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Lennart Log Cabin 3 x 3m in 58mm logs - Double Glazed

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Mr. Sean Paxton
Jun 2, 2017
The ordering process was straightforward. Delivery was at the agreed date/time, and was again straightforward. I didn't get to unpack for a week during which we had several days of torrential rain. When I unpacked, the contents were totally dry. Identifying the parts was easy. The logs had been machined to tight tolerances, and fit together very well indeed. The whole erection process was simple enough. One of the logs had taken a good bash prior to dispatch I suspect and one or two areas on the doors were a bit rough. I have the tools and skills to deal with these things myself so I made no attempt to contact Tuin, who I have no doubt would have addressed these issues promptly. It took me one day essentially working single-handedly to get the cabin erected and the roof covered in (self supplied) breather membrane. The second day was spent fitting shingles and installing facia and door/window furnature etc. The better-half spent both days sipping tea at a safe distance, occasionally shouting words of encouragement / ridicule.
If I am to be honest, the reason I chose Tuin was because of the time and effort someone has put into the blogs & videos covering foundations, erection, coatings, log expansion, electrics, roof-installation etc. They are obviously knowledgable and experienced and there was little evidence of 'hard-sell' which has me running for the hills without fail.
For those interested, the cabin sits on a concrete base I cast a couple of weekends beforehand. I spent time getting it absolutely true and level - only when you have built the cabin do you realise how fundamentally important that is.
I bought the 'carefree' coating which, like every other aspect of the cabin from the shingle quality to the timber surface finish, was excellent. I am 100% happy with my purchase.
Dr. Patrick Humphreys
Oct 30, 2016
An excellent cabin in all respects. The pack in which the cabin arrived was easy to unpack as specific parts were required for the build. The building instructions and diagrams which came with the kit were very clear, and were supplemented by the very informative videos on the Tuin website. I built the log cabin in a day with help from a friend, and along the way we became skilled in new building techniques and managed to avoid making construction mistakes. The wooden parts we very well machined and precision cut. They fitted together smoothly and tightly. The whole construction was very strong and stable with higt quality fittings to perfect the result. The finished log cabin looks beautiful inside and out. We fitted floor and roof insulation following the instructions on the Tuin website and the result is a warm and cosy cabin that is easily heated by a 1 kw electric radiator. I am very happy with the result, especially as it represents excellent value for money: easily outclassing more expensive similar log cabins from other manufacturers that I have inspected.
Ian mcwhinney
Oct 5, 2016
Excellent work for the tuin crew as usual the lennart is now being used as the islonia embassy in Scotland many thanks Ian Jess and family
Dr. David Coates
Jul 24, 2016
Where to start - fantastic support by Tuin both by email and on the website during the buying process and the build. The Lennart log cabin is a pleasure to assemble and when I met with any (not many) uncertainty, I just resorted to the various blogs, very well written (sometimes quite humorous) advise notes and very informative videos on the website. At the start of the build, my biggest dilemma was what to do for the base. I did not want a permanent concrete stand so I went for a ProBase system which I leveled on a bed of pea shingle and then filled the grid with pea shingle once the 3m by 3m base was level with the first few layers of the log cabin. The most important 'tools' have been a 1.8m spirit level and a rubber mallet! I am now at the stage of completing the roof, which I am insulating with 40mm Celotex and then I will move onto the floor with the same insulation. So far so good - a great, very enjoyable, experience!
Jackie Marchant
Jun 17, 2016
When I decided to get a garden room, I trawled the internet to see what was out there. I came across a company that seemed to have what I wanted and I got as far as adding it to the cart. However, I thought I'd just check out the reviews for the company and was quite horrified by some of the comments. Thank goodness I didn't complete the purchase! I then found Tuin and was extremely impressed by the comments so I went ahead with the purchase of the Lennart. The delivery driver was marvellous, and with the aid of his forklift laid the package on the front lawn. My husband then proceeded to build the cabin for me, having made sure that he watched all the videos and followed the instructions. He has done such an amazing job and I couldn't be more thrilled with what's now known as "The She Shed"! He's even sign written a plaque for me! The only small gripes I have are that the handles for the windows are not the best and that there was no handle for the extra window I ordered. However, I bought some good quality locking handles for around £18, so it was not a problem. The quality of the cabin is exceptional for the price and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. As my husband is a plumber with building and roofing experience, he had all the skills and tools to do everything to a really high standard and it does make me think that if you're going to build it yourself, it helps if you have both the skills and tools or get someone who does to build it for you.
Mr. Neil Patterson
May 13, 2016
Cabin was delivered on expected date with plenty of notice from the delivery driver. He was extremely helpful and proficient, excellent service. Building the cabin was a fantastic experience , some challenges but on the whole great fun and would recommend to self build. The end result is extremely satisfying. I now have a fantastic cabin sitting proudly in my garden. It is a fantastic chill out area which will be used for many years to come. Must also say the support service from Tuin was superb. The 58mm logs are substantial which gives the finished build the sturdy last for ever feeling we were looking for. Its no shed!!
Would, and already have recommended this cabin. Thank you Tuin ,