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Annabel Log Cabin 5.0 x 4.0m

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Mrs. Hannah Taylor
Aug 19, 2019
The whole process from choosing to ordering and delivery has been so easy and straightforward we would definitely recommend Tuin for your log cabin. The video tutorials were excellent and an essential watch also all of the information on the web site around preparation of the site and building of the cabin were invaluable.
We ordered the Annabel to use as an extra room for gatherings and have already planned to hold New Year in there!
The build was very straightforward and enjoyable. It gives a real sense of achievement when it is finished! The quality is exceptional and the finished look once treatment has been added is lovely. We ordered the floor for the cabin and used damp proof membrane to keep the cabin dry and suitable for all weathers.
We are really looking forward to getting many years use from the cabin and the kids have already planned sleepovers in there.
Andrew Bailey
Jun 11, 2019
We’ve been looking for a garden room for some time and looked at most of the major suppliers. Tuin stood out as a good balance between quality, price and support information. In fact, it was the wealth of support articles that swung us towards a Tuin cabin in the end.

The order process was extremely smooth and the cabin duly arrived on the date they promised. The driver was extremely accomodating and dropped the cabin exactly where we needed it ready for us to unwrap it. The assembly process was reasonably straight forward, espeially after having watched a number of assembly videos on-line. I’d say the critical stage was to ensure the first few layers of logs are perfectly square as after that it slots together pretty quickly. In fact, my neighbours were amazed that we were up to the roof-line within 2 hours! At the end of day 1 we had a fully assembled cabin (minus the roof covering). The second day was spent putting the Easy roof on. This is the one area where if I was to do it I wouldn’t go for the “Easy roof” option, I’d go for EDPM. The easy roof is extremely difficult to work with and actually comes off the roll with creases in it. No matter how hard we worked to smooth it out you cant (or we couldn’t). It still looks great from a distance and has held up perfectly fine with the heavy showers we’ve had recently, but when it comes to replace it I will go for a EDPM covering.

Overall if youre thinking of going for a Tuin cabin I’d say go for it! They really are superbly manufactured.
Ms. Carole Hall
Apr 9, 2019
I am over the moon with my Annabel cabin, the product quality is exceptional and the Tuin staff team could not have been more helpful. Ours was constructed and secure in three days thanks to the detailed instructions and helpful guides on the website. Thankyou Tuin.
Mr. David Whistlecraft
Mar 7, 2019
This review is for my purchase of the Annabel Log Cabin 5.0 x 4.0m.
Having researched lots of log cabins and their manufactures, Tuin was the clear choice for quality and service.
Living down a 20mph narrow Avenue, I raised my concerns with the delivery company when they phoned to arrange delivery, however they assured me they would be OK on the day. The delivery vehicle parked on the main road and the well packaged log cabin was delivered via Moffett Forklift and gently placed in my drive way.
Having unpacked and placed all the parts in the rear garden, I was amazed at how quick it went up. Doing this on my own, I started just before midday (first few hours was spent treating the lower base logs with multiple coats of Carefree Protectant which is time well spent) and by 5pm that day, I was up to the roof height. Covering the cabin for the night, the next day I installed the roof purling’s and then gave the whole cabin 3 coats of Carefree protectant before the roof boards went on.
Once these were nailed in place, the cabin was rock solid, even without the floating floor installed. The quality of the joints they machine were perfect and following the installation guide was very straight forward for me ( a DIYer). However, I did place the first window in upside down, as didn’t notice the writing on the double glazing, so check this first! I fitted an EPDM rubber roof as the slope/pitch on the roof is minimal but more than suitable for drainage. The EPDM sheet will last for circa 50 years, so I thought it was worth the extra expense as it will keep the cabin sound and dry and save me from ever needing to re-roof the cabin.
This log cabin looks superb and with my height requirements of keeping below 2.5 metres to avoid me needing planning permission (as I’ve placed this close to my boundary), this cabin fits the bill perfectly as it stands 2.47 metres tall on the raised wooden base.
This is a great product and I’m looking forward to many lazy days enjoying the fruits of my labour.
Mar 1, 2019
First class product and company! From my first contact with their sales office right through to delivery, everything has gone perfectly. All my technical questions and concerns were very quickly and efficiently answered by friendly knowledgeable staff. Excellent delivery service with a very helpful driver. When we unpacked the cabin and began constructing, it far exceeded our expectations. The wood used is of exceptionally high quality and fits together perfectly. I would strongly recommend Tuin to anybody.
marion betts
Jun 23, 2018
The Annabel Log Cabin was easily constructed with 2 of us. I was pleased with the cabin which exceeded my expectations in quality and ease of assembly.I would recommend TUIN and would use them again. Great quality and good price.
Mr. Alex Mawer
Jun 1, 2018
Fantastic cabin. Very solid and beautifully built. Easy to put together but would recommend applying the roofing material carefully as it does bubble up.
Kevin. Mayes
Feb 15, 2018
Nice and roomy cabin Can not wait to finish this easy build carried out on my own. Great service. Thou rally recommended. K. K. Mayes
Mr. Michael Spurgin
Nov 25, 2017
Cabin was brilliantly delivered, we were not sure whether to screw the bottom logs to the foundation beams,cabin went up well, stayed very square,.The E.P.D.M. roof cover seems essential, We rolled this round the spare 5m. spar provided & slowly unrolled & stuck It to the roof. We had to go back and fix a spar under the E.P.D.M. at the front and fix guttering at the back to achieve some controlled drain off. This is my reservation with the style of cabin. The cabin has been installed 2weeks &seems sound solid & built to last, & I am very pleased with it as it enhances my property
Mr. Graham Keith Patrick
Nov 9, 2017
I am very pleased with the quality of our Tuin log cabin. The Tuin recommended builders came and had the main structure up within 2 days. We also had a timber base (which we organised ourselves). The cabin is now being painted and, although not yet finished, it looks really good. I am very pleased with Tuin quality and the assistance the team gave when purchasing and in after sales advice and support. I always felt confident that the final product would be a quality one, well in line with European standards, and the indications are that my expectations will be fully realised.
Scott Brown
Oct 1, 2017
I purchased after a lot of shopping around an Annabel cabin from Tuin, it arrived safely on time and was very well packed. This is my first cabin so was not looking forward to the build but was amazed after my dad and I put the cabin up in two day, like any build of this size there were a few head scratching moments but overall an easy build. I was impressed with the quality of the cabin and how well it was designed. highly recommend the cabins Tewin sell and their customer service is great.
Mr. Robert Proudfoot
Jun 28, 2017
Good quality log cabin, very easy to assemble. Two inexperienced men put this together in about three and a half hours. The doors needed some playing around with and they're still not closing properly but I'll come back to that after I've fibreglassed the roof.
I've added some 2 x 2s and firrings to the roof space to allow for lighting cables and insulation and the fibreglass is my preferred waterproofing method for the top.
All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase and if you can find a better cabin for the same price I'd be very surprised.
I would recommend Tuin and the delivery driver was extremely helpful which is always a bonus.
Mr. chris grindley
Jun 8, 2017
Having chosen the Annabel log cabin as a modern style garden building l was very happy with the order, and especially a very helpful delivery driver. The build of the cabin frame was straight forward and competed quickly however the fall from front to rear did not allow good drainage across the roof and the 5m width has led to a large amount of surface water retention in the middle of the roof. A layer of under felt should be included and l myself am up to layer 3 to try and prevent water ingress in the centre of the roof where the rain settles without draining to the rear of the cabin. I have not assembled the floor as the roof is not dependable to be water tight but so far the building looks great and has impressed neighbours. I am still waiting to hear about a distorted door replacement to complete the build and finish the outside colour treatment so we can use and enjoy what will hopefully be a great addition to our garden space.
Keith Steane
Jun 5, 2017
Overall, we are very pleased with the Annabel log cabin. There were some glitches with some parts of the delivery. For example, part of the EPDM roofing was damaged but credit where it was due, Tuin arranged for replacement parts which were promptly delivered the next day. Special mention should go to Philip (one of Tuin's approved installers) and Roger who were very professional and did a superb job in building our log cabin. We are very pleased with the quality and look of the cabin and would have no hesitation in recommending Tuin to other customers who are thinking about buying a log cabin.