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Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment

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Mr. Stewart Maclean
Sep 7, 2019
ordered 3 x 1ltr of the Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment thinking this may not be enough to complete the outside of the cabin. This actually was enough to complete two coats of the outside and around the inside frame of the doors and windows. Very good product.
Gregor Candlin
Sep 2, 2019
Excellent product easy to apply and quick drying. Only reason for four stars is it wasn't quite the colour I expected,hopefully it will mellow a little. Otherwise no complaints.
Jul 17, 2019
Having bought the Clocktower cabin i bought the recommended timber treatment and was NOT dissapointed its a great product goes on easy and keeps the water off my new cabin, quite expensive but well worth it would defo recommend this product.
Mr. craig newton
Jul 2, 2019
This is an outstanding product. It’s not the cheapest by any means but you really do get what you pay for - the quality of protection is obvious once it dries and water just beads and slides off. The clear darkens the wood slightly and really brings out the grain. Looks fab on my Perlund cabin.
Mrs. Ruth Lagden
Jun 28, 2019
What a brilliant product, may seem pricey but leaves an almost plastic coating on the wood ,do ensure you stir well or it can seem watery though, hasn’t had much testing by the weather yet but I’m convinced it will work admirably, once again thank you Tuin, rest assured I have been recommending your products to anyone who will listen.
Mr. Brian Cooke
May 15, 2019
A great product and seems to protect very well. Goes a lot further than the instructions say and although expensive far far better than shop brought products and well worth the extra
Mr. Paul Thompson
Apr 7, 2019
The Carefree Protectant is easy to apply and seems to give good penetration and coverage. Time will tell how long it lasts.
Mr. Bruce Hatton
Mar 16, 2019
The treatment is recommended by Tuin but seems expensive, I chose another product which didn’t work very well. So I ordered the Carefree treatment and applied it to the weather side of the cabin. Water does bead and run off, so it’s expensive but it is good.
Steven Gillmore
Feb 14, 2019
Although a tad pricey it's well worth the investment. I've given my Emma cabin 3 coats of the light oak so far, looks better after every coat! I'd recommend plenty if dust sheets down and also to paint evenly and watch out for runs/drips down the timber as once it sinks in it's there for good.
Allow yourself plenty if time per coat don't think it's a 5 min job.
5/5 for the carefree light oak.
Mr. Saxon Gilbert
Feb 4, 2019
Time will tell bit this seems like a great product. The green is nice and dark. 2 tins just about covered the cabin with 2 coats 14ft x 9ft.
Delivery was very fast and efficient.
D. Swainston
Feb 4, 2019
The timber treatment is easily applied and forms a waterproof skin on the wood. I have just erected the building so cannot comment on longevity. It is an expensive product.
Mr. John Twigge
Jan 29, 2019
Bought two cans of concrete grey. One was much lighter in colour than the other. Tuin replaced with another can and all good. Product easy to apply and gives a very good wood seal.
Mr. David Dunbar
Jan 17, 2019
This is the second time I have purchased the Carefree Protectant timber treatment The delivery as always was on time and the application is easy. Will buy again
Philip Dunn
Nov 23, 2018
Very good easy to apply ,you pay a bit more but well worth it Did my Emma Cabin 1 coat a day end result it looks fantastic a nice pine colour that stands out easiest way to put it does what it says on the tin very pleased with the product
Mr. Geoff Manns
Nov 19, 2018
Excellent product, looks like soapy water, goes on well and dries quickly.
Mrs. Elaine Carnell
Oct 29, 2018
This product was easy to use and covered well.We weren't keen on the colour initially, but after putting three coats on and after several months it seems to have settled down and is more oak coloured and less yellow. After several heavy rain storms it is repelling the water well. So far so good
Colin wilson
Oct 28, 2018
Easy to apply used clear to keep the look of the wood as the quality was too good to hide with colour not the cheapest but you get what you pay for quality product
Mr. Trevor Kent
Oct 24, 2018
A really great product, not cheap, but as mentioned it's worth getting the best product suited to the job. Easy to apply, and being water based makes cleaning brushes after applying simple.
Geoff Taylor
Oct 23, 2018
Not cheap but appears to do the job very well. It goes a long way and is easy to apply, although a bit of organisation is required for the second coat, to ensure that all areas are covered since it is difficult to see areas you have applied the second coat.
Mr. Nigel Purcell-Herbert
Sep 11, 2018
I went along with the advice on the Tuin blog and bought dark green Carefree Protect to give my Ulrik log cabin at least 3 coats....I got 6 tins, nearly £500 (ouch!) but after 3 coats I have only used 2 1/2 tins. I over estimated as usual (ah well) but taking just under one 2.5L tin to coat a 3.8m x 3.8m cabin seemed unlikely and was unexpected.
It goes on easily, covers brilliantly and washes out with water... perfect. After 3 coats the cabin has a dense plastic-like covering and looks well protected, so this product appears to be as good as Tuin say it is. Time will tell of course.
With so much paint left over I may as well give the cabin a 4th coat, and store the rest indoors for a maintenance coat in a few years time. I can’t see any reason not to recommend Carefree Protect or give it 5 stars.
Mr. Fred Beadle
Sep 6, 2018
Although it is expensive it is easy to apply & goes a long way. Having purchased the clear version I was pleased to find that after two coats the colour of the wood was hardly altered at all. A Good Product.
Mr. Robert Bateman
Aug 30, 2018
THIS IS A REALLY GOOD PRODUCT . I was a little worried by price but now i have seen the finish it is lovely.
Protects and doesn’t change the colour of the wood !
Mr. Richard Crockford
Aug 20, 2018
Easy to apply and does the job. Recommend it
Simon Preyser
Aug 18, 2018
Just completed my Peggie log cabin and given it 3 coats of Carefree Protectant. I have enough to give a fourth coat as well as a couple inside.
Very happy with the coverage although it does stay a little sticky for a day or two. It is more expensive than other products, but why spoil a ship for a ha'pworth of tar!
Angi De La Mothe
Aug 17, 2018
I ordered the pine colour treatment to treat our Klair log cabin and Sauna Barrel and the existing 2-year-old pine fence. The fence had 2 coats on the part completed so far (in the area of the new cabin), and I found it easy to apply, quick to dry, and a great water-repellant finish. I've used 4 coats on non-treated parts of the sauna - had to be careful with runs as it's so thin, and it did seem to be a bit sticky when dry, for a few days - had to be careful not to stack the treated pieces together.
I've used the white treatment on our stone fountain and it has come up beautifully. Even though it's thin, 2 coats has covered the old algae stains (I cleaned it first to get rid of live algae) whilst still showing the detailed relief. Very pleased with how smart it looks. Still got a 3rd coat to do but rain interfered - so far it's looking great and a final coat will hopefully mean that's the last time we have to do it. Feeling confident it will last and won't peel, from what we've seen so far.
Aug 16, 2018
We purchased the Grey Carefree paint for our excellent Emma cabin. The paint is expensive but it was great to apply. Four tins did exactly 2 coats which looked really good. I was going to try a cheaper product but on such a great quality product it worth spending a little more to protect it. I would recommend this product.
Al Russell
Aug 6, 2018
Fairly easy to put on but you need to be aware of the drops and splashes. If putting on in hot weather then it dries very quickly on the brush and roller. Still got another three coats to put on but it’s ok thus far.
Mr. Alan Weston
Jul 23, 2018
Very expensive but the best preservative paint I've ever used!
Mr. Valerio Del Vecchio
Jul 10, 2018
I was a little hesitant because of the premium price of this product however I have to say that it does - and pretty damn well - what is says on the thin.
Easy to paint, has great covering ability and with half 2.5L tub I did my 6 x 8 shed plus 2 gates (2 coats shed, 3 coats the gates) Lately I used it to prime cement base between paving flags before filling with resin bound aggregate.
I used the transparent one and it gives a nice glowing finish to the wood. Have since pressure washed my shed and water wicks away just like it was a car body.
If you're looking for a tough shield to protect your wood look no further.
Mrs. Susan Cartlidge
Jul 4, 2018
We decided to buy this product to protect the exterior of our Log cabin. In clear.
This product resembled painting on soapy water which was was weird.
However WOW! The affect is amazing. After each coat (3) the colour of the wood was more enhanced each time.
We treated the inside with Saddolin which was a little cheaper.
But it does not compare and the result is not noticeably as effective
This is one amazing product. And would recommend it to everybody, in fact I have done already .
Will be buying again.
Mr. Steve Drake
Jun 17, 2018
This is a great product, excellent coverage and easy to use. Will take a while to assess the protection but I am confident it will be good having seen the finish.
Mr. Raymond Pearse
Jun 16, 2018
Ok - this is a review of your colourless Carefree product I have used on my Nora summer house.
Generally I found the product easy to use albeit that because it is colourless it was often difficult to see where the treatment had been applied - particularly after the first coat had been applied.
It was reassuring to see that the initial coat was easily absorbed by the timber.
As far as the physical application was concerned I did find that using a brush for detail and “hard to get to” areas the solution tended to foam. This was also noted when a roller was used on flat areas as the finish had a bubbled surface which, if not brushed out, would leave an orange peel pimples finish.
It seems to do its job in protecting the timber ( I’m leaving the timber “au natural” but time will tell!

Ray Pearse
Paul Watts
May 28, 2018
I bought 10 litres of clear to paint a tannilised 4m by 3m stable - it just allowed for 2 external coats. Goes on very easily. It dries with a hybrid silk - matt finish and adds a light golden tone. Much better than I expected colour wise. Hopefully, it will wear as well as the claims - so far it looks promising.
Paul Ryan
May 17, 2018
Took about 4 coats but very happy with the result.
Mr. Mark Jewsbury
May 11, 2018
Timber Treatment doesn't say anything on the tin,obviously not enough space.
This gear is amazing goes on like water soaks in dry in minutes second coat sits on the surface and dries- its almost like liquid cling film,dries clear little colour change to the wood.
Yes its a little dearer than the usual crowd, but in application it feels better.
I will update in 10 years and let you know how it has performed.
Mr. Arnott Stobie
May 10, 2018
Surely does what it says on the tin. The water like consistency of the product makes it very difficult to brush on without producing runs. Still, easy to apply and a little goes a long way. For my 4x4 cabin I purchased three tins of sealant and this was enough to give two fairly generous coats.
Mr. jeff patrick
May 7, 2018
This paint seems really very good. It's expensive but goes on very well, covers well, gives a nice finish and brushes wash out in water. We will see what its like in 2 or 3 years time; hopefully it will still be good then.
Mr. John Finnigan
Apr 19, 2018
Excellent product, drys quickly, and has given me confidence that it will keep the cabin waterproof for years
Allan Cook
Apr 14, 2018
Excellent product. Seals deep down into the wood. Supplies in 1 litre tins at no extra cost as 2.5 litre out of stock ( better for doing those awkward fiddley bits)
Mr. David Hall
Apr 2, 2018
Bought the carefree protectant timber treatment for my log cabin in light oak colour .. great product ... coverage is as stated and covers quickly and easily... a bit more expensive than other treatments but worth the price... I would recommend and will use again in future
Mr. Jeremy Chitson
Feb 24, 2018
Really liked this product, easy to apply. We didn't know how much we would need so order 2 pots for our 3m square cabin. Should have ordered 4!
Ms. Nina Caddick
Jan 31, 2018
Excellent product. You do need to protect your floor from drips but the wood goes a lovely honey colour when treated and it is well protected from the rain. Very impressed. Would recommend.
Barrie bayes
Jan 25, 2018
I've found the ' carefree' timber treatment to be an excellent product and have bought this for my other sheds. Expensive but the best.
david lowe
Jan 18, 2018
easy to use, quick clean up afterwards. It looks good. Too early to comment on effectiveness - ask me in 10 years
Barry Cavell
Dec 27, 2017
Luckily i was able to apply the first coat of Carefree before my cabin was constructed, which saved a bit of time.
The protectant goes on very easily, though on dull days it is hard to see what you have covered if you are using the "colourless" shade.
The real test of this product will come after a year or two of exposure to the British weather; maybe i should submit another review then.
Mrs. Samantha Gardner
Dec 24, 2017
Although this timber treatment is expensive it has been well worth the money. We bought a larch gazebo and it has really enriched the colour and brought out the grain etc and improved the finish. We have done a number of coats as we want the gazebo to last a long time and they have given it a feel a bit like as though it has been plastic coated, really smooth. Would definetely recommend this product, worth the extra money and work to protect your investment. When ordered it has come within 2-3 days. When the 2.5 litre tins were out of stock they sent 5 x 500ml tins but honoring the price of the larger more economical tins. I am sure there is cheaper options on the market but this is cutting edge and we can reaaly see the benefit.
mrs g attwood
Nov 28, 2017
On the Flow cabin we have so far used most of 2 x 2.5lt tins just on the outside for one coat. Note that it needs more than a shake a good stir is needed as some of it solidified and didn't mix well, which resulted in needing to go over an area a second time. Seems good you can still see the grain through but is patchy due to not being stirred no doubt it will even out with the next coats.
Mr. Andre Devitt
Nov 27, 2017
Purchased the Palma log cabin along with the Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment thru Tuin and have been extremely satisfied with every aspect of the the product, the delivery and customer service. There promptness of response to queries was fantastic and very informed and courteous staff. By my recommendation Tuin have received a new order from another family member for their own log cabin plus accessories like timber treatment...and I vey rarely recommend! A big 5*
Mr. Michael Spurgin
Nov 25, 2017
Because we built the cabin late in the year I applied 2 coats of Carefree to the exterior straight away and it looks sound and waterproofed.This process was helped by the quick drying time
Mr. Ivor James
Nov 23, 2017
Carefree is a good wood preserver and easy to apply. However its cost is exhorbitant and presents very poor value at £30 a litre. Two litres was barely sufficient for one coat on my new Daniel log cabin. For the other coats I have used a wood preservative from Screwfix which looks and smells suspiciously like your Carefree product but a great deal cheaper at £18 for five litres. Have I been ripped off by your company? I believe so.
Tuin reply: Unfortunately the cost of carefree is expensive. However, it is proved as a very good preservative and treatment.

For the Daniel to be treated correctly we actually recommend 14 litres, two liters is a very poor amount for a proper, long lasting treatment.

We do though recommend several others such as Sikkens, Kingfisher and Sadolin should you require cheaper alternatives.

We do not recommend any other treatments if longevity is the key. We would be interested to know how your chosen treatment performs over a few years, please let us know.
Mr. David Walker
Nov 18, 2017
I used 4 tins of 2.5l green carefree to paint my Chloe cabin. Went on easily, covers well, and dries quickly. Very pleased with the results. Hopefully It will last well for years to come.
Nov 9, 2017
Used Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment (clear) to treat newly erected feathered edge fence I erected. Applied to pressure treated timber as I wanted to maintain the natural wood colour. Really pleased with product will use again when I build my new garden workshop next year. repellent properties can be clearly seen after rain falls
Mr. Steve Everest
Nov 9, 2017
Having read the reviews and product info I decided to go for the Carefree Treatment. It was a little more expensive maybe than some other products but you pay for what you get. After buying the Flow cabin from Tuin it seemed only right to prolong its life as much as possible by applying a good treatment.
Mr. Steve Payne
Nov 6, 2017
Excellent service by Tuin, bought Bertil summerhouse/gazebo. Applied 3 coats of clear Carefree timber treatment. Easy to apply and rain water just runs straight off. Everything delivered on time and excellent aftercare.
David Fairfield
Nov 1, 2017
Bought 2 * 2.5 litres of clear treatment for my Robert cabin, and I have found that one of the tins has been enough to give me 3 coats on the cabin, so for me the coverage information provided wasn't that accurate. Saying that the finish looks great giving a nice warm honey colour to the wood and brings out the grain nicely. Not sure what to do with the second tin of treatment though, save it for future coats, or can I return it for a refund?
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, the amount recommended is for coverage of both the inside and outside of the cabin. If you have chosen to only paint the exterior you can of course return the unused tin and we will refund you for this.
John Chesterton
Oct 23, 2017
Great product, goes on easily and will little to no change in the colour of the treated wood. The wood does absorb alot so make sure you have enough. We used 4 tins for a 3×3 cabin.
Ms. Sue Adams
Oct 16, 2017
I purchased one 2.5 litre tin of white and four 2.5 litre tins of concrete grey for my Jos corner cabin, as the website suggests13 litres in total would be required. I applied four coats of white on the roof trim, door and windows, including the frames, inside and out. One tin was enough for all this, although the white is rather translucent and I think six coats would probably be needed to achieve a solid colour.
Four coats of grey was more than enough to achieve a good solid colour for the rest of the cabin (outside only) and in fact I only used two tins for this.
I found the instruction on the tin to shake well before use was not nearly enough to mix the paint as the solids formed a thick sludge in the bottom that needed a lot of vigorous stirring before it was all mixed in. It also needs stirring again if the tin is left to stand for a time. Even once stirred, the paint is quite runny but it goes on really well and dries very quickly - in fact almost too quickly in warm weather - it can dry on the brush if you are not careful.
The finished cabin looks great and is fully waterproof, so the paint is doing its job. I only wish I hadn't bought too many tins - an expensive mistake! Perhaps 13 litres is needed for inside and out, but that's not explained. In view of the cost, it may be worth ordering fewer tins to start with, and only ordering more if you run out. Delivery is quick and efficient.
Mr. Tony King
Sep 29, 2017
What can I say, this product is pretty amazing, albeit quite expensive, I went with the clear treatment, which gives a beautiful, deep finish , I purchased 3 large Tins, and managed 3 coats outside, and one coat inside, on the Justine Log cabin, goes on very well, and dries quickly....I have two tips though, do not apply in direct sunlight 20+degrees, I found it dried too quick, and didn't have time to penetrate, and hence "pulling" on the coat already applied and if painting in warm weather leave the windows open for at least 48+hours i found the windows stuck,even though I left them open for 24 hours, ..this may only apply if the weather is warm though... But I still give it it does transform the look of the cabin. Thanks TUIN.
Flo Bayliss
Sep 17, 2017
Top quality product. Goes on really well and looks great
Mr. Charles Howard-Vyse
Sep 14, 2017
How can I tell so soon? I hope to write my review in 10 years time, maybe 15, telling you how it has protected my cabin or not. What I can say is that the 2 X 1 litre tins only just covered my quite small cabin. I was able to just put 2 coats on the outside. As I expected the first coat was absorbed quicker than the second coat. They were applied on 2 consecutive mornings, went on very easily and the water based formulation was easy to clean brushes.
Check back in 2027 for progress!
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, ideally please apply 3 - 4 coats for full protection. Please see this article for more information on treating your log cabin:
Dr. Peter Jones
Sep 3, 2017
Brilliant stuff, expensive but well worth it. Covers wonderfully, dries quickly fills holes and blemishes well. £ to 4 coats are necessary to proof join lines in main timbers but its easy to apply.
Mr. shaun day
Aug 20, 2017
Bought this along with my Karen log cabin. I thought it was expensive to begin with but after investing in the cabin I thought that there was no point scrimping on the protection for it. I am glad I bought this as I read that people had spend 6 hours plus for each cost applied, I have applied 4 coats in total using a spray gun in less than 2 hours overall total time and because this product is water based it is easy to use and also an easy clean up
Mr. Michael Leonard
Aug 14, 2017
Have treated my cabin with 3 coats of clear carefree protectant. Although looked slightly patchy at times as doors and window frames were done at separate times to the walls it settled after a few days and looks really good. Not the easiest treatment to apply as it is very thin (as stated on website) and starts to go tacky very quickly. Have applied 3 coats inside and out. Should protect for many years. Only time will tell. Only negative is the price but if its as good as claimed it will be worth it.
Mrs. Martina Stasak
Aug 9, 2017
Great product, easy to work with and goes a long way. Once painted, you can see this is a quality product. We used it for our daughter´s playhouse. We are planning a log cabin next summer and we will definitely use this treatment again.
Mr. Colin Waterman
Aug 1, 2017
Brilliant product, easy to apply and wash out of brushes. I went for the clear option to further enhance my cabins appearance. The only down side was not knowing where I had covered as I painted it one! Perhaps a colour tint that fades when dry would help? It takes little time to dry and does seem to be flexible as the description suggests. A good option for protection my investment.
Mr. Lee McLaughlin
Jul 31, 2017
Easy to apply and works a treat, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone needing to preserve and waterproof timber buildings/furniture.
Mrs. Susan Howarth
Jul 14, 2017
Definitely buy this in place of cheaper alternatives. If you want the f un colours us e this as a base to ensure your cabin stays looking good for longer and minimise the recoats you need. Goes on like a dream and dries to a lovely finish.
Mr. John Farrell
Jul 12, 2017
Use Carefree Prtectant Timber Treatment for the 1st time, we would normally use wood oil but tried this as Tuin recommend this wood treatment, It go's on easy and covers well, dont know how good it is only time will tell.
Mr. sanjeewa Abeyratne
Jul 1, 2017
Very good product and it's seal the cabin completely and keep the rain water away.
Mr. Michael Bates
Jul 1, 2017
Great product and has made the cabin look great need to order more for a friends. Easy to apply and will see how well it protects this winter :)
Mr. Paul Fretwell
Jun 29, 2017
Very good product. Easy to apply.
Mr. richard trayler
Jun 18, 2017
I bought 3 2.5litre tins of light oak carefree protectant timber treatment and although it is expensive it is a very good product. First coat absorbed very deep and very quick, next two coats were applied on the same day and it's looks absolutely stunning. Would definitely recommend
neale king
Jun 13, 2017
very good product,easy to use,fume free and covers well
Mr. Ronan O\'Donnell
Jun 12, 2017
Excellent product. Above and beyond similar products used in the past
Mr. Rex Rim
May 30, 2017
This is a must buy for any cabin.

I have done multiple coats prior to painting my cabin with colours
Jeffrey Davies
May 27, 2017
Quality product. Expensive but worth it
Chris H
May 4, 2017
After reading other reviews I decided to invest in this rather expensive treatment. So glad I did.
Product arrived on time and was well packed.
It was extremely easy and pleasant to apply, no nasty smell and covers quickly and easily. It does tend to foam up a bit when you work it into the corners but can be smoothed out and isn't a problem. The clear treatment brings out the grain and gives a lovely slightly honey colour. Penetrates the wood well and 3 coats give a very good finish.
Delighted with this product and the finished Jos cabin.
Apr 13, 2017
Bought white, clear and black to treat inside (clear) and outside. Black gives good dense coverage and looks good after just two coats. White is not so impressive even after three coats. Note if doing two colours on outside it does need a lot of care to avoid drips and get a nice sharp line between the two colours. Treating the exterior is a very tedious job due to the interlocking logs.
Mr. Desmond Welham
Mar 19, 2017
Excellent product. There are cheaper alternatives but went with Tuin recommendations. Glad I did as this is a superior treatment than any I've used in the past.
Des Welham
Mar 16, 2017
Excellent product. Used the light oak which gave a lovely finish.
Tip :- for the final coats I used a tin of light oak mixed with clear. (Saving £22.73 and same protection)
Mr. David Secretan
Mar 3, 2017
Found this paint to be perfect for our build and soon realised that was a great product to use, it covered really well and dried in a few short minutes. I would throughly recommened this product.
Mrs. Marie Christine Glancy
Feb 11, 2017
Following the construction of our 2 TUIN log cabins we purchased the Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment. Our first choice was to use the transparent type both in and outside however at the time it was not available for another few weeks. Desperate to protect the wood, it was decided to acquire the green protectant instead (for the exterior) and white for the door and window frames. The delivery was prompt and correct. With winter at our doorstep and living in Scotland (freezing cold and often wet), it was an exercise of patience waiting for the right opportunity to paint. It is recommended not to paint when the temperature is below 7 degrees or in wet conditions...fat chance! However, there was a good window of fairer weather and paint we did. Very easy to apply the green CPTT, not so easy with the white as one has needed several layers to have the coat look like opaque paint. However both products did the job perfectly and we are completely satisfied and recommend it wholeheartedly. We were told when the transparent protectant arrived and ordered what was needed to cover the walls and ceiling inside the cabin. It was very easy to apply and like both the other products dried within the stipulated period (within half an hour). The wood remained looking as natural as it was and it is beautiful. When one purchases a cabin of this value, it seems only normal to invest a bit more in its protection to have peace of mind. And the green looks stunning. Two very happy customers here!
Mr. Robert Hopkin
Feb 10, 2017
I have not used the preservative yet but so far sales and delivery have all been excellent. The cans came all the way from Holland on the back of a rather large lorry. Polite and helpful driver. Will let you no how it goes.
Mr. Jonathan Preston
Feb 8, 2017
Hi had a peter cabin and put clear varnish on and it is superb. No hassle and the staff and service are top of the range. Thank you tuin
P Bird
Feb 2, 2017
I took a few weeks after erecting my Aiste cabin before applying the carefree protectant. Some say it was expensive, but the plus side is it covers extremely well, has good penetration and goes a long way and is easy to apply. I didn't realise how dark the green was. Tuin have advised me that I can mix the green with white and with a bit of trial and error to get my desired colour. Will try it in a few years as strangely I have got used to the colour. 3 sides are dark green with the front face being clear the same as the inside. Drying time for the green was very good, but I found that the clear protectant took a few days probably due to lack of ventilation with the doors and windows closed due to the weather. Yes I did mix it thoroughly.

All in all a great product. I'll give it 5.
P Dillon
Jan 30, 2017
I ordered a two tins of Carefree Protect for my cabin. They arrived very well packaged, with no chance of busting open or spilling in transit. I was tempted to order the 'light oak', but changed my mind and went for the cheaper 'clear'. In fact, the clear stuff does slightly darken the wood, and it brings out the shape of the grain and knots very well, so the appearance at the end was good. I'm hoping that the natural look of the wood will last for a long time. I found it easy to use and more pleasant than other preservatives I’ve used in the past. I applied three coats, and the end result is almost as if the whole outside of the cabin is encased in a smooth plastic skin. It dries quickly, so three coats could be applied in a day. It’s also water-based, so cleaning up is easy. However, once it’s dry it’s very difficult to shift off surfaces. If it gets on the skin, it has to be scraped off with a knife, so use gloves. It's expensive stuff, but it looks as though it will last and do its job well.
Mr. Mark Gould
Jan 29, 2017
Gave three coats of the clear Carefree Protectant on my Chloe log cabin and found it to be a very good product.

I found it takes 1.5 tins per external coat on the Chloe log cabin.
Mr. James Cooper
Jan 25, 2017
Expensive but worth it I looked for ages before deciding to take the plunge. Product covers really well only used 4 tins on a 5x3 cabin 2 coats inside 3 coats out which was probably 1 more than it needed and you can see the water literally rolling off only been on a few weeks but will be really happy if it lasts as long as stated as I hate painting anything, much less faf than other products as its all you need no primers or top coats, would use this again even on a normal shed as its much better than the stuff from the DIY sheds.
Mrs. Beate Page
Jan 23, 2017
Product very easy to apply, no smell and looks very good. I hope it is as good as the cabin, I am very impressed by product, ease to assemble and customer care. Cabin came as and whne promised, delivered where we wanted, no problems at all. The timbercare product arrived within 36 hours of order.
Overall can highly recommend Tuin and we have done to our friends.
George D Nott
Jan 17, 2017
I purchased three cans of the Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment. We have not used the product yet but if it lives up to the reviews there should be no issues. We ordered the product and it was delivered safely within two days. Excellent service!
Mr. Paul Adams
Jan 11, 2017
At first glance this is pricey but having spent some good money on a cabin you want it to last. The coverage of this preservative is excellent, we used Dark Green, and for a 3 x 3m cabin plus other fixtures we attached to the main structure we got three coats out of two tins. The water repellent properties are excellent and far superior to the usual DIY superstore products and it dries in half an hour so throughout the construction process we were able to apply to some of the pieces that would be less accessible when assembled and not slow the build process down. Highly Recommend.
Ms Ali G
Dec 7, 2016
We are still in the process of treating our Wolfgang cabin - on the 2nd coat now - we've used 7.5 litres (3 tins) so far.

Even after 1 coat the water repellent properties are evident. The treatment goes on easily, the first coat soaks up a lot of paint and as other reviewers have mentioned, stir - a lot - before use.

We just need to save up for another tin (or two) and wait for some warmer weather to finish off protecting our investment.

Worth the money.
Mr. Paul Carpenter
Dec 7, 2016
Really easy to apply. Took approx 1 and half 2.5 litre cans to cover a sigrid cabin with 2 coats. Good product. Fast delivery.
David Elliott
Nov 20, 2016
Yes it is expensive but it does go a long way.
We had the "clear" version which is easy to apply, although sometimes the light makes it difficult to see what you have or have not painted. It can "foam" up in application but this can be brushed out. It is easy to work into the log joints. The waterproofing properties seem good so far. We applied 3 coats inside and out. I have not quite finished the inside yet but intended putting it on the floor as we like the colour the clear dries at - a light honey. Not sure if it will take the wear on the floor but we shall see. One tip, although you will find no instructions for brush cleaning on the tin or on the Carefree web site - white spirit and then soapy water (warm) does the trick. It does dry very very quickly in warm weather.
Andrew Gilbert
Oct 20, 2016
Very easy to put on and very impressed a bit pricey but well worth the money.
Mr. Simon Howlett
Oct 14, 2016
I have bought to try both the white and green of this product. I am using it on a shed and for repairs to a conservatory. Both colours go on very easily and soak quickly into the timber. Whilst the white seems a little opaque for the first coat, the colour does build with successive coats. Wear a hat if painting overhead, as the paint is thin and runny. To early to say how effective it will be over other treatments - time will tell.
Gary Ward
Oct 8, 2016
Bought a litre can to do the bits under the eaves and on the end that gets most weather, loved it so much i decided to wait until it was back in stock so i could get 5 litres more and do the whole thing. Yes its quite dear but you get what you pay for IMHO. I'm not going to pay all this for a lovely cabin that is to last years and cover it in cheap fence paint. I used the clear as i wanted the wood to show fully so cant say what the coloured is like but the clear seems great.
Mr. Jake Stevenson
Sep 20, 2016
As other reviewers have stated this product is very expensive, however your log cabin is a big investment and it would be foolish not to protect it. The treatment is very easy to apply and protects the timber from water penetration thereby prolonging the life of the cabin. For me it was worth the additional cost.
Mr. Ivan Atkins
Sep 15, 2016
Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment went on very easily and almost invisibly. After a week or so you can see the skin doing its job particularly at the ends of the logs around the tongues and notches. It obviously ends up as a skin because on washing the brushes and rollers you are left with rolls of skin in the sink similar to skin peeling after sunburn ! We have had several days of very heavy rain after the cabin went up and it is totally dry.
Miss. Suzanne Fossey
Sep 12, 2016
This is thin paint but very, very effective! We still only have two coats on the log cabin but can see it's working in the rain! Really good.