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Timber Frame Base Pads

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Phil Gunney
Jan 9, 2018
Great product simple to use and to get base level for log cabin.

They arrived very quickly
Mr. Keith McMahon
Jan 7, 2018
The base pads were just what I was looking for and a lot cheaper than the other makes I considered. They don’t look as if they are that strong but once fitted do the job they are supposed to. Easy to adjust once you figure out which way they turn. Probably more suitable for a cabin that’s on fairly level ground to start with as I thought mine was fairly level but was at the max adjustment at on side . Great product.
Mr. Stephen Austen
Jan 6, 2018
These timber frame base pads were exactly what I had been looking for to erect a workshop in my garden that was off the ground. They arrived very quickly and are excellent quality. Just the job!!
Ben Barribal
Jan 4, 2018
Very swift and easy delivery. The pads are easy to use and easy to adjust - have used them for a 5mx4m log cabin base - they make providing a level foundation frame fairly easy with their adjustment capability - would recommend
Mr. mark scott
Dec 28, 2017
Great product would recommend
Saved me put down a concrete base.
Bob Burrough
Dec 4, 2017
Product - timber frame adjustable base pads - supplied quickly and work well in the construction of a wood framed greenhouse. Very competitively priced and with free delivery. Highly recommended.
Mr. Clive Hulbert
Dec 3, 2017
I have used the timber. Frame base pads with the timber frame that I built for a base for the Tuin Jenny log cabin, the pads were very useful to first raise the frame off the ground and plus level the frame out with the adjustable pads, it was very easy to level and therefore made the installation of the cabin easy because it was level and square, highly recommend for wood frame base
Mr. Robert Kilgallon
Nov 26, 2017
Used these feet to level a shed base on sloping ground. Used to fix a wooden frame too and made getting it level very easy indeed. It might seem an expensive way to do things but by the time you price up a job of laying a concrete slab to get it level these along with the wood come in at the same price and a whole lot easier and quicker. Will be returning to buy more for building a log cabin in the garden.
Mr. Paul Foster
Nov 13, 2017
Excellent product that does the job if like me you have a sloping garden, so therefore
I would recommend this product.
Nov 3, 2017
Bought just one of the lightweight version to evaluate it. There is only one side piece to attach to the timber frame so it can be placed at a corner or a T-junction and accommodate single or double timbers for the frame.
I will probably go for the 1400kg option and hopefully building control will not raise any issues about using a novel technology.

I will probably anchor my building with concrete plugs strapped over the frame as its a bit windy round here. That would be easier than bolting these feet down.

Looks a really easy to use and useful product. Look at the price of competing systems too.
Mr. Gary Leaver
Oct 19, 2017
I thought these base pads were a little pricey for what they were and they didn't seem very robust although I was assured they would take 450kg.
However they were simple to fix and made they job of levelling my log cabin frame so easy I couldn't have done without them.
Mrs. Karen Morrow
Sep 22, 2017
Good communication throughout process of ordering/delivery. Reasonably priced. Product seemed very lightweight and we were a bit concerned they might not be robust enough for our structure, however I am happy to report they did the job well. Easy to use. Happy customers! Thank you
Mr. Michael Billany
Sep 19, 2017
Building on a base of stone slabs on two slightly different levels, one level sloping slightly in two directions, I was expecting major difficulties in obtaining a level base for the foundation joists. These base pads proved to be the ideal answer. Although made of plastic, if used at the recommended spacing they will easily supported the completed cabin and all of its contents. They are very easy to adjust and produce a level base very quickly. Be careful not to get grit in the screw mechanism!
Michael Hatherly
Sep 17, 2017
These are really helpful. I did not trust myself to make a level concrete base and did not want more concrete in the garden anyway. I dug in some paving slabs on a bed of sand. Got these as level as I could manage. Weed proof membrane on top. Then the base pads supporting a timber frame base I made. Final levelling with pads then a breeze. Membrane a pads now hidden with gravel for a great finish.
Mr. Paul Grace
Aug 27, 2017
I visited the. Tuin office at Brooke to view the quality of the cabins they had on view. While there I saw the base pads and was very impressed with the quality. I needed 16 and thought the price would far more than the £4.95 quoted. In short they are brilliant. I installed 16 to support the Derby cabin we purchased. Highly recommend these, time saving and easily adjustable. Exceptional value.
Mr. Ashley Harrison
Aug 20, 2017
Good product. Easy to adjust to level and secure timber.
Happy with purchase.
Mr. Michael Craig
Aug 5, 2017
A very useful, easy-to-use (and inexpensive) product that takes the hassle out of obtaining a level base for a timber frame. Highly recommended.
Mr. Chris Wood
Aug 1, 2017
I used about 12 of these for a Peggie log cabin. Initially I thought they wouldn't take the weight because they are so light. I was wrong, they are more than capable of taking the weight. Easily adjusted and will correct quite large differences in a concrete base.
Mr. Bernard Abbs
Jun 21, 2017
Very useful, made it easy to level Base before building cabin
Mr. Geoff French
Jun 7, 2017
I couldn't put down a full concrete base so I sunk bricks into the ground and then some paving slabs on top, that I had laying around, doing my best to get it all as level as possible.
This is where the Frame Base Pads came into their own, I placed them on the paving slabs fitted and screwed the foundation beams to the pads, it was then a doddle to level the base and with that done 2 hours later I was fitting the Purlins.
These Pads definitely made a difference to the ease of leveling the base frame ans thus the ease of assembly.

...Geoff ...
Mr. Allistair Miller
May 27, 2017
Building a log cabin on uneven ground and can't get concrete in for a base. These things are fantastic and simple to use. Highly recommend!
Alison McMillan
May 24, 2017
Gave me a really good Base for the log cabin to ensure it was level. Easy to use. Quick delivery too!
Mr. A G Davies
May 18, 2017
Timber Frame Base Pads. What can I say but this is the best piece of plastic that money can buy! Just recently completed erecting a Log cabin at the back of my garden where the ground was not flat but undulating. So, this was a godsend for me, having identified that the best and cheapest way forward was to build up a number of concrete footings, that these base pads would sit on, to house the timber frame for the Log cabin. Well pleased.
Mr. Geoffrey Makstutis
May 17, 2017
These adjustable pads were ideal for my use in levelling the base for a new garden shed. Although plastic, and lightweight, they are extremely robust. The adjustability is very simple to use and make quick work of levelling your structure. I am very pleased with the purchase.
Mr. Phil Dickinson
May 12, 2017
For a large timber base these were very easy to use. Very clever single turning adjuster which operates both threads, left and right handed.
Chris Sinclair
May 3, 2017
I highly recommend these base pads. I had a concrete base put down and there was a slight drop in one corner, I used a 360° laser leveler to get height spot on, only down side is the price per pad.
Mr. FR
Apr 27, 2017
bought these as an alternative to a solid concrete pad - compacted aggregate, recycled paving slabs then 40 of these to support a garden office. Perfect for the job and easy to use, great value too!
Peter Hillerberg
Apr 18, 2017
Very good product. Made it very easy to level the frame for my log cabin. They are sturdy and very easy to work with.
Mar 25, 2017
Mr. John Preece
Mar 23, 2017
Ordered both sizes, found them to be ideal for supporting both the log cabin and the floor. Made levelling both so simple
Mar 14, 2017
very nice product, easy to adjust and cheap compared to similar products available elsewhere
Tom McGowran
Feb 25, 2017
Really glad I bought these. Make levelling up the base so much easier than other systems. Would have like a bit more information/advice on how many should be used to support the cabin.
Mr. Steve Matthews
Feb 16, 2017
I needed 11 of these to support a timber frame base for a summer house that I've ordered. I've opted for a timber base as the site is on a slope and would have had to excavate and dispose of too much spoil. Pressed concrete paving slabs are set into the ground at strategic points with the jacks placed on top making levelling in an easy job. A timber skirt was attached around the perimeter into pea gravel covering the jacks. This should prevent any unwanted guests from setting up home underneath. All timber used is pressure treated. What wasn't obvious to me at first was that the jacks have two adjustment screw threaded cores, one right hand and the other left. A brilliant and inexpensive bit of kit.
Mr. Denis Grimshaw
Feb 13, 2017
The use of timber frame pads made levelling the frame very easy. Also the confidence that they will act as a moisture barrier for the timber makes them a good solution. Definitely recommend them.
Tim Hockin
Jan 28, 2017
Great product made levelling the base timbers very easy would highly recommend
Mr. Graham Williams
Jan 24, 2017
I ordered one of each of these for evaluation for a large garden office project. As an engineer, I can say they are well made, great value for money and should work fine in a situation where a permanent concrete slab is not desirable. Unfortunately, my project is cancelled for the time being, but I will not hesitate to use these pads as they will save a lot of time levelling (critical for a problem free building as anyone who has not put the effort in here knows you end up fighting the problem all the way getting worse and worse) and far better than messing around with bits of shim etc, without breaking the bank. Great product!
Mr. Dave Williamson
Jan 23, 2017
Excellent. built my base on uneven ground and they leveled my base perfectly.
would use again and recommend to anyone. the best i could find for the job.
Mr. Edwin Follett
Dec 27, 2016
Hard wearing, Ideal and cheep solution for ensuring cabin is level on uneven ground, but does leave a gap under the bearers which is not easy to cover
Mr. Paul Williamson
Dec 10, 2016
Ordered 12 of these pads for my timber framed base for my cabin. They were very sturdy & made levelling the frame easy. Highly recommended.
Mr. Paul Fletcher
Dec 1, 2016
Pondered for a few weeks if these would be suitable to support a 44mm thick log cabin, that was from a Tuin competetor.

My cabin was going to sit on a professionally laid patio near the house which had been laid with falls to allow the rain water to drain away. The idea of using the pads was to raise the cabin base of the floor to keep the base dry and allow adjustment to install the cabin correctly as it needs to sit on a perfectly flat surface.

Another bonus is that by lifting the cabin it has allowed me to hide most of my electrical cables in conduit before I installed the flooring.

Customer support for my questions from Tuin was appreciated, however the answers given were non commital to there suitability in terms of weight support.

I decided that as I had no other option I would purchase the shorter base pads giving a 30-60 mm rise, as I didn't want to lift the cabin to high above the ground.

My cabin weight is approximately 1300 kg. I decided to space the pads out evenly around the wall perimeter where the majority of the weight loading is. Under the floor area I copied the spacing but I could have spread them out a little, as the weight loading is a lot less.

These were rated at 450kg compared to the taller version which were rated at a higher load capacity.

The delivery was really quick and only took 2 days to arrive. I was kept informed by email about the delivery.

Installation was not easy for my particular cabin as I had 60 of them to fit to the pressurised timber base which took almost a whole day to set up.

Making sure that the base was level took two of us, and we had to resort to using a laser level to get the accuracy we needed. We had to weigh down each timber with weights as we found out the timbers were springing up and kept altering our set up.

5 weeks on the cabin is sitting nicely and the pads seem ok.

Mr. Paschal Carey
Nov 28, 2016
Ordered these just in case but I didn't need to use them - so cannot comment, but I will keep them as I'm sure I will find a use for them in the future
Mr. Andrew Lindsay
Nov 28, 2016
My paving in my garden is riven so not flat and sloped for drainage so needed something to get my timber frame for my cabin to sit on and these where perfect. It meant I could get the frame absolutely spot on level
Mr. T.
Nov 20, 2016
Used this product to support a perimeter base for a log cabin (Jenny) I was going to purchase (also from Tuin). The product is fully adjustable and served my needs. Be sure to order the correct size, as Tuin sell two versions. Product arrived very quickly (3 or 4 days if memory serves me right) and well packaged. Would buy again, and might need to do so imminently.
Mr. Darren Bull
Nov 12, 2016
Awsome bit of kit, transformed the making of our caravan awning bases to nearly a one man job... Quick delivery and well built, I will be ordering more for sure.
Rob Willcox
Nov 11, 2016
It made producing a level base for our log cabin so easy. Well made adjustable pads that can srewed to the frame.
Mr. James Shepherdson
Oct 24, 2016
As I was building a timber frame base because my garden slops in two directions I wanted to be able to get it absolutely level.
these are great items and so easy to use. They also act as a separation between the frame and support pillar so no moisture wicking up. All in all cheap, easy to use and most importantly very effective!
Mr. John Moore
Oct 4, 2016
I chose timber frame base pads to support a frame for a new potting shed to save laying the traditional concrete. They are easy to install and provide infinite adjustment so you can get the frame perfectly level. They are reasonably priced and delivery was very quick.
Bernard P smith
Sep 30, 2016
Great service and quick delivery, found the pads ideal very strong and well made
Mr. William Tebay
Sep 25, 2016
These are perfect for purpose, easy to fix and adjust,a very economical way to provide adjustable support legs for your framework.
Mr. Simon LIddle
Aug 9, 2016
If you're putting a deck on hard standing these adjustable supports are quick and easy to use. Highly recommend
Mr. Alan Taylor
Jul 24, 2016
Excellent product. So easy to use and makes getting a level base so easy and accurate.

I needed them urgently so collected them myself rather than wait on delivery. Staff very helpful.
Mr. Barry Foster
Jul 18, 2016
These pads are exactly what I have looked for for a while. The area I will use the are on different levels, but these work to fix this. Very sturdy and large base area. Contact with Tuin has been a pleasure.
Mr. Gary Beck
Jul 17, 2016
Great product. Getting the timber base 100% level using the base pads was a doddle.
Mr. Chris Day
Jul 15, 2016
Brilliant! After reading extensively about cabin construction on the website, I opted to build a timber base. The cabin is Chloe and the base dimensions are 3800 X 2800. I constructed a frame from 95X45mm pressure treated carcase grade timber doubling the timber laterally on all four sides. I added joists at 300mm intervals, coach bolts at 1000mm intervals and used forged angle brackets at the corner joints. I then painted it with a primer /undercoat and 2 coats of cuprinol garden furniture paint. This frame stands on 12 base pads, 8 of which are on an existing, uneven patio and the front four on slate blocks set into the lawn. All was square and level at the start of construction and it still is with 900kg of cabin on top of it. At Just over £4 each these are easy to adjust and move; a must if, like me you think getting any kind of solid base into your site may be difficult or inconvenient.
Mr. Geoffrey Doy
Jun 12, 2016
I bought these to level my timber base for my log cabin. The base is 6 x 2 bolted together to make 6 x 4. They work fine and make getting the base level very easy. The base pads sit on flags that I first got level using sharp sand
Alan Perrett
May 10, 2016
Highly recommended. Enabled me to get a perfect timber base with little effort.