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Dr. Ian Paton :  Sanstrov Log Cabin 3.8x5.9m:
Aug 4, 2017
I would rate this as 4.5. Customer service very good. Knowledgeable staff, helpful. Structure went up easily, but there are some fit issues between apex and roof/gaps at one point, ie the apex sits down about 1/4" one side so I will need to secure some quadrant to cover up the unsightly gap. Overall the cabin looks as expected very good. There are fit issues with the glazed door which will require adjustment to make the latch/lock secure but I am sure I can overcome this. The side door was fitted in line with the directions supplied by the help line - no instructions were supplied with the side door. My only reservation is the amount of structural timber which needs to be removed. All the fore/aft timbers need to be cut. The top and bottom timbers need to be virtually halved to give the required 30mm clearance, not so much of a problem with the bottom one as it can be screwed firmly to the foundation timber but the remaining top timber is no longer full depth and is now the only timber holding the front to the back end. I would suggest a slightly shorter door not requiring cutting the major top timber in any way. However, overall feels secure - time will tell.
Mr. Rodney Morris :  Lianne Modern Log Cabin 3x2m:
Aug 4, 2017
Excellent quality product, easy and quick to erect, but instructions need to be reviewed. Written guide was poor, but frequent reference to various videos saw us through the process. A specific written/illustrated guide for the Lianne is needed. Overall, well worth the money.
Mr. Colin Waterman :  Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment:
Aug 1, 2017
Brilliant product, easy to apply and wash out of brushes. I went for the clear option to further enhance my cabins appearance. The only down side was not knowing where I had covered as I painted it one! Perhaps a colour tint that fades when dry would help? It takes little time to dry and does seem to be flexible as the description suggests. A good option for protection my investment.
Jul 30, 2017
Good quality heavy duty fabric, well made with no frayed edges.

It's a very simple product, so not much more that I can say othe than I would buy it again.
Gareth :  Composite Decking:
Jul 21, 2017
Great customer service and answered all my questions promptly. Delivery was excellent and the haulier couldn't do enough.
Ordered 70 boards, 4 had slight damage otherwise 5 stars!
Mr. Scott Wickens :  Uddel Modern Log Cabin 3.8x2.6m:
Jul 20, 2017
Cabin delivered when specified and VERY well packed.
Their was plenty of wood supplied, to build and as spare, so I could build a proper frame for the flooring.
The only issues I had were that I had the dipping treatment done and some of the wood was quite distorted, so made it quite difficult in places to slot together and made some gaps in some of the panels.
I would totally recommend the cabin for service, delivery, quality and price
Jul 14, 2017
We had been looking for a cabin for a while and decided to go with Tuin based on the consistency of reviews and apparent good value of the cabin against other manufacturers.

The process was simple and communications very good, the delivery driver was brilliant and unloaded the materials exactly where we wanted them.

We did the build last weekend, and it took us a couple of days. Overall this was really straightforward although the instructions are quite limited and could be better presented. We found that we needed to google a few things and found some useful assistance from previous customer videos etc, which realistically should have been covered by Tuin.

The quality of the materials and cabin is excellent and we are looking forward to many happy years of use

Would give the cabin 5 stars, but the instructions do let it down, hence the 4 star rating.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, we do try to cover most things in our installation advice page here:

Mr. PRITHIVI MAHESWARAN :  Post Holder Spiked:
Jul 14, 2017
good quality holders through they are pricey
Jul 9, 2017
Product was good and we managed to assemble and install ourselves, but the instructions were somewhat lacking in detail.
However, very happy with final result.
Elizabeth Pigott :  Impregnation Fluid:
Jul 9, 2017
I have used the fluid and it as clear in colour. It was difficult to see what I had actually painted. The size was disappointing as it was much smaller than it appeared in the advert. I am not sure yet whether is has cured the mould, it will be next spring before we can be sure it has done its job. We also added extra ventilation to the cabin so this should help as well.
Mrs. sandra mackenzie :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Jul 8, 2017
Dealing with Tuin was a pleasure compared to others we tried. They was accessible and responsive to all communication.The cabin was perfectly engineered and so easy to assemble it took 2 of us 2 days. The only downside is the timbers do not come pre-treated.That may have a long term impact on durability. Managing treating during assembly was impossible so we can only hope final coating will be effective.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. We do offer as an extra order a pre-treatment service if this is required. We provide either immersion treatment or a painted treatment. This service can be found in the Log cabin Extras Category.
Jul 5, 2017
The cabin arrived in a large well packed bundle and it took quite a while to lay out all the pieces to allow assembly. The instructions are a little sketchy and there was a lot of head scratching involved during the assembly process. Overall the quality was very high and everything fitted well. A couple of niggles were that it wasn't very obvious that the square pegs were for the round holes! The reference here is to the square dowels that need hammering into the round holes in the wall logs to pin them together. Also during the assembly process the laying out and subsequent cutting of the roof and supporting beam to fit the front facia really needs some explanation to make sure that the bevels are contently accounted for. The facia boards themselves are really the only let down in the entire pack. The cabin seems to be made wholly of spruce but for some reason OSB has been included in the fascias holding the T&G boards together. This stuff turns to mush in the presence of water and the rear fascia which forms an 'escape' for the water from the sloped roof looks like it will last for no more than a few months. I would highly recommend that this design decision is re-visited and the OSB replaced with solid timber. I will install as supplied but will thoroughly paint and wrap with the easy roofing product. All in all a positive experience and I would be happy to purchase another cabin from this company
Jul 4, 2017
This log cabin is very spacious and looks good. It took two days for my builder and his assistant to erect.
Good pleasant communications from the company concerning delivery.
Jun 29, 2017
Strong and sturdy gazebo. We are able to put the garden furniture without having to worry about the rain. It helped Tuin send us information of independent 'fitters' to help put the gazebo up. We enjoy sitting in the garden under the gazebo. We are very happy with the wuality and service provided by Tuin
Jun 29, 2017
The purchase and building of my Blackpool log cabin has been has been fairly pleasurable from beginning to end. Although there was some confusion over how I should order an extra layer of logs, this was sorted out quickly and efficiently. Delivery by a huge truck was made to us in a small village with narrow lanes with no problem and the package was placed exactly where we wanted it. The build went up fairly easily and carried out by my wife and I, both of us in our sixties. Trying to follow the build instructions that were supplied was not really very helpful, so there were a number of visits to the website for clarity and reassurance. Removal of the windows from the frame was essential to instal that unit as it was too heavy to lift, something we should have considered before struggling to move it from the front of the house to the rear garden. We chose to use Sikkens to protect the wood. It is worth it, but it does take forever if it is to be done to comply with the instructions. We chose to insulate the floor and the ceiling as advocated for a doubled glazed cabin, but this is where my only real complaint arises. The Blackpool cabin comes with 58mm logs and it is doubled glazed, but most of its frontage is occupied by the two full-height doors and two side panels. Of these, one third of the area is made of panels that do not seem to be much thicker than 15mm wood paneling. This, I am sure, will negate the thermal efficiency of the double glazing, 58mm logs and insulation under the floor and in the ceiling. I will be adding an extra layer of something to the inside of these panels which might ruin the aesthetics, but it is pity energy efficiency is not integral to the design of this cabin.
All in all, a good experience and I am pleased that we chose Tuin for their helpfulness, efficiency and honesty.

Neal Boniface
Thomas Mellish :  Dianne Log Cabin 5.78 x 4.50m:
Jun 27, 2017
The cabin looks fantastic and really was as easy to build as the website says.
The main issue I have is that fittings such as the window latches and hinges, or door locks are really poor quality which I was not expecting after spending so much money-surely some slightly better fittings wouldn't cost that much more and would have made the experience that much better.

However, I am very happy with the end result and cannot wait to get the man shed up and running properly.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, in comparison to other competitors products I think you will agree this is at the top of the range for timber and quality. We do agree though, and also state this, that the furniture is of a middle of the road standard. This is reflected in the costs and understood, like with your home, personal preference prevails. Better quality fittings can of course be sourced locally to suit your needs, brass, chrome, stainless, higher security etc can be bought and this is what some of our customers will do if they are not satisfied with those supplied. We can of course supply better fittings at cost but this will not still account for your own preference. The price would be higher and generally this is very unnecessary.

Price increases are not generally appreciated based on ancillaries which maybe replaced due to preferences. However, if you or other customers require higher quality furniture we can of course offer this at cost. Please ask us for details.

We are really pleased to hear your are happy with your Dianne Log Cabin and hope you will follow up your review with you final thoughts once complete.
Mr. Richard Fedyk :  Metal Roof Finial For Garden Buildings:
Jun 25, 2017
Looks really good and definitely enhances the final appearance of a log cabin. Easy to fit just using felt glue. The only consideration is ensuring that the ball (supplied separately) is vertical before finally sticking it down.
Jun 23, 2017
after comparing the market I decided to buy from Tuin as their metal sheds were thicker panels.the shed arrived in excellent packaging on checking the contents all the pieces were included.we commenced erecting,following the instructions which were easy to follow. however at times we found screw holes did not match up and had to drill new ones.we completed the erecting with very little difficulty. my only real criticism are the doors they are too flimsy but overall I am satisfied with this shed. it took approx. eight hours to construct.
Mr. Richard Fedyk :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Jun 22, 2017
We decided on the Emma log cabin as the size was convenient for the position we had in the garden and hopefully the wall thickness will allow summer and winter use. Other reviews on the site and the abundance of information helped with choosing Tuin. It arrived around 6:00pm. I was told it would be an afternoon delivery but when it got close to 5:00 pm with no sign I rang customer services and the automatic answer said no one was available but someone would ring back. They didn't and when I tried after 5:00 they had all left. Obviously an early finish. It eventually arrived (I wasn't the last delivery that day) and was off loaded onto the grass verge as my drive isn't wide enough for the pallet. The delivery driver, Edward, was helpful and polite. I have laid a concrete base (of course the only time it rained that week was when the concrete was delivered) on a DPM and also placed a DPC on top. I ordered the composite support beams and these were all delivered together. The construction, though not easy was completed in a day by my wife and I. It could have been quicker but I had a problem with seating the full length logs above the windows. Eventually I removed the window facias and realised that the windows had not seated fully. Tapped the windows down until seated and that problem was solved. It is worth removing the facia to make sure of this. Squaring up a corner cabin is not as easy as a fully square one as the corner to corner dimensions method is not possible and there is a tendency for the walls to splay out at the door position. This happened even after the door was in place (and to an extent still is as the cabin settles and expands in the hot weather we are having). The section above the door is a triangular frame with tongue and groove held in place with staples. These were put in at an angle and in some cases missed altogether allowing the infill tongue and groove to drop. I've now fastened this together with screws which is a more solid job. Talking of screws, quite a few 55mm screws are required so make sure you have some. These were not supplied but there was a large bag of nails for fitting the tongue and groove to the roof. As this came in ready assembled panels these were not needed so I have some spare if anyone needs any. When fitting the final logs and half logs above the door and windows make sure that they are level at the top of the corners. The half log is not a perfect half and I have a small gap (approx. 5mm in a couple of corners where there is a step preventing the roof panels seating fully. If I was doing it again I would plane this down but I thought it would settle. It hasn't yet but it still may do. If not I will fit a small fillet to cover the gap. The roof comes in panels and for a perfect finish keep checking inside the building to ensure there is an even overlap either side of the rafters. This will involve some planing to the roof panels but is probably worth it if you are a perfectionist. I didn't and now regret it when I look up. It isn't a lot but as an engineer it is irritating to my eye. The shingles took another day to fit. I have insulated the roof with 50mm of Kingspan and so ordered longer clout nails ready for this. The shingles went on easily but wear knee pads and try not to do it in really sunny weather if are you are using a foil backed insulation - its like working under a sun lamp all day! The shingles are visually a super finish and with the Finial and Ball make the cabin look really good. I bought this as an after thought after reading reviews and we are really glad we did. The doors have prefixed hinges with no adjustment. At present I have a large gap at the side of one door (6mm wider at the top than the bottom) and a large gap between the doors. The opening in the door frame is 1320mm and the 2 doors together come to 1300mm (one is 10mm wider than the other for some reason - 645mm and 655mm?) This seems excessive. The door frame is put together as tight as I can get it with no gaps in the corners so I don't think that is the problem. When I have time this is something I need to resolve with Tuin. It may involve a little touch of the persuader to the hinges to square up the one door (the other is perfect) and a fillet fitted to the inside of the frame to close the gap. I will take this solution up with Tuin when I have time. Overall the finish of the cabin is good and it looks substantial, robust and well designed. It definitely complements our garden. I haven't yet painted or sealed it but that will be done before the summer ends when we have decided on a colour. I have also fitted 50mm of insulation to the floor with 11mm OSB and laminated flooring. As I insulated the roof the eaves slats were not deep enough. I replaced these with 120mm planed spruce and used the eave slats supplied as skirting around the laminate floor. I have also fitted air vents from Tuin which are nice and easy. Overall
Mr. Harold Lawrence :  Bjorn Log Cabin 3x2.6m:
Jun 20, 2017
This is the second Tuin Cabin I have bought.
They are good value for money, delivery is well planned and they keep you informed.
Staff are polite and helpful.
If you need an option, (extra window) call as web site not clear.
Do they do bespoke cabins? Not sure
Overall first class.
Jun 19, 2017
Easy to assemble , everything arrived well packaged. Would be better if you could reverse the door .
Helen Norman-Knipe :  Grande Open Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
Jun 10, 2017
We had seen some reviews which say this gazebo was easy to put together and others that found it more difficult. We fall into the second camp. You definitely need 2 of everything - ladders, drills, acro props, clamps, pairs of hands, etc, etc. My husband is a seasoned diy-er and I was his assistant for passing things and making tea and there was a lot of swearing from both of us during this installation! To be honest it was a relief when it was all over with but we are more than pleased with how it now looks and our neighbours are impressed. The delivery service was second to none, and Tuin themselves were quick to respond to a call when we found some damaged items on the pallet, although the replacements didn't arrive for 5 days. Although this is the end of the gazebo installation, we now intend building a kitchen and seating area underneath so will add pics when finally complete. Would recommend Tuin.
Mr. Garry McCubbin :  Wooden Pergola 3x3m:
Jun 9, 2017
Really pleased with the look, sturdy and stable. Easy to put together, just needed help with putting the roof on. Getting used to the roof, it's rather bright white and bit more like tarpaulin than canvass which is what we thought it was going to be. Not sure how long this material will last but should be easy enough to replace with other options in future if it splits. Overall really pleased with it.
Mr. Gary Martin :  Log Cabin Carport Ever 7.7 x 4.3m:
Jun 7, 2017
The ordering and delivery process was easy and efficient and the Tuin support team were very helpful when we called in with a couple of queries. Our builder assembled the log cabin / carport in 3 days and we are very pleased with how it looks. There is good storage space in the "shed" portion of the structure and our car is now happily protected from inclement weather by the carport canopy.
Mr. Paul Tunaley :  Shepherd Hut - Gypsy Caravan:
Jun 6, 2017
Overall, the hut was good; packaged well and with no parts missing. Some of the tongue and grooved timber was slightly damaged but with careful construction this damage was hidden. Construction was relatively easy but the instruction booklet contained many errors including measurement errors. The Torx bits sent with the screws were not up to the job and the screws provided were not of very good quality. However, with a little imagination and a few extra tools and screws it all worked out well and the whole construction was completed by two people in 4 days.
Mr. barbara mckay :  Large Hexagonal Gazebo 4m Diameter:
Jun 1, 2017
We were supposed to have the hexagonal tiles, but they were substituted without explanation or notification, there were also not enough to have them over the top and struts as depicted,. There are no hexagonal post holders available, so we had to fix the legs to our deck with screws, other than that, the quality is good and we are pleased with the Gazebo.
May 18, 2017
I found it a bit of a challenge to build, its a small shed but I was working on my own, I felt the instructions could have been more specific and some of the steps required thinking through, the detailed drawings were very helpful. Very pleased with the finished product, its solid, weather proof and looks as if it will last, it also looks good.
Overall a good experience and I enjoyed building it.
Christopher Nell :  Lift Off Hinge Spigot:
May 18, 2017
The spigots were part of a larger order for gates all of which arrived in good order and reasonable time.Don't be misled by the photograph as the spigots are sold separately not as a pair and some gates need two and others three.
Mrs. Anne Richardson :  Curved Garden Arch 180cm:
May 17, 2017
Very solid arch, was a pain to put together, but well worth the efffort. Did not realise it came with met-type soil spikes which are a great help. It's a lovely grey/green colour which will age well. Great price too.
Derek McCulloch :  Double Lip Larch Cladding:
May 17, 2017
I bought this larch cladding and very pleased with the quality and service provided by Tuin.
May 14, 2017
very pleased with log cabin. me and my two brother built the cabin and put the roof and tile on in a day.The delivery driver was very helpful and arrived on time.
Mr. Guanyun Zhang :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
May 12, 2017
Just finish building this today. It took my dad and I around 16 hours to complete all the walls and roof. Another 5-6 hours for me to put the shingles on.
We spend a lot of hours painting (2 coats of preservative + 2 coats of colour) before and after building the cabin, as it sits at the corner against walls with no access once finish building (except from the roof with telescopic roller). For anybody who wants to do the same, it is not hard, but requires some planning and a bit of luck with weather.
Now, the cabin.
Firstly, the delivery is speedy and driver is very friendly.
Secondly, packaging is thorough and water tight. I have left it on my drive for about 10 days with no problem.
Thirdly, the cabin is good quality as expected. I'm satisfied with both the material and manufacturing.
Fourthly, the instruction manual is not detailed enough, and sometimes misleading. For example, there is a discrepancy between two pages regarding where one of the half-sized board goes.
Fifthly, the shingles are great. It's easy to install and looks fabulous. I have also found more videos from IKO's own website. If you need extra tips, take a look.
Lastly, the fixings and spares. During the building process, I found out that there aren't enough screws and had to source from my own stock. On the other hand, there are so many straight nails, which I have no idea what they are for. When I finish building, there is not a single board left. Given the unpredictable nature of wood and the sheer number of the parts, I would expect there will be a spare or two. I end up using some boards which have splits on the ends.
Mr. Arran Hutchings :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
May 7, 2017
I bought these shingles, great delivery but soaking wet throughout. The storage instructions clearly state they must be stored dry. I still fit them. They look great.
Mr. Michael Bennett :  Hardwood Fine Sawn Post 40mm Pointed:
Apr 29, 2017
I have received my order. Quality - good ,
Apr 29, 2017
After much searching we finally decided on the Berlin cabin from Tuin, the service has been great. Had a couple of weeks delay to the delivery which was annoying as part of our decision to go with Tuin was due to the short lead time to delivery. However the customer support staff were very good, Elizabeth kept me well informed and the transaction progressed smoothly. Delivery was advised to our haulier (we are based on a Scottish Island) and arrived on time with no issues.The cabin arrived really well packaged on two pallets. You do need lots of space to lay out the logs as they are mixed through both pallets. Very pleased with the quality of the product and would purchase from Tuin again in the future. Would recommend to others.
Apr 26, 2017
We bought the Elin to use as our company's office at the bottom of the garden. We built this ourselves because we wanted to make some amendments to the basic building - we wanted the door on the opposite side and we wanted to bring the windows forward to give more room inside.

For the most part the build was straight forward, but there was a great deal of time spent measuring the wood to find the correct pieces in the first place. Ideally, it would be better if the pieces were numbered/tagged/marked to make it easier to identify them against the inventory. The other frustration was that the packed components were not in build order.

We found the Assembly Instructions easy to follow but would point out the following:-

*Page 5/43 - the top diagram refers to "41e" which should be "1e".
There are 10x "1e" listed in the inventory but only 9x shown on this page.
All of the "41e" pieces have already been used so we could only assume that this was actually the 10th "1e".

*There are no instructions for Pieces 66, 67 and 68.
There are no missing pages in the Assembly Instructions - all supplied are in numerical order - and we can only assume that these pieces have simply been overlooked. It was easy enough to place them in the correct position, once we realised what had happened.

*There are 4x Piece "34" in the pack but only 3x referred to in the instructions (page 37/43).
We put the 4th piece where we thought appropriate in line with the others.

*There were also some extra pieces of various item numbers which was a bit confusing because we assumed they should all have been used. If they were supposed to be spares it wasn't made apparent in the literature that we should expect any. This meant some time delay while we worked out if we had missed something or not.

We also found that the roof covering supplied was quite flimsy and decided to source our own roofing felt for a more substantial finish.

Overall, we are very pleased with the end result. It is a solid building and good value for money. The staff were helpful and quick to respond to any queries. We would recommend Tuin based on the building we bought but, if you are going to build yourselves, take the time to fully read the instructions and label the pieces against the inventory in the first instance.

We would also recommend that Tuin make a left- and right-handed version of this building because it makes it a more flexible option.
Peter Sproston :  Hardwood Decking Tile Subaya:
Apr 23, 2017
Decking planks arrived on time but could have been better packed as pallet was broken. However no damage done and all installed satisfactorily shortly afterwards. Good product.
Richard Hamill :  Superior Gazebo 3.4x5.9m:
Apr 22, 2017
The gazebo came on a huge pallet, delivered to any convenient place by a very helpful driver with a forklift. All the pieces had to be unpacked and laid out in the correct order- the instructions that came with it were very poor, but there is a good run through of the construction online. However, the construction was not easy, and there was plenty of adjustments necessary. it took 2 (inexperienced!) men 6 days to complete, but the result was very satisfying. All the wood was in good condition, and well finished. All the extras worked well as long as you made sure the correct bits were ordered. On the whole, a good product that I would recommend.
Mr. Robert Hume :  Log Cabin Air Vent:
Apr 17, 2017
The air vents arrived neatly packed with simple instructions and are very easy to install, perfect for log cabins and I would recommend this product.
Chris :  Wooden Pergola 3x3m:
Apr 14, 2017
Overall very good although a few grumbles. The short screws are pointless as they are nowhere near being fit for purpose - you will definitely need longer screws!! Some of the timber was knotted but as it is a natural product this is just one of those things. Biggest grumble is that the holes in the metal brackets are too big so you need washers for the screws otherwise they are completely useless (as the screw head is smaller than the hole so it isn't actually doing anything). Relatively simple to erect.
Dr. Margaretha Coetzee :  Log Roll 30cm:
Apr 12, 2017
The log roll border is well made. Good quality for money.
Apr 11, 2017
Looks great built. Fairly easy to construct. Pleased I didn't pay someone and did it myself.
The kit is a lump and so if you are not ready to construct it you need to consider where it will be stored. Final product is good quality and looks the part.
Graham Higson :  Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m:
Apr 9, 2017
.We wanted some workshop space in our back garden and chosethe 5 x 3m Aiste log cabin, which we almost ordered, but on re-measuring theproposed site we decided that the 3m depth would be restrictive for accessaround the back –there wouldn't be enough room to paint it, let alone fit the roof. Fortunately,Tuin makes a slightly smaller model, the Justine, at 5 x 2.5m, which would fitperfectly.

The land there has a slope and is rather steeper than itlooks. A concrete base wasn't an option. This is why we chose to use gardendecking as a base for the cabin because the supports could be made to suit.Okay, so you're probably wondering why we would go to the expense of usingdecking boards, only to be covered up. Good point. We bought rejected boards at an incredibly low price and thereason we wanted these was to provide extra underfloor protection from rodents,especially as we would be using tasty foam insulation beneath the cabin'sfloorboards.

When the cabinwas delivered, we never heard the massive lorry arrive; the driver expertlyreversed up our cul-de-sac and used the amazing forklift truck to unload our5m-plus pallet, bringing it sideways up the drive. Impressive indeed, and Itold him so.

It took a coupleof days, during wet and windy Pennine weather, to get to the bottom of thepallet, following the advice to stack the components in size order. We kept theroof boards and the double doors in the garage, the two window units in anestate car, and the other parts close to the building site, making the gardenlook like a timber yard.

For peace ofmind, we chose to use composite foundation beams. The idea is the put the firstrow of all four walls together, square up, then mark where to cut the beampieces that would fit between the base and the first row. Well, that's not easyas the timber is difficult to keep still on the beam's sloping profile. Thecorners also need to be mitred in order to make satisfactory joints, and I feelthis could have been cut by the supplier – then the beam pieces could have beenlaid in place, squared, fastened down to the base and the log cabin could bebuilt on top.

The instructions – that were generic, and not specific to the cabin design – didn't mention whether it was okay to fasten down the foundationbeam, nor if fastening the first row of logs to the beam was acceptable. Theanswer was not to be found in any of the online instructional pages, but in an answer to a query posted by anothercustomer. And yes, screwing the first row to the foundation beam is okay.

After this, thewalls were built quickly and without problems, and I put this down to our basebeing level and square. It took me and my wife 3 days to get to the point ofbeing ready to fit the roof boards. This was because we were frequentlyrained-off and, due to strong winds, delayed fitting the windows until we couldbe certain to complete the wall section that would secure them in place. Wheneventually we got around to hanging the doors, they went on perfectly. We willbe fitting draught strip to these and the windows after painting.

I fitted the roofboards in the rain, working mostly from inside. Fitting the felt shingles tookanother 3 days, largely because the wind threatened to rip away the underlaythat I chose to use between the boards and the shingles. We are rather exposedhere, and the extra protection was to set my mind at rest. Accessing the roofwas tricky because of the uneven ground, so wherever we moved the stepladderblocks were required to make it level and safe.

We have sincefitted the floor, with 40mm insulation between the joists, resting on 5mmstrips of wood to provide an air gap. These were cut from the packing piecesthat were included on the shipping pallet. This is one aspect of the productthat I liked: Tuin isn't mean with stuff; there's plenty of packing and extrabits and pieces included.

At this verymoment, we are slowly getting the outside painted: 3 coats on many surfaces,with breaks for wet weather. And the same for each section of bargeboard andtheir tops. This is the painfully slow part, but we're getting there. Furtherinstructions regarding the roof-edge reinforcements would have been helpful. Onepack of floor joists with finger joints hadn't been glued and, until theshingles were fitted, a number of roof timbers leaked through the fingerjoints. The joining of short pieces of timber to make longer lengths may bewhere economies are made in order to offer a cabin like this at such anattractive price.

We are happy withthe overall quality of the cabin, and the ordering/delivery side was easy. Whenbuilding, I did comment that it would be an idea if, for an extra payment (ofcourse), there were an option to have the logs treated before despatch. Then Isaw that this is indeed available. At least we are using a breathable exteriorpaint that should provide us with years of protection on this Pennine hillside.

This is going tobe one smart workshop!
Mr. John Dyson :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Apr 7, 2017
Overall the cabin is great and highly cost effective. With the instructions and the videos is was fairly straightforward to erect although there is some conflicting guidance and some errors, but with a bit of thinking it could be sorted. I received no where near enough screws, so make sure you have some on hand.
Took 12 hours to construct main structure and roof. Floor and felting not complete as that takes a lot of time. Suggest getting a tarporlin to cover the roof once built; until you have the time. Floor is complex as no floor is completely flat so takes a lot of setting up. Have fun with yours.
Neil Beaney :  Elburg Modern Log Cabin 5x2.5m:
Apr 5, 2017
Really helpful from order to delivery. The delivery guy called ahead of time as he was supposed to and hence delivery was hassle free.

The cabin was perfectly made, everything fitted as it was supposed to.

The only criticism I have is the instructions were awful. The pictures / drawings are so poor for a first timer I ended up wasting a lot if time checking and double checking I was building it correctly. But in the end it was all pretty obvious...improve the instructions / plans and it would be perfect...

Looks ace now it's done:)
Mike Betchley :  Half Round Fence Rail:
Mar 8, 2017
We are using the half round rails to clad an old brick boundary wall at a new development of fourteen flats with associated access road and parking.
They are proving to be a cost effective,
low maintenance finish, giving the boundary wall a rural look to compliment the development.
We have used this construction on
past projects and are very pleased
with the final appearance

David Chilvers :  Aluminium Decking Edging Strip:
Mar 5, 2017
2 of the 17 strips I ordered were damaged. However, replacements were sent next day, which I felt was an excellent response to a problem
Mr. Stephen Fox :  Superior Gazebo 3.4x5.9m:
Feb 23, 2017
I have rated this a 4 stars, only because I never give the top rating, sorry guys. In essence the service from Order to delivery was exemplary. Even the delivery organisation phoned me to discuss the access and location.

I decided to build this myself and so far all the wood is built I only the have the Felt to put on now. There was 1 faulty piece an "F" on the Plan. tI was a crack through a knot in the wood and went right the width of the strut so long it rendered the piece unusable. Rather than calling and waiting for Tuin to replace it, which I am sure they would have, so no criticism here, I decided to go to the local Builders merchant and make replacement for £12, as I was in full flow and needed to complete the Roofing slats that day while I had the extra help from my son. In essence then, it took just 1.5 days to build excluding the roofing felt.

The instructions were .. OK.. for the structure but could have been clearer for the roofing slats, the Videos online are very helpful, thanks guys!

Now it's up.. it is rock solid, looks like a quality structure, nice, and if I can do it.. anyone can.

Thanks Tuin - I would recommend this to anyone else.
Feb 19, 2017
After a problem with the original delivery date where it wasn't met and I wasn't informed, this was then resolved and I received the item a few days later. Very happy with the product, very few damaged pieces and the extra pieces added on for free more than covered this.
Feb 18, 2017
Overall I was pleased with the log cabin's quality and appearance, the quality of the wall timber is very good, with very few knots. However the floors don't reflect this, with some pieces heavily knoted and warped - I understand this is natural but more spares to choose from would have been good, I had about 2 spare planks at the end of the build which didn't go in. Likewise the window/door fittings aren't in keeping with the quality of the rest of the cabin. But as a reflection of the price you get a good, inexpensive cabin with Tuin which is easy to build - even though no instructions came with my cabin! The online resources are great and I suggest you refer to them in detail if you purchase a cabin.

Feb 13, 2017
All efficiently delivered on a single pallet. First of all, I’ll say that overall I am very pleased with the kit. So the following are mostly observations and not me being very picky and just moaning!
The bags holding the screws had got wet though, so the paper bags inside the plastic bag were a bit of a mess and all the screws were mixed together.
There are some reassuringly hefty bits of wood, the posts are very substantial. I worked out that the 6m 6x2 beams (the heaviest) are around 20kg each.
There were no instructions, but fortunately, I had asked for them in pdf format before ordering. However, they are really just drawings and not instructions at all. The drawings and photos on the site all show the carport as being installed with the roof flat – with no allowance for the roof pitch and the posts are also cut with 90degree tenons. I’ve no idea how those installed carports are going to work, especially if it snows. The 6m beams are not very straight either, so with it flat as well, I’d image water will pool and start to find its way through the roof. I guessed around a 5degree pitch and cut the post lengths accordingly – time will tell if it is enough! On the post cutting front, I’m also glad I went for post holders and didn’t concrete them in, as I’d have thought cutting them to the right length would have been very difficult. Also, at 2.9m (especially allowing for a pitch in the roof), they wouldn’t be long enough to concrete in.
I bought the metal post holders from Tuin as well. They are very well made and well galvanised. They are about 6 to 7 mm wider than the posts though, so some packing is required and possibly some silicone to seal them and prevent lots of water getting trapped. They aren’t too pretty, but I reckon some black enamel paint or some sort of wooden skirting/sleeve will hide that – at least they are very sturdy.
Anyway, I managed to install it mostly on my own, only really getting help for the 6m beams (but even some of those I managed on my own). 2 skilled people would make it much easier, but if there is only you, you can do it – probably not in two days though.
I’ve yet to fit the plastic sheeting, but with the 6m beams so warped, I may have to invest in two or three 5m lengths of wood to try and brace and straighten those beams out first or maybe install some noggins. You can see that has been done in a couple of the photos on the site, but they are no supplied.
For peace of mind, I have bought about 20 reinforced brackets, as there were not enough supplied for both sides of all 6m beams.
Mr. Mark Polglase :  Metal Shed 3 - 2.47 x 1.94m:
Feb 10, 2017
Good value that is for sure as long as you have the time spare to build it. It took me about two full days as I built it on my own. There are lots of small fiddly screws and time spent ensuring that it was on level ground probably prevented this time going into the third day. That all said it is a good shed for the price.
Mrs. Yvonne Fletcher :  Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m:
Feb 5, 2017
Very happy with the cabin, easy to construct although timbers for floor were sent for floor were too small. Had to buy timbers that were correct size.
Roger Watkins :  Swedish T&G Shiplap Cladding:
Jan 21, 2017
Good and straight, nicely finished, but a few more knots and splits than I would hope for. Price is good for this quality, but delivery is expensive for smaller quantities.
Jan 11, 2017
Just erected one of the planed larch pergolas with sliding canopy in ivory and it's fabulous. Beautiful wood and canopy creates shade without making it dark. Be warned that delivery lorry is enormous, got stuck in our road but very helpful driver got the forklift off the back of the lorry to do the rest of the journey. Would be 5 stars if it was less expensive.
Jeff Williams :  Peter Log Cabin 3x3m 34mm logs:
Jan 7, 2017
Well from the on time delivery to building the cabin was a real pleasure. This cabin is very well made and every part fitted as expected. Thank you very much Tuin for a top class product and service.
William Boyce :  Daisy Log Cabin 3.5 x 2.5m:
Jan 5, 2017
On a pre-prepared base it has taken a day and a half to do all the timber work, but rain stopped play as we were starting to fit the shingles.
I have been impressed with the quality and accuracy of all the components and the tightness of all the joints.
The result is a very pleasing addition to our garden.
The only thing I should grumble about is that the building is smaller than the given dimensions as these are taken from the ends of the stickyout bits rather than from the rectangular footprint.
Mr. peter ribbins :  Wooden Floor Pack for Log cabins:
Jan 4, 2017
Good sturdy floor boards ,but the only complaint I would have is that some on them were bowed badly. So I had to sort them before laying to ensure that they fitted square. Also the bowing effected the groves ,in that they were to shallow to except the full tounge from the next board. I have a table saw so was able to recut the Grove a little deeper.
Marcos Sanz Gomez :  Larch Timber Edge Boards - Undried:
Nov 16, 2016
Received what was expected. I haven't noticed any defects so far.
Mr. David Southam :  Hyper Modern Log Cabin 3.2x2.6m:
Nov 13, 2016
Very good quality and easy to assemble apart from the pent roof which could do with better instructions.
Oct 31, 2016
Bought the Nottingham log cabin to use as a home gym, easy to order and lots of helpful info on website in respect of build requirements etc. Arrived as scheduled and driver was helpful regarding offloading the packages, however some damage sustained during transport and on informing Tuin with photos was advised this would not affect the overall build. Bulk of build achieved by my husband and daughter in one day with the roof going on the next day and shingles soon after. Instructions with cabin not at all clear but Tuin responded quickly to email for clarification on a couple of things. Overall very happy with both goods and service and delighted with completed cabin.
clive :  Wooden Pergola 3x3m:
Oct 17, 2016
Prompt delivery. Erected in less than 3 hours, though the shorter screws are too short so it is worth getting a pack (50 nr) of additional 5 or 6x50mm screws.
One metal post part wrong for the roof, but fixed with a simple email and delivered next day.
Useful kit a decent screwdriver and a pair of 9" clamps to hold the trellis in pace whilst you attach it.
One thing to note is that the canopy is very white, would be nice if a range of colours were offered.
All in all very happy.
Kevin cowling :  Metal Shed 3 - 2.47 x 1.94m:
Oct 16, 2016
Found the shed to be of good build quality,although some damage was caused by courier but Tuin said they would replace parts if needed,Ialso found one part midssing but did not effect the overall build so did not get Tuin to send me another,overall satisfied with the product.
Renate Dove :  Post Holder Screw Down:
Oct 12, 2016
The posts were bigger than the posts so left a visible gap but otherwise very good.
Swintonflower :  Impregnation Fluid:
Oct 11, 2016
Very easy to apply as like water. Splashes a bit so best to cover up especially when working on roof
Sep 28, 2016
1 piece of wood was so warped and full off very long knots I had to buy another piece to finish the job. Apart from that excellent service
Mr. Tony Slade :  Gretel Log Cabin Gazebo 7.9 x 2.5m:
Sep 23, 2016
Generally more than satisfied with this excellent product, one or two parts were incorrectly drilled and the overall level on drawings/instructions could be better (think Lego !) in explaining initial steps and clarity of parts.

I good result all the same and I would recommend Tuin products without hesitation.
Simon Wasden :  Superior Gazebo 3.4x5.9m:
Sep 23, 2016
I arranged for a family member to come round to the house to receive the delivery which was confirmed over the phone for Thursday. Imagine my surprise when I got home from work Wednesday and the gazebo pallet was on the drive. Luckily my son was home from college to answer the door! The gazebo components were unpacked and moved to the rear of the house ready for the weekend.
I decided to assemble the gazebo myself, and armed with the instructions, and a family member, began the construction.
To cut a long story short, the instruction manual was a little basic and when cross referenced with the internet photos showed conflicting methods of erection. Even though; using a bit of common sense and some borrowed muscle, we were able to successfully build the structure. My one gripe would be that if this product had been pre-drilled it would have been a lot easier to fit.
The free shingles look great and the imposing structure now has pride of place at the bottom of the garden. All in all this gazebo has been well worth the price and effort now it is complete.
Sep 16, 2016
very good service on ordering and delivery. In hindsight we would have picked the straight roof shingles and the diamond ones were a nightmare in time-wise to put on. Could have done with instructions and wood being identified easier as this part took so long but it is up and looks fab.
Mr. Ernest Craggs :  Shepherd Hut - Gypsy Caravan:
Sep 15, 2016
The hut was delivered by a very competent driver right to our yard. It took a lot to sort out the many parts but it was worth it. Could do with better instructions and better quality roof felt.
I decided to paint the sections before assembly and there is a lot of hours in this task but makes for a better job.
I was building onto a subframe so didn't require wheels.
The final assembly takes quite a bit of time, especially the roof.
It was all worth the effort as it has turned out very well with insulation, electrics, and internal plywood panels.
I only made one mistake which isn't noticeable unless you know.
Really pleased with the final finish, it is being used as a craft studio by my wife. She's delighted with it.
I shall be installing a corrugated roof because where I live is very exposed and over winter we will see some storm force winds.
I have pictures of the inside and outside that will show what a nice job it is and will email to Tuin separately.
Good value for the product.
Not enough screws supplied where it shows screws to be used and I've used screws instead of nails.
Emma Geddes :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Aug 28, 2016
Delivery service: We had to wait about 10 days for the building manufacture but were informed promptly when ready and delivery was arranged quickly. The building materials were well packaged and the delivery was well executed.
Materials: Generally excellent quality with only one split board however the floor materials were not to the standard of the rest of the building with the floor joists needing additional materials for sufficient strength.
Building instructions: Quite poor - generally this is ok because the building is so simple to construct but the instructions were misleading at later stages of the build. There are excellent videos online which are helpful but be prepared for at least a couple of head scratching moments.
Finished product: I'm very happy with the finished product and would recommend Tuin to others.
Would give 4.5 stars if possible but cannot give 5 due to instructions and floor quality.
Aug 22, 2016
Delivery on time and driver very polite and helpful placing package on the drive exactly as requested.
I've spent a lot of time on the base for my cabin as the location slopes considerably. I am building this
project on my own and decided to do things slowly but thoroughly. Several of the logs and other cabin pieces were twisted/bowed etc but after reading and watching the information on your website,these have now all been satisfactorily incorporated in the building. I have just installed the rafters and kingpin and will hopefully complete the roof this week. The overall appearance is quite impressive and solid looking so far. I am taking photos at strategic points during this project which I can send in to you later on if you would like them. They may be of interest especially the base configuration incorporating wooden beams and concrete blocks. Please let me know if you want me to send them to you when I have completed the project.
Mr. J Phillips :  Metal Gate Frame Lock Housing:
Aug 10, 2016
Our bungalow conversion has cedar cladding on the front and we wanted a gate to match. Given we had cladding left over this seemed like a good approach.

All ordered OK and as I struggled to find anything comparable I felt that the price was reasonable.

I got the chippie who helped build the house to fix it on and he told me it was decent quality; certainly the finished article looks good in our view.

Locking mechanism etc all decent quality too.

Happy to recommend.

Only minor point being that the metal frame may have a few sharp edges from the welding, so best use gloves when handling.
Lara Schembri Puglisevich :  Wooden Pergola 3x3m:
Aug 9, 2016
Pergola looks great in the garden and comes with good quality wood. Although I haven't got a huge garden, pergola has made it look more spacious due to the height of it. Initially received the wrong screws (head too small) and trellises were not attached firmly to frame. Tuin customer services offered reasonable options of compensation and sent out correct screws.
Janice Donaldson :  Log Store:
Aug 4, 2016
Delivered when requested. Easy to assemble. It seems sturdy and fits the bill satisfactorily. We think it is good value for money.
Mr. Anthony Harris :  Post Holder Screw Down:
Jul 31, 2016
What can you say other than they do the job
Mr. Anthony Harris :  Post Holder Spiked:
Jul 31, 2016
Did the job ok
Mr. peter jevons :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Jul 27, 2016
Good product and easy to fit. I have fitted these to my summer house and the result is very good. I think they will lie flat free from ripples which I had with sheet roofing felt, giving a more attractive appearance. Good value from Tuin
Jul 24, 2016
This is a brilliant product. Went up in 3 hours though I had an electric screw driver to help. Only issue screws are too short so had to go out and purchase bigger ones. Looks beautiful up
Andy White :  Composite Decking:
Jul 22, 2016
The decking boards arrived within the expected delivery period and are good value for money when compared with other sellers. Unfortunately 2 boards were slightly damaged but Tuin customer services were very quick to sort something out. The boards appear to be of a nice quality and the coffee colour looks really good with a green lawn.
Mr. Steve Musgrove :  Windows for Log Cabins - Double Glazed:
Jul 22, 2016
Easy to fit, allowed us to design an office space with windows to maximise the daylight and the outlook over the garden, handle is a little lightweight and
the circlip on the spindle was not located but easliy repaired.
Jul 22, 2016
Very good overall experience. Helpful staff, good communication and since the tiles are large they are very easy to lay and create an impressive feature on my patio.
Mr. malcolm de jersey :  Teak Rocking Chair:
Jul 21, 2016
2 chairs sent but both damaged in transit,but turin was very helpful and gave me a full refund,so a very good company to deal with
regards m de jersey
Mr. Ashley Harrison :  Jos Corner Log Cabin 2.5x2.5m:
Jul 18, 2016
Overall very please with our Jos Cabin. Assembly is not quick, but with care was not too difficult, and the result looks great. Only one small thing of concern is the glass in the door and windows - it is very thin and I think will have to be replaced for safety.
Only other negative was delivery - cabin arrived a day earlier than scheduled with very little warning. It was then offloaded and left on the footpath at the end of the drive, completely blocking the car in. This meant that the cabin had to be removed from its packaging and manually moved and restacked in a suitable location until we could assemble at the weekend.
Overall though, happy with our purchase.
Jul 17, 2016
Thrilled with the summerhouse. Asked my kitchen fitter to assemble it. It took 21/2 days from start to finish for 2 men. It seemed easy enough to follow instructions, the roof and the shingle tiles took the longest. Fantastic paint job green and cream electrics in just waiting for the furniture now. First party booked for next sat. Would definately recommend this product.
Only complaint is when the delivery people came they damaged my guttering. Not expensive to repair but company never got back to me.

Jul 14, 2016
I am over the moon with my log cabin, a couple of niggles (the double door is warped, I was also emailed to put a turn button in, however, trying to fit a turn button on a stepped piece of timber is something I can't seem to do) Apart from that the quality is fantastic, all the advice on the website etc is also incredibly helpful. All in all great value and a great product. Will be recommending to friends and family.James
Jul 12, 2016
The cabin is from Tuin, and therefore, as expected, it is great quality. I had 2 problems really. Firstly, it is quite low and therefore, although I ordered the flooring, I did not fit it because at only 5'8", I would not have been able to stand upright inside. Secondly, The facia in the front and back has a very sharp end and as it is low, I already hurt my head twice before I sawed the edges off. I hope the manufacturer change that.
Jul 11, 2016
I received my Asmund cabin in the middle of March. It has taken me until now to complete it but I wasn't on it full time and I am nearly 70 years old! Basically I am very pleased with the end result. The quality of the product is excellent. However I do have one or two issues which I need to point out. I think the instructions could be clearer. I feel that there could be some words as well as diagrams. One of my instruction books was for a gable ended building whereas my building has a pyramid roof.
My biggest complaint is concerning the foundation beams. They were the shape of giant bananas. I had to screw the first log into the beams to try to straighten them. By the time I got to the fifth log everything had pulled in square.
I purchased a wooden floor with my cabin which was fine except for the so called skirting board supplied with the floor. It was full of knot holes and splits so I purchased some bull nosed architrave from my local builders merchant which finished the job perfectly.
You will notice from the photos I have fixed guttering to my cabin. Firstly I attached profiled timber to the roof panels to achieve a vertical finish. The guttering is smaller than domestic guttering which I purchased from B & Q.
Finally I didn't use the nails which you supplied for fixing the floor. Instead I used screws called Tongue Tite which screw through the tongue and are not seen.
Despite these concerns I am extremely happy with the finished article.
Ian McC :  Rianne Log Cabin 5x2.5m:
Jun 30, 2016
Good delivery service. Excellent technical advice during construction.
Colin Turner :  Inglund Log Cabin 3.8x3.2m:
Jun 28, 2016
I'm really thrilled with my log cabin from tuin. It took me just over 2 days to build and fit the felt roof tiles which look amazing. The materials were of superb quality for the price and even a surplus of some items. I did run short of clout nails but being in the North of Scotland I thought I'd better secure the the tiles well! Delivery was on time and exactly as planned. I can't praise the company and product enough.
Paul Stephens :  Tree seat:
Jun 26, 2016
Initially I had some concerns. Having given my order I paid for it at the same time by Barclay card only to receive an invoice from PayPal a few days later. A phone call resolved the situation but made me have a certain feeling of disquiet. However the seat was dispatched and received as promised.
Costructing the seat was relatively simple and is sturdy and looks good.
I do think the instruction need modifying some of the pictures lack clarity in how parts are fixed together a small amount of text would help and I would suggest that it should include the advice to not tighten all of the screws when initally construcing the seat as leaving them slightly loose will allow a little adjustment when it is needed rather than have to slaken off some screws to encourage a good fit.
All in all a good product which fulfills its job perfectly.
Peter Horne :  Gitte Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m:
Jun 22, 2016
From the outset all the staff at Tuin were helpful, friendly and professional. All pre-order queries were answered quickly and effectively.
Due to technical problems, delivery was delayed by a day. The driver could not have been more helpful and took care to place the package where I required it on my drive.
There were three damaged pieces which were replaced quickly.
The overall quality of materials and machining is very high. Instructions are adequate and with two people the cabin including shingles could be erected in two days. The free shingles make the world of difference to the overall look of the cabin.
My only disappointment are the doors. There is a rebate in the frame which would allow for flush fitting of the bottom panel, instead the panel is fixed proud of the frame with a capping piece fixed to the top. The hinges are of a good quality but do not provide a very high level of security.
I spent a lot of time comparing prices and quality and I am pleased that I eventually chose Tuin.
Mr. Derek FREER :  Metal Shed 5 - 2.90 x 2.90m:
Jun 22, 2016
Would have given this 5 stars if the strengthening bars, purlings and ridges had been in one piece. Instead they all had to be joined in the middle, this is not best practice and weakens the whole structure. I'm assuming this has been done because of packaging and delivery costs. This practice might work on a smaller shed but not a 2.9 x 2.9 shed.
Very disappointed in the flimsy doors, I know metal sheds are not the most secure storage but would have expected something a bit more substantial. I also ran short of plastic washers and screws.
On a positive note it looks smart and will hopefully be low maintenance, however I wish I had paid the extra for a wooden shed.
Mr. Tim Hutchinson :  Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m:
Jun 13, 2016

A superbly designed and easy to build log cabin. The extensive blog's are a must to read through and we revisited bits throughout the build. The walls and roof were constructed in a day without any real problems. There was minimal effort required with most logs slotting together without excessive force needed. The floor and shingle roof over a further two days. As the blogs say, trust the instructions and all will be fine. The completed cabin still makes me smile when I look out of my kitchen window! Thank you Tuin!


There was a two week delay in delivery due to stock shortage; annoying BUT Tuin were in regular contact and did deliver when they had stock and on the day that had been agreed.

The generic floor pack made for hard work with additional effort required to make the joists out of 5 lengths to span the 4.7m internal length. Furthermore, the floorboards were just 10cms short of a full width which lead to much cutting slowing the build down. It would have been preferable to pay more and receive a tailored package. Additionally, the quality of some of the boards were poor which lead us to pick and choose which were scrapped and which were used. Admittedly the floor looks good and is solid and fit for purpose.

Overall a great experience and I would most definitely recommend Tuin to anyone reading this review.
Dave Bamford :  Wooden Pergola 3x3m:
Jun 5, 2016
Took about 4 Hrs to assemble. Will need two people to lift the roof into position. Looks excellent now in position giving some shade over the Hot Tub. Pull the velcro straps tight or the roof will hold water when it rains. Only negative is the screws that came with it were too small, but this problem is now fixed according to Tuin. Overall, very happy and enjoying our sactuary!
Mr. Mick Park :  Julia Log Cabin 3 x 5m:
Jun 3, 2016
The julia cabin arrived as arranged however it transpired it was minus the floor pack I had ordered and two timber bearers. The driver was very apologetic and suggested I contacted Turin direct, which I did. Very impressed with the service, Turin accepted responsibility and dispatched the items the following day. There was also an issue with the quantity ant type of shingles dispatched which again was resolved without issue. the quality of the cabin is very good although i have a slight issue with on of the bottom boards warping upwards, i have only just built the cabin (which was also exposed to a storm untreated) so will be waiting a while for it to settle down. The assembly was very straight forward and the information available on the website excellent. There were some hidden costs with the project which you should allow for, this is nothing to do with Turin; the concrete base was about #500 and the paint in total about #260. All in all I have so far been very happy with the quality and cost of the cabin and also the service.
May 28, 2016
Log cabin arrived on time and received up date from delivery driver, 30 mins before delivery. The log cabin looks very good now it is assembled, just as shown on web page.
I am no DIY expert, but managed to assemble the cabin without any expert help.
I do think however the instructions supplied are very basic and diagrams do not exactly reflect the product, for example when counting the number of planks unto and around the windows the number is not the same as on the actual cabin. Also some instructions and pictures are generic and do not relate exactly to the product received. However i did manage to get the information require although this was a little time consuming due to the instructions being generic. I did find the youtube videos helpful.
If you are planning to build it yourself and are not a DIY expert allow plenty of time it will take a few days weather permitting.

On the whole though a very good product.
May 21, 2016
I have been very impressed with the levels of customer service and information that I have received from your company. The log cabin I purchased arrived when stated, and although was slightly damaged in transit - the damaged pieces were replaced the following day. The level of service was very good, and the construction was relatively easy - it would help in parts to have a little more detail in the instructions, but otherwise - great job. Thank you.
Mr. Hugh Heslington :  Petit Corner Log Cabin 2x2m:
May 21, 2016
Finished cabin looks great. Main construction pretty simple. Afew niggles: Only 4 screws provided for the roof construction so had to nip out and get suitable ones to finish job. Instructions were generic and not specific to our cabin so abit of head scratching re triangle above door. Catch on one window faulty (quickly replaced, great customer service). Oversupply of roof shingles (probably meant for larger cabin). Flooring package a bit disappointing. Boards not a consistent width which made joins a pain.
Really pleased with end result and these moans are minor items. Well worth cost, time and effort.
Mr. David Plitsch :  Skyler Log Cabin 5x3.2m:
May 16, 2016
Delivery was prompt and the driver was very pleasant. The cabin was delivered in a double sealed black heavy duty plastic cover, we thought at first that we hand not received all the parts as it was only a small package, but they pack it in the most practical way. All the parts were as per the itemised delivery note including the black shingles. I have never built anything in my life and thought it would be very hard to erect, but myself and two cousins (girls) built it in two days. We had a level cement base made two weeks prior to erecting the Skyler. The instructions that came with the cabin were a bit hard to follow, so we kept referring back to the advice on the Tuin website. The shingles were easy to lay, I would suggest using a good bonding glue to stick them down if you live in exposed areas. We are very pleased with our cabin and are looking forward to using it in the summer and winter. I would recommend using Tuin and I will certainly use them again in the future.