Sauna to warm up

These offers have finished ūüôĀ

Hell it’s cold! ¬†Has the summer really gone? ¬†My wife today did the Great North Run and so well done to her. ¬†Jos is her name, our customers may well have spoken to her. ¬†As well as being an accomplished runner she is also head of deliveries.

She did the run in good time and kept me and the family updated, it wasn’t easy sitting here watching it on telly, I had to make breakfast for the kids on my own!

So, sitting here, watching the tremendous efforts of the runners in the Great North Run it gets chilly and on went the heating system.  And with Ipad in hand I email Holland and we come to an agreement.  Heat is needed in the UK!

And this is what I suggested and ended up with! ¬†A hell of a sale on our Sauna’s. I’m not sure how long this will go on for but it’s a good one, including three indoor Sauna’s I didn’t know we had, ex stock and you need to grab them before they go:

And that was just the first, I will not put the price here but please have a look.

The Heat Sale pretty much covers all our Sauna’s, here’s one of our outdoor ones:

It’s only a little one but do you really need much bigger?

Loads of Saunas are in the sale, now it’s getting colder surely you need a little warmth?

Sauna Barrel….. did we mention this

It’s been silly, since we launched this huge product in the UK we thought we should give it another mention. ¬†This has got to be the best of it’s type around: ¬†Quirky, unusual, stunning and really very lovely …. did we mention also at an¬†excellent¬†price?

An amazing Sauna

The Barrell Sauna worry


We were so worried, this was the first product of it’s kind sold in the UK. We hadn’t really promoted it as we thought we were going to have a hell of a job. Then, the product was spotted by a retailers customer in the current brochure and they fell in love with it. Then, we started to worry.

The whole sauna comes ready assembled including the fire and chimney, all the accesories and the roof is even felted in lovely felt tiles. All of our products, and especially our buildings are flat packed and packaged so well that nothing can go wrong, a fully installed product and a round one at that caused a lot of head scratching by us and our hauliers. Hovever, we needn’t worry as all was fine in the end. All that’s left now is get it safely to our eager customer waiting for his Sauna Barrell

Sauna fully assembled

Safely arrived

It arrives in one piece

Will we get it off?

Ready felted

Door way into the sauna

It made it safely

Sauna safely down

safe at last for this sauna