Tuin In Pictures

Ever wondered what sort of company you are dealing with?  Are they real, who are they?

I could try to extol our virtues to you, persuade you of the capabilities and ranges. More often than not pictures though, as they say, speaks a 1000 words.

With that in mind here is Tuin and Tuindeco in pictures which will give you a far better idea of who and what we do with notes against the pictures.

Tuindeco in Holland

Tuindeco Warehouse

One of the warehouses in Holland. Tuindeco now occupy this entire site.

Another warehouse area at Tuindeco.

A selection of log cabins waiting to be moved into the warehouses for storage

More log cabins in storage ready for delivery

Log cabins safely in one of the Tuindeco warehouses, undercover and protected, when would you like yours delivered?

More storage and warehousing, you can’t have too much!

Fencing stock in the Tuindeco warehouse, all undercover and kept safe ready for customers.  Do you need any fencing?

Tuindeco Warehousing, Most of the products are stored in doors for security and protection.

Crammed full with products.  Tons of fencing and timber.

A small part of the Log cabins stock and it goes on forever, over 2000 buildings in stock for quick delivery.

Log cabin floors stored to be sent with the cabins.  Loads of them!  All for a quick deliver to you.

High bay racking and state of the art stock control systems.  With the stock level there is over eight million Euro low season and eighteen million in the high season, it’s important its looked after!

Huge stocks of fencing, trellis and timber to keep the prices as low as possible.

A selection of fencing and concrete fence posts.

Supplier of timber garden products. Tuindeco make sure stocks are high to give you a quick delivery.  Do you need some timber?

Planters and delicate items all carefully secured in Tuindeco warehouses

Lorries loading for the many customers.  Lorries are constantly loading for delivery across all of Europe, all are precisely packed.

Tuin In the UK

Tuin Main Office in the UK south of Norwich in Norfolk

Tuin UK Main Office in the UK south of Norwich in Norfolk

We operate the latest machinery for quick and efficient unloading and loading of lorries coming in from Tuindeco.

We operate the latest machinery for quick and efficient unloading of lorries coming in from Tuindeco.

Unloading the lorries from Holland, the products are then checked and repacked for onward distribution across the UK.

Unloading the lorries from Holland, the products are then checked and repacked for onward distribution across all of the UK.

We have an indoor show area displaying timber, furnitures, heaters, fencing etc for visiting customers

An indoor show area displaying timber, furniture, heaters, fencing etc for visiting customers.

Show area overlooking lakes and woods

Show area overlooking lakes and woods, we also have resident peacocks that live wild and love our show site. Visitors always enjoy seeing them around the site.

Peacocks roam wild and enjoy our show site

Show area with a selection of buildings in various log thickensses

Show area with a selection of buildings in various log thickness’s as well as furniture and some ideas.

Show area with a selection of buildings of various log sizes.

Show area with a selection of buildings to give you an overview of what to expect from yours. With nearly two hundred buildings in the range it is impossible to show everything.

Visitors are always welcome

Visitors are always welcome: Good advice, a cup of coffee and a chat is always offered. If you visit us, and mention you’ve seen this post you’re also guaranteed a free gift to take away with you.

Tuin UK People you may be dealing with.

It’s nice to put a name to a face when you are emailing or speaking with us, these lovely people are our key members of staff at Tuin UK.

Karen - Sales

Karen has over ten years of experience with our products, there’s not much she does not know. You will often speak with her for advice on products but also when arranging deliveries or payments. Karen looks after Sales team One.

Jos - Sales

Jos is highly experienced and has been with us over 12 years, she’s even built several log cabins herself! She’s very bubbly and chatty and really know’s the product intricacies, there is not a lot she does not know.  Jos looks after Sales Team Two but also helps with accounts.

Ben - Sales

Ben is slightly less experienced than the ladies above but has done numerous builds, he’s ex army, very conscientious and know’s the products very well. Ben looks after Sales Team Three.

Aiste - Accounts / Stock

Aiste has been with us for a few years, she looks after stock control, the ordering system (directly linked with Tuindeco’s) she also works with Accounts, payments and direct deliveries from Holland.

Chloe - Logistics

Chloe is a young lady with a lot of talent, taken on as an apprentice she has risen quickly and now looks after all the small items deliveries working with numerous carriers. Chloe also looks after all the warehousing, stock and warehouse staff. Chloe has also installed many of our products including log cabins.

Wayne - Technical

Wayne is head of service, highly experienced and has installed 100’s of buildings from every manufacturer. Wayne is the problem solver and will often talk to you when you have fitting questions or issues. If you have a problem Wayne can talk you through it. If parts are needed he can get them to you very quickly as he has loads in the UK! You may have seen him fitting in our help videos! He is an EXPERT in all our products.

Richard - Technical

Richard deals with all the technical aspects. Like Wayne, he has fitted 100’s of buildings from numerous suppliers. He has worked with virtually every supplier there is in the industry over the years. Highly experienced, highly passionate and very knowledgeable in all things wood.

Tuin UK Show site
Our small show site, it maybe small but it contains a lot of information perhaps not found elsewhere with other companies. Please see more information and all the help files here: Tuin Information  or on the Tuin Blog that Richard Writes

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  1. Very informative….I am after a summerhouse.Would love to come and visit your display’s even though we live in Manchester
    Your company seems to be one of the best I have looked at.

    • We are an honest company, our log cabins are very well priced, we try to give good information so you can also shop locally. If you would like to come and see us we try to make people very welcome. I’m not sure we are the best, but, we are honest, give knowledgeable advice, we can help you make an informed and accurate choice and make a really good cup of tea.

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