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Uddel Modern Log Cabin 3.8x2.6m

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Mr. Peter Stratton
Apr 29, 2019
I can't rate the Tuin Uddel cabin highly enough.The whole experience was positive from the start. The cabin arrived in the way that was described in my delivery email and the on the day the delivery email said. When I did ring the office to enquire about the delivery they returned my call within 10 mins and assured me that the delivery would happen on the day specified and it did. The packaged was brilliantly wrapped and completely watertight as I had to leave it unwrapped for a couple of weeks until I was ready to build. When I was ready the planks and logs were all labelled so sorting into piles of the same type was easy and the plan of the build easy to follow. The quality of the planks is exceptional with only one slightly warped which for me adds a bit of character. The doors and windows are extremely high quality and were fitted and hung with ease and precision. I was amazed at how easily and precisely everything fitted together. So much so that I was able, individually, to build the whole cabin in less than 2 days. The only problem I encountered was a missing window lever which when I let Tuin know sent me out one immediately without any problem. Again brilliant customer service. I have to give the product and Tuin themselves 5 stars and I would recommend them and their buildings to anyone who is looking for a quality garden building at a great price. The value for money is superb. I look to forward to many days spent in my new Uddel cabin. Thanks Tuin.
Mr. richard howett
Feb 26, 2019
Roomy and solid. I got a professional builder to erect the structure and apart for a slight width problem with the double doors (fixed) the construction went smoothly. The cabin is sitting on a full concrete base and so everything is level and firm. Time will tell if anything shifts or warps, but I can't see that happening just yet. The cabin has been painted fully on the outside with a quality paint.
Mr. Daniel Milner
Mar 22, 2018
I purchased the Uddel Modern Log Cabin after reading many horror stories about another supplier of log cabins and felt reassured by the depth and honesty of information and advice on the Tuin website.
The log cabin arrived a day earlier than expected, which worked perfectly, and was unloaded and delivered very efficiently by the friendly Dutch lorry driver.
After watching the instructional video on youtube, and armed with a few basic tools, and friend and I tackled the construction of the loft one day in February. We started at 9am by unpacking the timber and laying it in part order in the garden. By 11.30 we had started assembling the foundation beams (we had to increase the footprint of the base, which delayed us a bit) and by 5.20pm the whole structure was up minus the roofing felt (as i wanted to add insulation). It went together incredibly easily and surprisingly fast once you got in a rhythm. The door and window assembly took a little while, and the roof fascias needed a bit of thought to get to work, but nothing too taxing. I've now insulated the roof, added a skin of OSB and topped with the roofing felt, while inside i have insulation between timber bearers (i used the packing material for this) a loft board floor and then interlocking EVA foam garage floor tiles on top of that. It looks great and feels like a proper building. Really pleased!
Mr. Daniel Milner
Mar 10, 2018
After reading some terrible feedback on another company I was considering buying my log cabin from, I found Tuin and was instantly impressed by its extensive and very honest guide and blog. Having selected the Uddel cabin it was delivered a day early by a very friendly Dutch lorry driver. This worked perfectly as his artic would have caused traffic mayhem the following morning.
Before I came to build the shed with the help of a friend I watched the Tuin build video which explained the process well. We unpacked the timber, sorted it into parts and begun assembling the foundation beams. This threw up a bit of an issue as the base was slightly too small - the foundation beams are not flat underneath. So need support under their full width. That took an extra half hour or so, then we started slotting in the logs and it is amazing how fast the cabin goes up. The door and window assembly is a bit more involved but we started unpacking the timber at 9am and had the entire structure up by 5.20pm! The instructions were fairly clear - only the roof fascias were a little confusing as they don’t go full width front and back so you have to join in the middle and support so they don’t sag. A week later I added 50mm insulation on the roof topped with OSB board and then the roofing felt. Inside I added 50mm insulation, using the packing timber as bearers, then loft boards and a top surface of interlocking EVA garage floor tiles. The cabin is great and Tuin were excellent throughout the process.
Graham Palmer
Nov 29, 2017
Mostly went together really well - I did it on my own, with only DIY experience, never built anything like this - and it took about 2.5 days to build (excluding preserver/paint). The roof instructions are not very clear - the tongue & groove planks were too short to go the full length and it was unclear how you were supposed to position them. I resolved it by adding a plank the opposite way round to fill the gap but it required screwing a thick plank to the top log beforehand. The front and back bargeboard join design isn't great either as putting it together per the diagram resulted in the joiner wood splitting in two. In the end I joined it together differently. Generally very good though as I know people who've bought cheaper cabins elsewhere and it has taken 2 of them much much longer to do it. Delivery was excellent in a difficult location.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, we are sorry the plans were not clear regarding the roof boards. A gap is usually left at the rear of the roof to allow for drainage, this gap is hidden by the rear bargeboard. Guttering can also be applied at this point.
Mr. Richard Webb
Oct 8, 2017
We ordered our Uddel cabin and it came in the specified time, delivery was good put it exactly where I wanted it, very efficient. I had ordered the Pré soaked treatment for the cabin, but Tuin phoned me up and made me aware that, if I went ahead with this on the order then it would add a further 8 to 12 weeks delivery time, this was unacceptable to us, so we opted for untreated cabin, it arrived on the day stated and at the time stated, just what we wanted. The construction of the cabin would be straight forward, if the instructions were more explicit, a lot of time was spent working out what the instruction meant, also the main roof beams needed to go in a specific way, as we found out when we fitted them and then realised and had to refit them, which was ok, but been a lot easier if instructions had said about this, overall I very pleased with the Cabin, I've treated it with 1 coat of clear would treatment so far and it's bringing out the beauty of the wood wonderfully, will give extra treatment when the weather allows me to do this. The length of the roof sections leaves you in a dilemma as to exactly fit them, no explanation as to where to start, we got around this by adjusting the length of the main side lengths, which I was very unsure about, but does seem to be ok now. So with more information on the instructions, even page numbers would help slightly this would have been an easy installation, obviously I built this myself and did not pay for an installation team, would have been easier, but a lot more expensive. The cabin one erected is really good and I'm very pleased.
Mr. Scott Wickens
Jul 20, 2017
Cabin delivered when specified and VERY well packed.
Their was plenty of wood supplied, to build and as spare, so I could build a proper frame for the flooring.
The only issues I had were that I had the dipping treatment done and some of the wood was quite distorted, so made it quite difficult in places to slot together and made some gaps in some of the panels.
I would totally recommend the cabin for service, delivery, quality and price
Mr. Paul Brown
Jul 20, 2017
Upon arrival the log cabin did look daunting, purely down to the amount of pieces involved. However I have to say that it went together very easily over a weekend comfortably and without any problem whatsoever. Prior to delivery I did ask several basic questions of the support staff and received answers to every query very quickly. I am impressed greatly by both the product and the service provided and would recommend Tuin to anyone.
Mrs. Mary Rogers
Jul 17, 2017
Delivery wes smooth so was the build after studying the videos. Very pleased with the quality of the product. This product is far superior to the other log cabin at this price
Mr. Stuart Glass
Jul 16, 2017
A very good all round experience. Delivered as requested by a very helpful driver. Plentiful good advice on the website covered any issues that were not obvious. A good base is the key to success and cabin construction was straightforward taking just as long as suggested on the site. I am not a tradesman just a diy'r and very happy with the finished cabin, a cut above a typical garden shed for not much more expense.
Mr. David Barwick
Jun 19, 2017
The cabin arrived on time from The Netherlands. It was very well packed. Initial slight puzzlement about one or two of the parts soon gave way to rapid construction. There were even suggestions about utilising the left-over planking. The cabin is robust and well crafted. My builder thought it excellent value compared to the price one would have to pay for a smilar-sized UK-made shed.
Mr. Steve Cooper
Mar 12, 2017
I would recommend anyone to use Tuin, they are truly excellent! Also something so rare today ...excellent customer service. All question answered promptly, the delivery was exactly as they said, and as to putting the log cabin up just follow the well written instructions and it helps to know there is always a phone number to call if you get a bit confused. But it looks absolutely marvellous and the quality is excellent. 5 star all the way.
Mr. Stephen Lindsay
Mar 8, 2017
Having decided to go with Tuin for my 3.8x2.6 Uddel Modern Log Cabin I was delighted with the standard of service including the website, confirmation phone calls, breakdown of invoice and advice re flooring and roofing. Delivery was right down to the day giving me enough time to install a base. I also decided to go with one of their recommended installers who cover Scotland and went with Alan Storey and his wife Caroline,who took 2 days to install, an excellent recommendation. I will definitely consider Tuin if my wife's plan for a "she shed " comes to fruition.
Dr. mark haw
Jan 27, 2017
This is a reasonable log-cabin-style shed. It feels sturdy and is a reasonable design. However the fact that the wood is untreated generates a lot of problems, especially if you need to put it up in winter and don't have the weather or space to paint or treat every piece before assembly! It could be better with a couple of simple tweaks.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. All the cabins are untreated as advised. However, we also offer pre-treatment options should they be required if you are not able to treat yourself: