Timber Deliveries

We here at Tuin offer a wide range of Garden Timber used for all manners of projects. But with timber, as any merchant will tell you, delivery can sometimes be tricky due to the lengths they’re sold in and the overall weight.

If we were lucky enough to have a number of branches scattered all over the UK then it would be easier as we could employ our own local drivers on our own fleet of flatbeds… but we aren’t quite there yet and only have the one depot here in Norfolk.

Tuin in Norfolk map

TUIN – Norfolk

So how do we deliver these products which can be rather awkward at times, you may ask yourself.

We have two ways of doing it and it all depends on one important aspect which is the total weight of your order, If ordering the odd couple of lengths then chances are we can safely dispatch them with a smaller and cost friendly multi-drop courier.

But, If you’re ordering larger and bulkier lengths.. or high amounts then we may have to offer our secondary delivery method which is actually a full blown, Artic truck driving haulier with specialist Moffett forklifts (the same haulier that delivers our log cabins and other garden structures).

The website is all set up to calculate this for you so you don’t have to start doing any unwanted math, just add what you would like to order to your cart as well as your address to obtain a delivered price.

Or perhaps you don’t want to pay for someone else to deliver your timber, In which case a Click and Collect option is available on all timber pages.

Both the courier we use and the haulier have different prices for each zone of the UK so its important to input your address correctly to ensure the correct price is displayed

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