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Jul 3, 2022
Review sent via email...trying to send video and pictures
Mr. Howard Rose :  Charlie Log Cabin Studio 4.5m x 3.5m:
Jul 3, 2022
The Charlie cabin is superb one of the best purchases I’ve done.
It is so bright and airy, the only problem is that it was meant to be my space but it’s so good my daughters have taken it over.
Last thing if I was buying another I would upgrade to the composite foundation beams as the tantalised ones I purchased were a bit warped.
Mr. Huw Rees :  Felt Shingle Glue 310ml:
Jul 2, 2022
Used the Felt Shingle Glue on exposed edges of the gazebo roof. It was easy to put on and seems to be very effective as I've had no problems with the roof despite some strong winds.
John Braithwaite :  Rosen Log Cabin 3.8x3.2m:
Jul 2, 2022
Ordered March 2021 arrived August 2021. Assembled single handedly felted, insulated and tiled roof and bought the floor insulating that as well.love it just ensured I got weather proof paint on before the winter as the wood does give alittle. The cabin has been through frost the storm and now the heat and so far so good. Glad I did my research and bought form Tuin.
Mr. Roger de Boehmler :  Uddel Modern Log Cabin 3.8x2.6m:
Jul 2, 2022
very happy with this log cabin - good size and attractive design - great team via Tuin put it together well too - just would suggest that you choose the membrane version of the roof covering because the free covering will not last more than a few years.
Jul 1, 2022
I moved into a new build property with no Garage or Shed for storage. as I was moving out of a much larger property I had lots of stuff to store so decided to purchase the Sigrid Log Cabin which had a separate storage area for garden tools mower etc and also could
put in shelving for storage boxes. The Sigrid Log Cabin was perfect for this. It was easy to erect and took a total of 13 hours for my 2 sons to erect over 2 days as December and dark at 4pm. everything fitted well and the free Shingles were a good quality and a good saving. The cabin is made of Spruce which is far superior to Pine. Very Pleased with cabin which was delivered on time.
Mr. Sean Lawson :  Hattem Modern Log Cabin 6x3m:
Jul 1, 2022
Ordered my cabin off the website and it arrived on one massive pallet. I couldn’t wait to start building it so even tho it was dark I set up my work lights and got down to it. Within an hour of having it all unpacked I’d fitted the first 7 rows. The next day I was up early and straight out to do some more. I had it all complete by 5pm then just had the felt to cover the roof. All in all I’m overwhelmed with the quality of my new cabin. I’d recommend Tuin to everyone I know.
Thanks again for supplying me with my dream cabin. The hot tub looks soo good with it and I’ve already ordered my sauna cabin to fit inside it.
Rev. Helen Gardner :  Embalan Timber Paint:
Jul 1, 2022
I used two coats of Embadecor clear stain as an undercoat, (two coats outside, one inside) then started applying the Embalan paint (creamy white). It is easy to use but, as I'm not a professional painter, I haven't got quite the coverage that is advertised, so have ordered another two tins. One and a half tins have provided one coat on the outside and inside of a 5m&3m cabin, although I've also added extra coats to the cut ends as I've gone round. The remaining tins will wait until the weather improves and I finish the job.
Richard Easton :  Inglund Log Cabin 3.8x3.2m:
Jun 30, 2022
Great product, good quality materials, simple to erect with good clear instructions. Tuin are really easy to deal with and provide an execellent service from start to finish. I highly recommend tuin and will most certainly deal with them again. It really is an impressive finish
Mr. John Lockett :  Storm Kit for Log Cabins:
Jun 30, 2022
Great addition to the log cabin for protection during storms, highly recommended product whether your in an exposed area or not
Ben Macleod :  Lynn Log Cabin 4.27x4.27m:
Jun 30, 2022
An excellent summer house! Quick delivery! Some minor difficulties initially but quickly resolved by Tuin. I’m very happy with this summer house.
Jun 29, 2022
Nice looking window and easy to fit really finishes of my wife’s crafting cabin
The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is I think it’s a bit expensive.
Jun 29, 2022
After spending a huge amount of time researching Log Cabins (much of the time spent learning a huge amount from this website!) I decided to place an order with Tuin. I was a little worried that the prices seemed too low to be genuine, especially when comparing to other suppliers, who were sometimes twice the price for a similar product. All of the reviews seemed to be very positive, so I thought it was worth taking a chance.

Following Richards advice, I placed an order in late November 2021 to take advantage of the lowest prices. The Cabin is to be used as a home office as well as a family room, so 70mm walls seemed to be a good idea, and they did not work out to be much more expensive than other options.

The Cabin was due to be delivered at the beginning of March (I selected the last available delivery slot when I placed the order, hoping the weather would be OK by then!), so we had plenty of time to get a base sorted. I decided on a solid concrete base as we have a bit of a slope in the garden, and as we keep chickens the rats can sometimes appear, so didn't want to have any chance of problems with them under the cabin. I had considered getting the shovel out and trying to lay the base myself, but was very glad that I got some professional help - 8 tonnes of soil came out, and about 10 tonnes of hardcore went down for the sub base. They took half a day to do what would have taken me all year! We then had concrete pumped from the front of the house as there is poor access to the garden.

On delivery day, the communication from the driver was very good - He stopped as requested at the end of the road and used the forklift to cover the last 1/3 of a mile to the house down quite a narrow lane. Everything was placed exactly as I asked for, all very quickly. I was not planning to start the build for another month, and was very happy to see how well everything was wrapped up and protected from the weather - there were no issues at all with leaving it on the drive for this time.

I took a week off of work to get the Cabin built, hoping to at least get it up and watertight in this time. Day one was spent unpacking all of the pieces and transporting them to the back of the house. I had ordered the 1" thick flooring - and those packs are heavy! In total it took 3 people just over an hour to get everything moved. I then started laying out the foundation beams (I ordered the composite beams, and very happy with them) and got the logs built to the bottom of the windows before calling it a day (the weather was not great so it was a short day).

By 10am on day 2, the walls were complete up to eaves height, mainly working on my own. I had pinned each page of the drawing pack to the fence and it was really obvious which piece was needed in every location. I had some help from my Dad for a few hours and we had all of the roof beams in place by 4pm.

Day 3 was spent fitting the roof boards, and it took 2 people on ladders and one person on the ground pretty much the whole day - it's a big roof! I was really surprised how long it took us to get this completed.

Day 4 was spent fitting 50mm PIR insulation and roof shingles on the roof - this again was a really slow process (not helped by a fear of heights!), working alone I got about 2/5 of the roof finished in 6 hours.

Day 5 was more insulation and shingles - getting into a rhythm meant I was able to finish all but the apex, but at that point I ran out of shingles. I was able to get the roof watertight due to the PIR and insulation tape, so this wasn't a major concern. I emailed Tuin and they sent another pack of shingles for free. I had also asked for advice on the Apex, as I had the "half round" style of shingle, which the packaging suggested should not be used on the Apex. They said this was not a problem, but said they could send a pack of straight shingles anyway (again, for free!). First class customer service!

Once the Cabin was watertight, the floor was the next challenge - this took about 2 full days, working on my own. Again, I used 50mm PIR under the floor, between the floor beams.

For the paint, I've used Sadolin Superdec - and have bought 12.5L of the main colour, as well as 5L of white for the Doors/Windows/Trim - this has given coverage of 2 coats, and gives a really thick coating. Before painting, I used 10L (2 coats) of Clear Cuprinol Wood Preserver (this went on well with a sprayer).

I still need to finish the floors (these will be coloured and waxed) and get the cabin connected to the mains electricity. One concern that I had was how to wire the lights without ugly cables / trunking running around the cabin - the solution that I've gone for is a fabric covered "Twisted" cable, which is held by porcelain cable holders, for a more traditional look. This will also allow for movement as the wood expands/contracts.

Overall, I could not be happier with the Cabin, or the service provided by Tuin. I would not hesitate to r
Mr. Julian Gregory :  Aksel Log Cabin 4.0x3.0m:
Jun 28, 2022
Perfect! Delivery time was quick and the delivery driver was very helpful. The packaging was great and the overall contents were absolutely spot on. Easy to erect and extremely sturdy. Everyone who sees it make lots of positive comments - so be prepared for neighbour and friends cabin envy!! If you buy you will not be disappointed.....
Jun 28, 2022
We didn't get notified of the delivery the week before receipt, but the driver was excellent and delivered without problems in the dark. The finished product is very good, but the instructions aren't great for fitting the door and associated frame (had to work this out by elimination) and the instruction manual is for a square summerhouse, not our Kennet unit, so it took considerable working out, including how the canopy column should be fitted (no instruction). The two doors don't align properly - latch doesn't meet with the striker plate so will need modification. The assembled product looks good though
Jun 28, 2022
I can’t express how delighted I am with my Tuin Blackpool Summerhouse. Ordering was easy and there was lots of guidance and information on the build Deliver was delayed a bit by COVID but once here the driver was very helpful and the summerhouse was well packaged and protected. Quality was excellent. Staff at Tuin were very helpful and responsive. Based on my experience I would definitely recommend Tuin and their products
Raj Bhaker :  Superior Gazebo 3.4x5.9m:
Jun 27, 2022
Very impressed from start to finish with both the purchase and the product. I took advantage of the free shingle offer and bought the post support brackets which did make the whole vertical post installation much easier. I especially found the Tuin blog and the installation videos very helpful despite the simplified instructions (which I didn’t have a problem with). Some of the installation tips are very useful. And as a side note the informal tone of the blog is great!
The shingles really finished it off nicely and makes it look real smart. I’ve had so many compliments and have even recommended Tuin to a number of friends (hope I get a recommend a friend bonus!)
I got it erected in time for the sunshine during lockdown and so it has been well used. Definitely one of my best garden purchases and actually very good value for money.
Lastly I had a couple of broken roof boards which Tuin were very responsive and replaced promptly.
Obviously I’m very happy.
Istvan Pap :  Rianne Log Cabin 5x2.5m:
Jun 27, 2022
Great experience from a very professional company. The log cabin was delivered quickly and was easily assembled. It looks amazing in our garden. When we were painting it, almost everyone in the street complimented it and about 4-5 people asked more details where we've bought it from. So I think you can expect a couple of more orders in the future from our neighbourhood.
Mr. David McCombie :  Julia Log Cabin 3 x 5m:
Jun 27, 2022
Delivered day early and very impressed with how easy it was to put together. Quality of materials also fantastic. Communication with company was excellent. Son was so impressed that he’s looking at buying one.
Mr. Aaron Thomas :  Dagmar Corner Log Cabin 3.5x3.5m:
Jun 26, 2022
Really impressed with the level of communication and service received. So happy with our end product
Jun 26, 2022
This cabin is a wonderful addition to our garden, and we are delighted that we bought it - gives us an extra bit of space for all of us at different times with a Swedish 'stuga' at the foot of the garden, and the veranda will be a great place to sit on summer evenings. There is a great sense of satisfaction in putting it together and building your own house too.
It was delivered early one morning in July by a very friendly Dutch man and his forklift truck - all in one very long package of wooden pieces. It took myself and 3 teenage helpers about 4 hours to move it all into the back garden and stack it under the plastic sheets for the coming rain. A lot of carrying! It was while doing this, as well as viewing instructions, that we got an idea of which bits were for what. The window and doors come pre-made and I recommend keeping them indoors if they are not going to be fitted for a while, to prevent movement or warping.
The next couple of weeks involved digging out foundations, putting down hardcore and sand, and then laying a patio. Spirit level, decent tape measure and large square essential for this!
Putting the Stian cabin walls together was quite straightforward, with clear instructions - it all fits together with no screws needed. Take your time with this - in our haste we fitted the window upside down though this was easily rectified. Some you can do as one person and a wooden hammer; for longer pieces of wood, especially the roof beams, you need two adults. For the roof, this is where nails and screws start to be used - the video on the website really helped, and especially for the felting which was completely new for me. We painted the walls a 'falu rod' red paint to look like a cabin in Sweden, and this gives it good waterproofing. It took me a long (pleasurable) time to lay the floor, moving into Autumn weeks, working in the evenings. The hardest job was fitting the front doors, and needed two of us to hang them properly with hinges - they are heavy and take a fair amount of adjustemnt. I had to re-square the angles of the door frame, but again videos/photos on the website really helped. Recommend painting the doors before you hang them. I finished off by laying slabs under the veranda, which I had left over from a new patio a few years back. This gives a bit of height and will probably last longer than wooden decking in the elements.
Even during COVID Lockdown, the customer service was excellent, with email questions being replied to quickly - someone who recommended Tuin to me said how good the customer service was and they were right.
If you can, lay your foundations before delivery - we didn't start cabin construction until about a month later due to having to do this and poor weather, which meant one or two pieces of wood in the garden had warped by the time of construction. But the wonderful people at Tuin give you plenty of spare bits, so no need to order extra. All in all, a great product, relatively easy to fit together, with pleasing results, all backed up by very friendly people to help you through it all.
Jun 26, 2022
Easy to fit, cuts easily and won’t rot
Sally Kennard :  Paiva Log Cabin Gazebo 8x3.5m:
Jun 26, 2022
Great product, very sturdy with double glazed windows. Well packaged and delivered on time. Looks amazing
Stephen Bradley :  Log Cabin Air Vent:
Jun 25, 2022
I have a Tuin Peggy cabin, with 45mm thick walls. I have a gas heater in it and it was cutting out due to lack of oxygen. I installed two air vents and now there's plenty of fresh air.

There were also some signs of mould appearing in the bottom corner. This has also gone away now I have the air vents.

I'd definitely encourage you to install some for the health and long being of your cabin.
Valerie Donaldson :  Superior Gazebo 3.4x5.9m:
Jun 25, 2022
Hi just delighted with my gazebo which is truly superior as was the service from start to finish including first class delivery, cant wait for my large hexagonal gazebo to complement it .Thank you Team Tuin Mrs Valerie Donaldson
Mr. John Smith :  Britt Log Cabin 3x2.5m:
Jun 25, 2022
This log cabin was a replacement for a summer house, which was passed its prime. The old summer house was built on a raised timber frame. so one reason I picked this log cabin was that it had the same foot print. Order was placed online which was a simple process, lots of help on the web site. This gave us time to remove the old summer house and stack down the bottom of the garden, lockdown so the dump was closed. Delivery was first class, the driver had to park at the end of my road and bring the cabin up by forklift. I have low overhead telephone cables at the front which were cleared with inches to spare to drop the load right where I wanted. The next job was to transport the load to the back via a footpath hardest part of the build. My wife and I took no time at all to build the walls with the help of a rubber mallet. Both 73 years old. Needed help from a neighbour to lift the main roof beams in placed. Only time I contacted Tuin was because I felt the timber for the side facia and support were too small, not the size shown on the video. Because of lockdown I had to use email this was a slow process, so I just went out and bought the timber I wanted to speed up the build. After I bought the timber I did get an offer to supply what I wanted, just a problem with lockdown.
First time I have fitted shingles, they are fantastic, number of tiles was very close I felt that one more was needed. Painted the cabin with Sadolin Superdec after Sadolin protector, results look good, only time will tell. Very please with the end results.
Spencer purl :  EPDM Glue tube KS96:
Jun 24, 2022
Great product, easy to use to stick the rubber membrane covering around the water outlet
Jun 24, 2022
When spending a large sum of money, you’re always a little apprehensive, especially as you can’t view the product in person.

I couldn’t be more impressed with the whole process, but especially the log cabin. Everything went as planned, all lengths were cut perfectly and fitted exactly.

I am extremely happy and would and have recommended Tuin to anybody that asks!

Brilliant, brilliant log cabin! Money well spent!
Scott Allison :  Jackalyn Log Cabin 5 x 4m:
Jun 24, 2022
Took delivery last July and almost a year later and my cabin still looks fantastic, the delivery driver was superb had to navigate down a small lane and this was not a problem, started the build at 06:30 one Saturday morning and was putting the roof boards on at 12:30, the build was so easy to do after watching the video tutorials,all the family have really enjoyed making the most of the cabin from birthday parties to sleep overs and I would recommend Tuin to everybody
Just took delivery of the side annex last night so that’s tomorrow’s job sorted
Mike Hardisty :  Petit Corner Log Cabin 2x2m:
Jun 23, 2022
Delivery went smoothly. The was pack was left on the drive for a few days before being covered with a tarpaulin. On opening the pack the rain had got in and all the plans and instructions were soaking wet and some planks were damp. The assembly of the side walls went smoothly but after fitting the last planks the rear wall plank was 10mm higher than the rest (no gaps in between the planks all driven home) so would not let the roof planks lay flat. The 10mm was planed off allowing roof planks to lay flat. The Shingle were fixed to the roof leaving just over 1 pack left. The supplied facia was not fitted but substituted with 4" x 1" to give a better fixing for a standard 112mm gutters.
Mrs. Teresa Robertson :  Piet Log Cabin 5.95x3m:
Jun 23, 2022
Absolutely lovely cabin, took 3 people 4 hrs to erect in the rain.Instructions easy to follow, we cut back the overhang by a metre as was too large for my garden. The wood is thick and great quality, love it, just to be treated inside and out can’t wait to spend many days and nights in there.
Jun 23, 2022
Relatively easy install taking 2 and half guys (me being the half) about 2 days to complete. We are all new to the Tuin brand and we know next time it'll take less time. There is a spare beam with this one. Be careful to put it to one side and make sure everyone's aware of it being a spare. We didn't. Oops. Crisis averted after an hour of jiggery pokery. Everything slotted in well onto a 6" concrete base. We bought the rubber roof and finishing edges from a third party. The floor was Tuin's and went down easily. We have a mass of spare timber left over (no bad thing) but it's 100% complete and the doors/windows fitted well (the door needing adjusting as expected. Lovely cabin and looks far too good for the purpose intended so it'll be storage and day use too.
Jun 22, 2022
A very good quality cabin . However for this particular cabin the instructions were a bit vague for both door frame & roof sections .
Took about 3 days for us to completely finish the construction.
Mr. John Sebborn :  Jos Corner Log Cabin 2.5x2.5m:
Jun 22, 2022
Although we have not built our summer house yet,service and delivery has been excellent and can’t wait to erect our house.Roll on good weather.
Mrs. Sharon Thomas :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Jun 22, 2022
Just the job to start the base of the build
Michael GREAVES :  Britt Log Cabin 3x2.5m:
Jun 21, 2022
Received my cabin within 2 weeks. Had a few phonecards from Holland to keep me updated on delivery dates and times. Received the cabin all sealed a rain proof. Was put on the drive near window giving us space to park. The driver called prior to delivery. Managed to get the cabin up in a few hours and we'll happy with it. The whole process from buying to Receiving the log cabin was pretty good. Even ordered a bigger one so thankyou.
Mrs. Debra Coleman :  Embalan Timber Paint:
Jun 21, 2022
We purchased the grey Embalan Timber paint, it is more of a sage green/grey colour but is still a lovely colour and looks very nice with white windows, doors and fascia on our Tuin Stigg Cabin. Although quite expensive, it is a very good quality paint and glad we paid that little bit more.
Jun 21, 2022
Delivery service was excellent, the driver was very helpful. The quality of the timber appears to be very good. The plan of drawings was very useful but the installation instruction booklet is a generic booklet and could be improved to include information for installing a pent roof with an EPDM roof covering. With that said,
there is lots of information on the Tuin website
and the web that can assist with the build/installation. I did have to purchase another can of rubber adhesive because I found that the 3 cans supplied were not enough. Overall, we are very happy with the final product and would recommend Tuin.
Mark :  Tuin Parts:
Jun 20, 2022
We ordered a replacement tarpaulin for our wooden Pagoda that we had from TUIN a few years ago, as the old Tarpaulin was getting a bit tatty and the new one has made the Pagoda look brand new again, arrived in good time and so easy to fit, we spend hours in the garden sitting under it on our garden furniture, it’s like another room but outside, the long summer evenings are best, thank you TUIN,
David Derham :  Shannon Log Cabin 4.5m x 2.5m:
Jun 20, 2022
Arrived on time. easier to build than i thought. Excellent quality. Good price.
Shane morris :  Skeg Log Cabin 7.2m x 3.4m:
Jun 20, 2022
What a great piece of kit all went together nicely, shame a few pieces were not coded but straightforward once you get all laid out. Everything fit s as should, post was a little tricky, doors needed a little adjustment but really happy with it. Customer service great always helpful don’t buy from anywhere else.
Mr. Rod Goodman :  Britt Log Cabin 3x2.5m:
Jun 19, 2022
Very pleased with mu Britt Log Cabin. Simple to put together and exactly what we required.
Stuart H :  Barn Door Lock:
Jun 19, 2022
Used this for a barn door for my business premises. Very tough material & well made.
Very secure with a toughened padlock.
Yet again, great service & quick delivery time.
Jun 18, 2022
Great building, easy to construct. During construction we went a bit off piste and added a fireplace for warmth in the evenings and a sky light for Sun during the day.
Mr. Colin Hearn :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Jun 18, 2022
We purchased the Aiste Summer House. Really pleased with the quality and service provided. It was delivered on time with an extremely helpful driver who placed it exactly where we wanted it. I built it on my own with the main structure taking about 4 days to complete. I did run short of roof shingles and with a call they were sent the following day. I also had an issue with the doors not fitting correctly. I sent an email and had a very prompt reply explaining what was needed. The problem was solved very easily. Overall we are very pleased with our Summer House and looks great. The quality is excellent and cannot fault the after service. Thank you.
Jun 18, 2022
Fabulous from start to finish - cannot recommend enough. High quality, easy to fit and looks amazing
John Henderson :  Kay Log Cabin 5.95 x 8.0m:
Jun 18, 2022
Built this last year absolutely fabulous with log burner cosy insulation roof and floor looks really nice to use this all year round got to say truck driver to placed my cabin in .as it was a really tight space managed no problems nice bit off kit
Jun 17, 2022
On the whole good quality product which was easy to assemble although the instructions regarding which screw to use where was vague. Unfortunately one of our vertical supports was warped, Tuin’s response was wood is a natural product with variations so unfortunately there is an unsightly gap between the lattice and the vertical support. The shingles were easy to install and although time consuming they compliment the gazebo. I didn’t use the wooden roof trim strips as I did not think they went very well, instead I used spare shingles, of which I had ample, to make ‘ridge tiles’ to cover the gaps which looks much better. In order to waterproof the apex you will have to use your initiative. A wooden hexagon is provided but it is a loose fit and you will have to be inventive to prevent leakage. I used layers of shingle and quality sealant which has done the job, hopefully for many years.
The gazebo is free standing and heavy. It has not shifted at all but it has not yet been tested in heavy winds. I am hopeful it will remain in place as adding ground anchors will prove unsightly.
Overall I am satisfied with the product.
Mrs. Pippa Whitty :  Curved Garden Arch 180cm:
Jun 17, 2022
This is lovely, well made and easy to assemble. Pride of place in our garden providing an entrance to the lawn. Covered in solar lights and climbing plants. Looks amazing
Nigel James Kingwill :  Rhon Log Cabin 4.5mx3m in 34mm Logs:
Jun 17, 2022
I have no problem recommending Tuin, the whole process of ordering and delivery was very simple yet professional at the same time. Tuin may not be the cheapest option but you pay for quality and professionalism. The Rhon cabin I bought came well packaged and was built in one weekend by myself and my brother without any fuss at all. The cabin is well made and strong and sturdy, I paid extra for the composite profiled foundation beams which I think are well worth it to keep the wooden walls off the floor (I have a slab base) and therefore not in contact with any water. Overall 5 stars from me.
Ben Schadla-Hall :  DIY Pergola Kits:
Jun 17, 2022
Very good quality kit that all slots together nicely. Lots of options to choose from in terms of anchoring the pergola to the ground. The sliding shade awning really completes it and it is like having another room in our garden. The 120mm posts are the best thing as they are very solid and really look the part.
Mr. John Burgess :  Valery Log Cabin 2.45x2.45m:
Jun 16, 2022
This is my second purchase from Tuin and the quality of the services and the products hasn't failed me. We bought this for a creche to store play equipment and the nursery provider as well as myself are extremely happy with the way it turned out and the finishes. Would highly recommend
mark hutchinson :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Jun 16, 2022
I brought these to replace some that I had on my Jenny log cabin. The high winds that we had at the start of the year lifted some of my others so I thought I would replace them. They came within a couple of days so, the following weekend me and my mate Bazza got to work. It was easy to get the older ones off and to get these ones fitted. Everything I've ordered from Tuin have been high quality and easy to assemble/ fit if you are of that mindset. I may look into another smaller cabin to use as a shed in the future and as I know the quality from Tuin I highly think it will be another one of theirs. Great customer service, loads of advice and perfect products that speak for themselves. Thank you Tuin.
Jun 16, 2022
No use warbling on . I ordered my log cabin.It was delivered exactly when they said it would. Guy who delivered it was very helpful. All parts were there and undamaged . Quality was superb. Absolutely no complaints
Graham and Julia Vanstone :  Tourist Open Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Jun 15, 2022
Everything went well from ordering to delivery to construction. The support available for construction was extremely helpful and well presented.
The finished product is amazing and has been much admired by everyone who has seen it.
I am a very happy buyer.
Mark Neil :  Classico Gazebo 4.3x4.3m:
Jun 15, 2022
Absolutely delighted with the gazebo, which looks even better than we had imagined. Tuin were super helpful with some pre-installation questions that I had, as were the hauliers who didn’t flinch at the idea of delivering the pallet up our tiny little cul-de-sac. Not having done anything like this before I had to rely heavily on the web site help pages for advice, but these were also excellent and we erected it without any trouble with only two people. Can’t recommend Tuin highly enough. The only problem is it looks like we will be building one for my mum soon as well!
Mr. Nigel Holgate :  Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin 3.54x3.16m:
Jun 15, 2022
Very satisfied. The service was excellent. The cabin was delivered on time. The instructions were adequate but it was essential to read and absorb before starting the construction.
Supply of materials was very accurate - nothing missing and some spares.
One of the window latches broke off In my hand just after installation but two extra latches were supplied ( not sure whether this was intentional ) and so no problem.

The roof took me a few days as access can be tricky (hexagonal Nora roof) which slows the process down, particularly if choosing to insulate under the shingle.
The shingle is definitely worth fitting and looks great.
peter gardner :  Samos Larch Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
Jun 14, 2022
Excellent service, easy to order, delivery very efficient. Delighted with quality and how east to erect, all pieces present and smart appearance when finished.
Mr. John Hills :  Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m:
Jun 14, 2022
Excellent quality and easy to build
Mrs. Olga Cumbers :  Economist Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Jun 13, 2022
Delivery and communication was excellent. Product had very clear instructions and kit was easy to assemble. Fixings are of good quality, sturdy and strong, so is the frame. We opted for black shingle which not only looks really good but it has also proved to be outstanding in terms of water proving. We enjoy the gazebo not only in summer but it has become a sort of an added garden room. Love it , thanks guys
Mr. ken rogers :  Swedish T&G Shiplap Cladding:
Jun 13, 2022
I was sceptical not having seen the wood before purchase.
However the quality and price is outstanding and I would recommend anyone to use you.
Well done
Jun 13, 2022
The Idonea Log Cabin matched the space we had available and the chalet style we wanted - there are not many on the market. Although slightly more expensive we chose Tuin over other similar products on the basis of quality and reputation. The instructions it came with were pretty useless but look at the videos & guidance on their web site. In the main good quality wood and design detail but a couple of points needed improvement - only just enough wood for roof - loads of wood for floor - be prepared to adapt e.g. use smaller screws in some areas - Window boxes and shutters can get in the way of full opening of door.
Jun 12, 2022
Gave the shed 2 coats initially, then 1 coat each year for the next 2 years, still got 1L left out of 5L.
Used a small roller so less spray, only took a couple of hours.
Jun 12, 2022
ordered our log cabin, very easy to deal with Tuin, great communication, no problems at all with delivery, well packed , good quality, would highly recommend
Trevor smith :  Emiel Log Cabin 5.0x5.0m:
Jun 12, 2022
Much better than Dunster. Purchased 4 years ago and really pleased. Only small problem was had to replace the locks as they were pretty flimsy. Apart from that small problem all good.
Trevor Smith :  Bayern Log Cabin 5m x 4.5m:
Jun 12, 2022
Much Better than dunster. Had this cabin for over 3 years now. Really pleased. Only problem was had to replace the door lock/s as a bit on the cheapest side. Apart from that. All good.
DAVID CAMPION :  Max Log Cabin 3.8x2.9m:
Jun 11, 2022
An excellant product , with excellent service arrived on time with minimum fuss.
This is our second dealing with Tuin and even more imressed, would rcommend to anybody also excellent value.
Melita Moule :  Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m:
Jun 11, 2022
Delivery could have been quite awkward as access was difficult but it was superbly managed. Thank you. The Cabin is solid and well made and was very easy to put up. Now it looks good and we are enjoying turning it into a combined studio (for me) and workshop for my husband. Thank you for your excellent service.
Chris Sutherland :  Maria Log Cabin 4.5m x 2.5m:
Jun 11, 2022
After a good few hours of searching for a cabin that would suit the space we had available and to provide enough space for gym equipment, we settled for the Maria Log Cabin with the additional side annexe. We had already decided on Tuin as a supplier as my parents purchased one a couple of years ago and it's a great cabin.
I must also thank Tuin for helping us along the way in deciding, as their customer service was second to none with answering my questions regarding dimensions etc and even quoting me for a bespoke cabin.

Back to the cabin itself.

Tuin have a comprehensive 'how to guide' and along with fellow customer reviews building the cabin is relatively straight forward for the DIY folks out there. I would strongly recommend giving this a read over a couple of times before the cabin arrives as it does help.

Due to using this as a gym, I choose a concrete base as the foundation. Again followed Tuins/customer tips and a few YouTube videos later and the base worked out pretty well. I laid the concrete base about 4 weeks before the cabin arrived to ensure the base was relatively strong prior to building.

Delivery of the cabin itself was on time and the driver placed the pallets where I wanted which was a huge help.

We choose the profiled foundation beams which help with water run off and in my opinion look a bit better than the standard beams. To be honest cutting these and squaring the base was probably the most time consuming part of the build.

After speaking with Tuin I choose not to fix the foundation beams to the base as I am confident the weight of the cabin itself is enough. We have had a few windy days up here in Scotland and there has been no movement what so ever.

The build of the cabin is very straight forward. I laid all the wood etc out prior to the build in their sizes which made it quicker as I wasn't searching for pieces during the build.

It took me about 12 hours to get the cabin from base up to the roof with boards fitted.

The roof came with the EPDM and this was easy to fit. It took about 2 hours in total to fit.

I used some 4"X2" around the perimeter of the roof and cut an angle on it to give a dish effect for water run off. For the roofing I found that laying out sheet then folding in half, gluing, placing back then folding the other half and repeating was easiest for me as I was on my own for the build. I did have to buy a couple of extra spray adhesive from the local DIY shop but probably used more than required. The EPDM is brilliant and I've had no issues with it. The side Annexe came with free shingles and again no issues but was more time consuming than the EPDM.

After reading loads of reviews on paint we coated the cabin in Sadolin Superdec (3 coats). We ended up coating once built but were still able to get to all areas with taking a few trims etc off.

Inside the cabin, I purchased some rubber flooring due to it currently being used for a gym and installed a Yale security system. I also fitted ventilation to help with air flow etc.

I did have a slight issue of water ingress into the cabin itself. This was coming from the foundation beams and getting through the 45 degree cuts. However, I used some sealant (sikaflex UV) and this sorted the issue. I would recommend leaving the cabin for a few days if you are putting down flooring just to check for leaks etc.

Overall, would recommend Tuin to anyone looking for a cabin as the quality, customer service and helpful 'how to guide' was second to none.

I would have added pictures but unsure how to add ...
Ms. Pauline Whitney :  Inglund Log Cabin 3.8x3.2m:
Jun 10, 2022
Everything arrived as predicted and the delivery company were excellent. Unfortunately we went back into lockdown not long after receiving it so we’ve not been able to build it which is so annoying. But once it’s been erected, when it’s safe if we ever get out of lockdown, I will send a full review.
Karen Roberts :  Parijs Log Cabin 5x3.8m:
Jun 10, 2022
I’m just going to keep it short, I have nothing bad to say about Tuin and my log cabin. I would 100% recommend this company and would definitely buy from them again.
John Fleming :  Dianne Log Cabin 5.78 x 4.50m:
Jun 10, 2022
Have no complaints whatsoever. From ordering, arranging delivery and the delivery itself to the instructions and assembly and finally enjoying my cabin. Incredibly simple to build so long as your base is level. Customer service was faultless as any questions I had were answered quickly.

5 stars tuin!!
Mr. Daniel Christmas :  Curved Garden Arch 180cm:
Jun 9, 2022
I did a lot of research of suppliers of garden arches this was definitely the best value and best quality. No problems with the delivery. Very good service. I would not hesitate to recommend.
Jun 9, 2022
Delivered promptly. Easy to assemble. One small issue with instruction. Viewing YouTube and videos was fine, but having a working document would have been a better support.
Mr. Scott Smith :  Daisy Log Cabin 3.5 x 2.5m:
Jun 9, 2022
After ordering a cabin last year from another supplier and being let down we were apprehensive about ordering another, especially with specific delivery dates, but Tuin delivered on time. And the cabin? Brilliant so easy to build, written instructions are, as stated in other reviews, pants but you just need the drawings as everything is marked for you. All you need a bit of experience with is the roof, and the videos on youtube are a great help with that. Overall as easy as lego to build with a good level of assistance online, buy one don't be scared and enjoy the experience, love ours.
Mr. David Turnbull :  Skov Log Cabin 3.5x3m:
Jun 8, 2022
Superb service from Tuin , from order to delivery it was seamless. I installed on my own in 2 days, the quality of the wood is excellent, also purchased the floor from Tuin would highly recommend it’s now Been treated and looks great.
This company a very professional outfit.
David Keig :  Felt Shingle Glue 310ml:
Jun 8, 2022
Easier to apply if you warm the tube first,cut the nozzle about 25mm back seems about right,keeps the shingles nice and flat and weather tight,good product
Jun 7, 2022
Good material for my house property
Jun 7, 2022
Extremely pleased with our cabin, seamless service from order placement right through to delivery (the delivery driver was really friendly and we had a lovely chat on the driveway with a cuppa after unloading).
The cabin is now assembled and looks amazing in our garden, our neighbours have commented on how stunning it looks, especially now we have got our lights all installed around the roof.
My husband assembled everything pretty much on his own, just needed a bit of help occasionally.
Would definitely recommend TUIN to anyone looking at these products, 5 stars all the way
Mr. Mark Ellis :  Custom Polycarbonate Verandas:
Jun 7, 2022
Very good company to deal with.the delivery of the veranda was excellent, I was phoned 1 hour before they arrived, The driver was very nice and put it where we asked him to.The veranda is made very well and I put it up trouble free.Thank you
Mr. Derek Clements :  Mila Pent Log Cabin 2.9x2.6m:
Jun 6, 2022
A great addition to my garden. It took two of us around 6 hours to put up the cabin and lay the floor . The build quality is really good and it looks especially smart now I’ve painted the outside. I’d recommend using the rubberised roofing as it looks as though it will last years….
Tim Dodd :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Jun 6, 2022
On the coast in Cornwall recent storms got underneath and, like pulling back a rug, took 2m of tile from my roof. Tuin were great; competitive on price, in stock and got replacement packs to me in a couple of days. I re looked at the videos so was able to seamlessly cut back & repair the patch. I have additionally (and rather messily) used bitumen as well as nails to hold them in place which had the benefit of sealing the old holes from nails I’d had to remove. Contrary to received wisdom I’m pleased I insulated inside the cabin as the repair could have been a lot trickier and I got to hide my cabling behind the boards.
Jun 6, 2022
Excellent product although I had it professionally installed
Jun 5, 2022
we are very happy with the log cabin,not to difficult to build. and all went well .three days and it was up. we are glad we bought it from tuin.thank you for all involved in the supply of the cabin. john f
Jun 5, 2022
The modern clean lined design of the Maggie suits my small coastal garden. Taking two of us, a dry weather weekend to complete. Simple to build with basic instructions, we found Turin’s blogs useful, especially for the EPDM roofing. In order to assemble the pent gradient roof section ( labelled WA-1 & WB-1) it took a minute to figure that these parts came in three separate sections for each side. The double glazed doors and windows are superb quality. Windows can both open fully to the side or tilt down from the top. We installed them to open in towards the double doors; this enables them to fold back flush against the front panelling between the window frame and the double doors. Storm bracing has been fitted.
A functional sturdy cabin which blends into my garden despite its size. Pleased I chose this cabin from Tuin.
Mrs. Gill Dumbleton :  Chappo Log Cabin Treated 5.98x3.0m:
Jun 4, 2022
We ordered our Chappo Log cabin from
Tuin after scouring the internet for a new garden sunroom and patio. The prices seemed reasonable and the reviews were good too .. we were not disappointed. The delivery was on spot on time , arriving at our property at exactly the time quoted- it was very impressive considering where it had come from. The instructions were easy to follow and it took two of us two days to construct the cabin.
It provides us with the option of using the indoor space as a sun room or garden storage as well as having a covered patio area which can provide shade in the sun or protection when it’s a bit chilly or light rain. We absolutely love it and it was a brilliant price.

Thank you so much- it’s lovely quality, and attracts so many positive comments.
Jun 4, 2022
The Tuin Elizabeth cabin is fantastic! It fitted my requirements perfectly and the whole process with Tuin was without fault. The sales team were extremely helpful when additional information was required, the delivery driver was on time and very helpful and the product itself is of excellent quality! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend others to purchase the Elizabeth cabin or another that is supplied by Tuin.
Jun 3, 2022
I ordered four tins of this for my log cabin (also Tuin) and the quality is excellent. It is easy to apply and four tins was more than enough for three coats on the outside and two on the inside (Philip cabin, 3.5m x 2.5m). The cabin still looks great a year later after just two coats and I'll be applying the third very shortly.

My only issue is that the tins were pretty bashed up when they arrived, but it's the contents that's important and none of it had leaked.
Jun 3, 2022
I bought the doors as the others on my log cabin had started to rot. The cabin is about 9 years old and in a very exposed location so I did not expect them to last as long as they did. The ones I purchased are of far superior quality. The hinges and catches are really robust and I love the metal strip along the sill of the door. The glazing is perfect and keeps the view outside from inside the cabin entire. A very handy woodworking friend fitted them for us, he also recommended we bought them from Tuin, and we certainly agree with his recommendation. At the time we ordered them supply was very difficult however we were kept informed of how things were progressing and were very happy with the level of customer service we received. I would definitely recommend both the product and the company.
Hazel Allen :  DIY Pergola Kits:
Jun 3, 2022
Absolutely love this DIY pergola kit. Quality wood and fixings , value for money and delivered on time. This is seriously heavy kit, we struggled to lift one post and there were 2 of us. Make sure you put the corner brackets the right way round as you really don't want to put it together twice.
Andrew Marsh :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Jun 2, 2022
Can't recommend this company highly enough.
From the first contact to the delivery everything worked like clockwork. Delivery on time to the minute, driver off loaded the building in one lift of the fork lift. The building came very well wrapped and had no damage whatsoever and was very easy to assemble. 100% top quality and a first class service.
James Horsfield :  EPDM Spray Glue:
Jun 2, 2022
Great quality product. Done just what I needed it to on the epdm roofing creating a tough bond.
Mrs. Verity Clarke :  Insulation Kits For Log Cabins:
Jun 2, 2022
Very helpful customer service and delivery arrived on time. Kit was helpfully stacked neatly on drive by polite, considerate driver
Mr. David Jack :  Ingmar Log Cabin 3.8x3.0m:
Jun 1, 2022
This is the second shed I’ve had from them, excellent quality and service
Michal Filipowski :  Elburg Modern Log Cabin 5x2.5m:
Jun 1, 2022
Very pleased with the overall quality of the cabin, the ease of installation, easy instruction. It took few days of after work time to put it together and it just simply looks amazing.
We are now debating on the colour we should be repainting it. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for ready solution for garden cabin.
Mrs. Vivien O\'Donnell :  Garden Office Log Cabin - Yorick 5x3.8m:
Jun 1, 2022
Was a bit worried about the delivery arriving, but no need, everything went like clockwork. Yorick cabin getting installed and looks absolute quality. Will write a further review in 6 months time.
Keith Kinsella :  Bayern Double Door Storage Shed:
May 31, 2022
Though there was quite a delay between order and delivery, the shed components arrived on a pallet on the day promised. The outline provided was reasonably clear but it did take me a while to figure out the specific placement of the several similar looking but different parts [roof/floor/side/back, etc. But once I'd got the picture, the process of erecting the shell was reasonably simple, even single handed. The challenge was moving the more or less fully erected shell of the building into the tight space between the edge of the house and garden gate, before finishing off installing the doors. Because the shed is not on a level concrete base, the doors didn't swing true, so I've had to take something off the bottoms of the doors, and fiddle a little with spacers under the edges of the floor. But with internal shelving installed and loaded, everything has now settled down and the doors are working satisfactorily. I'm impressed with the overall quality of the product and design and it's a pleasure to see a good looking timber product replacing the previous rather ugly plastic shed that was there before. Well worth the money!
Karen Graham :  Lulea Log Cabin 3x4m:
May 31, 2022
I am delighted with the quality of the Lulea log cabin.I was delighted with the service from Tuin from ordering to delivery, the staff were extremely helpful and delivered a 1st class service.I would highly recommend Tuin to anyone looking for a cabin or shed, their prices are fantastic and the quality of cabins are excellent, so much so I am hoping to order another one in the near future.The delivery driver was absolutely amazing and very well equipped. I highly recommend Tuin for your Logcabin, you will not be disappointed.
May 31, 2022
The Jos Cabin is the perfect summerhouse for a small garden. We absolutely love it.
Still deciding whether it should be a home gym or playroom.
Mr. James Frazer :  Halvar Pyramid Roof Log Cabin 3x3m:
May 30, 2022
Overall very impressed with the quality of everything included. Fairly simple put together though the roof beams definitely need a few pairs of hands as I discovered after hours of balancing it all together lol the roof shingles are decent and finish it nicely but is quite time consuming to complete. There is quite a bit guess work involved as in no information about the roof mainly, though doesn’t take a genius to work it out. Overall decent log cabin, solid build. Would recommend.