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GREG WILCOX :  Tanalised Shed - The Hugo:
Jun 25, 2021
In the first instance I was contacted to by Tuin who added an £80 delivery charge on top of the cost of the shed as I was out of area for free delivery. This actually meant anywhere outside England, regardless of it actually being a shorter distance to Cardiff than some English postcodes. Down to the delivery company apparently! The driver was great and very helpful.
So the shed itself. Firstly the plans/instructions were appalling! How difficult would it have been to identify the parts with numbers/letters?
We got there in the end but the doorway is not very ridged and wobbles when the doors are opened/closed. It would be so easy to force the doors apart! I also measured the thickness of the timbers used in the walls, roof, floor and doors and it appears that 12-13mm is the actual thickness and not 16mm as advertised on the website. Some of the patterns of the panels do not match.
Not impressed really!
Apr 4, 2021
This playhouse is terribly made 1st thing there wasnt enough floorboards to complete the floor or enough felt for the roof so had to go out and buy more materials on top of the price. Also there is a massive gap all the way round the door frame so the door doesnt fit properly. 100% would NOT recommend this product
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. A gap has to exist around the door and is the same for any playhouse. This is to avoid a sheer trap for little fingers.
Mr. John Allen :  Tongue and Groove 28mm Timber:
Dec 20, 2020
I had to buy a sample, & payP&P. It took so long to arrive that in the meantime I made my own logs for the extension I had planned and now You ask me to review your service, Amazing cheek on your behalf. I really Did not want to give you even the 1 star I appear to need to give for you to accept my review.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, we are sorry the sample piece of wood did not arrive quickly enough. We did experience quite a few issues this year which affected our service at some points. We apologise for any inconvenience.
Colin Hoggett :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Oct 5, 2020
In hindsight I would never use shingles again. You do not need to take my word for it do a little research online for IKO roof shingles and you'll find they are not good to say the least. We waited for warm weather to fit ours however the bitumen strips obviously didn't take as I'm up on the roof every time the wind is above 20 mph - to the point I am now seriously considering putting quality roofing felt over the whole lot. It's a shame to risk a beautiful building with rubbish shingles. Shingles may look great on a summer's day but I wouldn't even help someone build a summer house if they were putting IKO shingles on.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. We have tried to contact you regarding this. IKO shingles have been used for many years across the world with great success and without problems. If you find shingles lifting it is normally down to the nailing and fitting. Please send us some pictures of your install and we can help further and advise.
Jul 21, 2020
Part of the timber was delivered like a banana have tried contacting many time but the company has not bothered to reply I would use with caution very poor customer service
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. We have had some difficulties during the pandemic with huge demand and lower staff levels as staff are sick or self isolate. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you but are clearing the backlog and all emails will be responded to and any replacements needed will be sent.
Jul 13, 2020
The one star is for the abysmal customer experience I have tried to contact so many times before and after buying this cabin because of order issues and parts missing from my order still no one has seen fit to contact me to resolve my problems. Surely when you make an order you should be afforded some attention to ensure your happy with what you’ve ordered and received, I will definitely not recommend this company to anyone.
Jul 7, 2020
I placed an order 2weeks ago . I have tried contacting you by telephone and email and have had no response. I had some pre order and delivery enquiries but have heard nothing. I hope the service improves. I nevertheless placed the order as this log cabin was on offer.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. We do agree that our service had become poor over this pandemic crisis for which we are extremely sorry.

We have been overwhelmed with enquiries and orders and our staff working from home and social distancing has been struggling. We are trying to recruit new staff to take up the demand but it does take time.

We are pleased to hear you took advantage of one of our offers. These have all been stopped now to slow our sales and enquiries to we can catch up with the backlog and return to our top customer service.

We have also increased our delivery times to also slow enquiries and orders and the backlog. In fact we are trying to put people off buying from us until we can return to normal.

Please be reassured you will be very pleased with your building when installed. You will also be pleased with the low price you paid.

We hope we all return to normal and that future customers will bare with us while we build the teams to cope with the demand and once again offer amazing value for money with heavily discounted products from Tuindeco and the service we were known for up to April this year in 2020.

Sean Spence :  Larch Storage Box:
Jun 18, 2020
Having been delighted with our purchase of a Tuin summerhouse earlier this year, we were very disappointed with the larch storage box delivered to us. All four corner timbers of the box were split with two broken in to three pieces, which presumably occurred during transit. This product is of poor construction and due to the damage is unusable and so we have asked to return it for a refund. Tuin you can do better than this.
Jun 12, 2020
Quality of stain is excellent. I used one 2.5L tin to provide exactly the right coverage for One coat of a 2.9m x 2.9m Jorgen Pent Cabin.

However the “Light Oak” Colour has actually come up a garish, bright orange which has caused quite a few comments by neighbours and to be honest is really quite ugly.

I have had to now buy a paint to cover it up which I really didn’t want to do.

Credit to Tuin customer service team though, they have been helpful in organising a refund (but it’s still left me out of pocket through returning the product and meant that I’m going to have to now cover up the lovely wood effect of the cabin)

5 stars for the quality of the product and Tuin customer service

1 star for the horrible orange colour of the “Light Oak”
Mr. Geoffrey Hills :  Selma Log Cabin Gazebo 5.8m x 3.5m:
May 29, 2020
Where do I begin, when I discovered that the window opened inwards I thought it must be a mistake, but no even though when open it is over half the width of the cabin design error or bad design. the solution according to tuin is to buy another window to replace it. NO CHANCE. even the window stay would have to fit on the outside WHAT A JOKE. Usual problem with post supports 3 useable 1useless still waiting for replacement. Roof shingles we didn't get what we asked for and the ones we received turned out to be 2 different colour styles, would have been nice to have been informed. Still trying to get building to stand up straight even though it is sitting on a reinforced concrete base and yes it is level and flat. Open end wall being supported by 4inch square post trying to get the twist out of the banana logs, so all in all not a happy bunny would NOT recommend Selma log cabin. This is the second cabin we have had(summer house) and it will be the last, not just because of cabin itself but the lack of help when asked for, check your Emails
Geoffrey Hills
Mrs. Eve Baillie :  Perlund Log Cabin 3x3m:
May 8, 2020
I purchased the Perlund log cabin and have been really pleased with it.

The kit was delivered as near as possible to my front door and a few days later was installed by recommended installers. Warren was marvellous and very quick.

I have been painting with the protective treatment occasionally since.

The log cabin is sturdy and I am sure will last for years. It is really attractive and has been much admired.

I would certainly recommend Tuin.
Boo Jones :  Potting Bench:
Apr 17, 2020
If I could leave ZERO stars I would. Disgusted with the state the parts arrived in. The tin looked like it had been run over. The instructions were ripped. Like another reviewer my husband had to screw his own holes into the wood as it was so badly done. For the price it’s unacceptable. The worst part was the TOTAL LACK of customer service to accept the problems and my complaints! Instead they said “but it did arrive in time!” Amazing response. Disgusted from start to finish. Will never buy from them again.
Catherine Stewart-Liberty :  Potting Bench:
Jul 9, 2019
My husband took over 3 hours to assemble this bench, his carpentry abilities are better than average, it was extremely hard to assemble compared for instance to products from Ikea.
Sean Barry :  Adjustable Post Support:
May 6, 2019
Cut and drilled post with 10mm drill bit per instructions, thread on screw looks closer to 11mm so very tight fit inserting into post. Had to use pliers to screw the thread up into the post. The welding of the bottom plate was very flimsy and sheared off as the bolt was inserted. Extracted with difficulty, will be contacting Tuin for a replacement
Oct 23, 2018
Awful, don't be persuaded by the notes on their website. I bought a cheaper log cabin ten years ago and this time i thought i would get the best i could afford. Their website goes on about how good the wood is they use in their log cabins, whereas in realty, it's just as bent and warped as everyone else's. Their website video says not to use any nails/screws when putting together, BUT THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN DO THAT. The wood is so warped i had to put vertical bars all around to pull out the twists!
I bought a zutphen modern cabin and the instructions are nonexistent! Even the basic schematic is wrong (count the Logs!) I had no idea how to fit the windows (look at other people's photos).
Save your money and buy a cheaper log cabin From a UK company.
Sep 22, 2018
I would definitely not recommend these, agree with the other 1 star reviewer. Badly bowed and unable to straighten properly, what I did find to be very poor is that for a 6x4 cabin they came in 3m lengths so had to be joined, the composite is not stable in varied temperature, contracts badly in frost therefore comes apart at the joint. Now impossible to get water tight, so in heavy rain water gets in. Very dissatisfied and disappointed. Not sure what to do now to get water tight.
Steven Ford :  Lianne Modern Log Cabin 3x2m:
Jun 5, 2018
After reading reviews and doing a lot of research this seemed like the best choice and a professional Company,
The delivery driver was amazing so that was a good start but that was the only good part The bad points,
I know there are videos to watch
But the instructions are really a waste of time very poor.
When opening the packaged which was covered in dead bugs which only scared my wife and to be fair seemed well packed.
I placed the timer in flat piles and could notice the some timbers were warped and only become a problem when putting together, also had some bad splits I was starting to question the quiaty of this product, parts missing including a roll of roof felt, me and my carpenter started Friday and had to be finished of Sunday because of all the issues, we had to strengthen it with batterns as it was flimsy, the window had to be taken apart as it did not open,poorly put together, the roof joists were 2 different and not the same as the poor instructions, the trouble with the warped log boards is because they are not straight they put the rest of the door boards out and make it so much harder, all we have been offered were 3 new rolls of felt which is not good enough.
I am a very experienced D.i.Y er but this was a nightmare.
We did call several times Friday only to get an answer machine but did get a call back and was sent the same poor instructions no help at all, and were closed over the weekend.
Not had any help from customer service really, and you can tell a good company about the way they put the problems right.
I can only give 1 star at the moment untill I receive some of my money back.
This log cabin was not cheap and I expected so much more from this experience .
I know there can be a few issues but this was beyond a joke and felt sorry for my carpenter who had to spend extra time resolving them.

Some of the Timber had more of a bend than a David Beckham
Free kick, just be cautious when buying..
Tuin reply: We are sorry this has not been a good experience with this building and problems have occurred. I understand the team are in contact with you regarding this.
Oct 18, 2017
We purchased these foundation beams to aid the build of our cabin, sadly they only caused frustration as each length was curved to such an extent the lead beams need to be clamped to the composite in order to fix in place. Massively time consuming.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your feedback.
We are sorry to hear these were bowed, being plastic they can easily move but generally they can be pulled back into shape as you did or left in the sun the opposite way to remove any bow.

We can also send out any replacements needed for a next day AM delivery.

We are sorry if this was more time consuming than expected.
Thomas Mellish :  Storm Kit for Log Cabins:
Jun 27, 2017
Poor quality metal and fixings, only 1 set requires where as the description doesn't tell you that 1 set will do 4 corners-very misleading.
Wish I'd have made my own-£40 odd for some threaded bar and some nuts and bolts a rip off
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, the description states a 'set' which we assume is understood, we will of course now change this based on your review. This has though been described as a set for many years without an issue.

We do give instructions for a timber set and try to give as best a description as possible. We are disappointed this was not clear for you and apologise for the error.

We apologise if you found the term 'set' misleading. If additional sets were ordered in error please ask for us to collect them and we will of course do so and offer a refund.
Thomas Mellish :  Log Cabin Air Vent:
Jun 27, 2017
poor quality and expensive
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. We would be interested to know where the quality fails, please could you elaborate?

After much research and trying to source the best product for a log size the price is adequate. We think this is not bad value compared to those in the market. We do advise though you can source alternative styles and designs locally which maybe suitable at alternative prices.

Certainly if a customer finds a better, suitable product we would be interested in it and sourcing it as an alternative. We have though tried our best with this vent so it is suitable in our opinion in size, quality and suitability.

We would appreciate your thoughts on how the quality can be improved, the price and suitability and look forward to hearing from you.
Jun 4, 2017
Me and Kayleigh bought this pod and we were very disappointed!!!! My roof was leaky and there was air drafting in via the gap in the windows!!! :(((( This is not due to the builder (Kayleigh) as she is a very experienced wigwam builder. Nightmare.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review which is very concerning.

We have not had any contact from you regarding this. Please send pictures of your install and of the problems you are having and we can advise and rectify these for you.

Log Cabins are quite different from a wigwam and need some skills and set guidelines to avoid problems, expecially regarding the felt shingles and window fitment, please see this page for advice on log cabins: https://www.tuin.co.uk/blog/tuin-tuindeco-log-cabins-instruction-manual/

With pictures of your issues we can assist, we look forward to hearing from you and helping you with this.
Mr. Michael Butler :  Wooden Pergola 3x3m:
Sep 13, 2016
Not the quality i expected for the money. 2 lengths were damaged very very big knots. Instructions missing and none of the screws were the correct length. Not impressed.
Leonard Jenkins :  Log Cabin Air Vent:
Aug 20, 2016
All very well in explaining the need for a vent but what about some advice on fitting? Do you drill holes in the logs or cut out a lump with a jigsaw. Might seem obvious to some but not to me. I've bought two and need advice on how to prepare the logs prior to screwing in the plates, I presume one inside and one outside. And where is the best place to fit them?
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, please see the product page for advice on how to fit them: https://www.tuin.co.uk/Log-Cabin-Air-Vent.html

For additional advice on ventilation and the location please see this page: https://www.tuin.co.uk/blog/ventilation-in-log-cabins/

If we can help any further please let us know.
Jul 19, 2016
This summerhouse comes in a thousand pieces and the instructions are absolutely rubbish.

We spent several days trying to fafham the instructions out and after many calls of complains to Tiun they finally sent out an engineer Wayne.

Wayne was very helpful and then corrected a peice of wood that had been supplied as cut wrong!

Wayne was helpful but Richard was not. He just replied to emails and refused to answer the phone to us. He emailed back with comments like "the instructions are used europewide and others cope" and "read the instructions".

Richard also confused things further by sending a second set of instructions which contradicted the first supplied set.

If Wayne had not been sent to sort this house then we would have demanded our money back and for Tuin clear out site of their giant Jango firewood.

So with the combination of crap instructions and the summerhouse coming in thousands of unmarked pieces of wood I cannot advise you strongly enough to go elsewhere for a summerhouse than buy anything from this company.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review.

This is a harder building than normal to install and can seem confusing. I tried to help you considerably out of normal working hours to resolve your problems, unfortunately my wife and family do have priority on my days off hence the email communication. Calls are of course responded to during normal office hours when we are open. During the evenings and Sundays we only offer an email service where we try to assist. We are sorry this was not helpful.

Wayne attended site very quickly during normal work hours and gave you a lot of guidance and resolved every issue for you including showing you how to install quickly and easily.

For other customers we strongly suggest with this building and others of a similar complicated nature to have it installed by an experienced recommended installer or to contact us prior to ordering to see exactly what is involved.

Some of our buildings are NOT a simple, unexperienced DIY project without some skills, knowledge and skill set.

Having said that, with an ability to follow a set of plans and a steady, methodical, approach anyone can install these buildings. Please fully read our advice regarding installation here: https://www.tuin.co.uk/blog/tuin-tuindeco-log-cabins-instruction-manual/
ann hilditch :  Post Holder Screw Down:
Sep 10, 2015
These did not work for my Economist Gazeebo. they were to big, so i bought some from B&Q, these were to tight but i forced them on.
Mr. Alan Leslie :  Zutphen Modern Log Cabin 4.98x2.98m:
Jun 25, 2014
From the beginning of the purchese of log cabin their was a delay that I was told it was going to be available but then received email to say was delayed in Holland , I was willing to wait as this was the one I liked and looked a good size , was about 2 weeks delay and received the cabin pack whitch was delivered nice and neatly on my driveway we then carefully unpacked each piece and went off the list provided in pack as we looked at the assembly of the cabin was not an awful Lott of direction as to how you actually put it together to the example on what is provided ! Nevertheless we attempted it and started with foundation then we managed to get up to roof installation to find that the rafter beams were very warped and the profiled logs wire inadequate in measurement and had to be cut considerably to fit into place was very hard to get them to fit as we never expected them not to fit ! Also the doors beadin around glass in not the same size as the out side so when you look out looks uneven ? Also some of the logs and when I say some probably about 5 were warped and would not sit properly were in both sides but badly warped in middle so we followed advice as to were they get places from what is provided but apart from that have managed to get it all together roof and wooden floating floor and primed and painted , there was concern from me about the warped logs that don't sit as well as all the other logs and the doors look badly fitted as when you look out from inside the beading is bigger on outer side so that's a problem ? Have had to use flexible seal on the logs that were warped inside and out as no moisture can get in , to be honest it looks very nice and it's exactly what I wanted but there was quite a few faults that coursed problems and I was disappointed and feel that it was not good value when there is so many faults that we had to make do with when you have purchesed a new log cabin that you r extcited to make its just disappointing
Mr. Daniel Kincses :  Garden Decking Tile Straight:
Apr 24, 2014
Iam not happy about the service and delivery!
I order my items 21 of March.!Still wait!
I hope,I get before summer!
Thank you!