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Oct 6, 2020
My partner & I was discussing getting a log cabin at the bottom of our garden. The minute I agreed he threw himself into researching & looking online until he come across a make called Tuin. Neither of us had heard of this company & it was thanks to the comments that prior customers had left which swayed us to go ahead & purchase. As expected I was a little anxious to see what we would actually get parting with a large some of money.
The transaction went through & then we waited. It wasnt long before I received my email confirmation & then about a week on i received a call saying our cabin was due the following Friday. The delivery driver was ever so polite his name was Steve. He delivered all the pieces on a fork truck I couldn't quiet beleive a whole cabin was all impacted on a large stretched of wrapped plastic.
Then the work began. Please note the windows are packed tightly inside the wrapping about mid way down, I did worry at first and thought they had forgot the windows but they hadnt. Then it was a matter of building. It was by far the BEST we managed to have a good go with some help and got half the shell on in day 1, by day 2 it was all up & complete. Day 3 was the slats in the roof. Its amazing to see how it all come together and each time you added another piece it became stronger and sturdier. Another thing I couldnt wrap my head around was the only tool needed to get the shell up was a rubber mullet. No nails. No screws. Honestly incredible. I would recomend Tuin in a heartbeat & if any of you are on the fence to purchase then go for it.! It's not flimsy or poor quality very strong!! The one thing that could be better though is intrusctions on how to erect the triangle to the roof where the clock would sit. This was just a tril an error an we had a few up on the roof at the time using a nail gun to secure it.
Other than that small niggle, I honestly cant complain! From the minute I placed the order to having it delivered I received in the loop customer care. Beyond satisfied with our purchase. Thank you ever so much Tuin. We love our cabin & so does our neighbours & friends!!!
Mrs. Lucy Conibear :  Daisy Log Cabin 3.5 x 2.5m:
Oct 6, 2020
Thank you Tuin, we are delighted with our Daisy cabin. From the point of order the team have been really helpful in answering all our questions, and there were a few! The social distance delivery driver was lovely and kept us informed of delivery day and time.
The cabin itself was fairly easy to build, having never done something like this before we are very happy with the results. Good quality wood, and great value for money. Thank you.
Mr. Kevin O\'Hara :  Elizabeth Log Cabin 4.5m x 3m:
Oct 6, 2020
I ordered the Elizabeth cabin, the larger of two similar cabins thankfully the extra height id a must for me im 6ft 2ins, the we ordered in April and it arrive 3/4wks later, a daunting delivery when its on your doorstep and you only had 4xbypass op last September, but im made of stern stuff and pressed on. Anyway the base had already been laid with interlocking plastic thingy's over hard core, so the cabin went around the back and with the help of my son the construction was easy and straightforward, no problems or lost or missing parts, quality straight timber always helps. We opted for a shingle roof which looks great if not harder to put on but no problems with that, in hindsight I would have got the better flooring timber as the one supplied wasn't great in condition or quality but it still went down...just!! We treated the cabin after construction with some very expensive s*** without any issues and it has now settled down really well with a lovely natural colour, we got the electrics fitted and now it is my second home for my fishing and hunting gear and spare time, we will see what the winter brings but so far it is brilliant, shame cant show you the photos it was an experience, thankfully in great weather. great bit of kit love it:-)
Mr. Tony Dutton :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Oct 5, 2020
The shingles I purchased have totally transformed my cabin and my shed. My neighbours have also commented the same also. Will also be purchasing the same for my garage roof. Well done Tuin
Colin Hoggett :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Oct 5, 2020
In hindsight I would never use shingles again. You do not need to take my word for it do a little research online for IKO roof shingles and you'll find they are not good to say the least. We waited for warm weather to fit ours however the bitumen strips obviously didn't take as I'm up on the roof every time the wind is above 20 mph - to the point I am now seriously considering putting quality roofing felt over the whole lot. It's a shame to risk a beautiful building with rubbish shingles. Shingles may look great on a summer's day but I wouldn't even help someone build a summer house if they were putting IKO shingles on.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. We have tried to contact you regarding this. IKO shingles have been used for many years across the world with great success and without problems. If you find shingles lifting it is normally down to the nailing and fitting. Please send us some pictures of your install and we can help further and advise.
Mr. Paul Critchfield :  Leipzig Log Cabin 5x4m:
Oct 2, 2020
I was a bit apprehensive at first on paying a lot, in my opinion on a cabin for my garden.
I search the internet for reviews and took a long time to pick the one right for me.
I can honestly say that I am very happy with my choice. The delivery driver from Holland was great and made sure that the cabin was put in the right place and went out of his way to be helpful. Immediately my mind was put at rest.
The building of the cabin was easy once I set up the base. This took some time however it stated get the base right and the rest and it would make it easier. The best advice by far.
It was then getting things slotted into place. It took time but the quality of the product is clearly visible.
I would not hesitate to recommend Tuin.
Mr. Steve Wilcox :  Zutphen Modern Log Cabin 4.98x2.98m:
Oct 2, 2020
The Zutphen is perfect for our needs, half garden tool shed half workshop. Very straightforward to put up, it’s an intuitive design. Two of us put the walls up with windows and doors in five or six hours, completing the roof the next day. We altered the layout of the windows to give more light at the workshop end by putting them both on one side of the door. Great cabin!
Mr. Kenneth Fitzpatrick :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Oct 2, 2020
Bought extra shingles as some of the shingles that I installed on the cabin originally we ripped off during high winds. I must confess here that it was nothing to do with the tiles.The new ones were delivered promptly and I have now installed these have no complaints and would thoroughly recommend Tuin as a Company. The cabin I bought from them is also excellent.
Mr. Derek Patey :  Felt Shingle Glue 310ml:
Sep 29, 2020
Seems a little expensive but I brought some as a precaution and got to say it certainly sticks! If you need to stick down any felt this is the stuff.
Howard Burns :  Leipzig Log Cabin 5x4m:
Sep 28, 2020
Thank you Tuin for my Leipzig log cabin. The driver was on time with delivery and very helpful. I put the cabin up by myself just a few miner faults but the but was sorted out by the Tuin team very helpful... Very pleased with my purchase, apart from the door lock and handle which is lose.... Took me 2 weeks to put it all together, and a few days to paint the cabin put 3 coats on. Me and my family use every day.
Mrs. sharon mcgregor :  Tourist Open Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Sep 28, 2020
Very pleased with this wooden gazebo and customer service is excellent
Craig Walton :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Sep 26, 2020
I'm really pleased with these black roof shingles. They look great on my new log cabin - especially in the low evening sun when the outline of the shingles is clear and the shingle material glistens in the sunshine. The neighbours like them too. After watching a few YouTube videos and reading some blogs I managed to install these myself. The delivery was on time and great, came on a pallet (which I used to make some shelves in my new log cabin!).
Steven Perry :  Bolton Log Cabin 4.4 x 3.4m:
Sep 26, 2020
Great product great service,Was installed in a day with 4 men
Sep 26, 2020
Would agree with others door is an issue seems to be 15mm out to square door am thinking about how to resolve probably will use some beading to fit under door. Also instructions are pretty minimal and mine came with a spare horizontal beam 4m long but I KH realised when roof out of alignment. The felt supplied is pretty poor quality and needs to be carefully handled and this resulted in ours having a small leak after fitting so went for,the rubber roofing but lost half a day fitting felt, removing felt and then fitting rubber compound. You need to be careful constantly squaring to the base and also need to be prepared to hang windows and doors and few times to get them squared. Other than that and a near 5 month wait due to Covid the actual lodge is excellent and worth the money
Mr. Craig Reynolds :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Sep 25, 2020
My Emma Log cabin was not only easy to order but simple to self assemble. The driver who delivered was excellent , I was a little worried living on a new build he might struggle Fir space but he couldn’t have been more helpful. Whilst building the cabin I required some assistance , I used the out of hours service which completely helped me. The answer and assistance was instant. (An absolute god send) I was going to say you can buy that type of service, but clearly you can! If I ever need another cabin I’m contacting Tuin
Mr. Richard Tallant :  Ingrid Corner Log Cabin 3x3m:
Sep 23, 2020
My Ingrid cabin arrived on time and placed exactly where I wanted on my driveway, it is important to check all the pieces and be familiar with the parts. I constructed a timber frame for the base and did not order a floor from Tuin, the cabin was easy to install and apart from installing the roof I carried out the work by myself, the whole install took me 5 days but I found working on the 3m roof quite difficult as the pitch of the roof is quite steep, I made some ladders that were tied off on the ground to help. I installed a floor with 18mm OSB and fitted a vinyl covering that looks great, I treated the timber with Sadolin wood protector as we wanted to keep the wood looking natural.
All in all I am very happy with the Ingrid and it is a very sturdy, solid cabin and Tuin were very helpful waits any questions I had.
Mr. Chris Drury :  Kiosk - Market Stall 2.77 x 2.44m:
Sep 23, 2020
Very pleased with this product, we’re using it as a bar for our garden, it’s perfect for that!
Mr. John Herridge :  Larch Timber Edge Boards - Undried:
Sep 23, 2020
Very happy with the quality of the wood. Very happy with the price and very happy with the delivery. I would definitely use Tuin again
Brian Holland :  Immersion Treatment:
Sep 23, 2020
Purchased this as a project to do, half is my Bar area and the other half is a Gym for my partner.
Well built cabin, easy to assemble, but could do with clearer instructions, still it has given very good serviced if protected with a good quality exterior paint should last well, would I buy again, YES most defiantly I am even considering an add on to my cabin !!
Sep 21, 2020
I love the Grande Gazebo, it's an attractive looking outdoor, undercover wooden structure.
I've used Soveriegn wood stain in mid oak and it has really set the piece off beautifully.
I really would have liked to have been able to purchase wooden sides for winter thoigh and not just the mesh see through material sides that are on offer.
10/10 for the product itself.
More thought for additional side panel choice.

Mr. Gordon Groves :  BO Log Cabin 3x3m:
Sep 21, 2020
Absolutely delighted with our purchase! Stunningly accurate in machining and finishings. We went for the undercoating and it has been well and truly worth the additional expense. Delivery was very slick and the driver was excellent - a danmed good ambassador for Tuin and its delivery service. I intend buying another and my son is also going to order one. Can't praise Tuin enough - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Mr. Mike Skinner :  Black Tar Timber Treatment:
Sep 19, 2020
I echo the previous comments that a translation of the instructions would be useful.

This treatment is very sticky but it gives a good finish to the wood and seems to be bitumen based - I have high hopes my decking frame that this has been applied to will remain weatherproofed for a decade easily!!
Sep 18, 2020
Over £2000 is a reasonable amount of money to spend on a shed, enough to justify a visit to Tuin’s site in Norfolk just before lock down, I arranged a visit through Jamie, he met us when we arrived, then he let us have a wonder around the display area by ourselves and then came back to answer any questions we had, while in the display area we met Wayne, the guy on a lot of the instructional videos, just a nice bunch of people, we ordered our cabin there and then, everything from payment to delivery happened exactly as they said it would, the cabin took about 3 days to complete, myself and my wife who have never constructed anything this big before, watch all the videos you can, twice !! Stop mid build and have another look if you are unsure, to be honest the instructions are pretty basic, but with a little logic and common sense it will start to make sense, the only thing I couldn’t find instructions / video for was finishing the ridge on the shingle roof,, it’s fair to say we are really pleased with the outcome, great quality, great service, great price, no hidden extras and a nice bunch people to boot, even the lorry driver was a nice fella, will be ordering a garden shed soon.
Mrs. Jennie Farley :  Lauren Clockhouse Log Cabin 9.3x4m:
Sep 17, 2020
Absolutely fantastic product, three men had roof on on second day!

Beware the clock tower bit on the top is super heavy, but finishes it off beautifully.

Great communication from out of hours support.

Would definitely recommend and use this company again.

Thank you for my new office and gym.
Mr. Clive Smith :  Sten Log Cabin 3x2m:
Sep 17, 2020
Best decision we made was ordering a Tuin cabin, everything happened as per schedule, delivery spot on, everything was in the package.
This was the first of 2 cabins we were purchasing from Tuin, we were 6 layers up on construction and my wife wanted to run in and order the second cabin!
It went up like Lego, we just kept building it, all the reviews we read said get the base right and there will be no issues and this was the case.
I will be posting a similar review on our second cabin soon, the back garden now looks awesome and we are the talk of the street!
Sep 16, 2020
Hi I had my Rome Log cabin delivered on or about 27th March 2020 all delivered on time and very pleasant driver willing to help. This unfortunately meant we could not attend to the cabin owing to the lockdown. To top this my Mother in Law who lives at the property suffered sepsis and organ failure with the need for immediate surgery, thankfully on the road to recovery now. This has led to the situation where we could not commence erecting the building until last week 7th September 2020 and with no experience of these cabins whatsoever, both myself and a very good friend Richard (and I thank you for the help) laid a type 1 sub base with shed grid system and chipping fill in two and half days. We checked the levels and worried that opening the packs would mean the timbers would be ruined. On opening the pack there had been some water ingress which had swollen two planks but in general they looked pretty good. It took us two days to build the cabin and get the roof on with only the floor to lay the next day. The quality was exceptional and all planks fitted with the exception of the two which needed persuading but with no damage whatsoever we got these in. The product looks brilliant and surprisingly suffered no damage due to the length of time we allowed it to sit on the lawn. I love this and my only issue is down to me, which is I could have left out a couple of planks to reduce the height a little at eaves as this is a big unit and our garden is not large in the least. But I will get used to this and it will be very well used, probably not as I planned, as I have also found out last week that my daughter is having a baby. Now this is done and with suitable storage on site I have the next project of converting the house into a 4 bed from a 2 bed with an annexe for my mother in law to live. Onwards and upwards. Thank you Tuin for making a stressful period less stressful. Good luck with your cabins, great job. Ian
Mr. Gary Hope :  Felt Shingle Glue 310ml:
Sep 15, 2020
Tuin have excellent products and exceptional customer service. I have already recommended to a friend. The felt glue for shingles is a worth while addition, to help protect the roof shingles against the wind.
Daniel Hlebanovschi :  Hattem Modern Log Cabin 6x3m:
Sep 15, 2020
I can't express how happy I am wiyh the Hattem Log Cabin. Everything came in timeand well packed in water proof packaging which helped as the package staied out for 1 week until me managed to finish clearing the area and laying the base for it. Very profesional delivery driver positioned the package with milimetric precision on our driveway. All instructions were very easy to follow. Cnstructing the cabin took me and my wife only one day including the roof and doors. The hard work was creating the base for it which took us a few days and decorating the cabin which took us two days. I have a nice home office now and the jacuzzy is at home on the veranda. Friends could not believe how affordable it was. We are not proffesional builders but the end result was unbelievable.
Mr. sean giddens :  Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m:
Sep 15, 2020
Well pleased with my new Justine log cabin
Great service from Tuin
From ordering to delivery very good service.
Fully informed of delivery and driver very polite and freindly
Easy to install and put up in two days.
Quality of cabin very good value for money
Overall first class service and would Thoroughly recommend.
Sep 15, 2020
Brilliant customer service, delivery date as advised. Cabin is strong, easy to put together, there are videos online should you need some help. Gorgeous cabin that I’m sure will last for many years to come. Thank you
Sep 13, 2020
I would 100% recommend Tuin for both service and quality of product. im so happy with my Log Cabin its solid and was easy to build.
Sep 13, 2020
Absolutely brilliant! I ordered this summer house last year! And it's perfect! Everyone has been blown away with the quality of the summer house. I now work from home in this summer house which is perfect, keeps heat in ,Definitely recommend.
Mrs. Julie C :  Peter Log Cabin 3x3m 34mm logs:
Sep 13, 2020
Bought this cabin but circumstances prevented building it until now. Slight delay in receiving the delivery, reported to be due to quality control delaying dispatch. On receipt it is excellent quality and exactly what I wanted for my garden. Build is in progress now after looking at helpful videos and paper instructions. Free roofing shingles are a fantastic bonus. I am so pleased I have now ordered more roofing shingles to put on my other log cabin and gazebo.
Alex Grove :  Soren Log Cabin 3.8x3.8m:
Sep 12, 2020
I had been meaning to build a cabin for a while and lockdown provided the perfect opportunity.

I ended up choosing a Tuin cabin because of their positive reviews, but mainly due to all the additional guidance that is provided on the website. This gave me the confidence that I could do this myself and allowed me to get all the extra materials (such as a damp proof course and membrane, insulation, roof sealant) and tools in prior to delivery of the cabin.

The Soren cabin fitted my needs for a home office since it had plenty of windows to give light, plenty of space, relatively thick logs (giving insulation in the winter) and was relatively easy to build.

Delivery was very easy; the driver parked on the road adjacent and brought the pallet to the road outside my house via a forklift truck and it was just a case of carrying everything round the back, which took an evening.

I had paid some local builders to extend an existing concrete base (with 3.5 tons of materials!), meaning I had a very flat starting surface. Following the online guides and included instructions I spent the first morning laying my damp proof course, the sacrificial logs on top and then the first actual logs. After these, the rest of the walls went up quickly, finishing that afternoon,

I spent my second day getting the roof beams in place and completed around half of the roof slats (these were time consuming when working alone!). My third day allowed me to finish the roof slats, add the facia boards and cut the roof insulation to size (per the Tuin online guide), ready for the shingles.

My fourth day I spent fitting the roof insulation and shingles, which were easy to fit if a little time consuming. The fifth day was fitting the doors, installing a damp proof membrane, laying the floor bearers, fitting insulation between them, running electric and ethernet cables around the floor bearers and finally fitting the floorboards. Since I wanted to use the cabin as an extra room I had opted for the thicker floorboards from Tuin and they look fantastic!

I used the clear protectant supplied by Tuin on the outside of the cabin, doors and inside window frames. It went on very easily, but took a couple of days to finish the four coats recommended by Tuin (I used four 2.5 litre tubs. The covering appears quite thick and it still looks as good as new after four months.

I spent another day fitting sockets, lighting and ethernet ports and hooking it all up to the steel wire armoured power and ethernet cable runs back to the house via a small MCB. After that I have been working out there every workday since; since it is in the shade it remained very cool throughout the hot spell and it has been great to look out onto the garden rather than working at my dining room table!

I have recently added guttering to both sides; I found the rain running off was hitting the bare earth on one side and causing a lot of mud to spray up the sides of the cabin. The guttering has greatly reduced this, and it now collects into a couple of water buts behind the cabin hooked up to an irrigation system. I also had a good amount of leftover wood, which I used to build a large shelving unit for the cabin, and a cupboard around the fuse box, router and burglar alarm to keep these hidden away.

Overall I am very happy with this cabin; I have never tried a project of this magnitude before, but Tuin’s service was great, especially delivery and all the online guidance and advice. The product was easy to install, everything fitting together perfectly and pretty easy instructions to follow. The shingles especially make it look like a proper building, and are much more attractive than your standard shed felt. I think the best bit for me is the smell of the wood; I don’t think I’ll ever tire of opening it up every morning and getting that wonderful scent.
Bruce Corney :  Apex Roof Carport 4.0 x 6.0m:
Sep 11, 2020
Great product looks good and materials are generously sized. Ordering and delivery process was good and drivers were great at following instructions despite being away at time of delivery. We found that lateral stability was less than expected so we took the two middle diagonal braces on either side and fixed them internally on the end supports which improved this no end. Overall a great product.
Christine and Steve Ford :  Katherine Log Cabin 5.95m x 4.5m:
Sep 11, 2020
Superb service from Tuin. We are thrilled with our cabin. Plenty of space. Beautiful timber. We’ve insulated the floor and roof and have made the large portion into a beautiful warm garden room.
The builders erected it in 2 1/2 days. Some of the timbers had started to twist so the building took a few hours longer than expected. I’ve painted it with Tuins suggested preserver and paint and it looks fabulous with plenty of room for 4 adults (easily) to relax and socialise.
Joanne Kyte :  Skyler Log Cabin 5x3.2m:
Sep 11, 2020
Excellent customer service and the staff are very helpful, as well as all the knowledge there is to learn about on the Tuin Website. Payment was an easy transaction and the delivery was on time with Tuin keeping me informed every step of the way. I would definitely purchase from Tuin in the future and thoroughly recommend them to anyone who is looking to make a purchase. Thank you Tuin for a smooth purchase transaction.
john Miller :  Adjustable Post Support:
Sep 8, 2020
Adjustable post support was vrry easy to fit and adjusted easily to required height
Mrs. Jill Boot :  Nilsson Corner Log Cabin 3.5x3.5m:
Sep 8, 2020
Absolutely fantastic product. It was really easy to put up and is a beautiful cabin. Great value for money.
Mr. Richard Brodie :  Jos Corner Log Cabin 2.5x2.5m:
Sep 7, 2020
Purchased the Jos corner cabin from Tuin, main reason for choosing Tuin was the quality product and service, excellent information given by Tuin during the decision making, and fantastic support all the way to completion of the build, prepared and built the cabin myself and would say fairly easy for a competent person, delighted with the end result currently kitting out the inside now, the Jos was perfect for my space, anyone purchasing from Tuin I would highly recommend reading all the available information, guidance and pointers on the Tuin Website, it is not onerous but it is invaluable and will give you confidence to build and purchase, delivery was seamless, cannot rate Tuin highly enough , well done
Mr. eric burns :  Jenny Log Cabin 4.5 x 3.5m:
Sep 5, 2020
The whole experience from research to delivery was excellent. I found Richards comments, videos and the reviews so informative that when the cabin arrived it was very straight forward to complete. I completed the build in a few days most of it single handed. My wife helped me lifting some of the long logs. (We are both over seventy). I was pleasantly surprised that every thing we needed was in the parcel with no need for additional enquiries to Tuin. The finished article is sound and suits the surroundings, it will be in use continuously. We covered the visible exterior with white upvc cladding (planning condition) and will use the wood protection product to touch up the corners. The shingle roof covering was easy to apply and adds a perfect finishing touch. A pleasure from start to finish, so relived that we choose Tuin which we think provided a great product at super value .
Mr. Paul Harris :  Klair Curved Roof Log Cabin 3 x 2.4m:
Sep 4, 2020
Ordered the Klair cabin to replace a rotten old shed. Obviously it’s more expensive but with the quality of it, I expect it to outlast me which makes it a worthwhile investment. The lorry from Holland arrived on the expected day with a very cheerful driver who placed the package where I needed it so I didn’t have as far to carry the logs.
I chose the Carefree Protect treatment which again is expensive, but it’s excellent quality and I don’t expect to have to retreat it for quite some time. My only mistake was thinking I could choose the colour without consultation. I picked the light oak which is honestly a horrible colour and my heart sank at the thought of having to pay out again for a different colour but I contacted the wonderful customer support and they had no issue exchanging it for the Dark Green colour, which is lovely. All in all it’s a great product and a great company to deal with and I’ve already recommended them to others.
Terry Rood :  Britt Log Cabin 3x2.5m:
Sep 2, 2020
The quality of the product was excellent, but the instructions could have been more informative.
Had I been less knowledgable of this type of construction I would have struggled with the erection.
I am nonetheless very satisfied with the end product.
Mr. Stephen Grover :  Shepherd Hut - Kathy Gypsy Caravan:
Sep 2, 2020
I would not hesitate to buy another Tuin product. The neatly flat packed hut arrived via an excellent delivery service. Good instruction manual but take a while to familiarize yourself with each stage. Helps to organize and label parts before starting construction. Hut was fully erected over 2 bank holiday weekends ready for painting. Great quality product; extremely attractive in the garden. Well worth the money.
Mrs. Emma Brereton :  Georg Log Cabin 3x2.6m:
Sep 1, 2020
We bought the Georg Log Cabin and I can safely say it's been the purchase of the century for us. It's amazing, great quality, very spacious and has changed out lives. My husband and I treated and erected it over 2 days, with little argument which is a true testament of good instructions. I would thoroughly recommend this product and the Company to anyone. We're regularly show it off to anyone who's interested!
Mr. Chez Pacitti :  Peter Log Cabin 3x3m 34mm logs:
Sep 1, 2020
Good quality cabin and very straifgtforward to put together (with some basic DIY tools and skills).

Only reason I didnt give 5 stars is the cabin i receieved came with slightly different doors that the one i had ordered, but no real issues with the change as it was minor.

I would recommend these cabins, you would pay a similar amount for a porrly constructed shed!
Geoff Bennett :  Inge Log Cabin 4.20 x 4.20m:
Aug 31, 2020
Excellent quality product. Very good service and support from Tuin despite COVID-19. I am glad I used a Tuin recommended builder to construct the cabin, although the instructions and on line support is very good. I would definitely go to Tuin as my first choice supplier again.
Aug 31, 2020
Excellent add on to my Cabin. Very good quality and matches the cabin perfectly. Having a separate storage area has allowed me to use the cabin to its full potential, avoiding unsightly cupboards and additional shelving in the cabin. Both cabin and annexe have exceeded my expectation. I would definitely use Tuin again.
Mrs. Maureen Oconnor :  Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m:
Aug 31, 2020
What can I say about my purchase of the log cabin from Tuin. We ordered it during the lockdown period and it arrived early. Fantastic. Was so simple to erect I was amazed. It was up in a day. We had to contact the company a few times and always received an answer.
Cannot fault a thing. Great company. Log cabin wonderful
Mr. Christopher Patey :  Gitte Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m:
Aug 30, 2020
The cabin is has proved out to be a great design and excellent finish. The delivery was exceptionally quick and the wood and other items were brought close to the house and ready to unpack. The instructions and helpful advice that is on line is far greater than expected and well worth the time to read before starting.
The finished cabin fits well within the garden and looks great. In short we are very pleased with the end Rey.
Mr. Kevin Garrett :  Idonea Log Cabin 3.20 x 2.60m:
Aug 29, 2020
Overall my wife loves her craft cabin. There were a few niggles in the build especially the extra money we paid for the foundation beams . Not cut to size and a complete nightmare to fit.some of the panels were warped so there is a point at the front where it’s got a slight gap. Shutters bit naff and no closures with them. Door locks and window closures really good. Instructions good as well. Wouldn’t recommend to a complete novice but generally happy overall
Paul Hodgson :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Aug 29, 2020
Really pleased with this summerhouse. Delivery was on time and assembly took two days with no previous experience.
Mrs. Sharon Thomas :  Dingle 70mm Log Cabin 5m x 5m:
Aug 28, 2020
Lovely cabin that’s given us the chance to spend time with our children and grands without crowding them
It is very strong a good quality timber
Our son has been able to put the whole thing to get her very well
Aug 28, 2020
Top marks for the delivery driver no problems driving up quite a steep hill with his forklift. The summerhouse was very well packed with only one log that was slightly damaged. We purchased the composite floor logs. One of them was badly bowed which made the base very difficult to square. The walls of the house went up easily but we had some of the logs breaking at the ends when being hammered down. We were not hammering the ends. Fixed easily by just driving a couple of nails from underneath to reattach.
The pyramid roof is tricky frame is tricky to build and place on top of the walls. It also looks rather flimsy but after the roof boards are fitted it held my large frame no problem while fitting the shingles. The shingles are easy to fit but watch one of the YouTube videos first, as you don’t want to make mistakes. I think we were left with three strips so you won’t have many spare in the packs supplied. The shingles are a must though as they really set the house off. We topped the roof with the finial and brass ball and looks fantastic. Painting it is a pain and seems to go on forever after three coats of treatment and two coats of paint. If I did it again I would pay the extra and have it treated before delivery. It’s certainly been tested of late with the Scottish weather and remains watertight. All in all I am very happy with the house but wish there was a specific build video as the instructions aren’t clear. If it wasn’t for the silly things during the build I would had no trouble giving five stars.
Mr. David Brewster :  Metal Gate Frame:
Aug 27, 2020
These frames are great. Lightweight but strong. My only comment would be that a third, middle horn would be ideal. Just to ensure the end timber has something to fix to, close to any catch.
Mr. David Brewster :  Eased Corner Timbers 18mm:
Aug 27, 2020
The timber appears great. It's nicely finished. On initially opening the packaging I thought it might have warped, but being thin it easily pulled into shape, and hasn't shrunk in the warm weather.
Mr. David Brewster :  Self-Tapping Screw:
Aug 27, 2020
Unfortunately, I didn't get to use these. Possibly my mistake, but they were too long for the timber/frame. The stated length doesn't include the "drill" section. )So I used wood screws with a pilot hole.) But I'll keep them for another time.
Mr. Alex Punchard :  Sophie Log Cabin 5.5m x 3.5m:
Aug 27, 2020
Incredible quality and function for the price. I ordered this during the lockdown as I needed a project to keep busy. I had had great communication with Tuin from the order and it turned up promptly (2 weeks) as expected (I was amazed that Tuin were able to arrange this far quicker than other suppliers that I had contacted).

The build itself was very straight forward. I actually did it in my own (not easy with 6m pieces of timber!) and it went together very well, and assembled it fully within a day and a half. I opted to supply my own floor so ended up building a subframe from timber and then boarding over it (this took longer than it did to assemble the cabin!).

The shingles supplied have performed very well (no leaks anywhere) and I’ve had to do some adjustment to the doors due to the continuing temperature fluctuation at the moment. However overall I’m very impressed and it has been turned into a great little entertaining space with a bar. Highly recommended!
I Mr. George Buchanan :  James Log Cabin 4m x 3m:
Aug 27, 2020
Would recommend tuin. from start to delivery was kept up to date what was happening with my summerhouse .i was informed that my delivery would take a few days later due to the virus ..this was not a problem as they told me this and came on date I was told so alll in all good customer relations .
Tracy Edwards :  Emiel Log Cabin 5.0x5.0m:
Aug 25, 2020
We purchased the Emiel log cabin about 8 years ago we always say the best thing we have ever bought it is still like new!! A fantastic space for chilling or little gatherings I've always wanted a 'summer house' love it a great website I always recommend.
Mr. Mark Lockett :  Charlotta Log Cabin 7.0x3.0m:
Aug 25, 2020
We built our cabin during lockdown, and have now spent many days and evenings enjoying it.
The whole process with Tuin was straight forward. Order was fulfilled and delivered on time, helpful online videos and blog made the construction fairly simple. It took three days for myself and my son to build.
The cabin has now been exposed to all manner of weather, and has remained solid and water tight.
Overall, very happy customers, well done Tuin!
Alison Wooding :  Economist Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Aug 24, 2020
So pleased with this, My husband built it and it was a bit challenging bu the end results are fabulous. It has made such a difference to our garden and lifestyle
Geoff Bates :  Peggie Log Cabin 3.0 x 4.0m:
Aug 24, 2020
Had this peggie 4x3 log cabin 40mm thick for just under a year. Great delivery service and after sales, easy instructions to follow. Don't rush your choice of external colour treatments and preserver. Really pleased with tuin's products. Thank you.
Aug 23, 2020
I’m not one for writing long reviews so I’ll simply say this... IF YOU WANT THE BEST MOST FRIENDLY AND EFFICIENT SERVICE KNOWN TO MAN WITH THE FRIENDLIEST STAFF AND AMAZINGLY GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS .. THEN DON’T GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!! Seriously from the bottom of our hearts, you have been INCREDIBLE from start to finish. We are in heaven in our hot tub, within our cabin. THANK YOU TUIN.
Sandra Hall :  Garden Decking Tile Den Helder:
Aug 20, 2020
We have used the Den Helder on top of gravel as a flooring to our greenhouse and it does the job perfectlly.
Robert Kay :  Meaghan Log Cabin 4.5 x 4.5m:
Aug 20, 2020
This was our best decision to choose Tuin to provide us our new "shed" as a lockdown project. They made the whole process so easy and delivered to the door within minutes of their specified date and time . The pallet was perfect and with the many available video clips available erection was very easy.
We now have a great "shed" with bar, darts, pool table and TV as an extra room. Our teenage boys love it and it is in high demand.
We have named it The Covid Arms.
Great quality and finish.
Steve Secker :  Hattem Modern Log Cabin 6x3m:
Aug 19, 2020
Excellent product. Went up and completed in day and a half.
Did what it said on the can. Very satisfied customer.
Mr. Mark carrington :  Lulea Log Cabin 3x4m:
Aug 18, 2020
The service was excellent and the product was as described. only a small comment perhaps the instructions could be a bit clearer particularly with the novice in mind, would buy another product from this company and highly recommend to all.

M Carrington
Roger Spittles :  Daniel Corner Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m:
Aug 18, 2020
We ordered our cabin at the beginning of lockdown and fully expected to have to wait quite a while for delivery. To our surprise Tuin responded almost immediately with our order confirmation and a 2 week delivery date. During this time we had a few questions about the base, which we wanted to construct in advance of the delivery and the Tuin team were very quick to reply with answers to our questions.
We live in a very rural location and after explaining this to the delivery company, the driver very kindly agreed to transport our cabin from the nearest major road, along almost 2 miles of a single track lane using his forklift truck. The kit was delivered on time and as agreed to our front garden.
Construction took us just over 4 days and by the end of the first day the walls, doors and windows were up. The longest and most awkward part of the build, was constructing the roof and laying the shingles, but this was mainly because we had limited access to three sides.
We finished our cabin by painting the outside blue with contrasting windows and doors and then reversing the colour scheme on the inside.
The kit was extremely well packed and contained all the correct components which are well engineered. Everything slotted together easily and the finished item is a quality cabin that will provide us with years of service. We received excellent service from the Tuin Team and would not hesitate to recommend the company to someone considering buying a timber building.
David Ricketts :  Apex Roof Carport 4.0 x 6.0m:
Aug 17, 2020
Very good quality and sturdy car port kit, looks great and we're very happy with it. It is substantial and it did take longer to construct than expected. Good communication from the Tuin team throughout the ordering and construction process, close to giving it 5 stars. Felt that some hints and tips on construction would be useful as the visual guide wasn't great. Thanks to the Tuin team, I'd buy another if needed.
Miss. Annemarie Lowrie :  Peggie Log Cabin 3.0 x 4.0m:
Aug 17, 2020
Great company. Delivered my cabin within the specified time. It’s better than I expected.
Greg Stevens :  Larch Decking Board 28mm:
Aug 14, 2020
good quality product, delivered as stated, a good company to deal with and would certainly use again
Mrs. Sandrina Belcher :  Clockhouse Log Cabin 5.5x4m - Double Glazed:
Aug 14, 2020
From ordering to final shingle the Clockhouse went up with ease. Tuin were at the end of a phone for when we needed help. Construction was remarkably quick from the foundation beam to the last shingle it took 2 days. Would thoroughly recommend.
Aug 13, 2020
I could not recommend this enough.. beautiful summerhouse and easy to put up.. loads of space.. and we’ll put together..
Mr. John Barton :  Britt Log Cabin 3x2.5m:
Aug 13, 2020
The log cabin was delivered on time without any issues. My only concern was that it was not possible to check for damage or missing pieces.
However no worries as when the inventory was checked there were no pieces missing or any damage.
The instructions need to be studied carefully before commencing the build. The build whilst time consuming was very enjoyable and anyone with decent DIY skills should have no problems with the construction. I opted to pay extra for proper floorboards which made a big difference to the finish.
The quality of the timber is excellent,the only advice I would give is to do the build quickly from receipt to avoid the longer timbers from warping.
I had never used felt shingles before but once I understood how to fit them ,whilst it takes a lot longer to fit them the finish is far superior and looks so much better than felt.
This cabin is excellent value for money when compared to the silly prices offered by local garden centres
Aug 9, 2020
Excellent service from beginning to end. Delivery was on time and a friendly helpful driver.
Easy to install following instructions. Very good quality!!
Emyr Tillman :  Embalan Timber Paint:
Aug 9, 2020
Fast delivery and well packaged. Very nice finish and easy to work with.
Matthew Thomas :  Log Store:
Aug 5, 2020
Excellent product and very easy to assemble. I have owned a Tuin corner log cabin since 2016 and was looking for a way to store logs behind it. A quick coat of the same wood finish and it looked like it was an original part of the cabin! I would also say, that despite the current Covid lockdown, the delivery was very quick. Excellent company, excellent products!
Mr. ian griffiths :  Bertil Log Cabin Gazebo 7.9 x 3.0m:
Aug 5, 2020
Very pleased with cabin . Was delivered on a very big lorry which may have been a problem but the guy had a forklift on back so parked around corner and delivered to doorstep. Read instructions and you tube video before starting. 2 of us took 2 days to assemble and half a day to put on roof shingles . Very pleased with finished article seems very good quality. We have painted with Cuprinol Garden shades Dusky Gem and white doors and windows. Would definitely buy again we searched for months before ordering .
Rob S, Hertfordshire, UK :  Ingrid Corner Log Cabin 3x3m:
Aug 5, 2020
I bought my Emma Log Cabin in June 2017 and installed it myself. Having worked really hard on the base (and that was tough !), i was able to assemble the cabin same day - and lay the shingles the following day. I followed all the instructions i was given - to the letter - including buying a high quality wood preserve (four coats). At the time i recall i had made a couple of mistakes along the way - eg. didn't realise insulation went on the roof - which cost me a bit of time, but added to the overall satisfaction of doing the job well. Today - 3 years on - the cabin still looks as though it was installed yesterday, with no signs of deterioration - so i can say i remain absolutely delighted with my decision to buy this quality product which has been invaluable as an office during the lockdown.
Charles Staig :  Annabel Log Cabin 5.0 x 4.0m:
Aug 5, 2020
From start to finish the team at Tuin are fantastic, we ordered two cabins, a MilaPent cabin (used as a garden shed store) and a larger Annabel Cabin as a garden room / Party place / bar. If you are considering a cabin for your garden I would look no further. Read the reviews and all the blogs there is a lot of very useful information. most important is to get your base level and square, lay your first beams and check again for level and squareness, get this right and your cabin will fly up. Everyone who has been into our garden and cabin is so impressed with the quality ( i should be on commission ). I also have to praise the delivery company as well as the driver who had to negotiate our narrow lane and put down the pallets exactly where we wanted. Thanks again to the whole Tuin Team
Mr. Peter Mitchell :  Philip Log Cabin 3.5m x 2.5m:
Aug 2, 2020
After much research we choose a TUIN product, the Phillip log cabin which was a size and type which met our particular requirements. The HQ flooring, Total Protect and air vents were also purchased, grey, straight shingles were provided free of charge. The various blogs, videos and customer reviews on the TUIN website were extremely informative. I would endorse the advice to “do it yourself” and also to ensure the base is perfectly level and sufficient in all regards for the weight of the cabin. The property is a new build and the location of the log cabin at the bottom of the garden is on ground which had been ‘made-up’, I had the civil contractors to provide a 150mm concrete pad with re-bar, on top of 450mm of compressed hardcore with a DPM. I then built the log cabin myself with a little help from my wife. Assembly was straightforward, no missing or defective parts at all. Instructions were straightforward and followed carefully. The exterior received 3 coats of Total Protect, it seems a very good product. I feel the shingles look far superior to a felt alternative. The HQ flooring adds to the impressive appearance. Telephone and email support before purchase and throughout duration installation was first class and questions were answered very promptly. I have no hesitation in recommending TUIN log cabin products for their good value, excellent quality and outstanding support and information. I would also recommend building it yourself, it was a pleasure.
Aug 2, 2020
We bought the Ingrid corner log cabin in June last year and it has only taken me a year to write the review!
From start to finish, the service was great. Easy to erect and was even better than expected. It is good quality and the shingles we used were decent colour (green) and better quality than others we have used in the past. We had slight issue with the door as it did not close tightly at the bottom. Tuin provided us with the support to correct this without any stress. We have been happily enjoying the Summerhouse for a year now and are more than pleased with our purchase.
Aug 2, 2020
I am really happy with my log cabin, arrived on time and the delivery driver was really helpful and friendly.
The cabin was relatively straight forward to put together with no major issues. Fantastic product and service. Plenty of screws and nails provided and enough wood left over from the floor, roof and pallet to make myself a bar. Extremely happy and would definitely recommend.
john Miller :  Elburg Modern Log Cabin 5x2.5m:
Aug 2, 2020
Great cabin with very functional indoor and out door space. Very easy to errect and was done in a day by myself. In all totally satisfied with purchase.
Mr. Stephen Bush :  Riina Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Aug 1, 2020
This in Not Just a summerhouse! This is a TUIN RIINA CORNER LOG CABIN. Crafted in select cuts of 58mm interlocking spruce wall logs. Topped with luscious IKO shingles. Delivered with care by a very nice man with a Moffat. With a lavish web site, that answers all your questions. This is a superb TUIN Summerhouse!! If Carlsberg did Summerhouses .......
Stuart Anderson :  James Log Cabin 4m x 3m:
Jul 31, 2020
I had the same problems as others. The space above the door frame I solved by cutting a spare log. Doors and windows were difficult to fit due to their weight - you need two strong people. However, had I thought about it beforehand I would have lifted the glass out of the window frame and hung afterwards. I ripped the plan for the fascia and drainage at the rear and made my own version. Another issue is floor height re door threshold - take time to think this out if you want to add laminate etc. End result is nice looking cabin, although I don't know why it has full-length opening windows either side of the double opening doors.
Chris Parker :  Skeg Log Cabin 7.2m x 3.4m:
Jul 29, 2020
Really love this cabin it has a unique design and the sliding door are a great feature although we’ve found them a little stiff and knock when you open/close them. Overall though it a lovely looking cabin which gives you the best of both worlds an good sized internal area and an equally nice open area. I recommend getting 3 skylights to line up with the windows - these have been a god-send to keep the room light/bright.
Miss. michelle rottier :  Tuin Parts:
Jul 26, 2020
Bough the 26mm floor pack and it was an extremely easy and satisfying experience. Still have a full unused pack left over which will come in handy for something im sure! The wood was great quality and has gone together perfectly. I have little DIY experience but again, using all the blogs and installation tips on the website makes you turn pro overnight. Id recommend this flooring to anyone
Philip Archer :  Classico Gazebo 4.3x4.3m:
Jul 26, 2020
We love our Classico gazebo. Bought it last Spring with red shingles and built it myself over the summer, it is possible on your own but hard work. The roof structure looks great from inside and the whole thing is quite a talikg point. A year later it looks just as good.
Steve Lansley :  Karen Log Cabin 5 x 3.2m:
Jul 24, 2020
I bought my Karen cabin during the lockdown period. Great communication even though they were short staffed. Email updates regularly and particularly impressed with the Dutch driver contact details given to me a few days of delivery. Delivery was prompt. Very impressed with my Cabin. It gave us lots to do during lockdown and as a family we love it. Thank you Tuin.
Jul 23, 2020
This paint is easy to apply and dries fast. The clear colour has a slight pink tint before it dries making it easier to see where you have applied but you should apply this quite liberally particularly in the joints were it can be harder to see if you have covered everything. The grey colour is very easy to apply as has a great coverage and colour after two coats (we had previously painted with clear protect so this maybe different if you’re painting on ‘fresh’ wood). The paint also doesn’t completely compromise the lovely natural wood grain texture which is great. I found the white paint quite translusent and needing more coats before having good coverage and colour. All of these paints need to be stirred more than your average paint particularly if you’re using coloured paint to ensure that the colour has properly mixed and the paint achieves the right thickness.
If you’re planning on getting the clear colour and your cabin is in a sunny spot, I would recommend applying a good number of liberal coats (at least 4-5) immediately after the cabin has been built particularly on the sides that are facing the sun. With less than this you’re likely to get sun damage after a few years which is hard and potentially costly to reverse.
Once enough paint has been applied you can see water just running off the surface.
The only downside is the price but I would say that if you protect your cabin properly from the start it’s worth it in the long run.
Jul 21, 2020
Part of the timber was delivered like a banana have tried contacting many time but the company has not bothered to reply I would use with caution very poor customer service
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. We have had some difficulties during the pandemic with huge demand and lower staff levels as staff are sick or self isolate. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you but are clearing the backlog and all emails will be responded to and any replacements needed will be sent.
malcolm john WATSON :  Petit Corner Log Cabin 2x2m:
Jul 20, 2020
The log cabin was well packed and easy to remove from packaging. A parts list was enclosed and it was straightforward to tick off parts as I removed them. The drawings were easy to follow. I did not rush and spent about 40hrs constructing the cabin.On line support very good. Every part of assembly was covered. I struggled at first with door frame assembly but soon sorted. The finished cabin is excellent and my wife is extremely pleased. I have hung a glass bead curtain across the door. We have put 2 bamboo chairs inside. I have also made a small table with the spare floorboards. Also a small box. We have relaxed inside during this glorious sunshine
Mr. J Titheridge :  Ingrid Corner Log Cabin 3x3m:
Jul 19, 2020
I work in an office, I don’t do much DIY, and don’t consider myself particularly handy, but the Tuin cabin install was very easy and really enjoyable. I did it during the coronavirus lockdown, so only had my 2 primary school age boys to help, but they loved it too!

Firstly the instructions. They are very simple. I almost rang up to say they were missing, but then realised the schematics in the pack were the instructions. But after a proper look though, and after unpacking and sorting the parts on my garage floor, it soon became clear. Basically your full instructions are a combination of the Tuin website, Tuin blog, and what’s supplied in the pack. Use all 3 before and during and I promise it will be easy and enjoyable.
One thing to mention, certain subjects are covered a few times on the website in different areas, and usually one of the places will answer your questions. Search around, and check the user comments!

After the foundation beams being cut, and screwing some of the first logs to them, we were away! It only took a few hours to have ALL the logs in place, and windows and door frame.

It was like an life size lego kit. It was so easy you could have probably done it without the instructions (although I wouldn’t recommend it).
There were a few logs I thought were spare until near the end then I realised I needed them, so count and double check everything vs the instructions, and don’t throw anything away until you’ve finished!

My door frame looked like it had been assembled then disassembled, and I had to remove quite a few bent nails before I could put together. Not sure what that was about, but it wasn’t too much hassle and I suspect doesn’t happen all the time.
Putting the hinges in was the hardest bit, it took ages to screw them into the frame! I used an L shaped allen key as a wrench to make it easier.

The last thing worth mentioning, is that there we some small gaps and imperfect fits before we put the roof on, I was concerned id done something wrong, or we had a bent log somewhere, but once the roof was on, it all seemed OK.

And the roof was the trickiest bit, I sawed a few bits off the ‘purlins’ (I think that’s what they’re called) to ensure 100% straight surface. The little triangles for the very top of each roof section I glued in after the first 2 shattered when I nailed them in.
I also thought I was going to run out of shingles but had more than enough leftover, even though the shingles going up the roof were 12 in total, but going up there ridges there were 15..! I used a hook style Stanley knife blade to cut shingles, lots easier!
And last tip, order your stain at the same time, it took a while to arrive.
Chris Pattison :  Dyre Log Cabin 4m x 3m:
Jul 19, 2020
A great well made cabin which is relatively easy to erect.
Have a look how we did it here
Tuin reply: Great video! Thank you for sharing it.
Steve Power :  Superior Gazebo 3.4x5.9m:
Jul 18, 2020
This is not a cheap gazebo and if you are not diy enthusiast I would not recommend you install it yourself but if your are the following I would recommend . Small tower scaffold Level and line and most important impact driver
This is the second I have put up first one in our sons It really is a brilliant piece of kit everything fits and as long as your post holders and beams are in straight and level it’s a rewarding thing to put up.
We ordered are own post holders we found like others that the ones supplied are not the best .
Order from your local timber merchants a lot cheaper and tighter fit
Jennie Hammond :  Post Holder Spiked:
Jul 17, 2020
These spikes were much better than expected. Robust and I am certain will last for years
Jul 16, 2020
Despite the challenges of keeping the business going throughout this COVID crisis, customer service from TUIN was good and I was eventually able to place an order. Delivery was at the time I expected and the driver charming and very helpful.

The Gazebo itself is excellent and I am really pleased with it. It was straightforward to erect, although the top of the roof was tricky. The timber was dry, clean and smooth and I only had to cut a very few roof slats to fit.

This is a lovely item and I'm really pleased with it.
Ashleigh :  Onyx Log Cabin 2.6x2.2m:
Jul 16, 2020
Excellent, order the Onyx log cabin, it was delivered by a friendly chap, who managed to get it on a pallet to the back of my garden, I put this up on my own as I have experience in the building trade, everything fit perfectly, I managed to put the main structure up in a day, I went 4 high and lowered the door and frame in, any higher you would need 2 people as it’s heavy, it appeared to pull away on the shorter runs of the timber but all pulls when put the timber in above the window, I nailed the timbers to roof bearings on the second day with a little time to start on the felt shingles, it’s a good idea to watch how to start the shingles on you tube, as your first stretch at the bottom need to be turned over with a slight over hang of 50mm for the drip, the shingles took me a day, but I wasn’t rushing, 3 days in total, now it is painted and looks absolutely fantastic, really impressed, it’s all racked out so I can store my kit and gardening equipment, going to buy a bigger cabin next year for a bar, it will certainly be from Tuin, I highly recommend them