Timber Shortage and prices 2018

It’s going to be a mad year for those of us in the timber industry, and, things are about to get really interesting!

Timber Shortage and prices rises for 2018

I recently took Megan who works within our apprentice scheme to Holland to see Tuindeco and understand more of how Tuin and Tuindeco works, her blog about the visit can be read here: Megan’s Tuindeco Trip 2018.

You’ll see from her blog tales of massive stocks of buildings, timber, products, of large warehouses and acres of space all taken up with million of Euro’s worth of money. Not only is this because Tuindeco want to offer lightning quick delivery but also because there is trouble brewing.

Timber this year is in massive shortage, a shortage that hasn’t been seen for almost a decade. This is going to push up prices hugely if timber can be bought at all. Tuindeco bought the majority of their timber stock last year as soon as a problem was spotted hence the massive stocks. This also meant price rises were minimal for the stock secured.

Now though ….. Well, I see competitors suddenly introduce very, very high price rises, if you look around now at prices you will see everything increasing rapidly.

Tuindeco's Log Cabin Warehouse

We’re feeling secure in massive stocks at last years prices.

But, we are even feeling the new restrictions slightly and some buildings are becoming out of stock as the clever buyer is buying now.

The problems we are facing is the availability of roundwood – the raw material trees cut from the forest. It has been (again) a very warm winter, the ground has been too wet for the machinery to operate in thereby cutting the timber.

NOW, just a week ago it is announced that the sawmills only have stocks for 4 – 6 weeks and then all lengths of timber is unavailable.

To add to the problem it is now the nesting season and all felling is forbidden for two months and this means from last Thursday (19th April) no raw roundwood will be available.

Also other countries have increased their demand:

Asian countries demand x2.5
European countries demand x1.5
USA demand x1.5
Compared to 2016/2017 market.

We are having some problems at the moment where stock is taken quicker than expected but Tuindeco does have roundwood stock that is being milled but on some products there is a slight delay.

Demand is huge at the moment and stock can go very quickly so please, to avoid disappointment, order now from your chosen supplier.

However Tuindeco are hugely well placed to beat the storm with the stocks available and the prices of last year rather than the massive increases our competitors are now facing.

If you are considering a log cabin or any timber product please consider buying now as you will be very limited in a few short months and what is available will be crazily expensive if they have not got stockpiles from last year!

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