Tuin Online Advertisements

As part of my job role here at Tuin is to assist with our online marketing and advertising- This include re-targeting adverts. You may have noticed them on websites on the sidelines of blogs or on banners, our adverts are targeted to: those who share similar interests with our current market, location compared to our show site, if you have visited our website or if you have been actively searching for products similar to what we sell.

Though, understandably, this can get annoying to see all the time- So here are some ways that you can stop seeing our ads if you wish not to.

Google Adverts

Tuin Display Advertisement Example

If you wish to stop seeing these adverts, click on the top right corner showing an X. When doing that, Google closes the app- And from there you can have the option to tell report the ad to Google, followed by which statement out of the ones provided most suites your situation. This is helpful to Google for their machine learning process used for advertisements.


This also applies for text based adverts too, following the same process.

Facebook Ads 

We also advertise on Facebook too, aimed towards people who have similar interests to our current market, though if you’re not interested you can easily stop seeing these. So to begin you just need to click on the three little dots on the top banner of the ad, then you’re given this dropdown menu.

Tuin Facebook Advertisement Example

From there you can pick which option suits your situation more. If you’re interested in products that you’re being advertised but feel like you’re getting bombarded with ads – You can hide the ad to see less of them. You can also save or hide product-specific ads, for if you like a brand but you’re not interested in all of their products.

If you select the ‘Report Ad’ option, you’ll be given another list of potential reasons as to why the ad would be inappropriate, once you find the one that’s most appropriate you can select it and hit done.

Facebook Advertisement Reporting Example
I hope this helps with dealing with online advertisements. Please know that we don’t mean to spam you with these adverts- It is Google/Facebook who decides the right candidates to receive the advert and we don’t have much control over it.

We'd love your comments on this.....