Prices of Log Cabins

Prices!  It’s that time of year I don’t enjoy (2013).  Price changes, spreadsheets in front of me.  Working through all the necessary changes.  An arduous task and one that takes me at least a week or two to complete.

This weekend I have been solidly working on the log cabins and all the various and extensive options.  I’ve been trawling across countless competitors and I think I’ve got it right.  The only place to be perfectly right was to head the prices down, and that’s what I’ve done.  The recession strikes again, yes I’ve got our margins to think about but it’s tough times and time to be ultra competitive!

So, what’s happened?  Well, huge price cuts across all the log cabins that’s what!

Here’s my personal highlights:

Daniel log cabin - ever popular!

Daniel log cabin – ever popular!

The Daniel log cabin, an ever popular building is now down to £1228.25, over £200 off!

The Ulrik log cabin

The Ulrik log cabin

I had to double check this one, I must have made a mistake, but no, here it is, The Ulrik log cabin now with £1000 off!  I must have made a mistake last year and priced it a little too high, I wondered why we hadn’t sold any …. ooopsie

Henning Log Cabin, a very adaptable and spacious log cabin

Henning Log Cabin, a very adaptable and spacious log cabin

This is one of my personal favourites, where my daughter goes to ride they have one.  It’s a lovely building, this picture doesn’t do it justice.  Now priced with over £500 off from what it was yesterday.

I may have made some mistakes and I’ll have to go through it all just to make sure, if i have it will become apparent when someone buys one, of course then it’ll be too late and I’ll have to honour it.

If you’re in the market for a log cabin, have a good look through the ranges, maybe even take advantage if you spot a mistake.  As always, if there isn’t a building you really like why not ask us to make one for you.

Now to start on the remaining 1000 products in the catalogue:  I know how to have fun!