TUIN Show Site – Log Cabins & more

Welcome to our log cabin and garden furniture show site

There’s no better place to and experience our fantastic range of log cabins, garden furniture, summerhouses, pergolas and everything in between at the Tuin show site.

Based in Brooke, only a 15 minute drive from Norwich, is our show site which features many of our most popular items.

Our show site is the perfect place to take in the sights, smells and textures of our great range of timber products.

Before making a purchase we always recommend coming to view our range. We suggest during the warmer summer months when it is easy to imagine yourself with one of our products in your own garden area.

Whatever you’re looking for, be it a log cabin for a garden bar to entertain your guests, a man cave, or how about a summer house to enjoy those warm summer months, a luxury garden office, or even a gazebo for your hot tub, we highly recommend our tuin show site.
You will be greeted by a member of our friendly sales team, who will be more than happy to guide you through our show site, and answer any questions you may have.

Tuin show site – Log Cabins & Gazebos

Our show site has an excellent range of our timber log cabins for you to “try before you buy” such as the the Tourist Open Gazebo, the perfect solution to creating a sheltered area within your garden for a hot tub to relax in after a hard day at work. A sheltered dining area to eat out in style. A garden bar is all the rage nowadays ideally suited to this gazebo. A BBQ shelter or merely just somewhere to put your feet up and enjoy your garden on one of our seats or benches including the Larch Picnic bench as seen in the photo below.

Tourist timber gazebo
Tourist Open Timber Gazebo

The Kennet Log Cabin gives you the best of both worlds. Sit outside and enjoy the weather, if it turns a little cooler, pop indoors and still enjoy your log cabin. The Kennet is also a perfect cabin for a garden bar. You will have the freedom to entertain your guests both inside and out.

Kennet Log Cabin
Kennet Log Cabin

The Trev Clockhouse Log Cabin. This spectacular cabin is one of our favourites and available at our show site for you to come and see for yourself.
Offering a spacious interior and eight tilt and turn windows, this log cabin lends itself to a number of possible uses including additional living space, hobby room, home office and much more, there’s even the capacity for a hot tub.

Trev Clockhouse Log Cabin
Trev Clockhouse Log Cabin

Our Delaware Douglas Gazebo is the ultimate shelter for outdoor entertainment.
The open plan interior creates the perfect venue for summer parties and barbeques. With a huge overall length of 678cm this gazebo can suit almost any use you can think of. Maybe a garden bar, a shelter for a hot tub, an outdoor kitchen, or enjoy the space on a wooden swinging seat or one of our gorgeous Love Seats.

Delaware Gazebo
Delaware Gazebo

Timber Textures

Visiting our show site also provides you with an opportunity to “feel” our products before you make a purchase.
You can really appreciate the high quality workmanship that has gone into producing our timber products and to experience the superior grade timber we use throughout our range.


Upon entry to our show site you may notice the cross section of fixings we have on offer to compliment our range.
Items such as door handles, locks, brackets, and latches etc which may either come as standard or an add-on are displayed
This is an ideal opportunity to appreciate the high calibre options available to you.

Timber Carrousel

Having a look at our “Timber Carrousel” is an excellent way of sampling our range of timber products.
Our log cabins have a scope of different log thicknesses to suit their varying purposes. They can range from 19mm all the way up to 70mm in thickness. All of which are displayed neatly for your viewing pleasure.
It also comprises some of our other products such as our foundation beams which comes with you log cabin as standard. Decking boards in many styles to match your tastes. High quality European fencing, A range of sizes and wood types for your cladding needs as well as facia boards for instance.

Decking boards

An ideal way to compliment your log cabin is the addition of timber or composite decking. So while you’re enjoying our show site why not visit our selection of decking boards, displayed on the wall.

A quick video introducing our log cabin and garden furniture show store

Video introduction of our show site.

Come and visit the tuin show site at:

Unit 4
Brooke Industrial Park
NR15 1HJ

We will be more than happy to help with your garden building needs.

Daisy Log Cabin and Annexe Show Site Build

Hello everyone! So, while I (Meg) was out of the office for a week, the office still continued to work non stop! I came back to christmas decorations everywhere and a new showsite install! At first I was a bit disappointed the installation of the Daisy Log Cabin and 28mm Side Annex without me but one of our new/training sales assistants, Becky, told me she carried out some of the installation! Its an excellent way to learn about our products and how they are installed and she was even so kind enough to do her own write up about it for you guys!

Becky writes as follows: 

I’m new to the Tuin team and wanted to get hands on in the assembly of a log cabin to gain a better understanding of the process behind it, enabling myself to then be able to give personal and experienced advice to our customers as part of the Sales Team.

I would just like to point out that when I started I had absolutely zero DIY knowledge, skills or experience.
Furthermore assembling the cabin in the cold, rain and snow was also an experience, although it was a great opportunity to prove that bad weather never hinders the construction of a cabin, apart from my cold fingers!
Additionally, I can confidently say that building a cabin is not as hard as I first believed. Once you know what you’re doing, everything just slots together and before you know it it’s up!

On my third week of training I was given the opportunity to construct the roof on the Daisy and build the annexe on the side.
I put up my step ladder inside the cabin alongside one of our more experienced members of the team and together we fitted the roof of the Daisy. It was all tongue and groove so the pieces of timber literally just slotted together and then we nailed it in.
For starters I had never even held a hammer before this point let alone hammer roof nails in!

Roofboard Installation

Seems like the sun came out to give you the perfect selfie lighting- The roof behind you is looking great!

The further along the roof we went the space to put up the ladder was running out, it was time to get on top of the roof!
I was surprised at how sturdy it actually was because I was prepared to be falling through. So there I was at the end of November on my knees nailing on the roof boards. (Though because I was the one to put my name in to helping.. I did make sure to wrap up! It was just very cold haha)
In between multiple cups of coffee purely to warm up my insides, the roof was on.
It was a good opportunity to gain an understanding of the natural contraction and expansion of timber. But with a firm knock into place the roof looked pretty good if I do say myself.

Log Cabin Wall With Coffee

You look energised for your future tasks thanks to coffee!

Then came the shingles, what I perceived to be the next challenge but they in fact were also very easy to do! We started from the bottom of the roof, with the first set upside down to ensure coverage of the roof, and from then on worked our way up to the ridge.

I was then trusted enough to build the annexe by myself. Just me, the timber and the plans…

Firstly I made a level base with just three pieces of tanalised timber, I secured the annexe base using screws and then screwed the base into the side foundation beam of the Daisy Log Cabin; ensuring my base was 100% flat, level and square I was all set to go.
The starter half logs are simply put normal logs just cut in half so that they have a flat bottom, making it easy to sit on top of the foundation beams. You don’t have to, but I screwed these onto the foundation beams just for extra stability.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From here on the rest of the logs just slotted on top of each other, about five logs up I stopped and lowered the door into place. I was clear to see that it was a good thing I didn’t go any higher as I wouldn’t have been able to lift the door up high enough to slide it into place. From here I continued to knock the rest of the logs on top of each other.
Then it came to the roof, which was pretty much exactly the same as the Daisy Log Cabin but thankfully not as high.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I started from the front of the annexe and worked my way towards the back, The roof boards were also tongue and groove making it nice and easy for them to all slot together. I was nailing these in as I went two at the top, middle and bottom onto the purlins.

It’s not quite finished yet, just the shingles to go, but overall it was an enjoyable first experience of building a Log Cabin and Annexe. By continuously referring back to the plans and taking my time to make sure it was all accurately in place, I was very successful.
It really emphasised to me how important it is not to look at all of the bits of timber and panic, because by following all of the steps, checking the plans regularly and taking it bit by bit it’s actually very easy to do. My new nickname is now ‘Becky the Builder’.

Just awaiting my next Cabin to construct! 🙂

Some superb work Becky! An excellent addition to the show site, and thank you for telling us how it all went, I’m glad you’re looking forward to your next installation!

You can start your next DIY adventure with the Daisy Log Cabin and the 28mm Side Annex available on our site.

To read more about our showsite installations, there are also ones on the Kennet Log Cabin and the Lennart Log Cabin installation blogs!

Tuin Show Site

We have a pretty good display of our products at our head office in the Uk at Brooke, we’ve got all sort of bits and pieces to show you but nothing like this guy:

A wonderful display, not just of log cabins either.

A wonderful display, not just of log cabins either.

He was with us for hours today, proudly showing off his wares, it’s our own fault though, we looked after three amazing babies all winter. They grew into these lovely ladies:

The babies we looked after in the winter have grown into pretty girls.

The babies we looked after in the winter have grown into pretty girls.

If you fancy popping along to see us and these lovely birds please do. We have the following to show you:

  • Timber samples
  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Hardware
  • Log cabins – showing 28mm, 40mm, 58mm and all the accessories.
  • Shepherd hut
  • Verandas
  • Heaters
  • Furniture
  • Gazebos in pine and Larch

We’ve got a good display but nothing like him:

The best display at the Tuin UK office

The best display at the Tuin UK office

We’re always on hand to spend time with you, a natter, a coffee and ask to try some of our rock sweets!

Open 09:30 to 15:30 monday to Friday or by appointment at the weekends or bank holidays.