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  Rummage Sale Larch Support Construction For Sliding Awning- Rummage

Larch Support Construction For Sliding Awning- Rummage

Larch Support Construction For Sliding Awning- Rummage
Sliding shade awning Sliding garden shelter with all options selected Planed Larch sliding shade supporting structure Sliding garden awning Fastening Set for sliding shade awning Closing set - Black cord Closing Set  - White cord Anti Sag Rods Larch Un-planed structure with Sandy beige shade material Ivory shade shelter awning Shade awning using our supporting structure but adapted to connect to the house wall. A customer sliding shade using their own support system. A customer sliding shade using their own support system. A customer sliding shade using their own support system. White sliding garden shade shelter

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Cat No 45.9019.
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Components to form full supported awning system

A horizontal sliding shade curtain awning for your garden or patio. The shade canvas measures 3.0m x 5.0m.

The available Larch 510cm x 330cm DIY kit has been listed as damaged, there is small damage on three of the legs- Hence it cannot be sold as new. It is said however, that the damage is small, if installed so the damages areas are at the top of the awning- it may be hardly noticeable. 

The garden sliding shade is NOT designed to be waterproof and is for shade only.

The sliding awning can be added to with various options and is available in beige, brown,ivory and silver grey colour.

We are not able to provide different sizes of this product or alternative materials.

Timber supporting structure:

The sliding shade awning can be supported in lots of ways as you choose, simply suspended on posts (hardwood posts are recommended) or attached to an existing wall or structure. You could also consider a standalone structure for the sliding shade awning as below.

Please note: This is the structure ONLY and is not the complete set and is not including the shade awning or fastenings, it is just the timber supporting structure. Of course you can also support the awning in any way you require. In one of the picture examples you will notice it being supported on six hardwood posts (only hardwood is recommended for this, pine, larch or spruce is not strong enough to cope with the strain). For hardwood posts please see our timber category for options.

Two types of supporting structures are available for this awning.

45.9019 Larch 510 x 330cm  - planned

  • Larch Timber
  • Smooth Planned
  • DIY - Timber is supplied but needs to be cut to length according to plans
  • 5.09 x 3.11m
  • Supporting posts +- 3000 x 145 x 145mm
  • Timber will need cutting to size on installation

Features of the sliding garden shade canvas:

  • Knitted 220 gr HDPE synthetic material
  • Almost all UV radiation is reflected
  • Cooling and shade

Models available:

  • 42.600Z 300x500cm Sandy beige
  • 42.600I 300x500cm Ivory - OUT OF STOCK
  • 42.600W
  • 42.600G 300x500cm silver grey
  • 3 x 3mm Stainless steel cables - Two 100mm from each end. One in the center at 1500mm from one end.
  • Length of pleat when fully folded. Measured from the wire - Approx 270mm.
  • Distance between eyes (lengthways) approx 500mm.
  • We do not offer different sizes or make to order.

Optional fastenings available:

  • 42.59999 Stainless steel fastening set for sliding canvas (3 wires) with tensioner, eye bolts and swivel coupling
  • 42.59998 Rail trim for sliding canvas, aluminium (to prevent sagging) - 11 Rods, 3m in length, The outside diameter of these rods is +-1.3cm
  • 42.59997 Stainless steel closing system for sliding canvas 1 double pulley, 1 single pulley, 1 clamp and 1 cord in either White/Black dependent on stock and availability

Notes on the options:

  • The fastening set provides the metal wire to suspend the awning through eyelets, it also comes with tensioners for the wires. You could also design your own fastening set from materials locally.
  • The closing set is pulleys and rope to allow opening and closing of the slide shelter with a single pull, you could also design your own closing and opening system.
  • The rods provide tension width ways to the awning and stop it sagging between the steel wire fastening set, the same thing could be accomplished with other materials.
Approximate Delivery Time: 5 - 10 Working Days FREE Delivery*

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