Tuin Review – YouTube

I have just come across a review on YouTube about our Log Cabins.

The customer has given a fair and balanced review with some good and bad points about us and the building, it’s worth watching if you are interested in a Tuin Log Cabin.

His building is the Summertime log cabin

You may have a few questions after the video ….

Log Cabin Bases

As the reviewer has said, the base of the log cabin is very important and everything will stem from this including the installation but more importantly the longevity of the log cabin. Please see this page for more details on bases:  – Log Cabin Base Advise

Contacting Tuin

We are very efficient and keep staffing levels to a minimum but we also try to enable staff to work as flexible as they can. Work is necessary but enjoying life is more important and we want staff to enjoy their work.

We operate a somewhat relaxed atmosphere and allow staff to work at home when needed.

We also refuse to have an answerphone or a ‘press this press that’ service, worst still is when you are put on hold. Instead when our phones are busy or staff are not available we divert call to an external answering service who will then take messages for us and email that message. We are closed in the evenings and weekends for phone calls but always respond to emails.

However, we try to make it clear across the site and our literature that email is always the quickest way to get hold of us to answer your questions. Staff work from home, are on the road, or on calls but we all get email 24 hours a day, even on our days off. Urgent queries are always responded to even on New years eve and Good Friday as our reviews will testify.

If you want a really quick response and you are not getting to us quick enough via the phone always email for a quick answer – even out of normal working hours (Mon – Fri 0900 – 1700).

Delivery of your Log Cabin

As the Reviewer has said we use a large lorry, it’s huge and it also carries a demountable forklift. This means  we can move the packages into a desired position, it also means that generally you do not have to move it yourself. Please see this page for more details on how we deliver and our service:  Log Cabins Deliveries

Instructions for your log cabin

Please see this page – one mans good instruction are another mans bad: Tuin Instructions 

However, we do send a supplemental set of instruction as the Reviewer has mentioned. Please see this page: Log Cabin Instructions this contains a massive amount of detail and is enhanced with videos on almost every area of building a log cabin.

Please also note the sacrificial timber we supply as standard. If this product was bought in Europe you would receive nothing other than the building but we add this free of charge. Please see the instructions above which show how you use this.

Please see the supplementary instructions mentioned above for additional videos, pictures, support etc for inexperienced or self installers. If you have questions, even out of hours always email them and we will get back to you quickly.

Spare Bits

Please do expect ‘spare bits’, there are packing pieces within the packages and also the pallet structure itself, generally there is also a spare log and spare roof boards, spare shingles and spare floor boards. Expect to have wood left over from your build.

Spruce and Pine

There a quite a few differences between the two timbers, please see this page for the different timbers we can use in a log cabin:  Spruce and Pine in a Log Cabin

Roof Shingles

For advice on roof shingles please see the IKO Roof Shingles page. An application of shingle glue will help when installing in the winter months when the adhesive on the shingles has not had time to set from the heat of the sun.

Weight on the walls

The reviewer mentioned ‘weight on the walls’. We are more concerned  about expansion and contraction of the wall logs and allowing the logs to move freely up and down through the height.

Please see these articles for more details and recommendations in dealing with the natural expansion and contraction of timber:

Insulation of your log cabin

I can see how the Reviewer has done this but this is not what I would personally recommend doing.

I think with the insulation within the roof there maybe condensation forming above it and this maybe a problem but the reviewer has allowed for this by not fixing the sheets. This is my personal recommendation of how to insulate a log cabin roof and floor: Insulation in floors and roofs of Log Cabins.

Electrics in log Cabins

Please see this post: Electrics in Log Cabins. You have to be careful fitting electrics yourself and it’s not recommended as a DIY task. It will also need to be properly certificated in line with the current Building Regulations.

Floors with our Log Cabins

Please see this page for information on our floors: Tuin Log Cabin Floors. If you are putting in very heavy machinery or tools it is always better to double the floor joists, instead of about 300 – 350mm apart, narrow them to 100 – 150mm for extra support.


The Reviewer seems to be rather happy with the cabin, he’s made some good points about delivery and the construction of the building that will help customers. It’s been interesting hearing his feedback from the other side of the fence.

His comments on heat is interesting and we’ve tried to get this across here: Heat and Double Glazing in Log Cabins

The Reviewer mentions free shingles, sometimes these are available but not always and sometimes the choice can be quite limited: Free Offer Shingles Please do not expect this offer to always be available, it does depend greatly on stocks and availability.

We'd love your comments on this.....