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Keith Davis :  Max Log Cabin 3.8x2.9m:
May 25, 2022
cabin arrived on time and was delivered by a very pleasant driver who was kind enough to bring it along the drive close to the house. I had already prepared the base so it took less than two days to erect and weather proof it. Very pleased with the ease and speed it went together. Quality of the timber very good. Pleased that there was no skimping on the flooring, I still have a pack left over after I finished putting it in. Altogether very pleased I bought from Tuin .This is my second purchase we also bought a shepherds hut some years ago and was also very pleased with that.
Gurmeet Birring :  Mitch Log Cabin Gazebo 3.5 x 3.5m:
May 25, 2022
Great product and service.
The gazebo was delivered as promised with no damages or missing parts.
After reading the very detailed instructions both online and the ones that came with the gazebo it was a breeze to put up.
It took two of us a day. The bulk of the time being spent on the roof shingles.
Paul Brixton :  Grande Open Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
May 24, 2022
I have gone for the Grande open gazebo from Tuin after looking on line at all the different companies that supply wooden buildings, Tuin came out on top for good value and best reviews. And I have to say I have also been very impressed with the gazebo and service I have had from Tuin. I definitely recommend this gazebo you won't be disappointed.
May 24, 2022
I love my cabin - I bought it in summer 2021 so I'm nearly a year in and it looks great. My father in law and I built it over a couple of days; the instructions were easy and if anything it was a struggle against our own nature to overcomplicate things. The driver who delivered it was really nice and navigated our small cul-de-sac with ease with his forklift.

My only regret (and this is no criticism of the cabin) is that I didn't have more time to dedicate to it, working full time at home with a very busy two year old. The consequence of that was that I had to ask for favours from family to help treat the cabin and, a year later, there are still only two coats on the exterior and one wall is starting to show its age from the sunlight. So the lesson is to make sure you can dedicate enough time to really focus on building it precisely and treating it thoroughly too.

Internally it still looks amazing and I have electrics in, furniture is coming next week so it's becoming very homely.

Where I have needed support with the build I found both the email correspondence and the out of hours email service really helpful.

If you're curious about how much treatment to buy for the cabin, I bought four tins of the clear protect and with one coat left to do I'm expecting some to be left over (great if it needs to be touched up later on). It's not cheap but I can vouch for its effectiveness at repelling rainwater.
David Gibson :  Shepherd Hut - Patricia Deluxe:
May 23, 2022
We cannot praise this product too highly as the quality of the wood and the fittings are of the highest standards.We we’re well

Prepared for the arrival of the delivery truck
as we had been well advised. The driver was the perfect person for the job. When we opened the kit we were delighted but now the hut is erected we could not be more pleased.Thank you for an excellent product at a very good price!
James Horsfield :  James Log Cabin Studio 4m x 3m:
May 23, 2022
Erected this log cabin myself and have to say its absolutely amazing quality. Instructions were in most parts straightforward. In others not so much but even so and with my average DIY skills I was able to overcome. The structure is solid and we love this which is now a cinema room/dance studio for my 2 girls .
May 23, 2022
I assembled our 4x3m Maggie cabin in March 2022, in uncharacteristically dry sunny weather. It was easy to assemble, my key tip is to check the drawing twice, and then check again before putting a piece into place! The planks are very well manufactured and the tolerances spot on, it's a quality product and it shows. I put down a damp proof membrane and built a floor using joists with 50mm insulation board between them and chipboard flooring boards on top.
I also put 50mm insulation boards on the roof and finished it with EDPM, which is 100x easier to work with than felt. The help section and blog on the Tuin website was enormously useful, especially the bits on foundations and base.
...so now the power is in we have a terrific work / chill / sleepover space in the garden. I've painted it with Tuin's Embadecor paint, it's excellent quality paint and goes on beautifully but the 'light pine' is much yellower than I expected. So much so that I'm thinking of painting the window frames green in tribute to Norwich City.
I would recommend a Tuin cabin to anyone.
Spencer purl :  Log Cabin Air Vent:
May 22, 2022
Well made vent looks great once fitted.
I added some fine mesh behind it to stop insects getting in
Claire Bennett :  Gabby Pent Gazebo 6.78 x 4.3m:
May 22, 2022
We ordered the Gabby Pent to go at the end of our garden to give us shade and a social covered area. We are so pleased with the results. Tuin’s customer service and delivery were outstanding and the product that got delivered was exactly as the picture in the advert. We really like the look and feel of the Douglas timber and the contrast with the black clapboards is really nice. I highly recommend this gazebo.
Just a note to warn others, We didn’t have planning for this area and as this structure is 2.7m high it would of been illegal but we were able to cut it down to 2.5m to bring us inline with UK law, due to us being close to a neighbours boundary.
We managed to build the Gabby Pent in just 2 days between 2 of us and the instructions were so easy to follow. Thanks again Tuin
May 21, 2022
Excellent product !was actually thinking of self build but price increases and quality of timber were shooting through the roof ,so opted for Yorick cabin after extensive research! delivery team spot on, driver brilliant.erected cabin on my own and have to say lifting a 5m log above your head in the middle and locating into position was pretty impressive , precision machining .the hardest part was treating it so maybe look at getting it already done .to find fault is tough the only thing maybe and I'm been picky is the door and window furniture could be a little better quality!Already recommended to several friends.
Tanya Williams :  Charlotta Log Cabin 7.0x3.0m:
May 21, 2022
Great log cabin and canopy, it look 2 people 1 day to erect, we recommend you watch the video clips on Tuin's website.
Neil Brown :  Chappo Log Cabin 5.98x3.0m:
May 21, 2022
The chappo log cabin when delivered looked intimidating as it was a 6m flat-pack pallet. Needn't have worried as the instructions along with the you-tube videos meant it was easy enough to fit together - tip, make sure all the bits of wood are marked up - makes it quite easy. Definitely 2 person task lifting and putting in place the EPDMA roof. Really pleased with my log cabin and would recommend the product and service.
Mrs. Sarah Whalley :  Ultimo Gazebo 4.44 x 6.94m:
May 20, 2022
Gazebo came well packaged on a pallet. Delivery went well. Assembly was difficult at times but this was not because of the build plans, we made the fatal error of not placing the parts together. This meant hunting for the correct pieces, we used a process of ellimination and eventually got through it.
As for quality, all components look spot on and I suppose only time will tell. Overall I am pleased with the product and has created a perfect place.
Mrs. Diane Gilmour :  Bertil Log Cabin Gazebo 7.9 x 3.0m:
May 20, 2022
We are the proud owners of a Tuin Bertil log cabin with side veranda. From first viewing the website, through to delivery and installation, everything has run smoothly. We changed our cabin choice, then once decided upon the Bertil, upgraded the flooring in the cabin. Alterations were always confirmed by email as soon as we discussed changes over the telephone We selected a delivery date, which was confirmed. The drivers called us the night before delivery to say they were here in the UK and would be with us between 7am and 9 am the next morning. The cabin was safely on our drive by 07.15. The driver unloaded the kit and using the fork lift truck, expertly drove round our development and placed it on our drive. We already has the concrete base in situ, and used Warren Young who was recommended by Tuin, to do the installation for us. He and his colleague completed the job in 2 1/2 days, leaving everything beautifully tidy. The right hand door had warped slightly, but has now settled in.. can't recommend Tuin highly enough.
Mrs. Margaret Fisher :  Curved Garden Arch 120cm:
May 20, 2022
The curved arch was quick to be delivered when ordered. It is of good quality and the instructions for assembly were very easy to follow. We have ordered a pergola previously from Tuin. The product is of good quality and much admired by all who visit us. Will definitely order from this company again.
May 19, 2022
It took us 12 months to decide on our log cabin. We researched a lot but kept coming back to this one. The 21 reviews on the website reassured us, as it was a lot of money.
It was a simple process to order, allowing us to refine our order with the options.
Delivery was excellent, I was worried about access considering the size of the lorry as we are rural. It was the last delivery of the day at 6pm, not a problem. Des the driver had a long day but what a lovely man, very happy and professional, thank you.
I am a Carpenter/Builder so I have the skills to erect the cabin myself, its been up three weeks now. The plans where a challenge for me , but the next one will be a piece of cake.
To sum up, it is the perfect choice for us and fits into our garden better than I expected.
The quality is good and we love it.
My wife works from home, so we have had a lot of positive feedback from her clients.
May 19, 2022
The Lory is such a well designed product - the two side windows with the open doors give lots of flexibility. Very well engineered, and customer service is really excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tuin and the Lory.
Mr. robert frost :  Daniel Corner Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m:
May 18, 2022
Helpful, pleasant delivery driver, placed the package by my rear gate. The well machined sections of my corner cabin locked together without issue. I chose to fit my own flooring which I completed after construction with insulation. An excellent product which I have no hesitation in recommending.
John Raybould :  Nilsson Corner Log Cabin 3.5x3.5m:
May 18, 2022
Our cabin arrived on time, and the driver was very skilled and helpful, having to park some distance away and negotiated a long narrow driverway to the back of the property. (Above and beyond) The quality of the wood is very good with few knots. It was easy to build, took two of us a day to get it to roof height and another day and a half to finish the build. Highly recommended.
Peter Hyne :  Storm Kit for Log Cabins:
May 17, 2022
Great idea and a must have if you consider the cost of replacing a lost roof.
May 17, 2022
The experience with Tuin from ordering to building my Kennet log cabin was 5 star excellent, as is the cabin quality.
May 17, 2022
A faultless delivery by a very helpful driver (Brian) who placed the packed cabin exactly where requested. The cabin itself is very good quality and very well machined for a perfect fit which makes installation so much easier. The carefree timber treatment, although not cheap is a dream to paint with and covers really well, so far I've applied two external coats (two to go) and used two and a quarter 2.5 lt tins. The free shingles were easy to fit and again top quality. My order was missing the storm kit but a quick email and that arrived the next day by courier. It is that sort of great service (when there is a small issue) that sets a company like Tuin apart from the others. I just wish I had the room for another cabin so I could order again.
Richard Eccles :  Dyre Log Cabin 4m x 3m:
May 16, 2022
Great quality cabin. My Dyre cabin arrived nicely wrapped which was good as the groundwork was not complete. A week later i unwrapped it and started the build in 2 days all the wood work was complete and the felt shingles were fitted on day 3. all aspects of the build were easily completed and i would not hesitate in using TUIN again.
Richard King :  Samos Larch Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
May 16, 2022
We bought a Tuin Samos Larch Gazebo. Would certainly recommend the larch over other woods as finish is superb.

Tuin website is fantastic for "how to" installation instructions and if correctly set out everything just drops into place, need a few tweaks to make roof perfect but that's just me!

Now considering adding side kits and handrails for aesthetic effect.

Overall we feel we made a very good choice and will post pictures once complete.
John Bush :  Samos Larch Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
May 15, 2022
We recently purchased this gazebo and built it ourselves. The instructions that come with it are rather basic but coupled with the advice on the website it is easy enough to do although it's best not to hurry it. I found all communication to be very quick and helpful. The end result is a lovely looking gazebo that has had great feedback from friends and neighbours.
Mr. Paul Marenghi :  Daisy Log Cabin 3.5 x 2.5m:
May 15, 2022
Having recently bought a Daisy log cabin, I must say I was very happy with it and its delivery. I have a narrow a drive entrance but the forklift managed, no problem. I have no building experience but a friend who did, with my help managed adequately. The instructions took some working out but we managed using the various videos available and good common sense. I am extremely happy with the product that my wife has turned into a Summer house/Craft Cabin. It was a Birthday present that has enhanced our garden and now keeps her very happy and occupied. It only has to have electricity supplied to make it complete. If I had to find any criticism it would be with the door hanging. They did not sit flush together and had to be fiddled with before getting it right. other than that it all went together pretty well. I would recommend Tuin Products as I did some research prior to buying and found them to have an extensive range of products with very competitive prices.
May 14, 2022
Really really pleased with my cabin and with Tuin's service throughout. The delivery time was short and the delivery itself simply faultless. The driver called me from the ferry since I was the first dropoff. I'd tipped him off that it was a tricky delivery since I'm on a narrow cul de sac opposite a primary school, and where the nearest spot for his wagon to park was. Next I knew was cheery and skilful guy using his fork lift to drop it precisely where it needed to be at a time well clear of the school rush. No hassle to me or neighbors. Very professional check off that I'd got all I needed then away he was. No more than 15 mins in all. Assembly was a dream. Good instructions, even though I was working alone I got it all up a day and a half and a further two half days to get the shingles on. I followed the blog advice and installed insulation boards under the shingles and under the floor. A further day to get the floorboards, doors , storm stays, gables and guttering on. Everything fitted perfectly. The suggested clear timber treatment is easy and quick to apply with very little mess. I've put on three coats outside and one inside. I've added a solar lighting system and its now simply palatial. I wanted this mostly as a garden and timber store for wood I'm seasoning ( I'm a carver and woodturner) but this cabin is good enough to live in! Really good products!
Tim Wright :  Hattem Modern Log Cabin 6x3m:
May 14, 2022
After much discussion at home and with Tuin, we ordered a Hattem cabin -a shed for me and a 'gazebo' for my my wife.The ladies with whom we spoke when ordering were patient, understanding and easy to work with. Ten days later, the shed arrived - super delivery man who left it exactly where we wanted it. Once we had built , the decking, the cabin went up quickly and easily. As always, make sure that you take time to get the foundation right. One thing I would say is to try to stain/protect/paint as much as you can before putting up. - or even better I think that we probably would have ordered a ready protected/painted unit.
Two of us built the decking and put up the cabin. We were in no hurry because of the beautiful weather and it was completed on the third day. the painting and staining took quite a few hours more, but we are delighted with the end product. There has been a little movement in the wood, otherwise no problems.
For the overall cost and the ease of construction, we would certainly recommend this cabin and Tuin themselves.

Thank you and good luck to anyone who also buys and builds from them!
Stuart H :  Garden Gate Latch:
May 13, 2022
Great sturdy product, made of brass for anti corrosion. Service was second to none as are the prices in my opinion.
Helen Gardner :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
May 13, 2022
This was delivered, after a long manufacturing delay due to Covid, just as the weather changed for winter. The delivery took about 5 minutes and everything was on stretchers and wrapped against the elements. I paid one of the recommended installers to put it up for me while I was at work one day and I'm delighted so far. The floor has been thickly insulated and it feels really cosy.
I've managed to get one coat of sealant and most of the first exterior coat of pain on before the weather got too wet and cold, making sure I added extra coats onto the cut ends. The remaining coats will have to wait for +5degrees air temperature.
One point - a couple of the planks have had heavy weeping of resin so will need attention when the weather inproves. All the others ave been fine.
During the bad weather (local floods) I've sealed and painted the inside and we're currently doing the fitting out.
I'm delighted by the build quality so far and looking forward to some drier weather to enable me to finish painting the outside.
Thank you Tuin, it was worth the wait.
May 13, 2022
Mrs. Jane Thomson :  Ingrid Corner Log Cabin 3x3m:
May 12, 2022
Excellent service and delivery
Good quality
Use a recommended installation very happy
Mr. Mark Craig :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
May 12, 2022
Excellent product, great to have in the garage, just in case of losing a shingle or two. Even a single pack is heavy though, and you need somewhere flat and dry to store it. Fast delivery.
Mr. Richard Mellis :  Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment:
May 11, 2022
With a cabin on order, and in preparation for that, I ordered some of the Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment for a new fence. Having previously painted gates and fences with standard fence paint, I used a sprayer to apply this to the fence and it went on brilliantly in a very short space of time. Neighbours couldn’t believe how quickly it could be applied and the finish is excellent. Looking forward to receiving our cabin and painting it with more of this treatment. Highly recommended.
Spencer purl :  EPDM Glue tube KS96:
May 11, 2022
Great for fitting the gutter outlet , works well at holding it and rubber membrane in place
Mr. Jonathan Orton :  Mitch Log Cabin Gazebo 3.5 x 3.5m:
May 11, 2022
Delivery was as promised and driver could not have been more helpful, building erection was simple following the instructions provided
Raymond Lewin :  Daniel Corner Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m:
May 10, 2022
This cabin is just wonderful .
First thing the delivery company were 1st class , nothing was too much trouble , and the delivery went off well , could not bring the lorry up our road , but used a electric truck that he took from the back of his lorry .
Fortunately the carpenter had installed a similar model to one of our neighbours and was familiar as to how too install , but even then he found a few odd things that he was able to correct .He said that good installation information would have been very welcome .
It is up and running now and already varnished , and looks super .
He did install as an extra a waterproof sheeting under the shingles and under the floor which adds a further protection which I was very pleased about . Our neighbours have already said how good it looks against a similar style , but there is no comparison when you compare the quality .
The saying goes you get what you paid for , so true .
We had a small problem with the window sills , but after a phone call it was sorted out immediately.
Very pleased would certainly buy again , but do be very careful who you get to install it , it could cost you a lot off lost sleep , and if you are doing it yourself good luck .
May 10, 2022
Overall all we have been very pleased with the Gunnar log cabin. The delivery process was super slick with the driver able to deliver down our narrow lane very efficiently. I would rate us a competent DIYers and with myself, my wife and my daughter it took us 4 days to get the structure up. Hard work but easy step is doable and logical from the plans. Day 1 was sorting all the bits and getting the based layers in and square. Day 2 was the rest of the walls, doors, window and roof beams which went together very easily. Day 3 was the roof boards (easy but takes a long time to nail) and putting on the EDPM roof for which I recommend watching the video blog and using the sausage technique, this made it very easy and quick. Day 4 was just tidying up trims etc and finishing touches which I am sure a more experienced team would have done in the 3 days. The only gripe was the lack of screws provided for the eaves boards. All the rest is per the website, just have faith in the instructions / plans and it comes together well (see photos for the end of each day).
Derek Moody :  Daisy Log Cabin 3.5 x 2.5m:
May 10, 2022
Right from the start I liked all the information on the web site ,so we took the plunge and ordered the daisy ,was delivered when they said it would be .myself and the wife put it together in a day bar the roof and all I can add is it is absolutely fantastic, very well made oozes quality very very happy

Mr. Darren Morley :  Gunda Log Cabin 4m x 4m:
May 9, 2022
We ordered the log cabin online, which said was in stock, but we got a reply a few days later saying it was out of stock. But we were promised it would arrive as soon as possible. We were very pleased with the service and it arrived within a few days of the original date. We built the shed ourselves and it was very simple to follow.
Mr. Paul Robson :  Philip Log Cabin 3.5m x 2.5m:
May 9, 2022
I'm delighted with my Philip log cabin - it arrived extremely well packed on a waterproof pallet, every part was there and in good condition when I unpacked into the rough layout on the floor (highly recommended to speed construction). Myself and a friend built it in on my concrete base in a day, with the roof tiles taking another half day. I have a spare pack of roof shingles and of floor boards left over so the supplies are generous. The wood quality and precision cuts are superb - everything fitted beautifully first time!
Tim Callaby :  Skeg Log Cabin 7.2m x 3.4m:
May 9, 2022
We brought our Skeg log cabin, after considering many of the options on the Tuin web-site. Our decision making included a visit to their showroom in Norwich. Whilst limited for space, there was enough on display to help us choose. We were particularly impressed with the help and advice on offer, without being over pushy. Ordering via the website was easy and good communication over the delivery. The delivery driver was really helpful and placed the cabin pack exactly where we wanted it. Assembly of the main cabin was relatively easy, with good instructions. We went for the composite foundation beams that were not the straightest, so a bit of a struggle to line up, but ok when you build up the walls to add weight to hold them in position. We decided to add insulation to the floor and roof, the latter being a bit of a challenge with changing weather. We were short of shingles for the roof, however on contacting Tuin they sent extra with minimal fuss. Painting the cabin took a few weeks. We went for good quality paint and varnish as suggested and this is worth it to protect the investment. Had some issues with doors and windows sticking due to the extra layer of paint, so had to rework to sort. Part way through, our garden flooded. No harm to the cabin, but we subsequently added channel drainage around the Cabin, which helped to sort what we wanted to do with the roof drainage. Final job was to put in the floor. We went with the 27mm option. Whilst there was some discolouration in the boards, but we were able to overcome and it looks really good when varnished. Overall, we really enjoyed the process. Whilst taking longer to fully build, paint, etc (most of the summer), we are really pleased with the outcome. We were extremely impressed by the service offered by Tuin in pretty much all respects. Really liked the honest and key advice via the website, combined with excellent customer service. We have happily referred other people to Tuin, including my Mum and Dad, who also brought a Cabin and then engaged us to help build theirs !! We rarely write reviews in this world of constant customer surveys, but based on our experience with Tuin, we are more than happy to share our very positive experience of them.
(Happy to supply photos to support this review)
Mr. David Sutton :  Embadecor Timber Stain:
May 8, 2022
This stain does what it says on the tin (although it’s not in English). Had to look up the information on the Tuin website. I originally purchased 2 tins which covered my Lory cabin. Soon found that I needed 2 more to finish. Ordered and arrived within 3 days of dispatch. Couldn’t ask for anything better.
May 8, 2022
Great product to go on this superb building from Tuin. As always, exemplary service and support provided.
May 7, 2022
We bought this summerhouse a year ago. It was delivered on the due date with everything intact and my husband and son had it built in a matter of days. The roof proved a wee bit tricky but they got there. The quality of the wood is fab but if I was to nitpick? The window and door fittings aren’t as good as expected and the door handle/ lock have corroded a bit over the winter. We live at the very tip of the west of Scotland and had gale force winds but our wee house came through it with no damage. Best purchase we’ve made. Would def recommend Tuin.
Mr. Luke Atkins :  Lulea Log Cabin 3x4m:
May 7, 2022
Log cabin was delivered on time with a good service. Was easy to put up after a few YouTube videos. The instructions could have been a little clearer. Very happy with the purchase
Mr. Kevin Hughes :  Bertil Log Cabin Gazebo 7.9 x 3.0m:
May 6, 2022
Excellent service, from ordering through to delivery. Also once I got my head into the instructions, was a fairly easy build, for 2.
Good cabin, and very happy with the full service.
Point to note my Instructions got wet, and a quick message, and new set was mailed within minutes.
Mr. Christopher Light :  Samos Larch Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
May 6, 2022
Really pleased with this gazebo. Good quality materials and service all around. Tips for others would include: 1) Watch and read the videos/blogs for assembly on the website (the instructions provided are pretty basic diagrams which don't give enough detail and are small. 2) Be systematic and take your time. I managed to assemble it on my own but it took 3-4 weekends. 3) Good idea to buy some glue for the roof shingles just to add extra adhesion, as in some places on the hip ridges/roof ridge the nails provided won't quite be long enough to reach the wood. 4) If not assembling immediately, store your wood somewhere dry and flat to prevent it warping in rain/sun.
Mr. Chris Johnson :  Rectangular Trellis Arch:
May 5, 2022
Yes, delivered on time and really good. thank you.
Mr. Keith Bloodworth :  Jannie Log Cabin 3x5.76m with Gazebo:
May 5, 2022
A great pleasure to deal with. A well organised company from order to delivery, offering value for money with a knowledgable staff for which nothing is too much trouble, no matter how many times you seek help. A highly recommended outfit all round.
barry blagden :  Shannon Log Cabin 4.5m x 2.5m:
May 5, 2022
Highly recommend
Customer service is excellent
Delivery was amazing dropped of on my drive and excellently packaged
It took me a day to erect the log cabin and a further day to fit the shingles on the roof
I am very pleased with the cabin and all my friends have commented on how good it looks
I m now looking forward to fitting it out to use as my garden pub
Mr. Alan Hawkes :  Georg Log Cabin 3x2.6m:
May 4, 2022
Beautiful product. Very satisfied with quality. Sturdy and “ impressive “
Mr. Tracy Gamble :  Grande Open Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
May 4, 2022
Our beautiful gazebo was such good value and the quality is superb. We can now sit in the garden no matter what the weather. The delivery service was excellent too!
Mrs Deborah Smith :  Dagmar Corner Log Cabin 3.5x3.5m:
May 4, 2022
We purchased a Dagmar Corner Log Cabin.Excellent Service and communication from Tuin- delivered as arranged - delivery driver rang 1 hour before arriving and unloaded to where we requested - great service. Instructions were great, easy to follow. Quality is 5* - Wouldn't hesitate to purchase from Tuin again or recommend. Thank you Tuin.
Mr. Stephen Platt :  Maggie 40mm Log Cabin 4m x 3m:
May 4, 2022
After searching the market for a good quality log cabin I decided to go with Turin and I’m really glad that I did. From the very start I found the Turin team (in particular Will) extremely helpful from ordering the exact cabin specification to the delivery which went very smoothly. The cabin itself was extremely easy to build and I’ve been very impressed with the quality of materials supplied. The online instructions and paper instructions which came with the cabin were easy to follow and I found that I could research each stage of the build inline to give me the confidence to construct the cabin as easily as possible. Great service, great product, I would definitely recommend.

Regards Mr Platt - Cornwall
Caroline Adams :  Truus Log Cabin 5.95x5m:
May 3, 2022
Fantastic service from start to finish. Couldn't be happier & the cabin is simply stunning
B Morgan :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
May 3, 2022
I purchased several packs of IKO Shingles in order to complete a gazebo. Prompt delivery by TUIN and having researched various other brands was not disappointed with the quality of the purchased shingles. Excellent service , communication and quality products.
May 3, 2022
The product turned up on time. It is really good quality. Communication throughout was good. Will definitely recommend and use again.
Helena Stanbury :  Tourist Open Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
May 2, 2022
Our new gazebo will be a wonderful addition to the garden. It took roughly 2 1/2 days for two people to put up. It has given us an additional garden room where we have a table for 6 people and still room around us under the roof.
May 2, 2022
Was very impressed with the efficient delivery, ease of set up instructions and quick response to any queries had during build.
Log cabin looks excellent and materials are well made and solid! Definitely would recommend any tuin products to anyone.
John Taylor :  Lulea Log Cabin 3x4m:
May 2, 2022
I purchased my cabin 12 months ago and wanted to see how good the product was before leaving a review. Very pleased with all aspects from the quality of timber construction to after sales service, Delivery was perfect and went exactly as described. I went for the shingles and they do make a real difference to the look of the finished product but they do take longer to install compared with a felt. I cannot stress enough that if you take time to read all the information that TUIN provide both the website and the paper instructions not once but twice and watch the videos on U tube the construction will be easy and a enjoyable experience.
Spencer purl :  Log Cabin Air Vent:
May 1, 2022
Well made vent looks great once fitted.
I added some fine mesh behind it to stop insects getting in
May 1, 2022
Excellent delivery service!
We are over the moon with our cabin it has totally transferred our garden.
I have attached a few pictures.
Thank you Tuin.
May 1, 2022
Great way of getting the water off the roof without the need for guttering. Fitted 2 in the corners of out Gunnar cabin. Well made and easy to fit
Mr. Michael West :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Apr 30, 2022
Very good quality felt shingles that look much better than a standard felt roof, giving a much better look to a gazebo roof
Anne McLean :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Apr 30, 2022
I absolutely love my cabin, can’t wait to start filling it with furniture. It is great quality. Would recommend it to anyone
Dawson Mcclements :  Peggie Log Cabin 3.0 x 4.0m:
Apr 30, 2022
Absolutely fantastic we love our cabin easy to put together and looks fantastic
Mr. Terry Sargent :  Perlund Log Cabin 3x3m:
Apr 29, 2022
Excellent buy delivered on time by very helpful driver, build quality was excellent everything fitted perfectly excellent quality very pleased with summer house.
Joseph Williams :  Paiva Log Cabin Gazebo 8x3.5m:
Apr 29, 2022
What a fantastic product. Very strong and exceptional value. Service was brilliant as well. Brought to end of drive and took it to where it was required on a forklift. Excellent service from Tuin. Informed all of the way from order to delivery.
Rev. Samuel Burnett :  Elizabeth Log Cabin 4.5m x 3m:
Apr 29, 2022
This is my second Log Cabin from Tuin and as expected it is amazing, the ordering was quick and easy, the delivery was on time and the cabin it’s self is top quality! So fun to build, the whole family got involved! It was easy to build with super helpful instructions and online support! Thank you again Tuin, I would happily encourage anyone to get one of these cabins!
Mr. Michael West :  Felt Shingle Glue 310ml:
Apr 28, 2022
Great quality glue used for the felt shingles on my gazebo roof all suppled by Tuin
Mr kiddie :  Sauna Barrel 300:
Apr 28, 2022
Very great service from start to finish , great little sauna ,well recommended
Mr. Alan McCallum :  Riina Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Apr 28, 2022
Finally got round to purchasing my corner log cabin to go with my Gazebo. At the time of purchase the deal on the Riina was a no brainer. Saving of £930 certainly was the enticement to upgrade to the thicker walled model.
This delivery experience was just as good as previously. Was given my date and again the fantastic and very friendly delivery driver arrived half a day early after calling me and informing me this was a possibility.
Again a wonderful product the build quality of the log cabin is brilliant. Not to mention the really well engineered double glazed window units.
The build was easy I'm still putting the roof on as my spare time has been eaten up recently. But there as been no issues. It has been a really joyful project.
Looking forward to finishing the roof and adding guttering. Treating the outside and getting on with stove installation.
Summers going to be great in the Garden but bring on Autumn we will be cozy and ready...
Honestly could not recommend Tuin and their products anymore.
Mr. Andy Caulfield :  Grande Open Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
Apr 27, 2022
I bought the Grande Gazebo as I wanted something different to having a log cabin.. a place to invite friends and family whenever covid restriction were relaxed to welcome back the rule of 6 and this gazebo is perfect. Its large dimensions offers plenty of space to seat 6 people and more with plenty of room for a small corner bar to entertain. The service, delivery and product are beyong amazing and would recommend Tuin to help provide a fantastic outside space for anyone.
Mr. Reece Martin :  Lulea Log Cabin 3x4m:
Apr 27, 2022
Fantastic service from ordering to delivery, the cabin is absolutely brilliant, fantastic quality, it went up in the afternoon with no problems at all, 100% happy with everything, thanks tuin.
Apr 26, 2022
From the moment I placed the order, to the day I completed the build, Tuin have been excellent. Always keeping me up to date, answering any questions I had in a prompt manner and just being people I felt I could trust. My log cabin looks great and would 100% recommend Tuin.
Mr. neil Rawlinson :  Windows for Log Cabins - Double Glazed:
Apr 26, 2022
I ordered an extra d/glazed window for my Daisy log cabin. Following the recommendations on the blog, I completed the cabin build and then installed the new window. Very easy to fit and completes the job
Miss. Laura Wilson :  Felt Shingle Glue 310ml:
Apr 25, 2022
I bought this glue to as an extra bit of adhesive to the shingles, i was told it was easy to use and very pliable, my shingles have remained in place despite recent 70 MPH winds of storm Arwen. I would recommend this to give your shingle a long secure life.
Jacqueline Watson :  Log Roll 40cm:
Apr 25, 2022
Good quality, solid wood roll. Good delivery service. You do need to buy pins as well to fix it. Looks great.
Mrs. EL James :  Sadie Log Cabin 5m x 3m:
Apr 25, 2022
We bought a sadie cabin from tuin following a recommendation from a friend who bought a small cabin to house garden furniture. We were looking for a space for my teenaged/adult children to socialise and wanted a space big enough for a seated table area and a comfy sofa space.
We are not DIY enthusiasts and have no experience of building anything other than a B&Q shed which fell apart and rotted where we hadn't quite got it right so this purchase was daunting. We watched you tube after you tube video and all the ones on the TUIN website as well as reading all the blogs on Tuin before we went for it. The base was done for us by another company and was nicely level but even so, laying the composit beams, cutting them to size and making sure all was square was stressful and probably the more difficult part of the build. Once done, the cabin was like a lego pack and went up very quickly. Important to stop and check every few layers that you're still square at the corners as the cabin still moves as you work on it but we did that ok. We chose to insulate our roof so after the roof boards were nailed in, we secured battons over the top and inserted PIR boards covered with Ply. This means raising the facia board which looked terrible with only one board. We chose to abandon a board at the back of the cabin and use it to attach to the front one so that we had a two board width of facia to play with. It worked well. We then fitted the EPDM roofing which was MUCH easier than we had expected. Its a nice heavy material so doesn't flap about, sits where you put it and is nice and flexible. As a whole sheet though for this size its VERY heavy and needs a few of you to pull it into place. Finally we also insulated the floor before adding the boards we bought with the cabin from Tuin.
IN terms of difficulty, the instructions could be much better-bit more in line with lego instructions or IKEA so there was some confusion over which nails or screws went where etc, also the fitting of the doors was hard as there were limited instructions for novices on how to adjust the hinges and get a good fit. That said, when we ran into those problems we emailed the help desk and no matter what day or time, someone responded within 20 minutes which is EXCELLENT customer service- really never experiences such quick assistance anywhere else. This meant that we could get help throughout and solve issues where instructions didn't make sense to us. We now have a warm, beautiful cabin which all of us are enjoying as a purpose built social space. We are all really pleased with it. It has tamped down with rain already and we've had no issues with ingress of water (we have fitted a gutter to the rear to collect rain water or it really will pour like a water fall and splashes up the back of the cabin). It was an expensive treat to buy the cabin but well worth it so far. It's been completed for a few weeks now, fully treated with recommended stain/protection so I hope that it will last many years.
Apr 24, 2022
We purchased our summertime 4m x 3m log cabin 34mm logs..for this thickness tuin was the best price by far!! (We intend to use it all year round)..in March delivery was great on time and placed exactly where we wanted it..our delivery man was very helpful !!
It was all well wrapped and watertight which was great as it was not being built until easter.myself and my wife decided to do the construction ourselves.it went up really well and only took a day to build the shell ..roof and shingles I done myself it took a day and a half...definitely recommend the shingles they look fantastic!! The only downside to the build was the instruction booklet not very explanatory...but for the average diy..er not a problem.
All in all a fantastic product and are very pleased with our purchase and would most certainly recommend tuin to anyone looking for something the same or similar.
Many thanks
Tony and mandy wright
Apr 24, 2022
I chose Tuin as they have the most detailed help webpages imaginable. The Lennart fitted my needs and I found the quality to be first rate. Due to the website information and videos I had no cause to ask for help and I found the project really satisfying. I would not hesitate to buy another Tuin cabin if ever I had the need and I may yet build the lean-to extension. If you care considering a project like this my advice would be to study the information available in detail and in particular the many tips for each stage of the build.
Apr 24, 2022
Thank you, Tuin for the wonderful service.

Presale: Our queries about the product were quickly answered and we happily ordered the EPDM roof sheet separately.
Sale: There was an issue with payment by credit card but it was quickly addressed. Prices of logcabins have gone up significantly but still the product was well-prriced.
Delivery and product: This is the second time we used Tuin. The James cabin is a lot bigger than what we had ordered before. The product was delivered on the agreed date and took 3 weekends to put together for one person -- it was a lot of work but totally worth it.
Now waiting to paint it and put the electrics. From the looks of it, the cabin should stay for a long time!
David Gregory Choyce :  Tuin Parts:
Apr 23, 2022
I ordered a replacement canopy for my Tuin wooden gazebo by phone. Tuin were polite and helpful and, once stock availability was confirmed, invoicing and payment arrangements followed quickly and easily. The canopy arrived within a few days.
One suggestion about the canopy, which is pretty robust. When it rains, water pools at the edges of the canopy by the frame. Tuin should make two drain holes on each side, with light reinforcing, to prevent stretch and degradation of the canopy.
Apr 23, 2022
Maggie cabin is great. Purchase easy & straight forward, delivery (to Scotland) also easy & without hiccup. All parts as detailed and quality excellent. Cabin easily assembled (not by me) and is a fantastic addition to our garden, giving us a great space to use in all weathers. Highly recommended.
Mr. RW COLDWELL :  Skyler Log Cabin 5x3.2m:
Apr 22, 2022
Great throughout. Skylar cabin is so good and is everything I needed space wise. Easy fitting throughout despite limited instructions, especially for the windows but we worked it out!
Mr. Darren Morris :  Storm Kit for Log Cabins:
Apr 22, 2022
Mr. Darren Morris :  Riina Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Apr 22, 2022
Amazing packing was perfectly done delivery amazing no complaints what so ever will recommend to anyone
Mr. Andrew Fitzgerald :  Tourist Open Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Apr 21, 2022
Well what do you say about the perfect transaction, this on line order was completed with such efficiency . The site is very easy to use, quick lead time and delivered on the day that I chose. The gazebo was of great quality everything required was included as promised. Well done to all concerned keep up the great service and good luck for the future. Cheers Andy Fitzgerald.
Mr. Andrew West :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Apr 21, 2022
Really surprised at the quality for the price paid. Once painted and any small knots filled the cabin looks as good as ones 5 times the price. The walls are very thick and strong and will be very sturdy. The cabin did take longer to erect than expected but I am very pleased with the purchase.
Simon Burdon :  Freddy Log Cabin 5.98x2.5m:
Apr 21, 2022
This is the second product I have purchased from Tuin the reason is simple the product is of outstanding quality far superior to the usual
cabins available in the UK the Freddy pavillion was easy to build, less than 2 days
instructions were clear and plenty of advice on their website forum delivery from Holland was good even with the problems at P & O
Ferry. if you are considering any Tuin product
do not hesitate.
Stewart Little :  Syros Larch Gazebo 4.3x4.3m:
Apr 20, 2022
We are delighted with our gazebo. Looks great. Delivery was first rate, quality spot on. Pretty easy to build for a novice too. Looks great in larch with Ozmo oil and the lights on at night. 10/10
Mrs. CAROLYN PASSINGHAM :  Jackalyn Log Cabin 5 x 4m:
Apr 20, 2022
Absolutely fantastic service from ordering to delivery,lots of communication telling us when to expect it, driver was very polite and helpful, used his fork truck to get it onto our drive, it was massive but my husband and I managed to move it all to the garden. We had it built for us and it went together very easily, it is very good quality and lots of people have commented on how well built it is for the money.
It looks a lot more expensive than it was and we are really pleased with it.we have used decking oil to protect it and it looks great, it comes with a lock and key, the windows are good with latches to hold it open.we had a concrete base laid before it went up and have laid laminate flooring inside. We are so pleased we went with Tuin, we are very happy all round and would recommend this company to everyone.
Rafal Karaszewski :  Skeg Log Cabin 7.2m x 3.4m:
Apr 20, 2022
Perfect service from start to finish. Cabin quality is superb. Assembly instructions are very clear. Cabin itself is very spacius. Would highly recommend to anyone!
Mark Dolan :  Rianne Log Cabin 5x2.5m:
Apr 19, 2022
Very pleased with the cabin, looks great, It took two and a half days to put it up, plus about the same to paint it. Instructions could be better, but we got there!
David Thomas :  Karen Log Cabin 5 x 3.2m:
Apr 19, 2022
Can’t fault this company! We bought a Karen 5m x 3m log cabin. The advice from everyone at Turin was exceptional. The cabin was delivered exactly where we wanted it despite our access being along a narrow road.
We are in Cornwall so asked our own local builder, Steve Hoon and his buddy, Jay, if they would install it for us. They laid the foundations, a traditional ring beam of reinforced concrete as the position was difficult to access for a concrete raft foundation. They installed the whole cabin and the shingles in very quick time and were most complimentary about the quality of the product, the simple instructions, the precise labelling of each part and the quality of the engineering. They commented that they hardly had to use the rubber mallets as the factory cutting was so good. I believe that was also due to the accuracy of the foundation which they had installed.
They are that impressed by this Tuin log cabin that they have already recommended the company to other customers and look forward to installing others in the local area.
I have no hesitation in recommending Tuin and our installers to anyone interested in a log cabin

David Thomas.
Apr 18, 2022
Such an excellent product - elegant and sturdy !! I now have three of Tuin's arches in varying sizes - can't recommend them enough.
Easy to assemble, even as a woman on her own - but easier still with two !!
David Hayfield :  Superior Gazebo 3.4x5.9m:
Apr 18, 2022
We purchased 2 timber Gazebos from Tuin.

I have to say the product is first class, extremely sturdy and both gazebos look amazing in our beer garden here in Whitehills.

I would highly recommend this product, great value too.
Mr. Mark Charman :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Apr 18, 2022
Used these on the summerhouse we bought of you a couple of years ago. When shed started leaking again, roof felt had been replaced only about 5 years ago, decided to use shingles as look so much better and will hopefully last much longer. First time I used them were so much easier than expected. Shed was a little bit harder as access to the back difficult, but still easy to fit. Could have done with an extra pack as more waste than on summerhouse. I assume because it is a very old shed and would not be metric. But can only see one side and that looks fantastic. Roof now matches the summerhouse and both look great.
Went back to Tuin as offered best price and free delivery.
Everything we have bought from Tuin has exceeded expecations.
Mr. David Riley :  Impregnation Fluid:
Apr 17, 2022
A bit messy due to it being so watery. 0.75ml has been enough to do the inside of a 3x3 cabin inc ceiling and underside the floor boards.

Went with Silver Grey but it ended up a bit darker than the example on the website and it's easy to see where you've put more on, like in the corners, it is quite dark. We have left it with no further treatment on the ceiling but gone over the internal walls with white Carefree and we like the effect.