Gabriella 58mm Log Cabin - 5.95m x 4m

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Miss. Bev Shervell
Mar 28, 2022
We had our Gabriella cabin delivered at the beginning of 2021 and due to delays from Holland we missed our building slot with the fitters and had to store the consignment for nearly a month. We had the cabin built by one of Tuin’s recommended fitters and although they did a great job with the construction, the epdm roof pooled water and started to lift a few months later. We had to have the roof relayed by a professional roofing company who used a liquid roll-on adhesive - the spray adhesive supplied by Tuin is really not up to the job! They also recommended that we remove the internal outlets that were provided by Tuin and replace with a drip and gutter to relieve the problem of the water pooling. The outlets were not adequate drainage for the size of the roof and they were seated too high. They should have been flush with the rubber and rebated into the ply.

Tuin kindly reimbursed us with the cost of the materials and we had the roof relayed by our own roofer.

We love the cabin and how it looks now but advise anyone who is thinking of a flat roof cabin with epdm to use a professional roofing company for this part of the installation who know what adhesive to use – the cabin fitters are not roofers!!
Jul 24, 2021
We built this over the summer 2020, a family effort followed the instructions and had great fun . Easy to put up we have continued to complete it with decking at the front, enjoying every moment .superb quality came out just like the picture on the website .
Mr. Ian Smithson
Apr 28, 2020
We built the cabin in a day. First thine we have ever done one. We followed the guide and didn’t over think it. We used felt on the roof but it leaked, I can see why this cabin is recommended with EPDM. Had to tweak the frame for the door too.
Great product, easy to build. Gives a great space.
We also used the wood treatment, this covers superbly, yes expensive, but not known any wood treatment that covers this well.
Cheers Tuin team
Avia Potashnik
Apr 3, 2020
Purchased this cabin for a Studio. Great quality and looks really modern with the glass panels. The customer service was really good too, always replied to my emails and kept me updated. Thank you Tuin!