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Log Cabins for Sale: Transform Your Outdoor Space with Tuin

When it comes to creating your personal oasis of tranquility or expanding your living space, log cabins offer a unique and charming solution. At Tuin, we take great pride in presenting an exquisite range of log cabins for sale that combine the rustic appeal of natural wood with modern comfort and functionality. Join us as we explore the myriad reasons why investing in one of our log cabins is a choice you wont regret.


Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

At Tuin, quality is paramount, and its evident in every log cabin we offer. Crafted from carefully selected slow grown spruce wood, our cabins are designed to stand the test of time. The precision-engineered interlocking logs ensure structural stability while exuding a timeless, rustic beauty that complements any outdoor setting.

Versatility Beyond Compare

Our log cabins are more than just charming structures; they're versatile spaces waiting to be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you dream of a cozy weekend retreat, a spacious home office, an art studio, or a guest room, our range of sizes and designs ensures that you will find the perfect cabin for your vision.


Log cabins for sale - The full range

We offer a huge range of cabins which vary in an array of characteristics which insures we are able to cater to most situations, Whether thats the style of roof, log thickness or size in general you will be sure to find a model that suits your needs.

Ease of Assembly

Worried about complicated construction? Fear not. Tuin log cabins come as pre-cut kits with detailed assembly instructions, making the process a breeze. Even if you're not a DIY enthusiast, you'll find our cabins straightforward to assemble, ensuring you can start enjoying your space sooner.


Year-Round Enjoyment

One of the exceptional features of Tuin log cabins is their suitability for year-round use. The thick models made from 40mm and above logs offer excellent insulation, keeping the interior comfortable even during the coldest months. So, whether it's a snowy winter day or a sunny summer afternoon, your log cabin is ready to provide a cozy retreat.

Enhanced Property Value

Investing in a Tuin log cabin doesn't just enrich your life; it can also enhance your property's value. These charming structures add an attractive feature that appeals to potential buyers who appreciate the unique blend of rustic beauty and modern convenience.


Log Cabins for Sale: Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Tuin log cabins for sale are more than just garden structures; they are gateways to new experiences and a testament to the enduring appeal of natural wood. Whether you seek solitude, a creative workspace, or a guest retreat, our log cabins offer a unique combination of quality, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Explore our coll

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Nysse Log Open Barn
5 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

A Log garage in the style of a traditional field barn, the Log Cabin Open Barn - Nysse. Manufactured using thick 70mm interlocking wall logs, measuring 5.95 x 5.95m.

This garage is suitable for sheltering two vehicles, a stunning focal point for any outdoor space.

Price: £8,344.44 Save £1,511.10
Kiosk Santa 3m x 2.5m

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The Santa kiosk, a market stall measuring at 3m x 2.5m. Display your products in a stylish building while under cover, the 16mm impregnated pinewood is on a substantial frame with a traditional apex roof.

Ideal for market stalls, pop up markets, trade shows and festivals.

Price: £1,939.73 Save £543.67
Dingle 70mm Log Cabin 5m x 5m
4 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The Dingle Double Glazed log cabin in 70mm wall logs, it measures 5.0 x 5.0m with a double half glazed door offset and a opening window set to the side. On installation they can be swapped as required.

Perfect for extra accommodation or an all year round garden office- The Dingle Log Cabin measures to 2.5m in height.

Price: £8,056.79 Save £1,611.36
Kukka Log Cabin Gazebo 7.0x3.5m
7 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

Another one of our log cabins focusing on dual purposes, you have the enclosed log cabin measuring 2.50 x 3.50m, perfect for use as a summerhouse and to the side you have a gazebo, sheltered area.

Perfect for entertaining and outdoor dining. To the front is a covered veranda style area. The balustrade feature finishes this lovely 40mm log cabin. Overall it measures 7.00 x 3.50m.

Price: £5,042.68 Save £939.88
Rudolph Pop Up Market Stall 3.0 x 2.0m
1 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

Our pop up Rudolph Market stall measuring 3.00m x 2.00m. Ideal for market stalls, pop up markets, trade shows and festivals. 16mm spruce timber on a substantial frame with a traditional apex roof.

Display your products in a stylish building, undercover and in style.

Price: £2,741.86 Save £719.63
Apex Roof Carport 4.0 x 6.0m
14 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

Apex Roof Carport 4.0 x 6.0m supported by substantial posts and a strong frame and roof structure. Perfect for a single vehicle.

Price: £3,096.90 Save £567.48
Alex Log Cabin 3.5m x 4.5m
5 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The 40mm Alex Log Cabin, measuring at 3.5m x 4.5m. Double glazed with double opening doors which can be placed either side as required.

Designed specifically for UK gardens with the cabin being under 2.5m in height. An ideal cabin for a garden office.

Price: £3,910.01 Save £1,103.25
Mika Log Cabin 3.8x3m
11 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

Manufactured using 28mm logs, the Mika Log Cabin features a single door flanked by two opening windows, measuring 3.8 x 3.0m.

This model is perfect as both a summerhouse and storage shed. Close to home and in the comfort of your garden, seek solace in the Mika for a peaceful afternoon.

Price: £2,969.68 Save £718.94
Bjorn Log Cabin 3x2.6m
39 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

The 28mm Bjorn Log Cabin measuring 3.0 x 2.6m with a single offset door and opening window.

A small front canopy provides shade and protection from the elements.

Price: £2,606.26 Save £519.30
Emiel Log Cabin 5.0x5.0m
11 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

The Emiel Log Cabin 5m x 5m with a large supported front canopy. Manufactured using 45mm interlocking logs and double glazing, the Emiel includes double doors and tall fixed windows with one window in a side wall.

Your very own wooden retreat, the interlocking logs of the Emiel Log Cabin present an authentic image of a Scandinavian holiday home.

Price: £5,973.08 Save £1,066.78
Johan Log Cabin 5.0x4.1m
14 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

A modern summerhouse in 34mm interlocking logs, the Johan Log Cabin measures 5.0 x 4.1m.

Featuring double doors, two opening windows and an inset porch- an excellent choice for those seeking a modern garden summerhouse.

Price: £4,528.96 Save £845.82
Sanstrov Log Cabin 3.8x5.9m
17 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The 45mm double glazed Sanstrov Log Cabin measuring overall 3.80 x 5.90m with large 2.70m front canopy and veranda. The ideal summerhouse with double doors, two tall fixed windows and additional side window.

A garden office, home gym or summerhouse - just a few of the possible uses for the large the open plan interior.

Price: £5,251.45 Save £1,075.50
Irina Log Cabin 2x1.55m
12 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

A practical storage solution in 19mm interlocking logs, the Irina Log Cabin measures 2x1.55m.

Ideal for the smaller garden.

Price: £1,503.69 Save £296.69
Charlie Log Cabin Studio 4.5m x 3.5m
9 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The Charlie Log Cabin measures to 4.5m x 3.5m and is made from 40mm thick wall logs and supplied with toughened double glazing

Under 2.5m in height ideal for UK gardens and great for use as an art studio, garden pub or as an all year round summerhouse.

Price: £3,719.90 Save £813.80
Ipswich Log Cabin 4.4 x 4.4m
12 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The 58mm Double Glazed Ipswich Log Cabin measuring 4.4m x 4.4m with a 2m verandah and canopy. Overall this building is 4.4m x 6.63m.

A spacious and airy building offering full glazed front and three opening windows to the side. Perfect as additional living space, this log cabin benefits from double doors and a side opening window

Price: £6,981.73 Save £1,332.61
Berlin Log Cabin 4.9x5.3m Upper Floor and Double Glazed in 45mm Logs
16 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The Berlin 45mm Double Glazed Log Cabin featuring two internal rooms and a mezzanine floor area.

Measuring in total 4.90 x 5.30m

Price: £8,700.83 Save £1,753.65
Klaas Log Cabin 5x4m
8 Reviews  

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

The 45mm Klaas Double Glazed Log Cabin measuring 5m wide x 4.0m deep. Double doors and one large double glazed opening window. Canopy of 2m.

Price: £5,608.53 Save £1,054.06
Bespoke Glass Verandas
7 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 12 weeks

Premium Glass Verandas in your chosen width and projection and much more. Made from powder coated aluminium making them virtually maintenance free for life.

Working through the options you can pick and choose exactly what is preferred for your veranda, or if you would like to talk through it with somebody then of course we are on hand to help.

Markku Corner Log Cabin 5.75 x 3m
9 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The best of both worlds with the Markku corner log cabin. The log cabin itself is 3.0 x 3.0m with the canopy being 2.75m. This log cabin uses 28mm thick wall logs. Overall the building is 5.75 x 3.00m

A summerhouse one side with a seating, dining, lounging area to the side.

Price: £4,927.06 Save £1,492.66
Anja 28mm Log Cabin 2.95 x 2.0m
14 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The Anja 28mm log cabin measures 2.95 x 2.0m and features double opening doors to the front with a small 0.50m canopy to the front.

Ideal for garden storage and offers a far superior building over a standard garden shed both in strength and durability.

Price: £2,231.27 Save £399.07
Gabriella 58mm Log Cabin - 5.95m x 4m
6 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The Gabriella Log Cabin made from 58mm thick wall logs and fitted with toughened double glazing, All you need to do is add insulation in the roof and floor to stay cosy all year round. Overall, this cabin measures to 5.95m x 4m.

Under 2.5m in height ideal for UK gardens and great for use as an art studio, garden pub or as an all year round summerhouse. Supplied with EPDM roofing and adhesive.

Price: £9,340.00 Save £1,744.72
Riho Log Cabin 3.2x3.2m
12 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The Riho Log Cabin measures 3.20 x 3.20m and features a front canopy of 1.20m. Manufactured using 40mm interlocking logs. And double glazing

This log cabin benefits from plenty of natural light with single front window and double front window. And, with a small front canopy, venture outside for a relaxing break to enjoy the views and tranquility of your garden

Price: £3,866.92 Save £1,392.03
Christoffer Log Cabin With Side Porch 5.75 x 3.50m
18 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The 28mm Christoffer Log Cabin With Side Porch measuring 5.75 x 3.50.

The Christoffer takes inspiration from the popular pentagonal range. Ideal as a summerhouse or craft room, the double doors and two opening windows create a light and airy interior.

Price: £4,597.53 Save £885.28
Mitch Corner Gazebo 3.5m x 3.5m - 28mm Logs
10 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

A corner log cabin gazebo, the Mitch measures 3.5 x 3.5m and is constructed using 28mm interlocking logs.

The ideal home for a garden furniture set, this gazebo is enclosed on two of the four sides to provide privacy where it's needed.

Price: £2,947.39 Save £499.08
Georg Log Cabin 3x2.6m
10 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 working days

The Georg Log Cabin measuring 3.0 x 2.6m includes a large front canopy of 2.60m for shade in the garden.

Manufactured using 28mm interlocking wall logs for stability and longevity.

Price: £2,685.07 Save £582.12
Southampton Log Cabin 5.4 x 5.4m
8 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

Made with 58mm wall logs and double glazing.The Southampton offers a huge amount of space, ideal for use as an office or home gym after the application of insulation in the roof and floor.

A substantial log cabin of 5.4m x 5.4m.

Price: £7,437.51 Save £1,515.62
Nottingham Log Cabin 5.4 x 4.4m with 2m veranda - Double Glazed
14 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The 58mm Nottingham Log Cabin measuring 5.40m x 4.40m. Featuring double glazing as standard, and a large front veranda of 2.0m. Overall this log cabin is 5.40 x 6.63m.

With the addition of insulation in the roof and floor this is perfect for all year around use. A porch and veranda stretches along the front of the cabin - ideal for summer days spent enjoying your garden.

Price: £8,422.14 Save £1,570.18
Shepherd Hut - Angelo 600cm
9 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The second largest Shepherd Hut / Gypsy wagon in the range, this measures in total 2.40 x 6.00m with a single door which can be placed to one side or in either end as required. A useful garden building full of character. It features metal wheels, axles and H frame. Loads of room inside for a number of applications.

Price: £7,348.30 Save £1,445.70
Malva Log Cabin 2.6x1.5m
8 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

Made from 19mm interlocking, conical tongue and groove wall logs, the Malva measures 2.60m x 1.50m.

Great for smaller gardens, the Malva provides a practical storage space for a variety of garden equipment.

Price: £1,756.76 Save £384.90
Medium Modern Gazebo 3.65x3.65m
5 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

A modern take on the garden gazebo, this medium sized model incorporates a pent roof to add a contemporary feel to your garden. Measuring 3.65 x 3.65m.

Ideal to keep you covered in the shade for these warm, summer months. Supplied with EPDM and adhesive, a high quality and durable roofing material that will last for up to 20 years.

Price: £2,518.73 Save £533.75