Jean Mckenna :  Grande Open Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
Aug 9, 2013
Not impressed at all my wife of 64 years old had to help the driver to unload the wagon most of the timber was warped or cracked. Three of the main post had splits over a metre long and should not have been sent out. And to add misery there was only two sheets of a drawing out of 20.There was no instructions for the shingles.
helen cunningham :  Edelweiss Log Cabin 5.1x6.0m:
Aug 9, 2013
Our Edelweiss log cabin is now installed and the service we have had throughout the whole process has been excellent. I emailed many times with questions about the cabin and always got a prompt reply with lots of information to answer my queries. The cabin arrived and although the access was difficult the driver was fantastic at getting the pallets where we wanted them. We used installers recommended to us by Tuin and they were fantastic too. We love the cabin, very well constructed with loads of space at a great price and will certainly recommend this company to others. Thank You!
Aug 9, 2013
I have yet to assemble the cabin but I have unpacked the components (brilliantly packed by the way) and they all look to be of good quality and all are present.
I was very impressed with the service provided by both Tuin and the delivery company.
On paper the Stuttgart cabin looks to be exactly what my wife wants but the final proof will be in the assembly. Instructions look a bit sparse but hopefully it will be easier than it looks.
Aug 8, 2013
A top quality cabin backed up by first class support (Thanks Richard!). The cabin was delivered within days of ordering and arrived within half an hour of the specified time. The cabin was quite straightforward to put together, taking about 4 days to build in total (Two people). The manufacturing quality was excellent, cannot recommend the product or the service highly enough!
Colin &Gillian Blayney :  Heino Log Cabin 4.5x5.6m:
Aug 6, 2013
Having purchased our cabin from Tuin .
I would like to thank Richard &staff for their excellent help & advice the service was next to none.Every one involved even the delivery driver were polite and helpfull. The price and quality of the cabin is excellent.Warren and Len who did the base and erection so perfectly and worked non stop.We have lots of comments already on this stunning cabin.
Mrs Lorraine Galang :  Classico Gazebo 4.3x4.3m:
Aug 6, 2013
i bought the Hyacint log cabin 3x2 in April 2013 and I could not be happier with it. I was apprehensive about buying such a big item online and very nervous in case it was not the quality as shown. I phoned to ask a lot of questions and spoke to Richard who was very thorough and answered every thing I put to him. The delivery came as scheduled and the driver was really helpful. It took one and a half days to put together by a friend who had never put one up before and it looks great. I could not be happier and every one admires it. When i have finished the garden i will send you a photo.
Colin &Gillian Blayney :  Leeds Log Cabin 4.4 x 4.4m 3m Veranda:
Aug 6, 2013
Having purchased our Suriname cabin from Tuin .
I would like to thank Richard &staff for their excellent help & advice the service was next to none.Every one involved even the delivery driver were polite and helpfull. The price and quality of the cabin is excellent.Warren and Len who did the base and erection so perfectly and worked non stop.We have lots of comments already on this stunning cabin.